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    Anyway if we compare the classic and the live server i think the p2w of classic are far from reaching the p2w to the live server. (it's my personal opinion)

    This comparsion makes no sense at all. Gameforge hat nearly 9 years to reach that p2w level we have on retail nowadays.

    If you like to compare, then compare the p2w at original AION start 2009 and the p2w at AION classic start 2020, that makes sense. Or wait for the p2w at AION classic europe start..... ;)

    I don't remember any p2w back in 2009. Things got started in 2012 when Aion went f2p in NA and EU but I wouldn't say it was p2w either. In EU people were arguing about how bad GP is for this game and in NA they started selling stuff only available to those who paid directly. Back then you could easily farm kinah to buy one GP every month, and I wish that was the only problem with Aion today. Things got more visible near the end of 4.x, which was almost half of Aion lifetime.

    Since someone was asking me about this a few weeks ago and I barely login anymore to check it out, I'll detail it here. I know people complain how bad the game was back then, because for many it was the first time experiencing p2w games or NC games for that matter. So many were vocal everywhere on social media, advertising not to play here. Nobody is denying that the game went downhill and it wasn't p2w, because it was. Back in NA, the land of the 'truly free', where you didn't get restrictions like trading and other essential things, it was better, right? Not really. Players back then, little did they knew that GF did manage to do it better here, at least better than NA where I've played for quite some years. Players were always comparing the p2w times with the good old days under NC West when the game was with subscription. I was really enjoying pvp but back then in NA they started selling things exclusively through shop, things that you couldn't trade, which was affecting the pvp players. At first they introduced wings with very good stats and the best titles. Those wings and best titles were available in EU as well but under veteran rewards, which everyone had access more or less, if you had kinah to buy GPs. Later they started with omegas and temperings, being exclusive to shop because the advertised drop in open world was rarer than godstones drop. Those could be traded but on broker were very expensive, a few times over the EU prices. Those were on top of the optional monthly subscription, which gave benefits to the pvp players, with extra entries and other things. On EU players were protesting about the removable of 100% apes from luna and I wish that was my problem in NA. On EU players had constant hero trials with good rewards, bringing all those scarce and needed apes and serums. The events were better, when those shugo instances were giving lots of apes/serums, luna and more. I was playing on most populated server in NA and it was hard to farm freely, and since NA introduced paid transfers some players were gearing up alts on dead servers very easily and got them to their main server, also transfering some important things. It was more and more imbalanced for the pvp players. It was a lot easier to level up on EU in 5.x when the xp was hard, with those xp events and ap every other week, and lodas and stars and other things from hero trials. There was even more p2w but kinah was very easy to make, items were all around from either VR or elite rewards. EU kept some of the pvp stats from those newly added items, removed the one shot pet skill thing that was happening in NA, lowered the maximum enchantment. This made pvp more manageable in EU. Crafting was a lot easier with those craft events we had on EU.

    From my experience EU was a much better experience than NA up till the end of 5.x times. Even the swarms of bots and tons of spam messages alone could make you quit NA back then, not just the other things. Then Aion was getting f2p in KR, NA shop got revamped and both EU and NA were starting to sell mostly the same things in the shop, with the exceptions of many skins in NA but EU being more expensive in general. NA also started to do better on events and some of the features. Right now NA is giving you a better experience, although in both regions the game is collapsing.

    Now I understand Rinnie's point of view. Less p2w was better than p2w that we have now. It's still p2w but experienced pvp players like him in the past, with a lot of free time, will not have a problem catching up to p2w players if the p2w is moderate as it was years ago. For the average players to casual players by time, it might be difficult. If you're a p2w player, you don't have to worry about crafting scrolls, which cost a lot of kinah to master the profession and a lot of kinah to farm and to buy them constantly. Every bit of p2w help in any direction helps a lot with spending less times on things that are time consuming. The others with moderate time playing, they have to split the time to farm kinah for leveling their professions, to spend time gathering aether and other resources, to spend time crafting and selling, so less time for pvp and gearing up. This directly impact the possibility of getting AP and ranks for some players, if that is what they want. Every little bit helps, even better pots from the shop since 1 damage can make the difference between life and death sometimes.

    I think the limit of when p2w is bad is when they will do it like in the past, putting wings and best titles and maybe best mounts and other things in the shop, as I remember that mounts were quite relevant. Let's not forget that Aion 6.0 started with a lot of hype in KR, players coming back to the new Aion. They had optional subscription model with some modest shop at the start. Aion classic has subscription and a shop, which is a controversial topic already. Once they start adding events and event items in the shop, as they always do these days on main servers, it's basically like taking the exact same path as Aion 6.0 and forward. From my point of view, NC just can't restrains themselves to not go that path again and again with every game they have and probably see this classic as a temporary source of income, because they have plenty of other new games coming out anyway.

    As for when it comes, this just doesn't depend on the publishers. If you watch RU for example, they say when they get files for patches from NC, and it can be a month, two months or even more for just a patch. Then there is the localization, testing, bug fixing, adding new stuff members for a new game, a new website for a new project and so on. It will take more time for NC to build complete oversea version for something I might consider a new game because it has quite some changes. Sometimes RU is not that far ahead of EU, and NC West, having only one language as well as RU, had patch releases after EU for quite many times. If anything, I think Galeas posted a way too optimistic timeline and it will take more. We will see. I guess I will be wishing you happy new year since I don't bother much with this Aion anymore and forums.


    Insult/censure to Gameforge


    Something that I see more and more often is that there are more active mods than players on these boards and even more active than ever. Unfortunately, I have no idea what you wrote there but I can guess since it's some reply after my post, as I realize it might look different from some perspective. Just to make sure, I only pointed out some differences between them from my experience in the past but in the present NC is driving the game into the ground, since quite a few years, and the publishers are not making it any better to make it a pleasant experience, just the opposite. Reason why the current state of the game doesn't keep me in the game. They had a big opportunity with this thing that is happening this year and keeping more people at home but they missed the opportunity.

    I mean, if they do get it, it shouldnt take 6 months for a release, just throw in the translation thats already there, add/remove a few lines and pop it online. Its quite possible ncsoft gave the go-ahead already and theyre making the patched english version already. In which case we can expect it in a month or two

    NC doesn't give a green light and publishers pull out code from their real and build up servers. Usually NC give the final product to publisher after quite some time after they went online on their region. They are quite slow. I'm sure even NC's classic wasn't built that fast because it's not exactly the same game client, probably servers too since capacity was increased, even if for many it looks the same as the old game. One single change can change so many things internally that you might have unexpected behaviour, so it has to be thoroughly tested once again, by both the devs and the publishers. You can't just slap existing translation as some things might be broken. When GF took over they didn't translate the old game, only the new patches, which you could sometimes see in different stigmas descriptions and so on. I don't think GF owns the rights over the old translations and voices prior to 3.0 and I wouldn't be surprised if there is a chance they have to start from scratch with the new classic game. Anyway, Innova has to translate and test in only one language and they still only like a month or two ahead on average. NA has to translate into only one language as well and they are not faster than GF. Anyone who worked in a big company knows what is a bureaucratic mess and how bloated everything is. You can't take decisions on your own and everything has to be verified and tested and approved and so on. These things take time and for NC games half a year or more is usually the time frame between KR and the west.

    Two months is just not enough for these things, even if the decision to have a classic server is already made. I'd say that half a year is quite an optimistic time frame for them and it will take a lot more. Probably I shouldn't give this example but when NC opened L2 classic in spring 2014, it took one and a half year to come in Europe, basically at the end of 2015. For NA it took more than that, as they opened L2 classic in 2018. Just slapping old translations didn't work. So Aion classic is basically the same, a new game, and I have yet to see new KR games coming out in just half a year in the west.

    There was still many that left EU when GF took over and this did have an impact, i knew many that left and went and played NA just because of this, so there was an impact on the playerbase when GF took over in EU.

    For me it was the other way around. I was one of those playing on NA servers since the start because I wanted a more english oriented community and because of some friends from other previous game. When Aion turned f2p because NC was almost bankrupt and had to close some other game as well, is when NC decided to give the European rights to some other companies for their main games (L2, Aion). We got the option to opt out with our account to EU servers, something I never did. I knew something about GF but most vocal players advised against GF so I never did. Most players were complaining that Aion EU is a demo game because you need GP play the game, which was half true.

    I was still on NA servers and in like half a year the game was ruined for me. NC had no money to maintain the servers. The website was forever broken and my aion function ceased to exist. Servers had constant crashes or lags. In the game we had to close /3 from our chat because every second there were 3 to 5 spammers and no way to block this fast and others appeared. The solution from NC was not even to combat them, they said to block as many as you can and when they get banned they will remove them from your block list, which was limited to around 128 iirc so it wasn't a solution at all. In the game there was no free spot to farm because it was infested by bots. The pvp was ruined because of blatant hacking in your face and NC did absolutely nothing to those players. Plenty of videos on youtube from that time and nothing was done. The most powerful titles and wings (our No 1 in Aion and others) were sold exclusively in the shop with no way but to spend money yourself to buy them. It was the first sign of p2w because you couldn't compete anymore in arenas without them. The game was advertised as truly free but they started selling prestige packs, giving extra entries and AP, and another reason why f2p pvp players were at a disadvantage because there were extra pvp entries for pvp instances, and also missing AP for ranks. The game started to die rapidly in NA and I was one of those many players who decided to quit. After I left the game turned so bad that they decided on paid transfers, which ruined the servers till today because players went to the biggest factions servers, which is still a thing today.

    After I left Aon I decided to give Aion EU a chance. I was surprised by how cleaner the servers were, of spammers and bots. Most likely due to not being able to trade or spam /3 if you didn't have a GP. The GP was easy to get even as f2p as kinah wasn't hard to farm if you were active. I was surprised by how many players were on EU servers, many more than NA had. Near the end of 2.7 the servers were almost dead, the game was almost dead, so I don't know about guys but f2p and 3.x is when Aion gained the most amount of players and not when the most quit. So long story short, EU servers managed to keep me in the game till around 5.x when I quit for a while, same as in 6.x and most recently 7.x. Until 5.x, we had no titles or wings or other items that weren't attainable with GP, so pvp was a lot more fair than NA. For many years EU servers and publisher was plain better than NA. Even in 5.x when we thought the game was bad we had hero trials, something NA didn't have. EU players were mad because they got their assured apes removed from luna bags, while in NA apes were more scarce and expensive. Even with the 6.x-7.x kinah nerfs, NA didn't address the kinah issue. However, NA managed to do other things right, like transformations and events being plain better since 6.x but both games are plagued by p2w.

    Looking back today, I wish the game was that bad today as they said back then about GF, because you needed GP to unlock the 'demo' game. Tbh I have no idea how the west would receive this 2.7 classic. While today's pvp turned into whoever has more burst damage because everyone's damage got boosted, back then the game was more also imbalanced but slower paced. Any melee like sin or glad vs mr or block cleric was impossible. MR sorc was also pretty much impossible to beat, also their permanent sleeps to render your rs useless. Only cleric was able to beat SM constantly. No way leather had a chance vs templars. Then there was constant godstones. There were so many scenario where you would rather run away from opponents. Today everyone has a chance vs anyone but the damage is too high in pvp and players are too dependent on so many unachievable things (highest transformations, collections, +15 skills, +15 stigmas, cubes, shop pots, weekly gated gear, limited kinah and lots of rng). The gameplay feels more fluid now, as the game should be imo, but it turned bad in many other directions.

    I agree that farming anything was a viable option. Mostly putting your time to farm was rewarding. Farming manastones alone wasn't really that good. The good ones had low drop rate and you mostly ended up with MP or fly time or something similar. The only viable way at the beginning was through alchemy. It was a popular skill since all the needed scrolls were crafted with alchemy. I think farming manastones in general and specific ones got easier with 3.0 if I remember correctly. Same thing with enchants. At the start of Aion there was barely any gold item drop to extract good enchants. What I liked the most was the liberty to trade anything you farmed with anyone or sell on broker when the fees where not bankrupting you like today or through setting a shop.

    There was pve but mostly in the form of repeatable quests in open world. Who doesn't remember doing them from low level up to calydons, farming abyss mobs for balaur mats, farming abyss guards for ap, farming plants and ores and aether for crafting. Farming different guilds, farming gold or platinum coins and so on. I remember instances being so bad that there was rarely any good drop. In fact playing a chanter for almost a year at the start was a pita. Not only that gold drops were rare and group never needed chanter but every time there was an item for me as drop it was the cleric that got it because the design of the game was so great and both classes shared every single item, pretty much like all the other classes but cleric was mandatory in every group. Stigmas were mandatory for this class to be taken seriously and I ended up buying from broker. Imagine the class was so 'great' that 2 of the good mantras were occupying stigma slots and a common drop was that stupid promise of aether stigma.

    A popular thing to do was to just farm any pve in abyss gear because abyss gear was a more reliable way to farm. A lot of players were farming pve instances in their 30e gear. After rerolling, my pve sets were never from farming group instances. I was doing pve in pvp gear even in the later patches, doing hyperion or swb and hitting many times top dps with no problem. For a while I had crucible tac officer that could be shared through account wh or that kahrun gear set in 3.0 but other than that, pve gear pieces was harder to come by at the start.

    I'm curious if the also fixed classes being able to equip other classes gear. It wasn't uncommon to see templar with cloth in pvp and with ud/aa was invincible, cleric with cloth set, even magic assassins because MB. We had race imbalance, most notable one was elyos sin vs asmo sin. Dying as a chanter in groups pvp was frustrating, as after a rez you had to turn on all your buffs, use all the speed, attack speed, crit and elemental scrolls and food, with no auto buff pet back then, only to meet a sm that was striping all your buffs away because there weren't many restrictions back then. Another thing I want to see fixed is godstones landing so often. Maybe even rifts for twinks since it was a popular thing to do.

    In the end I think NC is opening this classic for the wrong reasons. In KR there was always a community of players that ignored the latest updates since a long time ago and played together and pvped at the lower level content. With so many things going away over the years and mostly after 6.0, I think the last time these players played 'classic' on main servers was before 7.0 when you could no longer avoid not going up in level if you didn't do certain campaign. Then they moved to some illegal classic server that turned out to be so popular on afreeca that surpassed any of current streamers of main servers. So NC want these players back and because they make money indirectly by having them. There is no other reason, like making Aion great again. Didn't we heard that with almost any major update? At the start of 6.0 this is what they promised, a better Aion like we had at the start, and look at what we got. Personally I like a lot of changes and improvements that Aion got over the years, compared with the beginning we had. If you could strip away transformation system or making it viable for everyone, removing the need of enchanting your skills or stigmas, remove mandatory dailies and make trading a thing again, that would be great. Also p2w in pve turned out to be a thing, not only because of stigmas and skills and the need to enchant them but because of top cubes. In the past you didn't need to have top gear, enchant your gear, have manastones to complete instances. But now if you start new, you will be asked about gear and you need some enchanted, with manastones, with some farmed cubes and some decent transformation and minion to not end up not doing great dps and everyone ignoring you in the future runs because now we have pve rankings and everyone depending on them. That before even considering enchanted stigmas and skills and top cubes. So many instances introduced this stupid rule with one shot mechanics and not being able to be rezzed if you died. I would still consider old Aion being better for pve even when pve wasn't that great.

    The initial 3.x launch by GF with GP wasn't bad. It wasn't that expensive and it wasn't that hard to farm it in the game either. I think things got out of hand when they increased the levels of VR, forcing players to buy them for the benefits from VR rather than removing restrictions. VR also reset every half year and players wanted them on more than one account. Then things got really bad with Elite VR in 5.x, giving out really good items and made GPs even more desirable. On the other hand kinah wasn't that hard to come by like it is now but combined with how the latest 'classic' Aion was, it made many players leave the game.

    The other regions didn't follow KR model either. KR had subscription up until 6.0 while the other regions had their ow stuff. We had GP which caused controversy, people saying it's a demo game but for me it kept bots and other things away for a while. NA had 'truly f2p' but it wasn't really true since you couldn't pay ingame for prestige packs and the benefits were for only one character. As my account was NA from the start and didn't opt out to move to EU, I did eventually leave because of how bad it was over there with many things. Also RU had premium accounts and you couldn't equip gold items without it.

    Seeing that the release is tomorrow, I'm interested to see if they addressed some of the past problems. In game problems like class balance. I read that RS got added earlier but it was more than this back then. MR was pretty much the way to go for many classes to troll mostly physical classes but not only that. MR sorcerer was almost invincible and able to go solo versus groups. No surprise it got so many nerfs over the years, along with cleric. Chanter was almost useless for so many patches and was being kited by almost anyone. The list can go on. Another problem back then which frustrated many players and made them leave was socketing manastones. If I remember it right, we had only up to 5 sockets until the end of 2.7 and not 6 but once you failed one, all manastones were gone from the items. We had plenty of mechanics back then that frustrated many players. I think the biggest issue which was not addressed even in the current day is cheating. It pretty much destroyed the game for many. I don't mean people going full stupid with no animation in pvp. I had plenty of experiences when glads or sorcs went near me and aoe seeing through hide. We have seen players with auto pots because 2 debuffs and silence was pretty much the way to fight. Players being able to fly in instances and solo them. The thing is, these cheating tools got improved over the years to almost undetectable level. What is NC going to do about this with the release tomorrow? I think nostalgia about the game that it was kind of blinded us from remembering the many issues we had. We will see starting from tomorrow and when it arrives overseas.

    So I read that NC has finally decided to make a classic server about this game as well. I guess it's because they saw the success of Lineage 2 classic over the years and the decline of their current live games, so they said why not try with AIon as well.

    I'm going to speculate and guess a few things based on my experience with the other game and their classic version. L2 classic started with the very early game versions but it wasn't the same game, or rather the same client. It had the graphics updated to the current main game, it had bug fixes that got caught over the years, got class balance and most importantly, all the quality of life features that were implemented over the years up to the current main game. Basically it was the current game but playing on the old patches. In fact, while KR decided to have separate clients, NA went ahead and used the exact same client for main and classic. It is the same client as well in KR or EU/RU but they have different business models in other regions. NA has both main and classic on f2p model but they have vip subscription for monthly vip accounts with many benefits (xp, drop chance etc) and some exclusive shop items, so it's p2w. EU/RU (same company) used different clients because main is f2p and classic is with subscription, and it was 9€ when I tried.

    About how the patches went over the years, it was pretty simple. It started with early versions of the game but every half year they were doing a an update, advancing to the next version. The rest of the world was even more behind (except EU/RU) because KR delivers the patches later for overseas regions and then localization happens. I think 6 months that was mentioned here is reasonable. Remember that even if most of the resources are already in the current game client (textures, sounds, maps, items etc), they will reuse those resources and not just reactivate them. So it takes time to create patches for other regions, those regions to translate and localize them, test them, with publisher teams going smaller and smaller every year. After some years of patches they caught up with all that was considered classic and they started developing patches but on the same theme, not going into the same direction as the main. So it's basically another game entirely, its own game. Seeing it's mostly the same company and the same devs barly updating Aion today, it's possible a lot of thing would be similar.

    About the game play and excitement, some of the players might be disappointed after a short time. Players got so used with this 2-3 seconds combat that they forgot how slow the gameplay was in early patches. Some might remember that we used to walk for long distances to conserve the expensive scrolls and we didn't have a mount. The content was mostly about grinding molars and other items for a piece of blue equipment, farming guards for AP, slow leveling and so on. It was a lot of fun but others might not see the fun in the old style mmo's that some were used to, slow paced with little to no instances and a lot of open world and farming and socializing. I personally prefer it over mandatory dailies and weeklies that we have now to get your stuff done. Locking stuff behind entries, dailies and weeklies was what made me think it was more of a chore or a job than a game. A lot more things we have today made me slowly forget about Aion in general. We will see how things will evolve in the future.

    theres 4 ulti forms already, I dont get why giving one out in a f2p event (no rng) would be so bad?

    Because all these 4 ult form are more or less the same. If you have one you wont (prolly) gamble to get it.

    I agree that they are more or less the same but Kaisinel alone can unlock +500 crit or something similar while the others have mediocre collection buffs, if I remember it right.

    forgot it, changed the potion into MP box and now its OP

    can we get open world drops now?

    Put mist butcher as first skill in the list and you don't have to worry about mp. Put bestial surprise attack anywhere after that and no worry about hp. No pots needed.

    Anyway, all this talk about less energy consumption so that we can have a better future for ourselves and here we are with advertising a brand new feature that does the opposite, only so that few can make statistics to earn their paycheck. It's sad that the game went from fun to work/chore and now officially work.The fun was overtaken.

    Far as I'm aware, they increased the rewards you can get with Battlefield coins. Also your Katalam/Dumaha level does not drop so you can easily get high level to buy stuff. A bot just got released that lets you afk farm with your char for insignias.

    You call spending 30 insignia on one single item easily obtainable? How much time do you need to gather 30 insignia? What other items do you need from those vendors and you can't get because you have to spend so much on a single item? Just because something is there, for the illusion that you can get so much stuff, it doesn't mean that in reality you will get that stuff.

    Same as with these apostle fragments, as it's just there for false hopes. If you don't have gear > stigmas > daevanion skills all +15, you're wasting your time buying those apostle fragments because it wouldn't improve your situation after 2 years and it will hinder your overall progress. Not even with +15 all of the above it's guaranteed to win an instance. You can't even buy those fragments if you are not geared, as you might get a maximum 1 coin from pvp instances most of the time and that goes toward either weekly enchantment stone, stigma enchantment stones or daevanion books. Those pvp instances take quite some time every single day, time that would be needed to progress elsewhere. This is some tedious work and most of the time you have to pick up one type of progression, as you can't progress in parallel when you don't have the time, and limited instances/resources.

    And about promises, we got promised more sources of stuff and less rng when we had instances loot and instances fragments. The opposite has happened so far. Less fragments, no more loot from mobs in instances, less fragments, and more rng overall. Most of the stuff was moved to cash shop. So then, we can already see where the other sources might be. I don't know why this game is getting worse and worse, even for players already having some of the things and progressing towards others.

    Lacking kaisinel is a permanent disadvantage of atleast 10% atk speed (up to like 50% for casters).

    The biggest advantage for having it, or disadvantage for not having it, is indeed for casters.

    Some physical classes do have casting speed skills that need cast speed. Old classes like ranger have it. New classes like painter have them. As an example, it's ridiculous how the teleport skill is with and without kaisinel and implying you pvp, some debuff come across you and you get even slower cast speed or attack speed with your legendary transform, therefore impossible to perform as good as some opponent with ultimate transformation.

    Yes, Russian Aion team came up with some great solutions. But Esset23 werent you the one who said Russian servers are so empty that Balaur hold the altars in Dumaha all the time?

    I suppose more factors are involved, like some hardcore p2w features we saw in the past and harder to hack in the game due to frost. They have a lot of nice features now. When I tried their version of L2, which is in English because they are the publisher for Europe, it was the least p2w version I've tried and the prices also cheaper. It has also the least amount of players an the big european clans and pvpers still wouldn't come over from NA because their software wouldn't work. Some rely too much on auto targeting, auto pots, auto use of skills to counter other skills and so on. People think cheating in Aion is just about turning on higher attack speed and seeing them on a dps meter.

    A feature to show more numbers online when the staff gets asked for an infographic or something.

    Mining bitcoins is not really worth it anymore but I think you can still use that electricity you waste on auto-hunting to do it, transform bitcoins into aion coins and still get more from it than this feature. Since they added this feature in KR, some of the players and streamers there do nothing all day than farming Ingg/Gelk players, so another rng feature (either you die or not overnight).

    I must agree. Failing 70 stones in a row and then another batch of 60, all during the event, and someone else getting lucky with a couple of stones, it means for me that nothing is calculated individually or some players are forever with bad rng. Those were not the total number of stones, just the amount failing one after another and getting no result in the end.

    Related to rng, last week I tried some leftover legendary enchantment stones (over 100) to enchant one item and highest I got was +9 and even went from +9 to 0 at some point. And enchants don't come as easy this patch and neither is the kinah, so imagine someone really in the need for enchanting their first gear, one piese out of 7-8.

    Those numbers we see there is probably server wide and someone else might need to fail in order for you to succeed. Who knows but those percentages are just one big lie if you test it yourself. I remember someone did took the time to enchant stigmas on the test server in 6.x, using a larger sample than we usually use, and the result was quite lower than theoretical number we see advertised.

    As most of you have noticed, since the update 7.5, all NPC in game are now speaking Korean. Since a few questions arose around that topic, we would like to clarify again today that this is not a bug but the expected behavior. The translation of NPC voices has stopped for new ones since quite some time (around 6.5 update). As we went further on with patches, the mix of English and Korean voices started generating issues in the client. Therefore, we have decided to go permanently for KR voices for all the NPC (old and new ones) starting with 7.5.

    You have stated with the mix of English and Korean voices it started generating issues in the client, seems this is the reason you are stating you stopped doing the translation, but why does NA not have issue with the client ?

    I remember someone pointing out that both NA and EU used the same 3rd party company for this. It makes sense, the voices never matched the subtitles. Since NA still have them updated, I'm guessing that EU stopped buying this service.

    Assassins are not as great in groups (runa) as in solo, as you're probably helpless in vs 4 plates 2 chains setup, but I wouldn't say it's B-C tier or lower. It has it's uses, depending of group setup and enemy group setup. You don't rely a lot on debuffs like other classes and you're still capable of bursts and stuns.

    It's not about 160 def or 80 attack or something like that. At the amount of attack or defences that you have, those numbers become negligible. Unlocking some collection (by luck) is more than enough to compensate the lack of defence or attack of these sets.

    Can you kill Prigga, are you willing to spend cash on those cubes to kill it, or trade lots of GP for loot? It's more about that than comparing pure stats.

    How do you even know that this particular guy uses no animation ? Both myAion and aiDPS are not able to measure animation speed of the AT while in mech.
    Not sure if all the classes/chars have this but my tech gets AS bugged very often, like i'm seeing 1.2 AS while buffed but attacking like i have 2.0 which is very annoying :\

    Correct, this is exactly why serverside cheat protection is not reliable.
    AT animations don't get logged by the server. We should not go too deep into this because then it gets too techinical, but long story short:

    MyAion and aiDPS are client side tools. They can do only so much, as not everything is sent by the server or can it be interpreted by the client. On the server side you can do a lot more but first you need to develop those tools, and second, you need a lot of computing power to analyze each player in real time. Things that nobody (NC/GF) seems to be interested to invest in these 11-12 years.

    This game doesn't log lots of stuff on server side, as you need much more wasted resources to do it and it's also the fault of the client (game engine), as it's not as god as others for this stuff. It's an old game, developed since 2006, NC don't care to change a thing.

    Serverside protection is not the solution, this has to do with how the game is coded..

    Yes and no. Serverside is the solution but the game is not well coded either, as it's very old. You need a better game engine, like unreal engine. Other NC games have unreal engine but even if you disable anti-cheating, you can't alter stats at all, or you get instant disconnect and most likely banned as well. This doesn't happen with this game engine.

    Every client side anti-cheating solution has been bypassed by now. I have played L2 for many years with gameguard disabled. Same with Aion when we had gameguard. Nothing happened to me because I disable it. I didn't care to cheat but it stops some programs, crash others, lower fps and increase the ping, so no thanks. While we had gameguard at the start, all the cheaters roamed free without a single problem. It got removed later. In NA they added xingcode, that caused problems to a lot of players. It got bypassed in the first day. The only better solution is Frost, as they added on RU. It's developed by them and has one more encryption. It's both server-client checking. It can be bypassed, but not easy, just enough to keep most scripts away, but it slows down your client game quite a lot.

    In so many years this problem hasn't been addressed, why do you think they will suddenly start to care? They keep adding higher resolution textures, shaders and animations and don't even care to optimize the client for it. Do you really think they will go all the way to solve this?