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    That's pretty much what NC did to Lineage II classic. It has the new user interface, it has some new mechanics and some quality of life features added over the years, but most of the old stuff is still there.

    It's first NC's fault but at least on their website you can find the chances displayed, for whatever shop event they are running and stuff they sell.

    Our publisher never does that and this would be an improvement, to get an idea.

    You can see some items in some boxes we had before, some have 0.something percent and others close to 30%. Such info is crucial in not misleading the players.

    For example, look at their lamps.

    Lamp level 1 -> Lamp level 2 95%

    Lamp level 2 -> Lamp level 3 90%

    Lamp level 3 -> Lamp level 4 85%

    Lamp level 4 -> Lamp level 5 50%

    Lamp level 5 -> Lamp level 6 40%

    Lamp level 6 -> Lamp level 7 15%

    Lamp level 7 -> Lamp level 8 10%

    Lamp level 8 -> Ultimate transform 5%

    Lamp level 8 -> Kinah box 95%

    You get less fps in sieges or in a town because they slowly modified the game. The new Aion development team is nothing like the original one. This one added more polygons and better textures, more effects, laggy UI and things that the original team would never do. Theoretically this game should still run fine on a PC from 2009, as the game engine is the same, but it's not possible anymore and we could see that from past updates, especially since 5.x. Sanctum was left unmodified until 6.0, when the new developers modified it. In 5.x it was abyss that was modified and things got laggy, and the same with 6.0. These new developers are used with new and performant new engines and not accustomed with the old ways of thinking and optimizing stuff. Old games were optimized for limited amount of memory, cpu power and disk space. New PC games are not doing that anymore and basically tell you to get the best hardware you can get.

    I also agree that as long as future update is based on this new Aion since 6.0, they will just fail.

    NC wasn't forced to go f2p because of the private servers. NC went f2p only with 6.0. It's the other publisher (NCWest) that was forced to do so. It was because it was nearly broke and couldn't afford to keep up the servers with their current model. It's true, NCWest was almost bankrupt at some point, forced to close games and let go of other regions. Since the start of Aion in 2009, things only got worse with patch 2.x. In the last months of p2p (2.x), towns in Aion were ghost towns and there was nobody to play with. The game turned terrible since 2.0 anyway but having nobody to play with also made more players quit. In between 2009 and 2012, more things have happened. In 2010 NCWest closed Dungeon Runners and Exteel. In 2011 NCWest closed Lineage, the first one. In 2011 they made Lineage II f2p, as they couldn't go on like that anymore. It was still one of their top game at the time and doing much better than Aion but it was still bad. The income was finally coming back after f2p, but it was also the end of the Lineage 2 classic we knew. In 2012 the had to let go of EU and make Aion f2p, in the hopes of saving it, otherwise it would have been another closed game. Good thing that the new 3.0 not only that it brought a lot more content (Tiamaranta, The Eye, Sarpan, lots of pve and pvp content) but more players and revenue because of the shop. In the same year 2012 NCWest closed City of Heroes. This could have happen to Aion as well.

    NCWest has closed 8 games so far, in between 2007 and 2015 and I don't know how much will they keep going with Aion, as it's already a desert in NA. Lineage II is doing a better and classic a lot better, BnS is not doing bad and GW is GW and people are still playing it a lot. They also have Aion legions of wars in NA, a mobile game, but no idea how good they are doing with it since it's new.

    Better if the laws are changed because a lot of the players can't be helped. Look around in real life, some many are wasting their monthly wage on slot machines and lottery. You can tell them all you want that this is a scam, that the chance is not displayed, that nothing is transparent, that you won't win. They will still try. Addiction is hell of a thing and can ruin people's lives.

    Why? The majority of players in this forum is telling the truth, as it is. Personally, I did summarize how the game is at the moment for me, as I didn't have much of a quit time since this new Aion and I tried to get the most of it so far. I'm not bitter about the game because I didn't get things, it's mostly because I played more than a lot of others have played and saw all the flaws and limitations. A lot of players in my position can tell the same. And the truth is, Aion is much harsher than I presented in my previous post. I only presented the mechanics but in reality, players you meet in the game are selfish and mean. In a way, it's the fault of the game. Let me give you some examples.

    I could easily solo Makarna and PW before this event but when I tried applying on alts for these easy instance, I get rejected a lot. Players don't want to waste time with players that are not geared, apparently with ultimate gear and enchanted. When you do make a group yourself, you will probably understand that so many terrible players are applying, players that can't even follow simple instructions. When you do find a group, it's pretty much of undergeared players that have no knowledge of the instances. Players are trying to find geared players because it's either a sign that the player has some knowledge or you can bruteforce through some of the mechanics. Another thing I didn't mention is open world. Since this new Aion, maps are common for both factions. You try to do quests in open world, dailies or weeklies, you get killed a lot. If you're new, enjoy being 2 shot by the enemy faction. If I do something on alts, I always have to bring my main around. Some players are looking only for that, ganking and griefing new players. If you ask them why, they tell you that you joined a pvp game. Of course that's not pvp what they are doing but can you do about it as a new player.

    Most players would rather be mean than try to take the time to explain things. For those with a premade, a lot of this stuff is avoided, but good luck finding something like this as a new player. You have to be really lucky to find 5 other players like yourself, new and enthusiast about trying the game, in a game that is not new player friendly and a game that doesn't bring new players. Most legions will hesitate as well because they see a potential player that might quit in a month, and their efforts have been wasted enough on them once again.

    It's true that Gold Packs makes things easier but at this point in the game, buying Gold Packs with your real money is the only option to get past the new player status. Being f2p after this events, it's just not an option for quite a while, until the next bigger update when they make current things obsolete.

    You won't do most of the pve in this game after 1-2 weeks, unless you're looking to get carried. I don't even consider Narakkalli or Holy Tower as being much of a pve content, as everyone that played actively for some weeks can solo them. Makarna and Prometun runs are going to be full groups of players like yourself, undergeared and lacking knowledge of the mechanics. It's a chance to get one ultimate part for the entire group, so good luck getting the item for the coresponding class and trying to roll the highest against others. Some players wasted many months of entries to get their armor parts. Next is Stella and that instance is harsh for a group of players that are new to the game or undergeared. In the past we needed to have full armor parts from Makarna and PW to attempt a successful easy Stella run. Right now, the only way to do it after 2 weeks is to get carried. Next is Stella normal and PW difficult, instances that until recently it was not doable by the majority, since they didn't have the gear for it. These are not instances that you can attempt without geared players and PW difficult is not doable past first boss by 99.99% of players. Then there are Beninerk instances. I mean, after 2 weeks you're not even doing half of the content and the differences between instances difficulty is so high that it will take you a long time before attempting the harder instances.

    And another thing I left it out in the previous post is that the later you start in this game, the worse is for a new player to attempt a catch up. Active players that have been playing since the start of 6.2 are so far ahead, and not only because of everything being time gated and RNG but also because most of the needed stuff is not in the daily game content but in the events. If you missed an event, not all since a lot of them are just wasting time, it's like you missed months of progress. You missed legendary transformations, stigma enchant stones, manastones, gear, enchant stones and other stuff. Then there is the fact that you probably don't have alts. You need to grow an army of alts to progress faster and to take advantage of events.

    This game is a lot more than the summary I made about the game mechanics in my previous post. But as I said before, it depends a lot of what your goals are. There are players out there thinking, after a duo of Holy Tower with a friend, that game is nice and life is good for them. Players who want more from this game can see how flawed this game is, in so many ways. In my opinion, I wouldn't recommend this game even to friends that are looking for a new game to play together.

    Raidon Ex Gladiator

    Here is my perspective of Aion right now. If you haven't checked the game since 6.0 then it's a lot you guys missed, some good but mostly bad imo. It all depends of your goals in this game. For same players it's a good game because they don't set their goals too high.

    This paragraph is not necessary but I'll do it to see how the game is progressing. You start as before but now you can level up to 80 in a few hours if you know what are you doing, or 2 days as a new player. It's a mix of blue quests and nochsana trading camp instance. Do the green (cyan/turquoise or whatever the name is) quests only if they reward you stigma bags. I think it's only 3 of them for normal bags, the rest of them is from blue and yellow quests. Once you got to 80, you got free legendary armor and weapon in Lakrum, one set for pve and one for pvp. If you follow their respective npc quests, you can get pve accessories by doing very easy instances, Narakkalli which is solo and Holy Tower that is 3 man instance, which can be soloed by some classes with this starter gear. Don't forget to open (click) your cube inventory quests items once in a while, as you will get 5 or 6 large (green) transformation contracts while leveling up. This all can be done in a day and you're a fresh out level 80 character. I forgot to mention that classes don't look very much like the ones in the past. All the classes are dumbed down, very easy to play. If someone is telling you a class requires no brain to play it, remember that no class requires any to play it.

    I told all that because from now on, the game is different. What nobody pointed out multiple times already is that the game is very much RNG based, mostly working against you. There is no steady path, working towards some goal, it's all RNG.

    Transformation system

    You probably noticed already that you're slow. It's because of missing attack speed, cast speed and movement speed. They deleted the old crafting scrolls, only to be replaced by some new system. It's hard to acquire them. The game is giving you some ancient and legendary potions that are lasting 10 minutes but you need permanent contracts and blank scrolls from shop to use them. It was harder to acquire them in the past (6.x times) but now you can basically get one legendary every 2 months and the same for ancient, by doing weekly lugbug quests. It's not easy for a new player to complete them but it's doable if you select the ones you can do. It's still a lot of time to wait for getting just a random transformation. We had events, one before and one right now, and elite veteran rewards (by using Gold Packs), rewarding us a random legendary transformation contract. I can tell you already that there are players who are still missing the right legendary transformation for their class. Since contracts are random between magic and physical classes, that is at the mercy of RNG to get a correct one. It's even worse if you're a class like gunner and bard, classes that use attack speed but magic stats and you need a specific transform, out of so many out there. Some classes are not even balanced right, until they get a specific amount of cast speed and attack speed all together, only provided by the ultimate transformations. Alternatively, spend thousands of euros in the shop for a chance to get something right. Right now there is a chance to get one ultimate transformation in the shop through some events. There is no chance displayed, no details, just pure gamble with the shop. Some spent many thousands of euros and didn't get it. It's one of the ultimate goals in the game to acquire it, one that a f2p players can only dream about it. You need to acquire between 2 and 6 duplicate legendary transformations and try your luck fusing them, with something in betwen 3% and 13% chance to get ultimate transformation. It will take years before a f2p player can attempt that.

    Stigma system

    When it comes to stigma system, the goal is to have your stigmas enchanted as much as possible. Usually, higher enchants is providing you better cooldowns but it's not always true. Once you have a set of all 6 stigmas enchanted to +9, you unlock 2 more slots for 2 more normal stigmas. So this is a must for many classes. Enchanting stigmas is a process that takes a long time because you require many stigma enchant stones. You can buy one for 10 ingots in the gold sand shop, maximum 2 every week per character, meaning 26 millions kinah. There is also weekly luna instance that after 7 weeks of doing it (people do it afk) can give you one stigma enchant stone from the box. As you probably guessed, players have to spend time acquiring kinah, trade to ingots every day, buy enchant stigma stones, and do that on multiple characters because you can only buy 2 from gold sand shop on a character. They also send an army of alts to afk weekly luna for that stigma enchant stone after 7 weeks.

    Getting +9 stigma is only the first goal. Ideally you want them +12, not only for a better skill level overall but because you open your last slot for another blue stigma that you can use. We have a safe spot at +9 for stigmas, meaning if you fail your enchant it will stay +9, and stigma enchant stone is mandatory or your stigma goes to 0. The chance to enchant above +9 is 20% of success, and we had an event in the past giving us 30%. So you can estimate that you need hundreds of them.

    Getting +12 stigmas is not the last goal, as in a future patch the stigmas at +15 can be turned into some gold stigmas, with more powerful effects, damage and cooldowns.

    So this is another p2w system, as new and f2p players can hardly achieve +12 stigmas in a reasonable amount of time, and because 2 of the same class can hardly be the same class when one has +1 stigmas and the other one +12 stigmas.

    Daevanion skills

    These are some skills you acquire from some shugo appearing randomly in instances. You can craft one skill book every week but the rest is acquired mostly through pve instances, very slowly and very much at the mercy of rng. When you start new you have none of these skills, except one yellow daevanion skill (every class has only one) that you acquire through some quest, or Holy Tower shugo. I for got to mention that for some classes, unlocking these daevanion skills is essential. Next is enchanting them. The goal is to have them at +15 but after +5 the fail so much. There is only one safe spot at +10, or by using some essence item that right now it's basically a cash shop thing. For some classes it's essential to have some skills +15, as some of the skills are changed slightly at +15. Suffice to say the majority of players never reached +10.

    Same as stigma system, this is another system where 2 players of the same class are not alike, one having daevanion skills but not enchanted and one having them at +15. So the skill system is pretty much p2w too, if you want to achieve them in a reasonable time (not years), but still very much RNG.

    Gear enchantment system

    It is another RNG and time consuming thing in Aion. PvE and PvP gear comes in 3 forms, ancient, legendary and ultimate grade. PvE gear is upgraded by tossing out the old grade gear and using the new one acquired. PvP gear is upgraded by enchanting you acquired ancient gear to +15, evolving to legendary, make it again +15 from 0, evolving it to ultimate, then start enchanting it again to +15. Basically, you have to enchant your gear 3 times from 0 to +15, and that for 16-17 parts of total gear acquired. I forgot to mention that for enchanting pve gear you need pve stones and for pvp gear you need pvp stones, and all of them comes in 3 grades, each with different chance of success.

    Enchanting the gear is a RNG process, as ancient stones can only get you so far and fail a lot on higher grade gear or if the gear is close to +15. Anothe problem is that enchanting is not linear, not in the chance but neither in the effect. With higher enchant level you get higher and higher stats but also lower chance of sucess, with only +10 as a safe spot or by using ultimate stone, which don't go below the level if they fail.

    As so many other resources in Aion, the game is starving us of enchant stones. Without some abusing many old veteran rewards, buying things from shop or rng to be on your side, it's a very long process. Many players still ding get all their so called AP gear to full ultimate, and making it +15 again is quit hard, as the chance of success is lower compared with legendary and ancient gear. Ultimate stones are very hard to get them.

    Getting +15 gear is not sufficient, you need to roll your ultimate gear for 4 desired perfect stats, a process that can involve many hundreds of millions of kinah per piece, and then fine tune the stats by using luna, a currency only acquired by shop or by having Gold Pack active (10 luna every week), but one roll alone is 3 luna. So the gear system is also p2w and RNG.


    I could go on about every system in the game but these are the most essential for developing your character. It takes a lot of time to acquire very little of each resource in the game and everything is time gated, behind cooldowns or instance entries. There are so many little systems requiring our presence and the reward is so little and so RNG, that you feel like doing the same thing over and over for days, weeks and months, and sometimes the result doesn't show. That is why I said, it depends of your goal in this game. For those who just want to waste a bit of their time in pve and not the end game pve, they can do it fine, but those with higher goals see this game as a chore, needing lots of hours spent every day in the game, then have RNG in your favor, and finally after achieving something you don't feel rewarded.

    PvP is so imbalanced because of gear and skill and transform difference. Some classes do require to have all that because the balance is done after having the things this game has to offer. We don't have most of the things we need. In KR where some more players have everything maxed out, you see plate and chain classes being unkillable and destroying the other classes, or some classes like gunner and assassins or even gladiators destroying others so easily. Here we don't have everything and the balance is different, and as you can see it's so rare to see gunners in the game, because they are a bad class without many things achieved.

    The patches are worse and worse since 6.0. Mostly more p2w added, more systems and time consuming for players, in order to make the goals harder and harder to achieve as f2p, very little qol systems added for the players. The developers are releasing mostly recycled content, either from older Aion or from other of their past games. There is no more Aion team anymore. The future doesn't look that good. The publishers are also caught in this motion that the developers have set but they don't do much either, to improve the current game.

    This is my opinion and how I see the game right now, so take it as you wish.

    Nothing will be changed because I highly doubt NC would consider this change. From NC perspective, this is one of the core mechanics of this game as there are 3 factions at siege, elyos, asmodian and balaur. NPC at forts were always one of the sources of contribution, but of course, it is getting abused. This was designed with many players attending sieges but it doesn't happen here.

    i dont think its rate based but rather time based.

    That too, basically they control the flow. As I explained a few months ago, since innova was more transparent in the past to say how things work, and how things work in general in online gambling. They control the amount. It's not client side based luck, it's server side to be more accurate and to avoid errors, giving too little or too much.

    Same will be with the lamps. If someone already got a kaisinel from level 8, you can be sure that a few thousands have been opened at level 8 and didn't get it no matter how much they tried, because it's a fixed percentage and have to stay fixed and controlled by the server, and give no more and no less than it's set.

    I just don't understand something else here. I don't judge what people do with their money, it's your entertainment and you keep the servers alive, but I don't understand how can you spend money on something you have no knowledge about, because the publisher doesn't reveal it to its customers. At least in KR they show percentages for different items in different boxes and stuff in the shop and you can estimate how much you have to spend to gain something. Here there is no percentage shown, no estimation, nothing is revealed. You're going in blind and people still do it. So it's natural to feel like you're being scammed if you still try it.

    I worked 10 hours for each work and no one really comment ._. I feel was like wasted.

    Mostly because these threads are hidden behind others and rarely seen, and also because not many are interested in drawings, or can comment on them while not having the experience of drawing.

    Some players do like to get pulled, especially a cleric that doesn't have to go back and forth to dispel range, or a tank that gets there faster to tank the second boss, or a melee dps. You have a few seconds until losing rationality is used and can dps in this time. It's up to players to adopt any strategy they want but personally I didn't see that one is better than the other, just different ways. In KR there is also the strategy of letting only one player at first boss and let it die (and walk back) intentionally while the others are on the second boss all the time and don't have to walk to share damage. I guess each group found their own strategy.

    About phases, some groups like to put a SM on first boss. Having a summon out when is about to cast penetrating strike will share the damage and you don't require to move players on second phase, so more time gained to dps the second boss. This strategy can be useful if you get to harder phases, having anyone with summons (sm), servants (cleric), traps (ranger) using them to share the damage.

    They said they asked for it, not that they will implement one asap. It's a patch where you can freely move not only your kinah through account warehouse but also crafting materials and crafting items and spirit fragments. They have only to lose by implementing it sooner.

    I didn't mention doing that many narakkalli, it's only for the quest to get legendary accessories quest. And you limit yourself to as many holy tower you're comfortable with it. This is what we did before the event and this is what players will do after the event, at least those that were away.

    I think a new player will have many other reasons to quit the game before getting to this part. Tell them about pvp and how to acquire pvp gear, the ways to acquire ultimate stones, and better skills in this game. Tell them that everything is also rng. Tell them about transformations. If they still not find that hard, I think farming on alts will be the least of their problem. What else a new player will do when they see that after getting a gear part they need more than 500k to roll once for that part or that enchanting is expensive in kinah, that expanding their inventory is very expensive, that getting ingots require kinah, that potions and scrolls and kisks and teleports and shards are not cheap? That is all before even trying to buy anything from broker, which wasn't for the new players even before the event. You don't gain much on a single character to afford basic needs. This is one of our general complaint before getting this event.

    If you do makarna or pw duo, it's not. Many times you don't get an ultimate gear part. And you can do 4 HT in the time it takes to do one makarna, and btw, beritra can randomly reset even in duo once in a while. PW is more rewarding than makarna, if we talk about entries, and PW can be soloed even by a (geared) templar. Lets say that players are able to duo makarna on one or two characters, then what? It's not that much kinah when there is no ultimate, you have to split the drop and have limited entries. HT is the most efficient for the time spent (rush the towers and forget the mobs and at the boss bring nergal to a corner) and for the amount of entries available and gear available, but I get it, it's getting very boring very fast for some players, doing the same thing while the other instances are a little more engaging.

    Afk luna is not dead. Players did it before and they will do it after, if they missed the event or farmed very little during last week. It's also a way to get some stones and yasba grace for them. Most importantly, you can do it afk, while you have something else to do, having dead times in the game or not interested in playing much Aion and you play other game.

    Getting kinah from instances may be dead for you but as I said, not everyone was able to attend or participate for this long. Some others still had jobs or went away for holidays. This event doesn't invalidate previous ways of getting kinah just because the event took place, as nobody was online equally or farmed equally. You're reporting all the time to yourself, all this while talking about new players. From what I saw, some new players that appeared this year already spent in this game, unlike some of the old veterans of this game. Selling one GP for kinah should suffice them for a while and it's more rewarding for them now than in the past, as you don't have to sell 10 GP to get the same quantity you get now for 1 GP.

    Talking about new players from the perspective of a veteran player is not always objective, and lets get real, there are no new players, at least a significant amount to matter. Since I played this game it always lost more players than it gained, hence the state of the servers today compared with the past. This game is now about enjoying as much as you can because you don't know what the future brings, aside from worse patches and less players. This game was on a descending slope before even getting this event. A good thing that this event has done is that now you can enjoy Aion free of the chore that was farming weekly instances for kinah.

    It's the fault of the developers as well. You can see that old designed maps and instances and things lag less. Since they introduced new shiny gear, new shiny skills, more complex animations, bigger maps with better textures, more complex and laggy user interface, the game is less and less playable. When Lakrum fort was introduced with 6.2, most players got really low fps compared with past forts from 1-2 years ago and nothing changed in terms of the engine and we had more players in the past. It's pretty obvious that the old team of developers are gone since the new updates are just recycling things from the past or content from their other games. This new Aion is nothing like the one that was 10 years ago.

    Probably as we got used by now, when the next big patch comes. When 6.5 was here, we got the rest of the 6.2 with it. Same happened in 7.0 and 7.2. So I suppose the rest of 7.2 will come with 7.5, which sucks big time if that happens because 7.5 is making some of those later 7.2 patches less rewarding.

    Yes, it wasn't enough that gladiators were able to delete someone in 2 seconds but now they become godlike. Plates are well rounded classes when it comes to many situations, as they are more than just dps.

    KR has proved what maximum geared plates and chain can do. On EU there are less and less plates in pvp and chain classes go mostly support, and overall we're far from having everything they have, so we don't get to complain about being op as in KR.

    Most funny change, SM summon friend from 10min to 8min. Does it make any sense? Probably to be able to summon a friend (sucks if you don't have any) and fight for you.

    First of all, the kinah price of GP wasn't even realistic to begin with.

    For a long time GP was 40-45kk kinah. In a 30 days period of time, as much as GP is active, you can gain enough shugo gold to buy kinah pouches worth 48kk kinah. That means you have to do absolutely nothing in terms of farming or selling veteran goodies, just to buy your next GP. Why rich players didn't do this? Because as I explained before, it comes to a point where you don't need the GP and the time and kinah invested starts to not profit that much as other things. You really needed GP when elite rewards was back. In a game, those who are rich are rich because they don't spend on things they don't need. It's usually those players that gable on things when they have 5kk kinah in their inventory that complain about others being rich. So what, your're not able to play the game if others are rich? Are you not able to live and enjoy real life because rich people exist?

    This event didn't create a problem that didn't exist before. A lot of players were starving of kinah, mostly because they don't play alts or don't spend on shop. Yet we still had rich player, some that spent real money to gain kinah, others that run hundreds of characters through luna, others with a huge amount of veteran rewards and so on. This game was never fair to begin with, especially this new Aion since 6.2. If you skipped an event since that time, you were left behind and lost the possibility to make kinah from the richer players. If you don't spend enough time in the game, you're left behind, and mostly because things are gated behind cooldowns and untradable things. If you don't play alts, you're left behind. This event is just another problem on top of the problems this game already had.

    Well, new players wont be able to do low man instances and wont be taken by people with +15 splen items.

    And two my second point, why is everyone considering makarna the instance to be run to gain kinah?

    Even before this event I could solo makarna easily, yet it is not worth it imo.

    You want to make kinah, especially as a new player? Start leveling alts and do the starting quests for basic legendary armor. Proceed further to get 3 narakkalli and 3 holy tower for all the legendary accessories already rolled to maximum stats. You're now perfectly able to solo holy tower without problems. You're permitted to run 2 clients on same PC. While you 'solo' holy tower, take another character to follow you in there. You get double the boxes. Sell the gear from boxes to npc. You can also sell the crafting materials to broker, in case you don't plan to craft. Repeat this on a few characters and you have your kinah farm steady. You may not become rich but not broke either, yet it's a lot more efficient than that makarna, which is only useful for the shugo runs.

    There are ways to make kinah, from afk luna to farming actively on efficient instances. All are implying to play more than your main character and put in the time to do it. This is Aion nowadays, the expenses are higher than what you gain so you have to abuse alts, which means a lot of time spent, or use the shop.

    But it's usually those who did not put in the time to farm before this event that do not actively farm this ganker event and complain about some of the things like new players and other unicorns that aren't as biggest problems as others created by this event. Yes, the event was bad designed and screwed many things up but what can we do now? I'm sure most of you arguing now don't need a GP for the next few years and those who were able to gain before this event will be able to do the same now. The economy is going to fix itself in time because there are lots of ways to sink your kinah into and because the developers always find new ways to introduce new things with every new patch to sink your kinah. Just wait for the +15 stigmas or even further, 7.5 update, and I can assure you there are things worth spending your kinah on.