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  • Hello Galeas!

    I don't expect a reply, but hope dies last, so I'll try it anyways.

    For more than a year already, I check your forum almost on a daily basis for any updates about aion classic in europe and as you of course know, nothing really has changed there since except of a few occasional posts from your side. I am aware that u can't give me information you don't have and I am also not asking for anything guaranteed, or official.
    All I'm asking you for is a personal estimation of how you personally at the present moment consider the chances that classic will still come to europe (whenever that might be).
    I'd just like to avoid checking the forum for another year for no reason if the chances are low... I know, u don't know for sure how things will develop, but maybe u can tell me if you currently think it's more likely or less likely that we will see it coming to europe eventually -and if not, for how much longer you consider it reasonable to keep checking the forum about it frequently ;)

    Thanks for reading and understanding!


  • Hi ! New info for aion classic eu ? ^^

  • Hello Galeas i have still not answer about the ticket number 636574 and i tried message you on the forum but apparently i can't send a private message because they said you have too many conversations so the question i wanted know if you are still in charge of my ticket or if it is someone else? Cordially

  • how can I contact you so that you can open discord messages for my videos and broadcasts?

    • just write me a DM here on the forum :)

  • when is next davea tavern??? be so long since last...

    • they said on the last video of aion this : There should be one for 8.0 indeed :)

      you can see in the comments of the video

    • yes, indeed :)

  • why are posts being closed for no reason on the forum ?

    • Tipical GF

    • There is always a reason and it is always stated on the last post. Read the rules again and you will know why :)

  • When can we change Noble odian +8 to Glowing?

  • Hello Galeas. I have collected 35 Magic Pumpkins and wanted to pass the quest for 35 pumpkins. Iv pressed the button for 20 Magic pumpkins, but after that I have abandoned the quest in order to pass it for 35, not 20 pumpkins.
    But the pumpkins were already gone and no reward was given. Now I have 15 pumpkins and no reward.
    Is it possible to have my pumpkins back so I can pass it for 35 pumpkins quest ?

    P.S. It was a lot of time for that pumpkins, would be unfair if you can not help at this situation.

    • Thats your own fault lol. They prob don't help you x)

    • Yep yep, lol-man))

  • Hi Galeas i have a problem with my rune. Why 1 of my rune +2 crit strike is gone ? And give me a new one with attak power - heat rune my rune was lunatic ? Can you do something about this problem?

  • hi galeas, any new about autokick ppl from katalam? every time ppl enter at few mins they tp to ignison, imposible make quest

  • Why are players not banned with external programs like noanimation or ahk, which benefit themselves and screw up the rest of the players?

    Why does the support ask for so many unnecessary tests to send a ban or a warning for the use of hacks to these players?

    because you who are supposed to be the creator of this don't do anything either, to avoid this type of programs? Why don't you create a filter like the VAC on steam?

    that does not allow the use of external programs that interfere with the game.

    Where is all the money that people invest in the game going to, because they are billions of euros that we have all put into the game and still the only thing we have asked for and cried a billion times in 11 years of history They have not even paid us any attention!

    and yes, we have been fighting hacks for 11 years, and to this day, they have not banned anyone for using hacks!

    • We fight against all type of cheating since the very beginning. And will keep on doing that. Please contact support for reports.

    • Well said Hakkunna. I support your cause. They should really consider long-term players like you who have been there in the goods and the bads.

  • When will a legion rank wipe happened Galeas

    i mean it been so many years and it dont update anymore as all legions is max abyss points already.

    mayby it is not possible reset legion ranking?

  • Galeas i got Kasinel as transform after fusion [yes i was very lucky] but i wanted Marchutan for more castspeed [dont cap castspeed with kasinel for cleric that is my main class], is it possible get help with support exchange kasinel to marchutan? on 7.5 livestream lercer said i can send a support message to make the exchange. sincerely Misty

    • If you can do that, then I expect everyone who got wrong form from Any rng source such as fusing or random form contract to be able to do the same.

    • true but i heard only its possible for ultimate form to do.

    • I'm afraid it is not possible.

  • There are still bots taking bundles legendary stones enchants in broker, could the team do anything about it? more than 1 year and still no solutions for that, it's really that hard to make the stones enchants rewards from gold packs tradeable?, are tradeable by broker, but not by characters? what's the point of that?. We can't even take what we pay for really, it's ridiculous. And there is no excuse for such simple thing like that, and should have been resolved long time ago...Obviously the team don't care at all or they are interestd to be like that.

  • Hello, une idée de quand les serveurs seront de nouveaux accessibles ? La maintenance dure plus longtemps que prévu non ? merci d'avance.

  • Hello dear community manager Galeas i rly want martial arts motion pack can you put it in shop pleaseeee

  • Hi,just one q.Is there any border on level 9 stigma?.Yesterday I was trying to get +10 stigma and I failed. My stigma (+9) dropped to level 0.

    • Did u enchant with a stigma enchantment stone????

  • Il serait peut etre temps de nous mettre un safe spot au stigma +12 tous le monde l'attend... ca creuse encore plus l'écart entre les joueurs qui ont des stigmas +15 et ceux qui en ont pas

  • Could you reset / add few HT quest for those who have missing some HT quests, please?

    IDK why but after this weekend i have missing two quest for 60/60 rewards :(

  • Hi,

    I have a question can you give me locations of Big Honour Chests and others chest in Dumaha, I wasn't able to find any clue in aion database or in a forum or in patch notes.....I find some of the chests but I don't know their respawn time, this information should be provided to everyone not just to a few ppl who exploit this system.

  • hi, please give me information whether there will be changes to transform stones using shugo gold? will they be removed? will they be made available?

  • if u listen ur 1 old player who playing for long years this game from start , I wanna give u some advices for game how u can make it more enjoyfull for ur customer from player side ..

    we re waiting new patch now Idk how u ll manage or decide but if u read what I m telling u it ll be usefull for u:

    1- now we ve only pve siege system if guards up nobody careing boss , defend or take fortress cuz guards giving more honor point , u should change siege point system pvp and boss should give more honor point for ppl should enjot with taking or defending fortress...

    2- only sieges shouldnt give honor point u should put honor point rewards to arenas and some pvp instances too like old times :

    some of us working some of us need real stuffs too who careing rank , this system really making u slave with big boring , u should give chance other players too who cant be online always siege times , this ll give players more fun with 2 ways who hasnt time still can ve chance for rank and other point pvp instances wont be only for gear cuz if ppl finish their gears those instances being empty and game starting being empty f u put honor points and different rewards to pvp instances players ll keep oing those isntances and they ll keep playing for rank and different rewards ... and u should put those instances if u win u can get honor point but who lose pvp instance should lose honor point too with this way u can stop unfair farming cuz it ll be riskcuz in past we saw who is going afk arena could get honoe point too and this made some unfair situations

    3. I watched 1 guy was trying cards event he spent 4000 eu and couldnt get rewards it shoudnt be like this hard , ofc u re working hard there u need earn money I can understand you but if u put stuffs a bit cheap u ll earn more money , it ll give u more money and it ll give game more balance so players ll ve more fun

    4- u should update rewards on luna on siege bosses on pvp instances with time always same rewards mean after some time ppl ll no need those rewards and starting being boring

    5- even at start of patch taking new items can be hard but with time should be easier , and while 1 player was taking leg trans scroll at start of patch other player shouldnt wait for usefull legendary after 2 years

    6- Rng shouldnt be like this u re picking up rewards long time and this day if ur rng bad u can waste 200 enc stone or stigma enc stone for nothing u should change this system , after some fail succes rate should go up and ppl shouldnt waste their all items which they picked up them in many weeks and and fail them in some min with bad rng ............... thx

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  • Hi,

    Just wanna ask, if we can give you some ideas and suggestions that may be helpful to stop the inflation? If we cannot, that's sad :(

    • yes sure, just send it to me via PM :)

  • for fixing event they should change this kinah reward from 30 m to 5 m and this should work only with group not leauge thats all they cant roll back cuz many events like cards and other things , and maybe they can turn like over 10 bilion kinah to ignot it is really good event but for some ppl not fair who working long times thx

  • vous etes serieux de supprimer mon message qui dennoncer un image avec preuve en image ?? du grand n'importe quoi

    • Très sérieux. je vous suggère de relire les règles du forum à ce sujet ;)

    • ok donc on peut ninja, avoir des bot et on risque rien .... incroyable et c'est pas comme si j'inventais j'ai eu la preuve en image du ninja hor la vous supprimer le post du coups l'individu va encore en profiter et rien ne l’arrêtera, vous participez en quelque sorte a tous sa en laissant faire ....

    • Cela n'a absolument rien à voir avec ne rien risquer, cela ne se règle tout simplement pas sur le forum. Comme je vous l'ai déjà expliqué.

  • Hello

    Galaes my account is temperarly blocked can i please get more information about this, i sended a support ticket to gameforge about this matter just now but it might take 2 days because of the weekend but there are 2 sieges this weekend and i went to all sieges to get in the ranking list, im verry close and hope i can still make it for tomorrow siege, if i miss these 2 sieges it will be impossible for me to get in the top 100.

    Can you please help me?

    I don't know how to send you a personal message about this.

    • .

    • The community manager is not responsible or in a position to handle account suspensions.

      You are also responsible for your own account, and have broken the rules by showing your account name within the public forums.

      You will likely not receive a response either from any community manager or otherwise support employee until monday.

  • please check post bug error download ! bug download

  • Hey Galeas,

    please report that the steam client seems to be bugged if not happend by now :) Thanks.

  • Es sobre el reset de rango soy el gov del hellion

    2. The Honour Points have been reset. Existing Honour Points have been compensated at a ratio of 600 Honour Points to 1 Gold Ingot.La primera vez disteis 10 por cada mil puntos, la segunda en la 7.0 nada, y ahora si 1 cada 600 tengo 80mil apenas me dara para comprar la daevanio eso y nada es lo mismo xD

    Y por que no en vez de borrar los ph bajais al minimo de ph a cada rango?

    governor 12,437

    Comander 11.503

    Great general 10.002

    general 8.335

    Army 5 5.210

    Army 4 3.064

    Army 3 1915

    Army 2 1.368

    Army 1 1.244

    Asi no dejáis el server sin las xform top y reiniciáis la mayoría de puntos es factible alcanzar al gov si tiene 12mil puntos aun que tu empieces sin puntos, por poner un ejemplo en el anterior reset yo no jugue la primera semana me sacaron ventaja y aun asi subi a governor

    Me gustaria saber una cosa esto de los reset de rango serán periódicos ?