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  • if u have this:

    "Appearance modification not possible" = u cant skin other weapon with using this one and u cant skin this with using other weapon.

    Also acrimony / presumption - i think but i am not in game right now

  • I´ve got a question:

    Does anybody know, how long the respawn timer of the "Detatchment Officers" in Ingi/Gelk are? (The NPC´s you have to give the Rift Stones?)

  • Is it meant that new ambush gear from Makarna can't be used for item collections?

    Yes they have different item ID, they can't be sold and they also don't provide slot stones from extraction, their purpose is to either 1) Allow you to gear your alts/friends or 2) Extract them for Besh Vellum to combine with stormwing scale for ciclonica gear or to sell the vellum for 15kk

    Quick question:

    What is going on right now with Ur ISP Provider, Gameforge? Since 01:00 server time to present?

    Have no issues with the server myself

  • Hello everyone, I have a question: Does anyone know this item, which may / should come?

    Link to the video scene in which I see that item.

    It will be a gamebreaker again (in my opinion).

    * From what I see here again with lvl that has to be enchanted ...

    But I would prefer to know specifically what it is exactly;)

    Thanks in advance

  • You can lvl it up to lvl300, it boosts your stat + give additional skills and it reset every season

    Thank you for the Information.
    The link does not work (for me) but it shows me again
    "OK, once again they haven't learned anything from the past."

  • Galeas any new round of elite rewards planned when?


    Most likely sooner than later. Cause more people will buy Gold Packs from the Aion Shop because the value on the broker keeps rising with all these pigs that get farmed in TOC on multiple accounts.

    I guess they will wait for the reworked veteran rewards to be finished.

  • I just think they were too stingy and missed out on such a big opportunity to milk us with elite rewards. Image how many people would have bought gps if there was ultimate transform in elite rewards, before they gave us kaisinel for 4-6 months shugo gold. If next elite will have ulti, there will be tons of people buying, but it won't be a must buy anymore

    Player base - we want less RNG and more rewarding gameplay

    Developers - we value your feedback and want to provide you with sense of pride and accomplishment by bringing .... RNG

  • the last two rounds were bad... gp lost its value because of that.

    it went up in price with the new update and announcement that you can get ulti with shugo coins.

  • Again inflation xddd

    U was selling GPs for 70-80kk - it was Ur own price

    UR selling GPs for 170-180kk - it is Ur own price

    Do U know, what means "inflation"? Prices rise is made by: taxes rise, any new charges made in a way between producing and selling.

    Of course it is shortly regarded, bc we R not study an economy here.

    So i am asking U: what tax rise did U suffer to determine U about make Ur item x2,5 more expensive? What charge or what difficulty did U suffer with Ur goldpack to determine U about using such behaviour?

    XD - i hope Ull not answer, because nothing happened and noone suffered these cases.

    I only want to explore one mechanic: If all players trying buy GPs from broker: If U guys will not buy 1 or 2 months for such price, and this sh** will return them 7-8 times to mailbox - they will put GP for normal prices. But if Ull buy = U start deal with it, even U understand very good, that the price is too high between present and past.

  • More money doesn't mean, that a consumer has to buy with expensive prices. More money, yes - can be an ability for shopping for highier prices but it doesnt mean, that it is needed to pay such prices.

    100% that everyone is doing pigs also, to have kinah. Selling by some players with using such prices creates an advantage over others. If players just consuming broker will not change their attitude, buying from it and not start care about kinah, after 4-5 months we will see GP for 200-250kk. It is not healthy as it is seen by sellers just trying another one troll the prices and a game economy.

    -"pay me more caus u have money"

    -"i have money - right, but ull no see my money"

    -"then ull no see my item"

    -"rly? so ull no sell it. deal?"

    -"not u, then other will buy"

    that last reply in this exampled dialogue i wanna change, but it is not my decission - unfortunately :(

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