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    Hallo zusammen,

    ich möchte mich herzlich an ALLE (und das meine ich wirklich so )


    Leider werde ich aus privaten Gründe, welche mich heute ereilt haben;(,

    nicht mehr im Forum aktiv sein (freiwillig)

    Ich habe um eine Deaktivierung gebeten !

    Ob ich jemals wieder zurück komme bleibt fraglich.

    Auch wenn viele mit mir nicht einer Meinung waren.

    Letztendlich ist das nur ein Spiel und dass merkt man wenn einem die Realität einholt.

    Das ist bei mir eingetroffen.

    Ich hoffe alle bleiben hier weiterhin stark und vor allem gesund!!!:thumbup:

    Macht es gut.

    Das hängt davon ab wo und wie oft du irgendwo herumkrackselst ^^;)

    Haben sie Rückzug nicht übernommen?

    Rückzug wurde implementiert.

    Aber das mit dem "Herumkrackseln " meinte ich oft bleiben die eigenen Charaktere

    wen man die als Bot los schickt stecken ?

    Ich hab als ich das letzte mal unterwegs war genug von denen gesehen die nicht weiter gelaufen sind den falschen Mob im Target und sind von einem anderen Mob tot gemacht worden .... XD

    PS. das Ah ist garnicht sooo voll mit den Bonbons ...

    "nur" 3Seiten .:/

    Den Walen geht wohl das Quna aus..:D

    Habe vielleicht gemerkt das es sich nicht wirklich rentiert.

    Die anderen kaufen sich die schon nicht mehr weil die sonst das kinah cap von 1kk /Tag erreichen ( bringt also was die Begrenzung)

    *Ist meine Sicht der Dinge ...

    muss keiner mit mir teilen ! ^^

    Es bleibt abzuwarten wie es ist wenn die erste Woche die umsonst ist vorbei geht.

    Dann bleiben viele die das nicht spielen (bezahlen) möchten einfach weg...

    Twinkel Du kennst doch Aion es war früher nie ein sprint sondern ein Marathon !?

    Oder ?

    it was 1.5 that we had in september 2009...

    back then I was in the closed beta with 1.0 and 1.2
    started (june it was open beta) only then did it start in september ...
    so who doesn't know?

    PS: (EDIT) By the way, this is now an outdated version from when NC made improvements !

    (Dies wurde mir so mitgeteilt vom Hörensagen)

    Glaubst Du alles was die sagen ? :/

    Ich habe für mein 3Monatspaket 2 Schachteln erhalten.

    Diese werde ich mir nicht im Low Lvl verkaufen für die paar Kinah.

    Erstens steht es so gar auf der Verpackung drauf dass es verkauft werden kann.

    Ergo ist es genau so beabsichtigt.

    Die Box wie man sieht ist nicht handelbar.

    Das sind die Auflade-Möglichkeiten.

    Wichtig: Die Accounts teilen sich die Quna (also auch die Quna vom Retail.....)!

    Ich glaube es sind die Wale vom Retail die sich hier im p2w versuchen .

    Das ist mein Gefühl was da los ist.

    Aber schauen wir mal weiter :

    3x10 stk= 30 Bonbons kosten 450 Quna

    30stk würden ergeben 3kk im spiel Begrenzung habe ich gehört selber noch nicht erreicht 1kk/tag.

    10$ reichen nicht um eine Box zu kaufen.

    für das nächste Quna Paket 1320 Quna reicht nicht für 3mal kaufen ....usw.

    1Bonbon koste also 1,8$ dafür 100k (max. beim npc) im spiel ist im hohen lvl

    schnell gemacht (1h) ? :/  ich rede nicht vom max. lvl50!

    Zum Vergleich :

    ich mach zur Zeit im low LVL ca. 700k/Abend allein nur mit Äthern.:huh:

    Jetzt frage ich umgekehrt lohnt sich das ? :/

    i never had to call for a sm for help but that is because i found out early on about the second return button /escape even when you got bugged. it's also a button somewhere in actions and a 1 hour cooldown.

    Sure, sure, blah blah blah. so clueless ....

    So it looks like you don't know that this feature didn't exist for Patch 1.0 back then.

    But I should be the one who doesn't know it is clear....

    look what i found on the aion eu discord

    It reflects exactly what I expect of ppl who flame retail here 24/7 to be capable of doing on retail or classic in whatever country or patch.

    Yes? Were you there when I came out of there alone?:/

    Some of them wanted to help me in w / chat and I laughed a lot?:rofl:
    Or don't you understand that this was just a buggy from the past that I tested?:gamer:
    Anyway, I feel honored to have to be stalked .....:blush:
    Others really have to talk about me ... XD I think it's funny and how they can't leave someone alone you need this person to feel great without knowing what's going on! Yes Yes Yes
    or ja ja ja .... XD

    Edit: BTW

    right now ^^

    some are simply unimaginative :rofl:

    for a lot of things crafting is diminished by p2w. you can get scrolls right from the start and don't need crafts. after level 31 and up you start getting fabled weapons from the p2w. suddenly crafting and world drops become less interesting to players that swipe. it's not even directly buying loot and giving others kinah for their effort... it's directly from shop. idk... i find all the little things unfair... from p2w to never banned hackers laer on. others will not see it this way and it's fine.

    all right
    I just don't understand the problem.
    That’s also available in retail now, but they only took away what I thought was great:

    Flight zones


    Trade Items / Kinah between players


    the old & good maps

    So why should I go to a game where I miss all of this and not to one where I get all of that?

    btw. bots and gold-sellers only come if the game is good and attracts many players.
    Not like in retail where everything is patched to death.

    Why shouldn't I buy the scrolls from a player, if I don't want to craft?

    or the other way around ?
    Why do you have to buy the scrolls ingame in the goldsand shop and not give the Kinah to someone who has crafted it?

    Why are there so many things, that could be produced in retail, if the crafting had been left as it was, but now only in the shop?that is what I have criticized here for years, nobody wanted to hear and now the acknowledgment is approaching :huh:

    that's just my personal opinion and feeling. It is not directed against any player.

    but a lot of these players trying to p2w their way to the top are the ones with less time on their hand. it's simply not restrictive for those kind of players... it's for everyone who want to grab them.

    Yes, I understand your argument, but whether they are so successful with it

    or not only the future will tell.
    I have not seen anyone with the candy in the afk shop and everyone was just waiting for him.

    I only see players trying to get rid of their candies.

    In the end, the kinah with the sweets is far too little (100k)

    some mobs bring higher loot (for sale) than these candies would ever do.

    I've already done more Kinah with only collecting & selling ether.

    So... the economy in classic works!

    The FunderPack also gave me 2 boxes with 3 candy`s inside each.

    But I will not sell these to the npc for 100k and or sell them in the afk shop for 80k.

    They bring more in the 50s lvl range to me

    (for an hour & where I haven't even arrived now) instead of a couple of 100k Kinahs now.

    Everyone has his own speed in the game, that doesn't mean that the other person is wrong with his actions.

    Let's check back in 3 months and talk about it again.

    Classic atleast rewards you for your time spend.

    That is the reason (if not the main reason) why I have been annoyed in retail for YEARS, always tried to convincingly present in the forum what is missing and going in the wrong direction.
    And was I listened to? NO!
    Classic simply offers me just exact that.
    and as I said, whoever delivers first, sells first!:good:
    I don't care anymore whether GF gets approved classic or not. :tea:

    I'm not starting 3 months in NA so that I have to spend them all over again ...:nono:
    And then the "great" GF features arrive .....:(
    I don't want to know what will appear in the shop ...:/
    probably the 50 AP set +15 enchanted and fully socketed!

    Doris enjoying classic so far?

    Of course I enjoy every moment:loveheart:
    Of course there are too many Kinah sellers on the road but after about 25 seconds you have already blocked them and nothing can prevent you from enjoying the game as it once did here (in 2009).:biggrin:

    The candies don't bother me.
    As for the Kinah, many seem to have forgotten that Aion is not a sprint but a marathon!:/
    I haven't even reached Eltnen LVL, I don't have to, nobody is rushing me.
    I prefer to level up my skills instead of just wanting to achieve the quick and short-term Kinah.;)
    I have already done enough Kinah with the Aether gathering as well as with the gathering from the ground.:P
    It will be a question of whether the moaning players will continue to play next week.:/
    But I think that the majority of them are only those who don't like the classic.:rolleyes:

    I still don't see p2w (in my eyes and in my feelings ingame).
    What for some the Battlepass is a p2w element is in my opinion just something so that the players who cannot play 24/7 can keep up with on the weekend!

    Everything that is there can be obtained ingame, of course, with more expenditure of time.

    So I've already paid my 3 month subscription and on June 30th
    can I assign that to myself.
    I especially enjoy that the Korean screaming no longer rings in my ears.

    Take a look GF!
    The engl. voices and the translation is just gorgeous!
    The improvements that have been made by korea, so animations are already visible and tangible in Poeta.
    I love to feel "at home" again as I did before!:loveheart:

    So much so that I don't even log in for the kaisinel powder anymore!:cursing2:
    Then someone can put it where the sun doesn't shine!:ugly:
    It's not about always being better and stronger in the game, but about taking the game as a balance (as I've always liked to denote it) but if it just feels like work like the retail industry for years then it's not so fun like the classic again!
    I still have friends who contact me (from retail).
    I hope they want to join there too!
    I also found the German Legion if I have the time or the level I can imagine joining them!
    *Or maybe not, I've always been a lonely wolf in Aion!:/ (Edit sentence here)
    Maximum in the pack not in the herd!:evil2:

    Have fun anyway under GF !:blush:
    As I was allowed to see on several topics you have enough to complain about!
    Hope you will ever get a compensation and or an apology!

    (which I don't believe, but I hope for you) :good:

    Selling scrolls and candies is fine i guess, as long as it's expensive enough to not ruin alchemists business, direct kinah is not. It creates unnecessary inflation and makes everything impossible to afford for those who chose not to spend more money.

    yeah i can see the ones with their twinks over and over trying to sell the candy.

    they must have already reached the ingame sales limit to try to get rid of it in the AFK shop! :rofl:
    Of course, some players fall for the prize and think they have to do the same!:facepalm:

    But if you look at the prices, how expensive it is in the shop and how cheap they have to sell ingame, I think that it will stop soon anyway because it is not really profitable! :biggrin:


    they already boost all the player ( without any p2w) see the picture that i post here :!:

    Doris wieso spammst du hier eigentlich noch?

    #1 Wenn ich etwas anfange beende ich es auch ....

    #2 Nicht so wie andere!

    Das Thema ist weder geschlossen worden noch habe ich um eine Schließung gebeten.

    Aber solche Fragen kann ich gerne auch stellen :

    Wenn Retail doch so gut ist warum bist Du hier und nicht im Spiel(Retail Aion)?