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    Again. "Hello, [...]."

    We're playin atm on Stormwing / Elyos.

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    Additional info:

    I found that there is 2 formats of .cal files: text and binary. Loading of binary format should be much faster that text.
    GF/NC, please scan client for text .cal files and convert them to binary format, it should boost client perfomance and remove at least some lags/freezes.

    can you be more specify ? where are those files?

    I got 12 insignia of experience in 4hrs, only XP rune.

    Before this Auto-hunt, I couldn't affort that.

    After all, it is a win - win.

    NC nerf drop, but you can easily get insignia of experience meanwhile doing other stuff in real life.

    Someone is mad, because some ppl got kaisinel and they are afking, LOL.

    It's a game, they can do whatever they want.

    All the time i was wondering how they are applying buffs in-game from internet cafe in Aion KR (how they know you're playing from an internet cafe) :/

    I am indeed lazy to simulate 1m tries and i am not gonna contest your math, but now compare that with what you did in game and tell us based on your tries, how many SES u needed to get from 12 to 15, on average. Then ask others to give their numbers and after you get at least 50 ppl to give you their numbers, get that average and compare it to the one resulted from your math. I think i said it earlier on this topic that i hate gambling so i won't even bother with this [...] rng.

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    you don't need to be lazy, here is simulator:

    Simulator enchant stigmas/gear

    Have fun

    And how much it takes to kill 100 mobs with this bot? 30min? xD What a waste of electricity.

    In my country electricity is nothing.

    Don't tell me you don't have more than 10hrs per day your PC open, and afk in-game.

    Now you can afk and farming in-game, get TITAN COINS -> extract them into polishing -> and fail your odians/runes, easy game. ^^^^

    In 3 weeks:

    - I got all my stigmas +9/10 (I bought them from broker)

    - I got 100+ stigmas only from stormwing event

    - I got 3 rank A minion (1 level 4, 2 level 2)

    - I got full instense red Katalam +15 (legendary/ultimate manastones) high best re-roll stats.

    - I got Dumaha +15 weapon / Merciless +15 weapon

    - all my accesories dumaha (legendary/ultimate manastones) + makarna HM Bracelet

    - I got Kaisinel from Lower Udas Temple - lamps event (farming on every alts) I had super lucky RNG

    Saw on discord 1 guy selling necklace for 30gps , dont know if he can actually sell the loot with a 100% chance i got no idea how this works

    You pay like 4-6 GP for a chance loot, and IF DROP neck prototype, you pay more 16 GP (in TOTAL : 20 GPs)