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    Can you show me exactly where in the korean patchnotes writes about this? Because when I read them i never saw something related to kinah. In 8.0 there is broker adjustment but in 7.9 has not anything regarding kinah.

    Thats a 6.x "feature". One of the thigns that destroyed this game few weeks after the "blank slate" launch almost 3 years ago. First it was a bug with the inventory vendor, fixed by gameforge, later adjusted by them.

    Tried 10 times, rerolled maybe 40 times. The lumiel system is pretending to be equal 20% for every item and we know its not true. We dont see % for the items, like always just a gambling scam.

    Im not a big fan of the Aion classic, imo the game didnt age well, its a bit "wooden" for my taste, like Lineage2, it was awesome... 15 years ago. This game in NA has

    1) 20$ sub (50$ for 3 months)

    2) 30$ battle pass

    3) real money -> candy -> kinah

    With all that blatant cash grab they cant even ban all the bots xD

    I also find it hilarious (in a sad way) that 20$ cant buy you a p2w-free game, I mean cmon, you dusted off an old game, did some dev work (its nothing compared to a new game or making new assets) and you still suck and suck monies? Leeches.

    Went to twitch yesterday, found one guy playing classic, asked him to show the shop... I had a solid 1 minute laugh xD

    Im starting to think the abusers (greedy companies) arent here to blame, you people are xD

    Because they know the moment GF and russian publisher release their classic servers, people will leave.

    If and when GF releases classic EU several months from now on are gone and european players on NA server have made their progress, are Level 50 with one or more chars, have their rank, their kinah farmed, are in their legions where they found new friends, are in premade groups for dungeons, made their deal with higher ping and so on......... sure, they will throw away all of this just to restart here from zero under a pusblisher they never liked, because............ why exactly would they do this?

    Dont forget GF is eu publisher for aion so there some prolly internal agreements between them and ncsoft so ncsoft cant open a eu focused server in NA.

    Godspeed for everyone playing with 150+ ping and sieges at 3am xDDD

    as foreseen... aion players have jobs now and disagree over siege times.

    idk why big brain ncsoft doesn't have one server west coast and one east coast that can work for eu players too. opportunity to get more eu players thrown away. they literally have diff time zones in every other game in na under ncsoft... this time they skipped over this detail. or perhaps they did not expect a huge influx of players?

    Because they know the moment GF and russian publisher release their classic servers, people will leave.

    All this "science" accepted as normal behavior when is actually an HT bug. They should review how the HT quest is marked as done on DB. By being alive when a boss is killed seems a bad choice. I have had to repeat few instances because of a client crash when the boss was killed. Since the instances are pretty hard and can be done only with full groups ( except easy) I would mark a quest by contribution and not being alive when the boss is killed, but this is just me.

    Thats prolly 2 years of developing Hero Trials from the scratch.

    You dont think, you state some stupid opinions that have 0 sense and 0 connection to reality.

    Gold packs dont appear from thin air, someone bought them with real money (did you hear about money?). If you know you can sell gold pack for 200kk kinah, you dont sell it for 100kk. You know why? Because its stupid. Stupid as saying theres no supply/demand or inflation in a game.

    Edit: Was referring to robi's post that was deleted :S


    You can get 120kk more every week from vendor, you can gear up a twink in ambush gear in one evening, with that 1 twink you can do 4 ToCs in 20minutes. 60kk in 20 minutes. In previous patch you had to do 4 maka solo to get 60kk and you needed more than "clean" ambush gear. So everyone and their mothers are killing pigs in ToCs and yes, they are printing money this way.

    You cant buy gold pack for the same price you did month ago because people have 2-3x more kinah.

    These are the basics of every economy, in game or real life.

    Things like ToS are made for on thing, to cover some asses when something goes wrong so often you can do things that are in some way against it but... no one cares, low priority, low to none harm etc

    then every product/game has it's own rules and exceptions

    What about your personal opinion or attitude?
    Maybe others like the improvement tool,

    but I don't want my data to be used, collected or even published by another USER!
    Do I have no right to refuse? Do I have to log into other players and they're software?
    I haven't signed a contract with such players.X(
    And I can't see if the players I'm playing with are running the program.X/
    I can't turn it off because it's running on a different computer and client.:cursing:

    I have a weird feeling its not your data.