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    When less the [Promotion] tag and more the [Event] tag? Could U write, to Aion is healthy for present time? I mean - about server merge, that U said something like "we think but it is not that time" - what did U mean saying it? Or i meant wrong something ... /?

    After a big success of the Aion Classic I wish that NC Soft make something like alternative version of the game without the same mistakes they made in process of creating new updates because Aion was a great game until 6.0 Update when they removed Attack Speed Scrolls and Running Scrolls and introduce "Transformations" and also remove something that was the "hallmark" of the Aion - today's version of the game, there are practically no places where you can fly freely as it used to be in the past. They remove Reshanta (Abyss) and other maps where we used to fly and fight with each others.

    Aion without flying it's not Aion anymore...

    in 2009 when I played Aion for the first time I remember that feeling when I rise my wings and fly in the air for the first time. I immediately felt in love with that game.

    Big yes.

    I didn't play before 5.8 , but...

    ... but:

    We start the game having level 1? So we have to complete all campaign quests in Akarios/Ishalgen. And then, we can claim the quest, that it transforms us into a daeva and we are receiving wings . Yes, in the present game we only receive, also this item is used only for statistics and slot rune ... They deleted everything for flying ability. They deleted skills touching flying, but not all skills. The most important place where we can fly is divine core and bassen - only during siege, and only it. Dumaha - yes, but who is playing in lakrum and dumaha? 0 flying, only gliding. I also remember my learning how to fly :D, when i was trying to reach the fire temple's entrance in Mortheim xd

    Ability, to fly is the best fun in Aion. Old crafting was also - some recipees were very difficult, but the outfit was nice.




    But in my opinion, transformation system is good - as a system (as a system). The only one and also the biggest problem with it was and is only the P2W. They deleted original settings - they deleted from drop table normal and large transformations from mobs in Lakrum. This made the problem to achieve ulti transform. All we used to, were events for shards - mostly legendary. They also deleted rewards from good events, and later they were explaining, to - for example "this box has not any reward inside", but people could find the original versions of events, and - for example this box was wearing complete transformations - ac/legend/ulti :)

    Now they unlocked kaisinel - yes, this nice, but it is not pure free-to-play mode, as we have in the name of Aion. Need shugo gold. For it - nolife for kinah and buy gold pack from broker, or - go to aion shop. Why this shard does not cost kinah? for example 5 000 000?

    What's new could be / will be:

    1. New Sacred Water's season: Lumiel and Yustiel

    2. Battle Pass instead of Lugbug Missions

    3. New crafting recipees

    ad. 1

    New waters will be restricted like never before, it seems. One quest and item is restricted, so unable do all my account's power (main +10 chars)


    Probably good thing, but expensive. In KR region it can be used for quna. If quna, so will we have it for luna?


    Probably one of the best things we could receive, right after Kaisinel's Powder, solar/lunar/izar exclusive weapon's buffs and a Key for reidentify the UTC box (2 types) ...

    And how do U think about it?

    Is any new thing/things i don't know?

    I dont use discord. Yes, I was there and i can still be there, but personally i dont like. The app is programmed with very bad way. This app is not intuitive, not friendly for user. I also dont see the link or section, to contact. When to add and register phone number, there is a security message, to need log mail and authorize. When authorized, again log by phone and is the same, and again, and again. Someone created platform without a knowledge, how does he...

    This is why the main platform i personally use, is this Forum. If closed and force to be in discord in the future - i say NO WAY, sorry.

    It's September 23rd this year

    Good to know. Regardless, Galeas stated he'd try his best to get us the news sooner than 21/09 (:

    Let's see!

    Where did he post? I need to check prev pages

    EDIT: aa U R writting about the stream we had. He wrote after the hype, to he will not say anything else after that happened, to not push people to feel bad after the info, to unfortunately we ll not receive classic - if this will happen. So, the good idea is to wait for something new. But y, already 2 years gone by

    If Gamefrge with NCSooft will solve this AP trade mode and botting, it will be perfect version ... as noone could even imagine. I know how hard is this work, but it is needed. Everyone knows it from live streams: comming a player, stops and "look at this army xd" - but ye, it is not funny.

    Maybe good solution as an addiction is to turn off perma this free play and turn on perma this aura. But the NCSoft concept to open the server also for free for a limitted time was and is very, very good. But as always pro players broke it.

    I want to push better our publisher to have classic. YouTube guys is - yes, amazing game, old mecha, maps ... but it cant give feel the game live ... what is very sad. U just played old aion. Me not :cry: Unbelievable, that our aion is 13 years old and i didnt touch all the game ...

    Galeas, can U feel this push? I swear, my is unique. Is truly soft :cookie: with a fresh air

    400 aion coins for 1 <Nananerk’s Party Cocktail>, and you give these half good rewards? Are you guys serious about this or is it another joke? :/:rolleyes:

    5 levels wear totally nothing - total 6 levels, but i made one level by myself regarding all. Wings and polishers put to 1st level with skin. 2,3,4,5,6 = 0 :D So 2400 coins just for mafia + wings and 10 polishers :D 4000 coins just for triniel, not even ulti form, for example 4 types, caus many players R missing some old ulties for their collections.

    Another case:

    Did I understand good, to those new ways for deleted Legendary Shards from old pvp battlefields replace to full completed contracts for 4000 coins each one, total 24000 coins for all 6?

    the slow push of patches

    It is made as intended. It is the idea, what comes from NCSoft. I will paste quote: "Patch 1,5 will be applied shortly after launching AION Cassic. After 1.5 we will keep an eye on ur feedback and apply new content with the speed u prefer"

    02:36 - original


    edit: 12th anniversary op when it came to eu, but nerfed before the start to annoy the community

    Gameforge Aion Live where they were saying the game is absolutely not pay to win but "Pay to Assist".

    I see, the +10 glow odian selection box, the +10 powerful rune selection box, the +6 glow odian tear, the snow fox tc selection box, the utc's - were not, R not and will never be a pay to win. Those items R only pay to assist.



    If you guys have issue just stop donating for a month until they are forced to listen their customers.

    Prob no. Galeas will come to tell, that the AION EU will be closed.

    (yes, i am very delusional)


    Lol this video. How many players? If only mains, so many ppl there

    A game cant just be delayed 2 years beacose you cant create a custom client :C Sorry, im an ignorant but it just sound... strange

    Every touching the main files R prohibited due to the ncsoft is a producer. Every time, when a problem is inside the unaccessible files must be done by ncsoft. Gameforge Aion Launcher is made probably for aion free-to-play only and all problems r with the "operating files"and probably does not service the aion classic.

    Maybe i am right or close to. If am i right, so ncsoft is trolling Gameforge for just two yrs ... and the worst, GF cant do nothing to it due he can't touch the files and if touch, must be it authorized, but with a different reasons ncsoft can decline explaining himself an unauthorized touching the files (what is not a truth cus GF asked them for authorize their work) and the circle is closed ....

    What a troll rly, if also i solved the problem

    < bruh >

    edit: maybe ncsoft is scared about eu? caus na didnt reach the success? but who made that loss? 100% NOT because of the playerbase.

    + 15€ seasonal pass.

    It is a stupid thing.

    If i have to buy the game + pay the monthly fee for "my own normal playing the game wo restrictions" ... wtf battle pass or any other pass?

    I also advocate the system b2p + sub, but another pay is making this game for 600-1000 p2w ppl. If U wanna make it very expensive to play, then i will give up. By the way EUROPE has the most expensive prices versus other Regions. And also national currencies R not the same. Many countries have EURO, but there R also GBP, CHF, DKK, NOK, SEK, PLN and some more. But we receive the prices with EUR = some countries R extremally abused by it... Buy additional 15EUR battle pass is like the present values our live servers what i say it loud since long time "stop stupid +10 things and +6 tears.". If still, so i wish everyoen who buy, the +10 xp rune :D as it was one month ago in sillus in broker :D Yes, in this topic i am very big abuser, noob, whatever :)

    Not every country has strong currency. The EURO time is limited. After 1-2 yrs (highier inflation inside the EURO' currency countries against old national currency countries) we will receive better prices, i believe.

    PS: Not my fault if you played on a "dead server". As I remeber right Spatalos Perento was active.

    I hope they will turn back live servers to the right routes. And we will not suffer any future merges what makes negative feelings to the game's quality. Deleted nation's servers, merged new servers (Miren + i forgot) ... Just publisher can stop troll with unlimitted cash and then open new servers and bring a fresh air to the Aion, because all this smell iis not only because of ncsoft

    That is why, if EU wants to even try release classic:

    Publisher, be sure ur invested money will be safe = make dedicated support, to have healthy playerbase, active GMs. Prevent bots and illegal activities. I am scared about this 1 account sub + ally free and all can loot from ow ... What a solution, and the thing is, to it rly works :(

    I know it also, to the sub - mostly a bit increased price, is a good way to play classic wo p2w stuff. I know it very good and by it, to it is some raised, the profit from subs could be much better, than profit from p2w stuff for max 600-1000 ppl. 30000 ppl buying sub costed a bit more and have month to month 30000 subs vs funny 5eur sub and p2w stuff where after 2-3 months 90% subs will leave bc p2w vs also some raised sub price + p2w stuff ... The winner will always be the first model - or 99% for sure

    Tell me when in Aion have you seen active GM, punishing actively abuser beside Private servers ?.

    I have never seen.

    But it doesnt mean i dont want to see. It is my dream, to see it :(

    When they are in-game making checks they are always invisible. You will never see them unless there is an event including a GM, which we had in the past but not recently.

    "I have never seen." i wrote about the carrying the game by GM's, the game' fair rules, behaviour a player to other players. I meant checking about illegal the third parties programmes. It doesnt mean, to GM's have to leave their other tasks/job specially for it. But it also means, to they could add this task to their job ... and check to player is fair. I believe reports R delivered by players, so they know how to check - reported side and reporting side, cus sometimes people report other people for cheat, where they do it the same.

    I also believe to such checking will happen. Galeas, to check for example sieges. Yes ping is high that all know it, but the case, to fortress battle is fair, to asfaranta is fair (eg explore map for example 20 min for checking players during fights)

    "It doesnt mean, to GM's have to leave their other tasks/job specially for it" in current post could mean, to maybe one person could be dedicated specially for it only. This Forum wears many ideas ... many

    If U have even once seen the livestream from KR ... look at thos bots Galeas ... look this army how they ruin the game. It is the best example, second is this cheating - legally in NA - also from livestream. All live documented :( It breaks our live servers and could break classic, if U will decide to release