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    Major rune shards and glow odi shars R rly cool reward. If U gain 20q u have 50 to 50 shards. When faction will gain a special condition - all faction will be rewarded with +shards.

    Of course it is always the same - players what have already glow odians and ulti runes will say - that event is a scam. Maybe scam, but U all like broker, dont U? Of course U have runes etc but dont have yet S minion or idk - agree that one player needs this and other needs other thing ... meh

    Of course, hts have very bad "mob quests" - need to kill many and also broken spawning areas, because added more these areas but also less mobs from every area and 2hours is becoming like one day or even more - if others also wanna try farm mobs and by a "retarded brain" they dont accept any invitations ...


    the best is right now:

    show Ur visa that weekend XD.

    Did U check? :p…eral/Shopnews_Ribbit_647/

    enjoy. If U already have powerful runes and odians - U could participate :p

    +500 medals per every single participant, when each one will gain 20/20 q in ht

    Ye, like Grand TC (green) ... very op reward, instead of TC shard what were really good reward... also major rune shard and glowing odian shard + luna + from last edi - noble odian box.

    This nananerk only 5 essences were rly cool. what with others rewards? nothing ...

    Ye, ill flame nananerks as much as i can + as long as it will be ...

    idk why you dismiss runes so much. the skills/buffs you get are equally important... if not even more important if you start out and you need to pve a lot. let's not start about having +7 (not that hard to go 7) or more ulti... with so much stats increase on form besides active or passive skills you gain.and you don't need the best of the best... only when you buff up then you can switch to others with gear.

    Because, to works as U wrote - U need 3 the same transfo runes, to Unlock this possibility. One glowing odian unlocks odian skill instantly (his colour ofc). With 2 glowings, U have unlocked 2 skills and one colour can be created with using noble tier.

    I wrote by come back, where one glowing is max 3kkk from broker and 3 runes costs max 10.5kkk (or even more).

    3kkk vs 10.5kkk. - only this i took by main issue, why odians before runes.

    I am still wearing random runes what i boosted, what i choosed to my combo rune. If i will finish my odians, i will start think about major runes also.

    Overall - i agree with U and also everyone, that 3 ulti runes R also important, but for me - with not same meaning like odians, s minons, stigmas or impro skills. For it, i will put a like to Ur post.

    Seems like you invested a lot of time, kudo's!

    they played, you not.

    I just only play and U had 2years break. It is a normal state, that U miss or dont have many things. As i wrote here two worth posts and Myriani also. Use it and try come back.


    U wrote "i have 13kkk kinah". For me, if i'd like to possess such amount, i will keep it for a new patch. But also U dont have many things in acc. Idk - maybe some buy from broker - i mean odians, because the most important like stigmas and S minion. Runes - major runes for me - they R not such important, because U need 3 runes with the same, right transformation, to start be OP. In odians is easier. U have 3 colours, and even one glowing odian unlocks for U skill matched to its colour, so U can set Ur odian combos with more friendly way, where one rune gives U only a skill, but transformation effect is still locked.

    Stigmas - yes, this is rly important. Enchanting skills also.


    If U want some faster, U can spread auto-hunting, for example - when U go to school, work, etc annd Ur char will farm insignias. I dont like and I dont use it, and I dont wanna waste such many energy for my laptop ... but if U donnt care, U can use this tool and gather materials much faster than me

    And vice versa. Turn Ur attitude in Forum to neutral mode, when U post in someone's own thread and try to explain something. And this ugly smell leave urself. U producing the troll, that nothing could be done in account by just only playing the game - that is not true.

    I dont comment UR account. Everyone has, what he did by playing or by buying - kinah in game as a trade for aion coins or by real purchase.

    I touched only Ur style annd Ur attitude to publisher what was not needed for trying help author.

    Since 99% of the leg forms you can get ONLY via events 2-3 times per YEAR.

    To the legendary forms: one rule to all fusions: 4contracts or more give a defence before a penalty (drop the tc tier)

    1. 28days frame. Materials: kinah + shugo gold

    a) make 12 characters

    b) make a purchase from sand shop transformations: 5 contracts per character

    c) make a purchase from shugo machine transformation: 1 contract per char

    ===>TOTAL: 6 per char X 12 chars --> 72 contracts per week

    d) repeat it 4 weeks - costs 2.4kkk and 2400 shugo gold

    ===> TOTAL: 72 x 4 --> 288 contracts

    e) spawn fusions

    ===>EFFECT: random

    2. Infinity time frame. Materials: time

    a) make new alt and make him 61 level

    b) claim dark blue quest rewarding with contracts

    c) one character can get for free 5x large tc

    d) repeat this - i dont know how many times :)

    ===>EFFECT: random

    3. Esoterrace + Makarna of Bitterness (difficult)

    Q: why?

    A: ancient tc shard

    ===>EFFECT: random + true to tier

    4. Infinity time frame. Materials: time

    Lugbug Content

    Q: why

    A: AC fragment of memory, Leg fragment of memory

    ===>EFFECT: random + true to tier

    5. Infinity time frame. Materials: time

    a) Battlefield Coin

    b) Field's Fame content

    Q: why

    A: special lege tc shards

    ===>EFFECT: 6 contract variety (random loot) + true to bought bundle (100% matched shard) + true to tier

    And you're still far from the top players.

    I dont care. Tell me, what does this mean "top players"? Its someone like U? :)

    Also your argument is pretty invalid given that you were actively playing the game and the OP is a person who took long break making catching up significantly harder.

    Wow, nice troll. All my advices R working in this game. I dont know the "bot" tool, because i dont have my laptop turned on 24 / 7, and this - unfortunately for U - will never happen.

    Damn thanks for giving a realistic view, I was knowingly that it was an uphill battle towards getting gear etc.. but I got a feeling now I first dug a hole and I'm only facing the mountain now :(

    Well cant game hardcore anymore due personal life, so that's another thing... make you wonder for who gameforge made this game ><

    :)  :D  <3

    Can u stop trolling ppl?

    No, because I have never trolled and i not troll, and i will never troll - there is a difference.

    My starting post in this thread is true and i really wrote it, to try help User. But below the ___ sign i wrote, what i predict - and i predicted. After a few posts, mostly after very cool post of Sleepyhead what is written by neutral feelings ( like every his post) the troll of the thread's author has been comming out :)


    Now If U all think i troll people:

    One advice - if U want try do a realistic, trully any come back to the game - enter the Forun and try search the

    present patchnote https://cmsstatic.aion.gamefor…9_Part2_PatchNotes_EN.pdf

    After reading, find previous patchnotes etc.

    After reading, find out about the future - incoming patch, which news about ORIGINAL KR PATCH R explored by players in the right threads in Forum.

    With this behaviour, U will find out about Aion with a neutral way, straight from NCSoft > Gameforge.

    After all - log in to the game and try play with Ur usual time like - one week. why one week? Because all systems in game R working with this period of time.

    And didnt I predict a troll?

    I got mostly all for f2p way. Some expensive stuff, with a friends help (kinah).

    Many players wasted tons aion coins and i think still have nothing, and write in game or in a forun, that it is >>>>> pointless to play <<<<<< xd conclusion.

    . if u PAY then u CAN get smt

    I dotn think so. Minion, if u have shugo gold - u can buy from shugo machine A1 6types. U can buy 6 for 3600 and get 6x kerubiel xd but can get others 6. U can gather minionites from all possible ways - IF U REALLY CARE about have S minion.

    >>U can waste all insignias for 100 A minionite bundles from all fame prize givers offering it. Also buy S bundles for the future if spawn s minion.

    >>U can participate events, where one from rewards R minionites.

    >>U can do minionite wh every week.

    If U really CARE about this only case in Ur time, and only this case U will try fill, U WILL FILL IT. If U troll Ur time and materials for all cases IN THE SAME TIME u will get nothing.

    >>What is 3600 A minionites? Weekly, if U rly do only this case, U can gain many. When we started play patch with new S minions, many players had stacked A minionites, B and C also. Fusions C to B to A was available, so it was not bad idea.

    So nothing is done to the rng fest called transfomation, collection,still no garanteed way to obtain S minion other than cashop/rng fusion which 80% of the time fail,and there other things too but too lazy to talk about them.

    I dont understand U ... If U dont play = U will not gather. We had two events called "aion shop gift boxes" where we had to farm keys. It was really cool. Combo like [Promo / Event], but really good. Ye, if someone wanted buy additional boxes, he could, but overall many players receive materials for free attempts minion S, or their second minion S, etc.



    Edit by Isobel : out of ToS.

    1. gather AP, manastones, enchants

    2. claim new gold pack's rewards

    3. check the possibility of catching:

    -glowing odians or noble

    -right runes

    for Ur character

    4. class S minion boosted, try to make

    5. gather specific transformations: azphel, ariel etc

    6. do sieges - good possibility to farm gold ingots now and - if HP NPC will not be deleted - honour points will give u "medal of honour" - a currency, to can buy stuff from this special NPC

    7. gather experience potions, xp amulets (visit ishalgen or poeta and check, u have pink quest for xp amulets?), recovery teas, lodas golden stars

    8. By log in day by day with the time period: 120 days, U can complete Ultimate Transformation Contract: Kaisinel.

    9. By playing day by day and filling Lugbug Missions U can complete new UTC: 2 types.

    Points 4 to 7 - U just need to play some. Without it, for example - closed chance for

    - azphel form, the easiest special legendary transformation (Asmo side rewards + battlefield coin)

    -ariel form, the easiest special legendary transformation (Ely side rewards + battlefield coin)

    Point 4 - class S minion boosted: SS or SA. It is not easy to fill, because for me took it like close to two years.

    Point 5 also like 4. I am still gathering them

    Point 6 and 7 R easy.


    Why so many threads for this one case?

    Worth or not - just log in, play one week and then try to solve Ur question ...

    You really S.....???

    Yes, I do.

    Wrong example? I think no.

    I dont speak about Transformation System, to start since LEgendary Transformation as U started in Ur post. I dont care Legendary annd Ultimate Contracts in this case. I care the Transformation System since NORMAL TIER AND LARGE TIER. In original setting U COULD FARM THEM IN LAKRUM, because U had chances to loot from mobs. Then U could gather all normal tier annd large tier with normal time, and all duplicates U could gather to start trying fosions for ANCIENT TIER.

    We didnt receive this drop. Dont mangle two different cases to one case, because U turn it to bad way making difficult to understand. OR i will start copy-paste all my last 3 posts, to keep discussion right, man

    Publishers does not modify the game themselves. They negociate with NC about those changes to be applied.

    Since NC priority is mobile, they wont apply those changes for free.

    So here the current issue : GF probably want some changes, and NC charges with an amount that GF doesnt want to pay. And since publisher market is less than a 10th of global market, NC dont bother to lower those fees.

    6.2 patch. The Transformation System has been applied.

    Original setting: mobs in Lakrum had chances to drop normal and large transformation contracts.

    Custom change: drop was deleted or didnt be applied

    >>>This is the main and the most important change we suffered and we R still suffering. Farming starting transformation forms - normal and large was locked, making this system very frustrating for all players. This is why close to all people started hate the Transformation System, crying for deleted scrolls which were available for every player. And this crying for scrolls was really understandable. The best parody is, that Transformation System is very good in overall - but with original settings, because all scrolls applied with one big buff (lege some less / ulti 100%) making inventory more space with natural way.

    So Gameforge also had to pay NCSoft, for apply this stupid change? I think no.


    Aion Shop since 6.2 is a NPC seller, selling gameplay in every game section. Player can buy everything he needs.

    I will mention Hero Wars - the Facebook application. U can also buy everything, but U can also get this gameplay free to play. Microtransactions R really frustrating and annoying there, but free to play player can get them from events with not cutted values, if player is active.

    What is in Aion Shop? Everything. Do we have the chance obtain every gameplay's items from Aion Shop in events? With the same values? Of course not.