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    implification as an attempt to seduce a younger audience as an opposite to the veterans who appreciate the complexities of the game.

    I dont like naming like this one and also vice versa. If parents agreed and gave a permission to their child can start play Aion - why no? Speaking like this is not the Forum Community case.

    Apart from that you have no proove for this "facts", if you are right, the classic server will be even sooner dead than I thought.

    Nope. If everything in Classic Aion will become like people loved - will be very big success.

    New players, which never heard from AION before, will not play classic server in first sight, they will download the official client and land at the current patch version.

    No. They will get one more point, to try Aion.


    If Classic will be like only "pay to play" (read: subscription) and shop will not become like NPC for really basic items - will be very nice. I remember, that Aion (EDIT: had) a subscription, when in EU U had NCWest account ( i readed history)

    After this skill, when boss is hitting his hand in the floor - try be 1m in front of him and also - to have possible all room behind u. Grab is like this: less distance to boss = less distance to move by grab. And just move range 16m - but with the direction mostly to the centre of room, to have chance catch next green where is sometimes very far from U. Need to remember also - U R getting damage from the floor after 1s with -10% and +10% (0.9s - 1.1s). Also jump in same time when red floor has been spawned (game remember ur position and not counts jumps - thats why many people die thinking jumps is counted to the time' escape) - if U jump bf moving - U will be closer to the target but game will count time' escape when Ull end a jump - so it is like +0,5s to Ur time attack :)

    U could check this what i just wrote - the situation. If this will help = with pleasure.


    EDIT: about p/m def: i agree with Kayiane. The better defence is the lower damage taken. Also U could think about Ur shoes: P D / M D / Speed / Crit instead of HP / one def / Speed / Crit.

    Wow. Nuke, you started focus this event and it becomes really nice one. Big prizes in rewards :)

    Unbelievable man .. and also Gameforge came and supported You with it.


    Will You try another one in the future?

    EDIT: gl and hf with the rules and enjoy for all of U.

    Jeśli zrobiłeś questy na 15 butelek razem, nie masz więcej możliwości otrzymania ich taką drogą. Pozostaje jedynie wymieniona w Twoim poście możliwość chyba, że dostaniemy event na to, bo mi osobiście nie wydaje się zbierać po sztuce to dziadostwo przez 20 tygodni - i jeszcze za 3 insignie. Jakby to choć random ilość była, np 1-3, to już byłoby normalnie.

    Niektórzy mówią, że pewny granatowy quest jest powtarzalny - ja tego nie sprawdziłem i nie sprawdzę. Nie było mnie tam już 8 dni i nie zamierzam wracać.

    Imagine if polishing stones, purifiers, daevanion skills, daevanion essences, transformation contracts were tradeable and if we would get back the normal trades and private shops, even with gameforge's monetization system, the game would be 10x better.

    Yes, need to agree with it.

    Also Odians and Runes available to sell in a private shop - without horrible broker's tax.

    Oooo "kopę lat" - Twój ostatni post był na starym Forum chyba. Miło, że zajrzałaś.

    Ja czekam z niecierpliwością, aby zakosztować historii :) bo zaczynałem od 5.8 dopiero. Ja gram dalej, ale będę "dualny" jak wyjdzie na EU :)

    Wierzę, że Producent i Deweloper wezmą się w garść i odwrócą wielkie RNG, które sami stworzyli. Może i nawet całkiem nieświadomie, no i to tak rosło ... aż urosło. Drugi problem to zabijanie grywalności - i to nie przez PRoducenta, tylko Dewelopera. Jeśli gracz nie ma nigdzie możliwości zdobycia podstawowych przedmiotów, to na początku zaczyna się niesmak, potem niechęć, a na końcu jest zerwanie z tym wszystkim (piję do itemów kategorii "consumable"). Nie wiem też, po co dodana Prigga do Prometuna Hard, skoro zwykły, normalny gracz i tak tam nie pójdzie, tak samo jak na Beritrę i BT Normal. Skoro gra na endgame dostępna jest tylko dla określonego grona graczy - nie ma co się dziwić, że Ci, którzy grają dla przyjemności nie podniosą tego betonowego muru kilkoma kliknięciami w odpowiednim miejscu - aby ten mur nagle zniknął w cudowny sposób.

    I managed to roll cube, to have all 5 right, to have an ability for golden throw. But when i saw 125 luna for try - i stopped xD. Better use 125 luna for reidentify - but i feel something in this case ... something like nerfed chances for good option's amount - always during promo or luna event.

    Example weapon:

    Attack is 188, so: 185, 179, 170, 182, 185, 186, 186, 182 ??? many times and after 30 tries u have 182 ?

    I left this part. I tried other part - the same. So i think what the heck? U know and luna is just spending... for nothing ...

    Many times this happens during such events.

    Also in event where we can get more enchantment stones and is also promo in aion shop for %sale enchants - also trolls during enchanting - much more than normal.

    Potential rewards are: Enchantment Stones and Manastones, Minionite, minion contracts, Rune and Odian Fragments, as well as the [Rune] Vision Weapons Selection Box.

    No minionite

    No Minion contract

    No [Rune] Vision Weapons Selection Box

    >from Berserker Sunayaka

    I heared, from Governor even worst drop than Berserker.

    So where is this drop? --->cutted down

    I just asked U. If /u not follow with trying to understand something by someone, dont put an answer okay? Just refer Ur post with not mentioning people AND WILL BE OKAY such post. But in post i got an answer, so thank u.

    For the future - read my posts from the start to the end and stop troll me. I wrote nothing bad.

    Also, maybe not everyone is using Leibo Protection - why this unable to buy in 1st fame level? - why 5?

    For Sillentium - maybe craft? morph recipee? i can pay even 20 insignias for one flux more :(

    U suffer stumble? Put glyph for defend it.

    U suffer paral? Put glyph paral resist for it

    U suffer other things? Put glyph for defend it.

    U can stunlock Vichel - right - for 7s long if Runes + Odians good enchanted. But defender can pur glyph for stun resist to decrease Ur chance for stun. Also idk what is with Ur attacking - i mean sin: if sin is tryhard me a lot and very hard, my char is going to "move back". U can correct me, but i think this movinf back is a knockback. If right - there is also Glyph for it.

    U need to know, that glyphs can reidentify. Also, after 5 weeks U can have 12 glyphs and try drop very good one and also be lucky and have very good enchanted. If no, U can extract some to receive another one.

    U can have many glyphs for many Ur sets - if speaking about "top gaming". This patch gives an item, where a defender could have an ability to troll altered states or simply "come back-to-game" some classes.

    EDIT: also if about "top gaming" - idk. Did u try set resist? All altered states R magical states, even if some altered states R from physical skills. That mode U will still suffer physical damage, but U can RS an altered state. Why? easy - if attacker misses altered state's skill U see in Ur monitor "Resisted", not "Evaded".

    What has top player and normal player to apeaking about the tier? Aura, U listed matchups where one class mostly loss vs many classes and i think it is Ur observation. My observation is different, but stop harass me. U R trying be annoying, so I will let U :)

    100k ... the most skill i received being in main in previous patches was from painter for 119000 with crit from colour monster (7.2). From bard to my not +15 geared alt sin for 68000 from frog. 100 000 from magic class to ur chanter = R U wearing any set with some rolled defence? or maybe Bard has 28 000 attack? Tell me more caus it is very curious. Even U have all transformation collections and item collections, U cant gain 28000. If means about combo being in paral - maybe if U see casting sleep, put shield for 80 000 damage xD. Every class has burst mecha. Sin with full buffes also, glad with this attack skill also, and chanter also. Speaking about good runes + glyphs = it is only for enemy? why not make +5 rune and why not put to +2 bless slot stumble xD

    I have no experience, but i am doing also things and I see how good chanters doing pvp:thumbup: EDIT: if U cant win vs many classes, Ur set and skill is not in pair with Ur char's experience :)

    Yes yes ofc that must be it :rofl:

    Bro / sis, nothing personal lol. Explain me only one thing, why i see such chanters dealing perma stun or stumble and such worst cancer than bard or sm or idk? Just u stand or lay and watch how u r just dying ... I have alt chanter only just to understand his mecha. Maybe i am not experienced and this class very difficult for me so i not even do any pve in Gelk xD , but for me very strong class. I see in skills only one thing: low base skill's dps. Just think, why NCSoft not boosting Ur damage? Caus if will do that, U will become unstoppable. They did just for painter and gunner and forgot for balance. I wanna boost some classes to they can solo something, because now it is RIP and two classes R in 1st place. Noone class has Def pvp skill +3000 and also noone class has 100 000 points' shield - Only two classes EDIT: + cler. And if end one skill, turn on another xD.

    Ur class is support and will always be, same as bard. Bard got better nerf than chanter - no ascended soul variation, and mana redu changed from amount to % and need a cancer build (penguins + paral) to have any chance vs good physical classes.

    EDIT: maybe glyph will help vs some classes - i mean this op paral from cler and this trolling stumble :(

    I have no experience, but i am doing also things and I see how good chanters doing pvp:thumbup: EDIT: if U cant win vs many classes, Ur set and skill is not (edit: going) in pair with Ur char's experience :)

    EDIT: PAinters, Clers and Gunners R doing tryhard to every others classes caus the best trio in game for now, like without any balance vs others classes.

    It is ur typing, my is other. Good chanter can kill good Assa, good Bard (if he is no wearing "cancer"). I think good chanter will lose vs good gladi and templar.

    vs robots: runes + glyphs can win battle vs robot

    chest in dumah:

    100 stellium > 10 insignia > 1/10 price: 1 insignia is like 10 stellium


    16 stellium > 2 insignia > 1/8 price: 1 insignia is like 8 stellium

    daevaion skill craft:

    100 gene or 20 stellium > 3 insignia > 1.66(6)/6 price: 1 insignia is like 6.66(6) stellium

    They had a choice: make 2 stellium or 3. Decided 3 caus of score, caus it was closer.


    item collection:

    nice, but if I need waste legendary pve enchants for boost item to +5 caus 81 ancient enchants cant enchant this, sorry but it is something wrong. And also nor many sources for gather legend enchants for it. Ye only 79 coins in shop ... Galeas any table for enchanting? R U posting still in Forum or U just putting post in News section? xD

    100% another one decreasing.