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    Such long time, and still poor rewards. How to play, if can't even get very good glyph matched to the character? Still locked glowing odians / runes and extreme items. Now 0 chance for legendary contracts. Also 0 chances for exclusive legends, like yustiel, ariel etc contracts from shards.

    I cry seeing it, but what can i do?

    The [Event] Mini Treasure Map can be purchased from NPC merchants for Kinah. You can also exchange 10 lots of them with the archaeologist for a [Event] Festival Costume Selection Box containing one of seven costumes.

    Where to buy this map? Normal NPC Merchants does not sell it. Also in Pande there is not possible to buy any swim set.

    197 vs 511. It means that many people want a postpone. It means that many want faster.

    Firstly, for me, more important value is - how many people voted in total. Also, I did not check, if in a pool was also third option like "I do not care".

    Later, after all happened U can say about not listening the community. They made a postpone using a few weeks solution, because more than 1/3 want it. I think, if this value could be highier, like 1/2, so they could probably make bigger break between patches.

    By the way - in every possible way people try fight against a postponed patch. It even made You a way of honor, to stop their decision, because U wanna better place for free AP from PvE groups near BT. Big XD

    Bot problem is for GF/NCS - if they want have a healthy game. I think such fight is very important, because in my opinion Classic is OP and gained a big opening success. If they wanna go forward and gain a big success from Classic EU, they will fight with botitng and cheating.

    You miss the point that it worked before last maintenance. If you had your pet out (i am talking about pets, not summons) and you logged out and then in again, it would immediately pop out again and be active. This changed last week. Not sure what your post was about or if you just never noticed.

    Yes, I have never logged out with active pet - for that misunderstanding sorry.

    But when i had active pet and I wanted use fly - my pet has been cancelled. Also teleport to other region, for example from Belu to Pande - pet has been cancelled.

    Rumblefish everything I posted causes in U negative comments. U rly know everything, how e-sport works. U R the best person knowing from pure sources, that bot and cheat does not exist man, also that it does not break/ruin all feelings delivering by game ...

    U see - I can post with the same style as U. The point is, that it is useless. Copy/paste a quote, not all content but cutted this one or another to proof me, that I know nothing.

    Go to the politics Rumble <3

    Pet / energy summoning is a skill. You must be available in a map, to use a skill. Sin / ranger hide available, because it is an instant. Even we use a special skill for instant summoning, it is not a true 0s, because still exists the skill animation. I have the same, but it works correctly. And porting to a different place turns off our pets, because pet cannot use a teleporter :) In lannok room, he is alive, but not together with a master, cus he can't use a doors :)

    Only one situation is bad. Teleporter bakarma legion zone (to upstairs) - when sm is without pet and zerg is waiting for free ap :D

    Ye, and another one will post, that cheat does not exist ... and the wheel is closing xd

    nothing new. always will be reply after a good post. Many people see or met it, but a few will still be writing, that it does not exist.

    We live in E-Sport era with World Championships.

    In Aion we have Dredgion - excellent map for such gaming.

    In which universe has AION ever been E-Sport-relevant? Was never and never will be, you have no E-Sport-game where different (farmed) gear matters, wouldn´t make any sense. GW1 was E-Sport but GW1 was better than AION in so many ways.....

    NCS already tried - in live aion, the runa arena with tanks, tower and kunax.

    But this was too boring.

    I am sure, that Dredgion is beautiful map for this: year-to-year event or year-to-year season.

    Of course Daily Dredgion stay as it is.

    I wrote about special event :) I know, that in Aion is diff with e-sport. But that dred, when u enter and your op pvp set becomes altgard common and weapon + accesories - nothing to "different set" statement anymore. Buy better gear from a merchant in a respawn room, for a special gold gained in match from mobs, pvp, summoned agents etc :) I am also sure, every match could not last longer than 40 min :)

    For me it's easy. I have this project before my eyes, or in my head. I see it, how it could looks like. If U miss some details, or can't create for You also, yes - diff to see and how it could work :) I understand it.

    edit: normal mobs respawn every 4 minutes in every surkana's rooms. first respawn possible in a surkana's room 2 minutes after defeating mobs and a surkana (the room must be cleared). agents with keys spawn, when tasks completed. recall to the base possible with using a special teleporter tool putted in a wall in every surkana's rooms :). kill mobs, surkanas, agents, enemies - to gather a gold or kinah (event - dissapears after leaving dred) and buy better gear and useful items from a merchant. spawn agents to grab keys needed to enter to the room with a final boss. destroy big defenders protecting the boss with a powerful relics. defeat protectors to capture powerful artefacts (artefacts spawn in 5 rooms in surkana's places. if surkana is alive, dissapears and arti spawns). all arti spawns 15 min after start a match: damage to final boss, damage to enemies, slow and mana damage (5% per tick for every 2s) for 30s, heal reduction -50% for 30s, damage increase (attack + magic boost + 120s) (5 artefacts) (can be also 6th - defence increase 120s). protector spawns every 3 minutes after a kill, ability for activate 30s after capture arti, need an item from merchant what costs a currency. In final boss room, kill surkanas to create a wall what enemy must defeat it to can go forward.

    Losing team - don't give up. spawn yours agents, recapture/capture arti and fight with enemies. control spawned boss to enemy can't kill for free.

    both factions - tactics and raid boss in the right time.


    (Aion Classic)

    Hey guys, not sure where to put this.

    I have a fun event idea! How about organising an event where both Elyos and Asmodians can join forces to raid a Dredgion Battleship?

    I bet many people, not just me, have wondered what happens after destroying it. I think it might require a few legions to destroy the ship. A significant additional AP bonus for destroying it would also be welcome since it probably gives a small amount of AP relative to the number of players required for such an accomplishment.


    It has been seen in live Aion, in 5.x era - Legion Prigga content.


    if we speak about such content:

    We live in E-Sport era with World Championships.

    In Aion we have Dredgion - excellent map for such gaming. IF NCS/GF does not want worlds, it could be a form of big event or season year-to-year for all people.

    Remove time, stay alive the beginning - mobs and Surkanas.

    Add a palette of tasks, what must be completed, to spawn 3 Agents holding a key for an access to Final Boss. Need 2 of 3 to can enter to the room where spawns Final Boss. Losing team can spawn also 2 Support Agents holding a keys, by completing additional quests.

    Add Artefacts dealing damage to boss, dealing damage to enemies, increase healing or supports ...

    Add Defending Agents holding deadly or strong relics - protecting Final Boss or Agents.

    It could create tactics and OP gaming. Maybe - also add a merchant, where we could buy shoes, armour, weapon, items for gold earned from playing a match (need recall to the base to have an ability for shopping), and entering to instance we R only in Altgard / Eltnen basic white eq (like not naked).

    It could be really OP.

    And after the end of season, after a finals, very good rewards :)

    (maybe Celes or Drestam will see it and see it in real)


    I see, that U R Elyos and write from Your faction. I am Asmo, hi.

    I would like to inform U, that both factions R using cheat programs or tools.

    It is very sad, what U wrote. 4 /20 is really bad effect. Many people write about this road to bad - I know, but I still believe, that Aion will be alive again. I cry, when I see, that my superb game Aion suffers bad things.

    For players this problem is well known and yes, Gameforge and NCSoft did nothing for live Aion.

    People will back to live too, if they will see any progression in cheat prevention and also reduced the pay-to-win model, what now is super high and breaks the balance.

    Good luck.

    Good that they can't do that now in front of DP or DC.

    Yes, they simply can't. Because there R also good people (asmodian side). It is my observations. Brave heroes die fast.

    You don't need LFG before Fire Temple

    I did a like to Ur post, but with this quote I don't agree.

    But that annoys me so much. Sometimes unable to read lfg for something very important thing. Rly weird.

    Why do you believe every sh1t posted somewhere on the internet? Anyone can say anything, but you clarly believe only what you want to believe. Disinformation at its best.

    This quote from shot of person U replied to - I am sure 100%, that comes from lfg or discord. And it is well known. Do U defend this unfair statement showed in his pasted picture? If so, then UR a one of those wise players-farmers-breakers that game

    There is only one reason, why some people called themselves PVP players, want fast balaurea:

    -BT Entrance and farming ap from pve people, already coming to instance.

    In Silentera Canyon will never be a true pvp. Do You want good pvp? Find people geared pvp too. Not a people, what have not even 30lv gear pvp. You have 40-50lv full set, fools and You show others how strong RU? How dare you?

    I readed all thread. This is why I posted a huge one taunt - to everyone who thinks, that by kiling low level people or even pvp people, but with stigmas to an instance - don't call yourself pvp players noobs.

    Taunt - all post, as U can see. Because I decided, that it must be putted.


    Now normally:

    I agree, that Reshanta and a "wing model" is the best, what unify AION. Also the best music and world. It is done a long time ago and all feelings will never stop.

    Please, Gameforge/NCSoft - postpone patches. Slower schedule will let enjoy this game. Both servers R living and it is very beautiful.

    You, Gameforge/NCSoft, were done a good job. Galeas knew, now I know, that he knew the best.

    <take care, kind Daeva>

    If U do this try, U have to check Ur registry also, because may happen, that old keys still remain and corrupt new ones. It happens not always, but it does.

    Galeas Lol I checked now and Im on Channel 2 . and there is 15 channel for each server and server is so load .
    Sorry for my speach hahaha. Can you give es information how much ppl enter in start ?

    u have an info :)

    Server was completely full in a few minutes after the opening

    so those, who filled the server - can play only. Because they didn't suffer all issues U have. Or appeared maybe, because of errors?

    Like any MMO release, the player numbers will drop significantly after a few days/weeks.

    hmm ... LA has good even today ... even prob some ppl left. Those people I met still play and didn't back to aion. So it's a bit different what I thought before ... about fast come back to aion.

    Hmm. I was watching, and the drop is not bad. I can say - it is even better, than I was predicting. I think, that Galeas did good job with regarding the whole community. Release is very close. We can see everything by ourselves.

    I think also, that we putted the level for classic very high, and this is why we probably received rly good version :)

    Let's see what will happen live, for a few days and near future. I think one server will not enough (HYPE).