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    is there anything that can be done to make the game feel alive? The playerbase is so small, that if they did 180 and started reducing RNG/P2W they might not get enough money to keep the game even as a maintenance mode. If they will keep going with the same strategy, which is 99% gonna happen the game is just slowly gonna lose players like its been happening for years

    WHAT is the rate?

    If minimum +3% with using random books to enchant skill - it is rly nice buff.

    Why U didnt write the rate for this case ... MG

    The rate is not disclosed, sorry.

    is there any reason why you are not allowed to share the rates apart from supposed profit that you get for using shady manipulative practices? It's not like we can confirm/test those chance anyway, but it would be nice gesture towards community, especially counting on that previously you stated that you want to lessen RNG in the game.

    at the current state, the game is really not alt friendly, all the content you would want to do on your alts requires big time/kinah investment to each char. Improved stigmas/daevanions, +15 gear, odians/runes, S minions. It's just too much if you wanna try another class

    you get 100% kaisinel after 120 days of buying powder

    depends how many kkk kinah you have, you can buy glowing odians/major runes now, we just had hero trials that gave people fragments

    selectable S minion is around 3-4kkk if you can find it on broker

    8.0 version should be coming not too long, though we don't have any announcement yet

    What you missed out mostly is various transformation contracts, a lot of people now have 4 halloween forms for extra attack, ~3 pixel contracts for extra att/def.

    1. cash shop or sell instance loot to get kinah and buy from broker

    2. as always we don't have any concrete info, but it seems with the 7.9? update (the one where we got makarna changed to 100 runs) drop was nerfed. Also paired with info from Korea that in 8.0 there will be 4th stage of jorgoths price doubled-tripled

    3. only gameforge knows, also it almost doesn't matter if it's some pathetic 20%

    can't say if the buff is good or bad overall, but for me it made sieges not matter anymore. Who cares if you win or lose if next time buff is going to be adjusted and total sum of win/loss will be equal

    proper arguments? Me and plenty of others gave them feedback over and over again. Half of the things they implement to help us gets removed, other half is useless, only a few things are actually good.

    I write how I feel playing the game and I feel that my time is wasted over and over again. Too much RNG on top of RNG, too much cash shop.

    All my efforts playing and progressing in this game are invalidated by cash shop and RNG. When I inspect other players and see amazing gear, I immediately think "oh, who cares, he probably just bought it all anyway", or "oh, he must have got lucky". What stats I grinded for months doing item collections, others can just go to flash auction and with 1 click get more.

    I don't know anymore what would actually make aion great game again. I still find it fun, but only when playing with friends (those few that still play). And even that gets boring, how many times can you do the same instances over and over again? Pvp is non existent. When red katalam is open you can still find a few fights here and there, other days where would you go?

    if you have a solution, be my guest and share

    honestly I don't think there is any need for feedback anymore. They perfectly know what we want and what we need. They just choose not to give us those things, but instead lock everything behind swiping your card.


    Only through cash shop, flash auction and promos you can actually "progress" your character. Normal gameplay and events only give scraps, so they can say - "see, we give you something"

    So currently we have 4 promos and 1 event running:

    [Promo/Event???] Lumiel's Transmorph boost (Ulti/leg transforms, +15 stigmas, etc)

    [Promo] Nananerk's party (some transforms, mostly useless)

    [Promo] Summer Ice Cubes (Ultimate transforms and best gear in game +8 extreme)

    [Promo] Minion summer (S minions)

    [Event] Summer Hero Trials (glowing odian, major rune fragments)

    [Event/Theme/Useless] Go on Vacation (60% exp potions)

    Also the best thing that we got during this maintenance is literally removing bad content from the game. Says a lot about the state of the game

    first I thought that giving feedback would help somewhat, now I think that only changing game would help.

    They tried, kinda, to address RNG, but it's too little and too late. At first when they introduced epic loot, the system had nice ideas, but to this day it's obsolete, the problem is not in getting the gear RNG, it's pretty good chances compared to other systems, also it's not updated with best current gear. Now they giving us kaisinel transform for months of logging in, but there are 3 other transformations that we can't achieve with certainty.

    They made S minions easier achievable with world drops, but after a few months they removed them completely and to this day S minions are premium items which you can't really get.

    in short they try to reduce RNG, but only after waiting for the irritating system to piss off players for years, then they introduce half measure to help achieve things in that system, meanwhile the game adds 2 or 3 new more important, more RNG heavy systems and the cycle repeats.

    it's not an event that you should announce as event, it's more like a visual fun theme.

    All the p2w and unreachable goals made community only care about stats, because you just can't reach maximum stats. And this "theme" doesn't give anything that's valuable. Buffs - useless, 60% exp potions haha, you get thousands of 50% potions from afk botting, less than 1kk exp every 1 minute of standing afk? No thanks, I better log out or bot and get more.

    the only good thing is it looks pretty cool and fun, you can hang out with friends, chill and take screenshots, but as I said it seems there are no more players left like that.

    there will be roughly the same amount of incoming kinah as before, the only thing changed is that instead of doing ToC with 6-7 chars per week you will need to do with 10 chars. The sell limit didn't change, only rewards for our effort got nerfed

    kinah nerfs yey, it's not like it was hurting players, we need additional items, not nerfing kinah, so we would need to spend even more time doing the same stupid pigs...
    I wouldn't be surprised if we would get this kind of add soon:

    we all know how you love your kinah akakaka :cookieshugo:, so we considered player feedback and introduced "Godly Fat Pig Treasure Chest" just 25AC and with a little bit of luck you can get up to 1 billion kinah!*

    *(treasure chest can give between 10 and 1000 million kinah)

    you would be surprised how much in game economies act like real life economies. In the game there are some fixed prices, like reidentification, enchantment cost, and there are items with not fixed prices that are determined by players (supply&demand). We have almost non existent supply of important items with high demand for them and high influx of kinah.

    I don't know what you call inflation, but "printing" big amount of money will make prices rise whether you call it inflation or not. And we are printing money with ToC pigs, up to almost half a billion per account per week. We also don't get important items, because gameforge unlike any other region don't seem to give us any events (except cash shop) that actually reward players and give us needed items as glowing odians, major runes, improved stigmas, S minions. So people get what they can: "bad" runes like exp, drop chance go for billions if they only have ultimate transformation. Kaisinel attack runes would go to tens of billions if you could find them