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    well you still get a very good title (HP +80, Speed+3%, Atk Speed +2%, Casting Speed +2%), but if it's worth it you need to decide yourself. Personally I am doing it, but will soon gonna get stuck on crafting part.

    to sell the boss dropped item all group must pass the item roll (not sure about if you do it solo, maybe works without passing), then someone should hold the loot open, once you automatically get kicked out from looting the corpse another player should be able to loot. You should keep holding boss corpse open until the buyer comes to boss room and pays.

    I think you are mistaking the 1 free hour per day of Siel’s Energy. If you don't buy Siel’s Energy, then you get 1 hour per day of Siel’s Energy buff, if you buy then it lasts for as long as you bought it for (30days, 90 days)

    Additional Changes
    Following this change, we will close the old AION website, meaning that the rankings, Hero Trials and web shop will no longer be available.

    We’ll also be removing Veteran Rewards and Elite Levels from the Live version. The ‘Manage bonuses’ section (via the AION Shop in the game) won’t be available for some time after the migration. If you need an item from there, please assign it before March 29th, 2023. We will inform you when the section will be accessible again.

    it's all RNG, the best you can do is just to manage your skill books that are the same skill and other not needed skills. Get it as high as possible with random skills and then do with the same skill.

    Use "Daevanion Essence" on important levels, like from +9 to +10 and +13 +14

    already for some years in retail aion all crafting has been reworked to "magical crafting". You can do all available crafting in 1 profession.

    By the way, next year (in spring or so) we have aion classic coming out, so if retail doesn't suit you, you can wait for classic to come out.

    I am never avoiding anything, I simply have the same answer as I gave several times about such a topic.

    There is nothing we can do on our side regarding that. That would require a complete change of the mechanics from the developper.

    There is ALWAYS something you can do, even without the need from NCSoft.

    Put incentives for playing weaker factions, give them free stuff, give boost events only for 1 side, put hero trials with better rewards for weaker faction, give exclusive skins, pets, mounts. Give pvp jams, xform candies. There are plenty of ways to incentivize people...

    I understand if you are understaffed and just not have enough time/resources to care about balance, but it's just not true that "There is nothing we can do on our side".

    No reason to complain or hope anymore, they kept going down this path for too long, nothing is going to change, the game will stay alive as long as whales still enjoy beating on ever shrinking playerbase. The current game is too small to warrant any big investment in improving the game/developing a lot of content.

    The Jumping Daeva attendance pass which was due to end on 03.11 has been extended for a week so that players who couldn't finish it have another chance. Consequently, the pass was reset for players who finished it since it only resets after you completed the 28 days/ 28 logins.

    now I am even more confused. Didn't that special daeva pass (Apsharanta Attendance Register) was only 3 rows (3 weeks/21days)? I and most of my friends finished it, but only 1 got reset on special pass.

    if you want to get some more bombs - you can keep a second client open with your alt account and rotate characters for afk bombs. Then go to instance with both main and your alt and only use bombs from those afk alts. Obviously it's brain dead boring thing to do, but it's an option