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    no need to +15, save stones until you get ultimate gear from those instances. You can do 6 ppl groups and for the most part it's gonna be very easy.

    Just get the gear kayiane adviced, if you don't want to be carried by group too much

    still need to be very careful, if you give them a pass on even negligible p2w, years later it will become the same p2w fiesta as retail is now.

    Not farming ducat, but going to harder instances with friends when I can. Since implementation still don't have enough to buy even 1 senekta wings, price is much too high on ALL the items except nickel stigma enchants.

    I will quote Sleepyhead from Octobers post, it fits here, cuz again we are at the same topic - too little is done from our feedback. With every patch we take 10steps towards RNG/P2W and 1 step back with gameforge custom changes

    degradation of the game in this patch ...... farming XP because you need TONs of insignia of experienece (really start autobot for 24/7 in game???), because its ONLY one currency left in game is dissaster

    that's pretty much the only thing I have been doing since update this week, really starting to think that I should better play cookie clicker

    another round of useless elite rewards, we probably will have to wait till classic server comes out, for them to give even random ulti form

    why does everyone expect an ulitmate transformation in Elite VR? Even in korea there are players that don´t have an ultimate transformation

    I expected at least gradually making better and better rewards. Like if we got random apostle last time, it should be selectable this time and tier up next time

    final product? Kaisinel was introduced what 2.5years ago? Now we have 3 additional ulti forms, not even mentioning tons of other "final product" p2w systems that got added on top. Also elite rewards are also a "promotion" that need real money so it's not even that they would give away stuff in that way

    you can earn kinah in many different ways, for kinah you can buy improved stigmas, be that buying shitload ingots on alts, buying stones from other players, buying already made stigmas or even spam lfg for a specific stigma. Now you can also get 100% stone. So in the end you just need kinah and getting kinah is whole other topic. I say you can brute force it, because you can choose different ways you can get stigma even non rng ways(broker,trade), which doesn't exist for many other systems this game has.

    you can brute force enchanting stigmas and even if you are super unlucky you can always buy them from broker. Now you can also get 9 stigma stones from botting.

    You can't buy ultimate transforms from broker or get them by playing alts, or even by paying if you are super unlucky


    • The overall number of required quests required in order to complete the Halloween challenges will be reduced.
    • The number of available monsters in the Hererim mine and minionite warehouse will be increased.

    amazing! Fast reaction to feedback

    because normal custom quest implementation requires patch from ncsoft which takes time. The idea of hero trials was implement fast, custom tasks that rewards EU players. It
    works decently enough now, I just don't agree with the tasks they put. I don't feel a hero for standing afk in ally to kill 15 normal mobs or killing 700 crabs that take 1 damage

    still need to wait for 25th-27th days, but I think this is the first event where you can get ulti transformation by actually playing the game

    EDIT: I don't have my hopes up too much, it's prolly gonna be like a few mobs for each server