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    I don't really know much about 1v1 duels, but as a cleric I would rather go missing 1 stigma slot then going with sacrificial on, you go from being able to keep yourself alive from drawn out fights, to no heals. IMO restricting classes out of their main skills/play style is not good, at some point it stops reflecting the game we play. If you restrict something then why not stop with 1 thing, at what point does it becomes balanced? Of course this is just my opinion and I really welcome this community event!:slove:

    duel tournament sounds fun, but for starters I would suggest to make it as simple as possible, 1v1 and as little restrictions as you can. When you gonna do it a few times and learn the problems then you can start making "balancing" or whatever people want. There will always be those that gonna shout not fair, but the game itself is not fair, nothing can be perfectly balanced and this is mmorpg where you not only win by being more skilled, but by spending time gearing yourself. Just be clear that you have the highest power as event organiser. Also you can do a test tournament with only legion members/friends and some small prizes for more chill.

    you can get 36 gold ingots per account per day to enchant your main stigmas, you can only get 1"free" daevanion skill per week for your main. I agree that 1 gold ingot is pretty worthless reward, especially after kinah hyper inflation, but it's not super important thing to change.

    Still waiting for 20% <[Rune] Mysterious Recovery Serum> stacks of 500 or 1000. That would make life much easier both for AC sellers and buyers, also it would make it accessible not only for players that "know" people.

    I guess I will have to wait another year

    I don't know why everyone is so harsh about the state of the game after event, pvp maybe cuz it's p2w, but pve is so much better after the event, for new players also, especially clerics. If tank is full +15 from an event it's muuuuch easier to heal him, more people are geared now, so you can more easily carry new people, get into legion if pug groups are too strict on gear. If you can't buy things from broker anymore with kinah from makarna/prom then get them other ways, not static but dynamic stuff that you can sell to other players and that price solely depends on supply/demand.

    if you want to do pve instances then cleric doesn't need a lot of gear. I was always happy that as a cleric your main requirement to get into group was healing boost, so you could just reidentify your gear and not even need enchants on accessories. At the start you will definitely miss a good transformation, but for pve you can just grind some legendary transform potions and you are good to go.

    The game is p2w casino, but if you know how to play efficiently you can get almost all the stuff that p2w people get, just 1 step behind.

    there will always be billionaires regardless if you do kinah reset or not, would you remove gold packs and other tradable items that people have stacked up?

    My advise if you can't afford broker then try to think of efficient ways of getting kinah, end game people will spend billions on ways getting extra stats. Stigma enchantment stones are very much needed and you can easily sell them for 3-10 times more expensive than you buy for ingots. Golden shugo 1/3-1 gold pack worth, farm event and sell splen after event

    you can afford gold pack even with these high prices, just farm things end game people need, not kinah. Economy is around gold packs. Makarna golden shugos sell for hundreds of kk, gear from instances, manastones, titania, noble splen stuff from towers event. Adapt to the economy we have or be poor.

    More people have +15, so friends/ legion mates can easier carry you in end game till you get gear, we finished stella nm and nobody cared for ulti stone so we would have passed if there was a person that needs it.

    This event for me is most awesome because of the interactions and different things I got to experience during this week.
    Of course it will have it's consequences with kinah inflation and some instances becoming obsolete, but I didn't have so much fun in aion for quite some time. That excitement of learning that you can share maps in 2nd day early morning, being in discord with friends and discussing about it, getting amazing loot and trading the market. It's like a mini experiment what would happen in real world if someone would start giving people infinite money. People lost their savings, people got rich, more people will get to try out new instances, new memes were born, now not only "long term goals", but also "working as intended" and "the moment as 300kkk kinah player". No more kinah sellers spam in lfg, new dramas in biggest legions for skipping altars because the event is more profitable. People ninja boxes and then get killed by helpful opposite faction players, asmo/elyos are like playing WW2 football match. Funny nonsense with 3 leagues farming maps in the same location. Learning a trick with mount jump, to get on the special rocks.

    This event will be remembered for long long time and I am happy to be a part of this aion eu history :slove::gamer:

    Roll back would be the worst possible solution, i would just lose all the will to play, when you got the taste of all these things event gives you.

    Biggest damage is already done -> no items in broker, prices are still rising, but very slowly.

    With +15 +splen stuff, more people get to enjoy "new" content (prom hm, stella nm, beninerks em) maybe we finally can make pug groups for that and not wipe for hours.

    Prom/makarna/ht got obsolete and good thing, i got bored of the same instances for 1.5years.

    Give us BIG kinah sink way (event of some kind or remove limit on those white transformation contracts from gold sand shop)

    this is quite a pickle, IMO any action will have it's drawbacks, but I still think, that just leaving this event till previous decided date is the best solution, if later you would add kinah sink events. If you shut down this event in this maintenance, people that missed 1 week of play will be left behind ages, if you shut down this event later, less people will get left behind, but they will be left more behind. Or if you change something, just delete kinah boxes and leave enchantment boxes

    The real business losers are the kinah sellers. Their whole kinah store is now worthless.

    I doubt that, maybe some. But smart people in aion never have much kinah in cash. Most value in your account should be stored as gold packs and other high valued items (real life gold substitution)