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    it's the small print that people don't read it because is the footnote of a maintenance page... instead of being more vizible

    meanwhile ppl in the game enchant like crazy

    glad i finished enchanting stuff long time ago before this fiasco

    they are pretty big as a company. if you see their building and departments... it's huge. they focus on new games and mobile games and other stuff. but old games are left to die to be milked as much as possible. they seem to spend little to no resources... probably hiring students to work on them. many years ago... before aion... they have been in top 3 mmos in the world but there weren't that many around. so they have been big before.

    they still make lots of money but the direction they are taking with games... mobile and more p2w and so on is not for me and you and others... yet they make a lot of money each year so there are ppl that like it and buy their stuff.

    games like aion won't get any better. if they do that they will probably release a remake so more new ppl will join and try and others would join the fake hype.

    idk the ratio of asmos... but it does seem less asmos are joining this map... but asmos you find on the map are too busy trying to find pvp or undergeared ppl or something that is time wasting... instead of doing quests or gather for bosses. what's even the point... they already have everything from shop and now it's time for fun? i don't think so.

    prades was always low fps even in 4.x when we had south katalam as a map. it's probably the very small space inside and lots of players. but the rest of the game sieges were playable... even with an ancient pc.. and we had good fps. since 5.x the sieges have turned into crap. it's probably since they added minions and feather bracelets wings and other things and effects to characters that i think they are still loaded even with shift + f12. in 4.x there was a bug with gaining more fps by hiding the ui... and that ui got redesigned a few times... into more resource consuming with shiny stuff.

    but the idea is... there is no way to solve it. a good pc can still have bad sieges and whatever they added to the game they are not going to remove them any time soon... they keep adding stuff to the game. my aion folder is growing every year and from time to time i do a clean install to see if it's just stuff that is not used and deleted. bad news there as well...

    the servers might be at fault as well. things are divided into clusters even on a single server but a big amount of people fighting the same thing on the same small area it's not divided into many cpus. and now we have gear with variable stats and variable skill damage and variable stigma enchants and so on... things they didn't have to account for in the past when everything was standard... so it's more processing for servers and they have to give responses to everyone on each updating cycle and have to get the responses and so on. each update contains a lot of info... about everyone around you fighting or doing whatever... skills positions and whatever. i think gameforge lowered the capacity of the servers because they went with lower servers and cheaper options.

    those games will be no longer just in asia. nc west sent us some codes like a month ago for a closed beta for lineage 2m. it will be in between 1-7 nov... so in a bit more than a week.

    but i refuse to play mobile games... and even more any other future game coming from nc soft. it's also advertised that you can play on pc with purple... but still a nc soft game for me... no matter how good the original game was for me.

    i wanted to see if something is changed and if there is any bug. i calculated all the kinah i got from npc this week till limit and it was somewhere close to 460 millions... so basically the one advertised in that table. all chars are 85 so i think the issue is probably with the level of the chars if you get lower.

    300-400 fps... probably in cs or others but not in cry engine. are you sure you're playing aion?

    make sure you make screenshots and send it to computer game experts... because cry engine is kind of a meme of how bad it is

    facts based on aion data from eons ago and his own imagination? how many players had zubaba server and other regional servers like that in the end? a hand of players... and the reason they had to merge. if it was full of players it didn't need a merge.

    btw... as a fact.. more ppl speak russian than any other language in europe you mentioned... before german or french. the majority of them live on the europe part and there are others in other countries speaking the same language... like belarus. or ukrainians and others who learn to speak and write russians at school. and speaking of ukrainian language... i'm pretty sure is above dutch in numbers. should we have a russian server as well just because of that?

    and turkey is only like 5% in europe and the rest of the country is in asia. how is really among the most spoken in europe... even with those who moved to countries like germany?

    but as a fact... in the overwhelming majority of europe... english is the most spoken second language. german doesn't even come close as a whole... with barely a third of europe speaking it. therefore it makes sense the fisrt language for most games are in english first. changing to only german servers instead of englsh will make these classic servers empty very fast while with english it will retain a lot more.

    but once again... you forgot who you are adressing to... a dead game basically. you are still stuck in 2009. or around that time.
    so as i said... last i checked pigs don't fly yet. pulling out imaginary numbers from your rear are not facts.

    here it's not the creativity of the company. it's the game type.

    in aion you have most bosses in instances and they provide items... and like almost no raid... except some few random bosses and fortress bosses. the same company makes games like lineage 2 where open world raids were the main theme for many years... with hundreds of ppl killing them for hours and sometimes still fail hard... and those bosses being the only source of full items and rare items. and you have from small raids (require 2 groups or so) to very big ones... with epic bosses... some with interesting mechanics. aion wasn't designed like this. they tried with andre and other bosses initially but they went totally other route with the game and how items are provided and how bosses are in general.

    it's painful enough that you have to do these tedious quests like every day for a long time...

    i thought it was weird seeing months ago that koreans ignore each other on this map... but here we go.

    mhmm what? it was a response to razor not to you and it's not a flame at all but i guess you can't read?

    care to elaborate what do you think it's wrong?

    what facts? the ones you pulled out of your rear? do you know how aion started or just fabricating facts?

    both regions started out with 12 servers but many eu ppl just went to na servers right from the start... because of reasons related to a previous mmo and how ncsoft managed things.

    it was p2p... what p2w are you talking about? it's only when eu and na split in 3.0 that many europeans opted out to go from na server to eu... which was possible and one time only. and it's when both turned into f2p p2w. and btw there is no online numbers prior to 4.0 or so when dps meters started to put up numbers but na was very popular in na before the f2p fiasco... just look at queues youtube videos and so on... a lot more than europe. twice as popular the other way around is straight nonsense. and after 3.0... do you know how empty the english eu servers where? gorgos telemachus... servers with like 400 players and probably only spatalos with a more.

    i already said na was more greedy with p2w. but p2w wasn't part of p2p up to 3.0.

    and you think aion classic in europe is not going to fail? who is your target audience? mostly veteran players... ppl who tried aion in the past. ppl that in general will have +13 more years to their age... therefore working ppl with things to take care of.

    new ppl? new generations have discovered other genres... mmos are in decline in all the statistics. only p2p mmos are doing decently but still in decline. f2p mmos are doomed to die because of discrepancy between paying players and the rest due to even a slight of p2w... which snowball over time.

    you keep saying gf chose some chinese mmo over aion classic. when will you understand that no matter if they launched that game or not... aion eu would be not released yet. it's up to ncsoft to code the stuff. russia is waiting as well. and in case you don't know... gf has lots of games... like 10 mmo or something and lots of other genres and games... so aion isn't something special. it will get its team when is about to be released. it's not aion vs solo. you can have both.

    i don't think it's true. i played there too and they had many players and servers for a while... just as much or more. they had koreans... or ppl from australia since they don't have a publisher over there. but it was a long time ago and thngs have changed a lot.

    ppl from all over the world played there but because of timezone they didn't play all in the same time like we do in europe. na had sieges distributed in 3 parts of the day so they all attend at least one.

    there is a big difference between online players at one point in time and overall number of players.

    what make the population decline was na being more greedy in general with p2w after 3.0 and 4.0 and the fact that they allowed everyone to transfer to different servers of choice for 50 bucks. ppl would gear up a char on a dead server and transfer to main server and get the gear and kinah and it's what many did. in the end they got 2 servers each one very one sided and no reason to play anymore. and all the incentives to play a faction actually backfired really bad.

    it was the publisher fault for many things and ppl over there seems less resistant to bs and f2p scheme in general. in europe ppl seems more forgiving and in general they don't have that many other options... since games can be expensive for a big part of europeans. in europe you see ppl playing very popular f2p games (example metin2 since it's gf) while in other parts of the world it's not the case. and mmo seems in decline the more you go to the west while in the east like asia there are ppl playing them all day at internet cafe... although mmo seems to be in decline there as well compared with other genres but still bigger than europe.

    in many countries in europe kids have a lot of free time because of their schedule while you go more to the west the school can be almost the whole day with big breaks. not a lot to get attached to a game that require patience and every day attendance. same i discovered in us when it comes to working... you go to work at 9-10 and you come back in the evening... and you have your launch break and workout and personal stuff you have to attend to in the middle of the day. a very weird system compared with a strict 8 hours work day.

    and lastly... mac and ios gained a lot of popularity in the last decade the more you go to the west. what games can you play on mac?... well not these for sure.

    if you want to get some more bombs - you can keep a second client open with your alt account and rotate characters for afk bombs. Then go to instance with both main and your alt and only use bombs from those afk alts. Obviously it's brain dead boring thing to do, but it's an option

    Rewards of this "event'' are not even worth.

    might not worth it but it's not much effort either

    either skip it or doing it is now optional... we don't have a must do event because there is no other option to get stuff needed

    i farmed pvp gear first... weapons armors and accs all +15. except the enchants part the rest was no rng... you know how many fragments you get every week and so on.

    i did the instances... all of them. and no i didn't finish my pve gear by the time the next big patch arrived. i had to rely on the crafted gear... made it +15 and call it a day. before doing instances i farmed full set of pandora. yea... instances gear... raging whatever (renamed ambush) was quite the troll.

    i thought spike gear was a troll patch but this one is next level troll from ncsoft. and farming gear and enchanting is not the end... you have to hunt forever for the perfect skills on it.

    better than 6.0 for sure but while some systems got better... others that is wasting our time were added.

    besides skills and stigmas +15... relic system is not fast or easy. you still need tons of rare form collections to be competitive in pvp. you still need 3 s grade minions. platinum boss cubes are still rare. getting the weapon... jorgoth or a nice enchanted extreme weapon is still very rng.

    i mean those are goals to work towards but this game still require more hours per day than a day has.

    with the current system of gear it's possible that you will never get your gear parts on your own... since there are so many classes and you can get duplicates for your class or others. wrapping system is the savior but not really... it will be so rare to see parts on broker... with this amount of wrappings. so even if you put work into the game... you're still bound to not get what you need.

    I would be for such an idea or increase or something but only if the random gear parts are not available via quests.

    Otherwise the new instance would make absolutely no sense.

    it didn't make any sense in 6.x either... when gear was random chance to drop... with random parts for random classes not even present when killing the bosses. some ppl spent more than half a year to get it... but of course you could buy the loot. by that time other updates were available. you couldn't even form a group with your friends to go together if 2 classes where the same because of this bs.

    this is why they kind of changed later to boxes... so when you open it at least it's random for your class. still a lot of rng... first to roll for boxes then get an item you don't already own

    i can understand putting rng in instances in the past... so ppl spend more time with it but why deal with this bs with solo quests you do on your own? they did this on purpose to make ppl more active and trade... but what is there to trade when there are no wrappings? there will be always a need for gear... same as ppl farming pw and makarna despite having everything since... forever... so i don't see this as ppl stopping doing the new instance. the 4 quests are really boring and limited and boring yet again. did i mention boring and unappealing... and not having to find ppl on the spot already taking the whole spot?

    good thing better gear comes out from promo events... like +8 stuff... that really solves the problem of making bosses or instances less useless

    sorry... this is not a rant against you but this update is pissing me off more than other updates.