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    that was my point dunno if such deal would be even on the table...with aion, since GF got other games that they would prioritize over aion tbh...guess if NCsoft stops aion updates aion gonna die for good.

    and thats what most people fear since the terra update.

    well nothing new about upcoming updates from NC soft.... and seeing how TERRA went down wouldnt amaze me if same happens here in the future.

    Unless Gameforge decides to get the rights to publish game and they gonna handle FUTURE updates...which if they listen to the playerbase would be OK for cupple more years, but my hopes are not high.

    anyway just my 2cents

    most of people quitted aion for good, i know even hardcore players who even spent euro on a regular basis had enough of this game...

    i tryed the casual style played mostly during ow bot events, and that was basically it, and even that i gave up i just gave my stuff away and uninstalled aion .

    Gl for all those who still enjoy the game and what can i say keep spending :)

    2x stigmas from 9-12 with 12x stones

    1x stigma from 12-15 with 3 stones

    1x stigma from 12-15 with 27 stones

    fuse of 4x rank A minions -kromede pve

    fuse 4x rank A - grendal S.

    nice event. clap clap

    Don´t know if it´s just me or RNG, but I haven´t got a single glowing odian fragment or a single mighty rune fragment with 2 accounts farming parallel and non-stop for the last 8 hours........

    its just u :) i got like 10 of each and i farmed like 7 hours while working its RNG aion at its best

    u can see on discord i posted pics almost every day of drops i got :) its just rng, daily i get minimum 5-6 minions, at this point i consider them normal drop not even rare tbh

    this openworld drop event solved the S minion problem in Aion, everyone in my legion got S minion :) most now farm for SS to make perfect double stats .

    if u got bad rng just keep farming eventual u gonna drop stuff, as for fuse i sugest fuse just 4x lvl 4 A minions, i fused at start 20x 2- all failed then i started fuse 4x , and i got Kromede Challange, Kromede battle, Grenda MR, Grendal Eva, Hyperion battle.

    udontwantmegedingear u seem a bit salty maybe u had bad rng with OW drops.

    i see the OW drops as FREE stuff , and u dont have to do anything for them just put bot and enjoy ur time doing something else.

    im not even active in Aion anymore, but when i saw this OW drop event i just put bot :) for the LOLS, and getting 3-4 minions DAILY ,and i mean every day + stigma enchants/ daeva book, and so on for FREE :) i would say its best event.

    i bot like 8-10h /day until today i dont want post u my drops to make u cry :)

    this is best event so far of 2021 tbh, got 2x S minions from fusions, healing weda and kromede challange on a new naked account :)

    since start i got over 30x minions,2x rune stigmas box +9 , 40x daeva books, 1x dp book, 80 x minionite bundles, 40x glowing fragments each and so on.

    aiming for ulti form box :) 3x friends of mine got ulti box allready.

    also im not botting during nighttime i close pc :) drops are just rng, also u can check discord what people post there drops are more than fine

    since event started got over 30x minions

    14x fusions of 2 minions - all failed.

    1x fusion of 4- failed

    1x fusion of 4- S weda of healing.

    Other drops frmo afk bot, like 30 Daeva boxes, 10 selection , 1x dp

    2x rune stigma chests

    30x GLOWING fragments each jade azure carmine.

    Galeas pls fw to make these drops perma :)

    this openworld drop should be permanent considering the bad state the game is atm

    Galeas pls forward this regarding these drops.

    they where great addition in 6x patch dont know why they cant be in 8x also.