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    What about reworking our Overseas Morph Designs to morph instead of the stones.. coupons? :)

    My suggestion is use a certain amount of Stellium and Fragments of the Fighting Spirit OR Genesis Crystals + Morph Crystals to create an Ultimate Coupon?? Give it a weekly limit of 2 or 3 and you're good as hell for the rest of the AION patches until there are new stones to get.

    Galeas Sorry for the shameless tag, but might be a "valueable" suggestion and isn't breaking anything for us nor for the business as you can adjust the cost of the design and limit of it and stones aren't tradeable anyway.

    Leider nicht unbedingt der Fall.. AION Raids sind einfach broken mit der veralteten CryEngine die wir haben.

    Mein CPU ist auf 4.50GHz übertaktet... mit ZOTAC Geforce GTX 1070 Ti AMP 8GB GDDR5 und 16GB RAM... und AION auf ner SSD komme bei Mittel auch nur auf 15-20FPS.^^

    Anyway, let us hope they have a good plan.

    Sorry Vash, it's hard to believe that GF didn't know about the 7.2 nerf which started in 7.0; even lackrum mini bosses drop nothing now.

    More than likely they were hoping to force more players to use the cash shop but they now need to rescue the situation.

    I can't answer for that in particular. ^^ Only the QA team knows what has happened here, but seeing how they want to already move forward is a thing.

    Kinah nerfs and drops are however not core changes to a game. But when it comes to 7.5, many of those bad decisions are sadly CORE GAME DESIGNS and I bet many will carry over to EU. Now it is all up to GF to change some of these things. At least the community is already vocal about it.

    We are paying Gameforge for their services, not NCSoft, so it's GF who has to provide, NC has nothing to do with this. If you go to a restaurant and the food is crap, do you blame the cook or the food provider where the restaurant buys the ingredients?

    Sadly wrong, NCSoft are the devs and core game designs "usually" carry over to all the western versions. Look at transformations. GF is just publishing for NCSoft. So technically the restaurant has to offer NCSoft's products, even if they have their own name/label. Maybe the spice would be differently balanced.

    Anyway, let us hope they have a good plan.

    When we had the patchnotes:

    First Stream on the Test Server:

    Second Stream on the Test Server:

    How long did you play? Did you level up in reputation?

    Just had time to open up the perks given on the test server. I'll play a bit before looking into files to get more details on the Vision Weapon and theses the 2 new PvP gear.

    I kinda doubt you will find any PvP gear. I am highly sure they are patching it on wednesday. There is this tab on their event site of the Atreia Registration/Info where there is a page only available from coming wednesday, perhaps we get more info until then.. :S

    Anyway, I hope we both can maybe do some content tomorrow :)

    For the rest: here is the VOD of todays stream, Kyuubear was also here and we were discovering all these things together and he then went ahead and analyzed it later ofc :D /he's our smarty!

    Made a little update giving a bit more info nor correcting what I knew when I posted the document.

    For people who didn't saw :

    • The current T2 PvP gear will not be obtainable anymore
    • It was not the legendary/ultimate T2 PvP gear that was sold in Lakrum, but the one of the new PvP gear
      • It is not confirmed yet if this set are the end-game one, as no one checked if we can go beyond +15 (i have no info if you wan go beyond +15 on current T2 though).
    • 2 New PvP set have been added in Lakrum & Gelkmaros. They share the same stats.
      • They do not require the upgrade system. You can buy directly Legendary or Ultimate Tier.
      • This set has overall less stats than current T2. I do not have the value of the enchant on it.
    • According to what we saw in the Database, the skills on the Vision Weapon are highly similar to Binding, Silence, and Paralysis Godstone. There is also a 4th possible skill that can give a little buff increasing a stats depending on the weapon (it's accuracy for Painter Rings & crit spell for harp)
      • Theses skills exists under 3 tiers : Ancient, Legendary and Ultimate
      • One your weapon having the Ancient spell is +15, you will be able to promote it with the exact same weapon (+15 not required on the second), in order to have a chance of getting the same weapon +0 but with the legendary version.
      • If it fails, you will keep the weapon with the Ancient skill +15.
      • Same steps for the ultimate version.
      • According to one of the box ID, it looks like it will be available on Dumaha Bosses
      • At the moment, only PvE Weapons have a Vision Skill
      • It is not confirmed yet if these Vision Skill are on the Weapon itself or the appearance.
    • The boss of new instance Altar of Awakening is called 모르타샤 Mortasha(?)

    Thanks for the sum up! Basically it can even fail to upgrade your vision skill.. yikes yikes yikes. That means many duplicates needed. Maybe Dumaha bosses will be dropping a box for the whole faction members that participate (invasion loot style?)

    How long did you play? Did you level up in reputation?

    Going to stream a bit 7.5 today again~

    Streamed yesterday a bit and looked at the new Reputation System that comes to Inggison, Gelkmaros, Silentera, Lakrum, Dumaha and Red Katalam.

    I hope that we have some patches up to June or July.. it would actually be really dope if we can say we're behind KR by 3-4 months right?

    Since the other recent 7.2 patches werent that big and Gameforge is localising only in 3 languages.. it makes it possible to catch really far up and eventually be 2-3 months max behind. :D

    eyyyyyyyyyy my man GF came back with another trash event with no lege transform. burying our head in the sand and refusing to acknowledge the players' biggest pain, eh ? classic.... GG

    gonna say this for the 324832948329th time: PLEASE. GIVE. US. LEGENDARY. TRANSFORMATIONS. ty

    After so many events with each of them featuring a Legendary Contract.. you're complaining that the next doesn't have one?... I am lost.

    before the ban you pop up on our viewer list?

    What? Sorry, I don't understand this line.

    Also, the title says "unofficial server" then talk about DMCA and talk about ":censored: Business Practice" .. all this doesn't get along.

    I am leaving this discussion. It's a waste of time to explain what is illegal to someone who's truly against understanding that.


    - Zapiel

    I usually just visit all P.server streamers to look at their content. It was pure coincidence my friend. Also, while I was streaming today and had during the GM event 150+ viewers someone posted that he was banned along with a few others...? So tell me how is it possible that I was streaming and banning people? I have no such rights. I am a mere streamer on Twitch. You're just unlucky that Gameforge has finally stepped up their game with deleting illegal content on a website that doesn't allow illegal content to persist.


    The following items exist in the game since 6.5. If there are no plans to give selectable transformations, these would be a good alternative:

    icon_item_trans_contract_02.png Transformation Contract: Legendary Physical Class
    icon_item_trans_contract_02.png Transformation Contract: Legendary Magic Class

    Galeas please consider this in a near future. It's the best solution for a random contract. But selection contract of course is better. Make everyone happy please! 😁

    Please this Galeas

    Put them in NEXT ELITE VETERAN LEVELS next month...

    What next? they said this was the last.

    I hope not, but I guess it all depends on how far "Platinerk" is in the works.

    So pretty straight forward: Will there any selectable legendary transformation in the next time (approx. 1 month)? I don't want to discuss why it is important to me or others. I just want to know if there are plans so I know if it is worth it to wait a month.

    We currently already have a chance on a one selectable legendary hanbok within the Bundles that you get from the Steel Rake Currency.