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    I voted 1.x but I am accepting it as it is. I'll not try to pour my hear out in this topic, not worth the effort. It's a decided sealed deal.. so I'll move on but props for the passion and dedication even if it's just for you to show GF something.. that they can't change anymore.


    That is very true. I was really in the mindset to put AION Classic on ice as well, due to the fact that I expected better from NCWest. I thought the management would be top notch as it's domestically managed. I was very wrong, due to the fact that NCWest had no AION Classic team. It consisted of a Spokesperson acting as a CM, then a handful of GMs. The rest was completely handled by Korea. The worst part is, that virtually there was no QA team in NCWest. We received the patches copy pasted as to how they were patched in KR. Only after reporting the issues to them did they adjust events, hp bars for sieges and events and rewards. The patches came super delayed and the worst of it all was that these issues were well known in Korea. So they deliberately delivered bugged patches and events. The fixing of said issues took 2-4 weeks. The kinah exploit through Steel Rake was also fixed weeks after the launch while it was very well known in Korea during it's own launch.

    Then having had rerolled to Cleric as I was expecting Merges ( which came too late ) - I was too tired to keep going. Because there was no merge and they had delayed the release of 1.5 by 2.5 months. Instead of it coming out 1.5 Months after the release of 1.2, we in NA got it nearly 4 months after 1.2. 1.2 was supposed to be an intro patch to get players prepared for 1.5 pve and dredgion pvp....

    The open world nerfs that hit NA were terrible, as NA never had these bots issues that KR deals with until today.

    However, when I was attempting to give Galeas feedback as to what went wrong in NA, he told me that they were super aware of these issues and will work to fix them before release if they get their hands on classic. That is why I am giving Classic a try.

    So yes, I did quit because Retail is no more the AION I liked, loved or will ever like again. However, the post I did was just due to the fact that NCWest butchered Classic.

    I am of course under copium, but I have expectations now. If Classic fails with Gameforge too, then I'll quit. I guess I am allowed to quit. :)

    I hope this cleared a few things up.

    Also- I am not the owner of the discord, I just decided to contribute and promote it. :)

    Context matters. I quit for obvious reasons in 5.0 and people judged it as a bad Era too.

    4000x sure.

    Also, what do you mean with hypocrite? Once again, context matters. Have a nice day and learn to have a conversation instead of just *bashing*

    What do you not understand?

    I will be able to play the game after the event has ended. You could consider me one of the ppl that couldn't play during event period..

    Now tell me guys, how much Luna do I have to spend to farm enough to afford anything on the broker? Competing with a huge amount of billionaires in the broker that would rather buy items with high prices?

    Someone give me some hope before I have to give it the white flag and move on.

    Did you actually read through my comments where I complained about how bad the event is? Or was that a mistaken Quote???!

    It is sad, not going to quote the messages that quoted me.. It is a total waste of time.

    Just super yikes. Too many delusionals.. cuz they love the event. Also other posters imply that literally the whole community is actually participating in the event and therefor there are zero downsides for it being this amazing with kinah. Nice experiment indeed.

    Have fun with a GrEaT AiOn.

    I was solely talking about the ability to buy enchantment stones. I know you can do it with tickets.

    Basically I didn't get a proper answer for that.

    I only see another person with zero knowledge about quality assurance and a sense of economy in games or its health.

    Compensation should be Gold Packs, and stop the event and leave everything as it is. Also an increase of kinah drop in instances would be good for new players. That way most will be happy, some people will always control the market anyway. That’s what I think

    It is not about market control. It is about the gaps of poor and rich. That is what the event is ruining. There will be exploiters and there will be people that were during the event in their holidays somewhere else than playing and then you have the returnees and new players. Gaps that are uncontrollable.. And ruined forever.

    I played 5.8 and honestly it wasn't that hard to get kinah

    like now ... tower , forge, narakalli can be do solo.

    Supplément on 5.8 remember cap sold was 113M kinah and there is no kinah box on luna . Most of kinah were générate by HDV supplément were just poket money ;)

    Why crying for that box ? some people are playing with many account who can have illimited kinah with luna kinah box craft :)

    that event juste equilibrate economy between player and new player will profite of that if he farm ... and will make fast many kinah cause people have kinah

    Since you like to compare it. Lemme give you a few points to think about.

    How many PvE runs do I need right now to buy a legendary ench stone? Please remember the npc sale nerf.

    How much do you need for Manas tones right now. You basically can't even afford it with all of your weekly cooldowns.

    In 5.8 you could afford quite a few items with your weekly farming because items were tradeable. Nowadays it is not.

    Getting kinah is too limited for such an event to occur. It doesn't fit the current Era. Heck, if this event was released in 5.8 it would have ruined the economy too.

    The numbers you have received cannot be caught onto with the current ways of farming kinah.

    I guess you just don't understand what is healthy and what not when it comes to in game events. Alone that you mention versions is a weak argument. Don't compare an event to a patch. A patch had its own settings with loot and kinah gain which did set its own economic trend. However this event was just hot lava onto paper.

    I played 5.8 and honestly it wasn't that hard to get kinah with supplement runs. I actually played 5.8 to farm kinah for Gold bars. You can't compare it. If you do.. Then yikes.

    i like that anything that is being done to the game, ppl are crying =]
    My suggestion is to not change anything to this event, keep it permanent, but also add the meteorite event permanent so we can farm manastones too :) everyone will be happy. Nobody will need kinah anymore, everything can be farmed by everyone, ezpz

    You might see this as a fun rewarding event which it undoubtedly is. However sometimes you need to adjust such fun events to not ruin the games economy in the long run. I don't judge the fact that you love the event. However you are simply contributing into ruining the games future and potential to remain having players in the near future. It is nobody's fault to not have played during an event, been on a trip, quit due to health reasons and also not anyone's fault that they just started to play Aion after the event.

    People that think like you definitely don't care about the future but the now. I hope you will not point fingers afterwards and become a hypocrite about your own opinion. (that is if your comment wasn't sarcasm but genuine)

    So.. my motivation to play Aion again as soon as my PC arrives in my new place in Vienna is gone... I have 200kk on my main character. So I can buy 1 or 2 Enchantment Stones and be broke. The economy will not be fixed in 2 months, with the rate of how fast most pro casuals farmed.. Not even mentioning the hc players.. The economy will remain ill forever and it sealed the deal that anyone will make a come back to the game and New players won't remain too.

    We all know that everyone gets richer in the game by time. However this event has sped up that process.. Now people sit passively on kinah they would have gotten after playing the game for yeeears.

    What happened has definitely damaged the future of Aion's game experience and economy.

    I... can't imagine a good damage control here. Returnees and new players are screwed at the moment. But who am I saying that to.. everyone is aware of it. :(

    Vashiro , Leo you probably arent unable to undertand with simple words, so i will explainn with paintings

    Unfortunately that's not how it works. :)
    There is nothing wrong with their "Platinerk". The reason why it takes so long is NCS's support for their system. It needs to be 100% compatible to respond to server, website and the functions must be compatible with their code in the first place.

    GF can't program that for the server, NCS needs to do that. Therefor you can't put the blame on GF with this one. Look at NCS and their content and how they handle everything in the first place and then you'll understand that even NCS is not perfect.


    Tonight I will ask some known veteran players to help me with fishing out what is in the realm of possibility and add it to the Document. If your suggestion was plain without any elaboration or explanation .. it might not be included into the document. If you feel like you've done so, you can revise your suggestion in a new response.

    Btw keep in mind that this is topic wasn't created by an instruction from Gameforge. It was done by us, the community. I was just the one who took the initiative to create this topic. I hope we can work together. Love you all.

    This comment contradicts the existence of my effort of creating this topic. :shrugs:

    That is the reality, you sell yourself for hmm, nothing we dont know. Please be reasonable and respectable when some guys come on your stream and comment with their view.

    That makes no sense at all. He's the one being quite critical here. And he's usually very positive.

    Has there ever been a time with less servers/population then there is now? I know it's a rhetorical question, but it shows that people are very unhappy about the state of the game.

    He didn't read my posts. Those are the types of players that have nothing positive to say in general and hunger after negativity and hate.