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    I have no words for you.

    Please be constructive and accept others opinions or we will close this suggestion without any further discussion.

    ~ Sparx ~

    I guess it depends on how you read the context of "I have no words for you".
    It basically means I don't agree with what he says, I never disrespected it with bad words. I just wanted to state that I don't agree, or how would you want me to word it? I don't see it being offensive anyway.

    Also, please close this topic as Galeas has already sent this over to the Game Designer.


    The reasons for my post is to make rewards more attractive.. and by common sense of the AION team they'd understand that for that they'd need to make the Luna Instances no longer AFK friendly.

    Are you sure? You need to reroll and enchant 16-17 parts for a pvp/pve set plus socket that with manastones (plus those pesky fighting spirits in case of a pvp set). Now where should those kinah come from if not from Luna? Especially if you're nowhere near geared enough to lowman instances? The answer obviously is from alts doing content, be that luna or pve stuff. Both is imo unhealthy for a game but has been the state for quite a while. That's why I don't think a change to Luna is a good idea in general.

    I have no words for you.

    If you look at Galeas' response you'd understand that they actually care. ;)

    The reasons for my post is to make rewards more attractive.. and by common sense of the AION team they'd understand that for that they'd need to make the Luna Instances no longer AFK friendly. After all GF is a business and not a charity gaming company. I just fed them with ideas. I don't need to say more than that.

    I see that this topic evolving quickly XD is no only about better rewards now... but about afk problem? O_o

    hej Vashiro I'm wondering, If I'm correct you basically want players to be more active (in this content by forcing people to do actively luna) but is this really good instance to do this? luna is solo instance so... I think it is good that it allows you to do it by afk... more games allows this also ...

    To make people want to be actively playing isn't better to re-design the rewards and forcing them to be active all instance in other multiplayer content? I mean ... who cares if you doing solo content actively or AFK? other players have 0 interactions with you in solo instances ...

    Who cares if you can AFK it???????? Wow, why would there be any AFK content in a GAME anyway.. what is this ILL logic of yours? Sorry, but you're totally lazy to actually want to AFK some content. I don't think I'll be able to discuss without such a topic when you're totally behind afking content in a game.

    Gameforge I bet does care and also NC does care. If it is okay according to you, why does Korea not have any AFK instances? Yes, Luna is not available in Korea as well.

    Why are people defending the AFK Luna instances so hard? I guess it's time to make them not AFK-Able like they were in the past for a while. Then we can talk about these rewards getting a rework.

    I doubt that Gameforge had intended to let people BOT Luna on 10 or 20 different clients (yes some here do) and then spam the Kinah box as soon as it is available on any of these accounts and transfer it to their main. I know you'll hate me for that

    Best thing to eliminate Luna Material Hoarders is to get a script, replace the materials with a material that has an expiration time of 7 or 14 days or even 30 days. This way they are gone by the time they make Luna worthwhile and it won't be a broken fiesta at the launch of the rework. Also nobody is going to flame and say what about those that have 1k of each material and stuff. AAAANYWAY I know you'll hate me more for that.

    I rather want to be rewarded from luna by working for these materials. It's not wrong to ask for better rewards and yes, they have a big to-do list right now.

    I don't expect this before our new Veteran System or even 7.2 release.

    I am asking for an official response from the ones responsible of this Event. I am not witch hunting Gameforge or anything btw. There is one who's responsible for this decision. This person has to "fix" it.

    If they say the fix is to make a support ticket, then I'll do so.

    Well it's worth 30kk at the NPC but yes it's obviously pretty bs that painter can't wear it.

    The BOX can be sold? Or are you talking about the contents? Because we can't even access the content.



    Yeah I was talking about the content but well nevermind that if you can't even acces it...

    The content itself can actually be equipped on Painter. I did test it during my access to the QA server of 7.0 - when I was preparing for the Streams. I had asked to get myself makarna accs on the character, the Accs can be equipped as a painter.

    Sorry but.. Why painters cant use those accsessories?

    Weird design decision by Korea or they told Gameforge to do that for now. I highly assume this event wasn't meant for 7.0. BEcause this event had already launched during 6.x+ times in Korea. To solve the senseless issue was to remove painter support from it in the localisation I guess, as the item has no code to support Painters.

    However, I wonder if they can come up with an idea. Maybe let people keep this box and at a later point these boxes are coded up to date for 7.0.

    Hello dear AION team,

    I want to spend my AION Coins for this event. However, the item that I am buying is granted to give me at least 1 thing I can use.

    However, if I spend money on those rather Expensive Hammers and receive as a Painter the following:

    <[Rune] Ultimate Accessory Selection Box of the Cold Blue Flame>

    What are my options as a Painter and as someone who's spent real money? I can't do ANYTHING with this item. It has the value of 0, YES ZERO. I hoped that the Team would maybe pinpoint this special item and either change the bundle to not reward this item as a Painter or perhaps edit the box to reward these accessories to painters too.

    I hope you can elaborate on that, otherwise I am not sure if I want to spend money on this event as a painter. I wanted to actually spend money for these accessories. Any other class that has rerolled from new except of Painters can currently benefit from this.

    Is there a way to make the Support remove my box and give me the item I desire from inside this box? Because that's the least I'd get as someone who would have spent money on it, correct?

    I am happy with the event, don't get me wrong. However, spending money to receive ZERO - yes it's not even useable at all!!!!! - is just not legit.

    Kind regards,


    Dear AION community,

    In case you've missed my recent stream where I and Galeas talked about Livo's MyAion Animation Detection feature and why Gameforge can not just support the program on day one, here's a link to the Highlight.

    Hint: Open the link in a new tab to see Galeas' chat. If you watch it here, you will not see what Galeas was typing.

    I will only add one thing to the table and I hope it can be somewhat taken seriously.

    The MAJORITY on the list was being suspected for using programs since ages. Some even tried to report these hackers to support and they remained untouched and kept casually hacking at sieges since ages up until now. How is it possible that I go to siege and have over 10 Animation Hackers that play this game for long and are higher in the ranks? How can these people just casually hack? I just keep asking myself this question and yet a long time player appears out of nowhere and creates a tool and has much more promising results than ever. All the suspected people were included, this is grand. I know that Galeas himself is only our CM and he can not talk about technical matters or legal matters with these accounts. However, seeing myself sieging with 10+ hackers doesn't sound fun to me anymore if you consider the fact that they do it for months. I really hope, even if there is no official statement about it that the Support Team and GMs that examine hackers get online during sieges and use their "tools" this way they can start banning hackers without even reports but evidence collected by themselves.

    It is MIND BOGGLING HOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW people get 7 and 14 days ban for harassing and foul language but let people breach the client TOS and Agreement for months and remain untouched. I was shocked on the day where I streamed when I saw how many alone hacked on my server and are well known to not have been affected at all.

    Maybe I should hack myself and never get banned? (just an Idea)

    My few cents to this topic. /SadDayInAion

    Whilst it's finally nice to know who are blatant cheating, the way this was announced and the players basically just thrown up on screen to multiple people amounts to harassment. It is basically stating that these people are breaching gameforge's Terms of Service, which is for GF to decide.... if you look at some of the people on that list which have 1 or 2 reports, and look at their skills, it's only 1 or 2 skills which is triggering the report.

    Whilst this might not breach GDPR rules, Harassment of players and giving players a bad reputation which results in their game play negatively affected is against the TOS. So hope there is someone managing this to remove falsely accused people.

    But am also hoping GF does something about the blatant cheaters, especially when it's for HP, like strip their rank to 0

    Well, what can we do. Someone's gotta do the move. I just decided to side with Livo and promote his program. I will however not run around and point fingers. That's for the ranking website to decide. :)

    Dear AION Community,

    on Saturday right after Siege, a few friends and fellow players including me are hosting a little "show" for AION Players in EUROPE. There's also a little announcement from our side and the event will be fun. Maybe we'll also do some little giveaways! If you don't want to miss out on the action then make sure to come on Saturday right after Siege!


    It will be live on this channel!

    Make sure to follow me if you want to get notified with an E-Mail or through Twitch!

    Kind regards,

    Vash and some secret friends.