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    eyyyyyyyyyy my man GF came back with another trash event with no lege transform. burying our head in the sand and refusing to acknowledge the players' biggest pain, eh ? classic.... GG

    gonna say this for the 324832948329th time: PLEASE. GIVE. US. LEGENDARY. TRANSFORMATIONS. ty

    After so many events with each of them featuring a Legendary Contract.. you're complaining that the next doesn't have one?... I am lost.

    before the ban you pop up on our viewer list?

    What? Sorry, I don't understand this line.

    Also, the title says "unofficial server" then talk about DMCA and talk about ":censored: Business Practice" .. all this doesn't get along.

    I am leaving this discussion. It's a waste of time to explain what is illegal to someone who's truly against understanding that.


    - Zapiel

    I usually just visit all P.server streamers to look at their content. It was pure coincidence my friend. Also, while I was streaming today and had during the GM event 150+ viewers someone posted that he was banned along with a few others...? So tell me how is it possible that I was streaming and banning people? I have no such rights. I am a mere streamer on Twitch. You're just unlucky that Gameforge has finally stepped up their game with deleting illegal content on a website that doesn't allow illegal content to persist.


    The following items exist in the game since 6.5. If there are no plans to give selectable transformations, these would be a good alternative:

    icon_item_trans_contract_02.png Transformation Contract: Legendary Physical Class
    icon_item_trans_contract_02.png Transformation Contract: Legendary Magic Class

    Galeas please consider this in a near future. It's the best solution for a random contract. But selection contract of course is better. Make everyone happy please! 😁

    Please this Galeas

    Put them in NEXT ELITE VETERAN LEVELS next month...

    What next? they said this was the last.

    I hope not, but I guess it all depends on how far "Platinerk" is in the works.

    So pretty straight forward: Will there any selectable legendary transformation in the next time (approx. 1 month)? I don't want to discuss why it is important to me or others. I just want to know if there are plans so I know if it is worth it to wait a month.

    We currently already have a chance on a one selectable legendary hanbok within the Bundles that you get from the Steel Rake Currency.

    WHAT??? It Really works this way now?? You are sure its on here and not a Private Server?

    That would mean that I'll farm it to get the Plate version and put it on my Physical Cloth D:

    Some skins (for exemple scion gear given in hero trials some months ago or makarna skin from gold sand shop) can be used as skin for any class. It's because they're "clothing" (aka different armor type than cloth/leather/chain/plate). This mechanic exsists in aion since pretty much always, surprised you didn't knew about it.

    Honestly, I remember wanting to skin a certain clothing that was plate onto chain and for some reason that didn't work.

    The reason why I don't know these things probably relates to the fact that priot 5.x I never really cared for costumes. I usually only skinned Instance gear as it was cooler to show off with crafts/loots that weren't sometimes as accessible.

    When it comes to Dragon Lord Armor skins you have to choose the type that you are wearing. You can't put the Leather version on Plate armor. The type is being specified in the item being "Leather" means it only applies on Leather Armor. If it would have said "Clothing" then it applies on any type.

    But I put for example the cloth version at my chain gear :O

    WHAT??? It Really works this way now?? You are sure its on here and not a Private Server?

    That would mean that I'll farm it to get the Plate version and put it on my Physical Cloth D:

    skin question...Has anyone tried buying the Dragon Lords armour skins from Gold Sand Shop?

    I wanted to know if any class can wear leather for example, or is it class bind like gear?

    Any class can wear any skin. :slove:

    When it comes to Dragon Lord Armor skins you have to choose the type that you are wearing. You can't put the Leather version on Plate armor. The type is being specified in the item being "Leather" means it only applies on Leather Armor. If it would have said "Clothing" then it applies on any type.

    Hey dear AION daevas,

    In case you're a returnee or new to the game and haven't figured out yet how the Steel Rake Instance works properly or you don't know how to get more Freeze Frame Currency or what's the best to buy from the NPC then check this video out! :slove:
    I know it's a "late" guide!

    I'll from now on try to create guides for many events. I might ask the AION team to assist me on letting me know the full details on event release days to prepare a proper video with all the info that's necessary.

    Sharing is appreciated if you know a few people that struggle!

    I wanted to change the volume of my client (lower), but it only lasts as long as my client is running. As soon as I restart it, volume is resetted to 40 percent.

    Any solutions?
    (Y, while changing the volume I only ran one client and y, if I change graphics those settings are also applied after client restart)

    I assume your folder has restrictions on it.

    If you use ARM or a Batch file to start AION, I'd recommend to change the access of ARM to have admin privilege. If you start your AION Launcher normally, make sure that this shortcut also starts the Launcher as admin.

    It could also be that you're using a custom system.cfg that you made read only. These have the volumes also set. So if you're using some tweaks for better performance.. you'll have to go into that file and change your volume settings there.

    Anyway, if that's not the case then it must have to do with your permissions on editing those files which usually gets fixed when you start your AION launcher or ARM as admin. You can't start the .bat file as admin.


    Some of you are looking at this "afk" event in a wrong way. The main rewards of the event are the legendary contract, the fragments and for some the ultimate enchantment stone. So that is staying 4hours online until you have 20 fragments for the transformation and that is in worst case 20days, most people I know have anywhere between 13 to 17 fragments already... After you're done with contract its 2h for fragments or 3 if you care for the ulti stone, and that is usually how much people spend in the game doing all the daily activities.

    It's only one from more that you have.

    Spending 3 hours a day in this game doesn't give you all that you need and is not enough to feel that you progress. You have to be there for all dredgions, runatoriums and other instances to gain your ethium, enchants and ap. Then you have to do sieges. Then you have to do altars for stellium and a chance for more coupons. Then you have to farm open world to obtain fragments in the end to morph pvp stones. Speaking of open world, there is the promise of legendary contract drop and of course scarce materials to craft things because the rest of the content doesn't give you everything. PvP stones that you just obtained might all fail. Then you have to do all pve instances for gear and possibly on alts too with this rng, or do it because it's the way to make some kinah. Then there are plenty more dailies and weeklies to do to get something in this game, something that is obviously rng. Then you realize this game takes more than 3 hours a day to do all the stuff, with the promise to obtain a bit of something that is rng in the end. Add dailies and events and more never ending events for a bit of something and this is how they keep you glued to the game. The alternative is obviously the shop. There was a promise with 6.0 that the game will go back to its roots. It was nothing like this back then.

    ^ exactly...

    I really hope that with 7.2's new patch in Korea where some items (including the normal rewarded enchantmentstones) become account tradeable and Kinah becoming account storeable will make the game a bit more like it used to be pre 6.x.

    Soo... Without enhanced stigmas you don't have additional slots in future?

    From my understanding it just means the following:

    In order to get the Enhanced Stigma Status you must use the Upgrade NPC when your Stigma is +15.

    What it basically means is that you'll keep your 2+ Stigma Slot and 1+ Greater Stigma Slot when you have a full set of enhanced stigmas.. as the Enhanced stigma is +0. It will no longer show the +15 next to it. Also an Enchanced stigma remains simulating a +15 stigma. So I think if you have a full set of +12 or 15 and 1 one of them being an enchanced, you keep your Bonus.

    LFStrat has to clarify that better I guess.

    I think this event is totally okay as an "AFK" ****EVENT****, because of the possibility of another FREE Legendary Contract and this time 100% rate on getting the scroll itself. There are more events planned afaik, as the Anniversary/Birthday of AION wasn't announced yet. So we should stay tuned I guess. Psycho

    A hashtag won't fix the issue at all as people will abuse it for more visibility/reach. Hence really really bad suggestion.

    The only way is to edit the list of approved streamers manually!

    About the Royal Daevas team, it consists only of Offical Server streamers however it's mixed with NA and EU, therefor it would not be so productive to promote the list itself on the forums. + First exploit mentioned could also be done within my "Royal Daevas" Team.