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    I understand your alt problem. However, you can alt in most events and most mechanics in the game. It doesn't make it an excuse to not change Luna to become more convenient in case you decide to spend real money on it, by buying AC and then Luna. Current offers are totally not up to date nor are they worth their price. That's why. However, alting will always exist. That's the harsh truth.

    I voted "no". Cuz nobody complain about luna and firstly they need to focus on other important things. For example on sh*y drop rate from mobs. We dont have a good way to get fragments, many ppl are stuck with eq +15 cuz they dont have fragments.

    Rewards from luna are not that bad. We can get ench stigma stone fot 7/7 weekly (you can afk it in your alts), ench stigma stone for 150 luna/day. Only rewards from daily luna are useless.

    If you paid much attention to the situation of the OW drops then you'd know that it is already being "worked" on. So yeah, we'll have to wait.

    About luna? It's been complained about in 6.x era already. But sure, if you just vote no because of the Issue witht he current OW drops, then it's a quite biased NO. It's totally fine but please lets keep it on Topic now. Otherwise some Mods might come and remove off-topic or worst scenario close the thread.

    Edit: Also it seems you didn't read my post at all. I don't talk about the loot in weekly instances alone, but the items that are outdated and which you can get by spending your materials or luna.

    Thanks :)

    OH SH*T, yeah xD ! Gonna add that.

    Well rework can mean many things xD I will rephrase that. However in the first part I was tackling only 3 Things :D so it was explained a bit ^^

    i voted "no", not because i dont like your suggestions, but just because of how the "yes" is worded ;) current luna system isnt really bad, it has it's uses (and those should stay), but it also could be improved and your suggestions would improve it :P

    what probably also should be looked into, are the rewards you get from the keys in "munirunerk's treasure chamber". most of them are outdated aswell and pretty useless.

    I can't please 10 types of different opinions in a Yes vote. If you read the question properly then you can understand why I added a plain Yes and No and the 3rd as an alternative. However, that's why I asked for people to respond. :)

    If you keep reading Akyran (I assume you didn't) I already mentioned "munirunerk's treasure chamber" at the last part.

    Dear AION Gameforge Team and players,

    As the title says we need an urgent change to the Luna System. I speak for Karukoner's Workshop, Mechanerk's Weapons Factory and Munirunerk's Treasure Chamber!!! ... They have "outdated" rewards and in my opinion it's long due. Additionally, as we all know very well that LUNA isn't a KOREAN thing but was designed for other Publishers/Regions we can assume that you have a bit more freedom in designing it. I hope you'll read throught his thoroughly.

    Please do not ignore the poll and vote, so that the AION team has an idea about your feelings towards to our current Luna system.

    Proposal for Karukoner's Workshop


    Slot Stone Bundle - Increase the amount of Slot Stones recieved by this Bundle. It is okay that it doesn't give that much, however if a new player is spending his/her bought Luna as he/she has no clue and crafts the slot stone bundle, he/she will judge this Bundle as utter useless if you compare the amount you get with the amount you need to unlock an Ancient item's 3 slots. It is in general a very bad rate for it's "value" as you can easily get ancient items crafted or even dropped from very easy instances that give more than this bundle alone (without any effort).


    [Title Card] Luna's Light (7 days) - Either remove, improve this Title or make the title significantly cheaper. It's very bad. It gives Stats as much as 2 manastones of each Stat (Mag. & Phys Atk) for 7 days and the price is very high.. and I am almost sure that we talk about maybe not even 3% of the community crafting this title. It's usually the clueless new players. Why not make the rewards more attractive? Currently the Quality of the Luna System is in my opionion pretty BAD and it reduces the game experience quality that you provide as a publisher.


    Removals I would suggest

    Bundle with Ancient PvP/PvE Enchantment Stones - Too Expensive, if you adjust the price it would be still a fine Luna Sink item however I doubt that many players craft this, falls also into the low % of clueless players.

    Bundle of Transformation Scrolls - Either you increase the amount of scrolls received from this bundle or completely delete it. Another item that will just insult people's intelligence and make them mad and grumpy that they actually invested luna into that.

    Bundle with a Premium Recovery Potion/Serum - Just remove these items completely. They exist now in the Gold Sand Shop for a very cheap price. It is just... a "scam" at this point and I doubt you want to upset your players for getting baited into such a stupid design. (Yes, I said stupid, because it sadly is stupid for it to exist here)

    Bundle of Malleability Stones - REMOVE all grades (Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate) of them or make them super cheap. If you look at the screenshot below, you'll notice how HORRIBLE this design actually is. It rewards you with a very low amount of Ultimate Malleability Stones and this is how much it would cost in a guaranteed way. This is insulting in my opinion when considering how easy these can drop and for example the Ultimate Bundle is not worth 122 Luna at all and the Legendary not worth 126 Luna (Where is the logic in that?)



    Additions I would suggest:

    2x [Jakunerk] Jurak Aether Pudding (2k 15min CD Jelly)
    1x Gold Cublet Bundle
    (Please not extremely expensive but moderate to not make it P2W friendly)

    2x Transformation Candy Bundle [Selection Box] (Add a unique version that you currently not put into the shop and make them worth it for us and you, Luna sink is always good for the business of AION anyway)

    1x [Untradeable] Jasba's Grace 1 Hour Duration (Reusable with 24h expiration time) That's a quality item right there.
    1x Bundle of Magic Crystals [
    Ancient/Legendary/Ultimate Versions for each] That's also better quality then the Malle Stones in the current List.

    Proposal for Mechanerk's Weapon Factory


    Replace <Bundle containing refined divine Recovery Serum> with a bundle that rewards <[Rune] Mysterious Regenerator> - The old Abyss Potions are so weak compared to the ones that the majority has. You already provided the Serums through events, why not provide the <[Rune] Mysterious Regenerator> through the weekly LUNA Instance Rewards? It's not broken and it will not affect your Revenue from The Shop. It's just a better quality of convenience.


    Proposal for the Munirunerk's Treasure Chamber


    500 Luna Spending Reward: Replace the Bronze Cublet Bundle with ONE of the following suggestions:
    - Gold Cublet Bundle
    - Platinum Cublet Bundle

    - [Jakunerk] Cute Minion Contract (one with higher chance on A Rank minions)

    - Gold Bar Bundle (which has 5 Gold Bars in it)


    1000 Luna Spending Reward: Replace the Legenary PvP Enchantment Stone with this:

    1x [Untradeable] Ultimate Bundle of Enchantmentstones (Where you can select PvP or PvE Stones)

    WHY? Because why would you favor PvP players in this Box? This way you'll have equality between a PvE and PvP player upon spending 1000 Luna. Also will add to the Luna sink a bit, for those who can afford it and need an Ultimate stone urgently. Basically a much better quality of items provided through the Luna system. Yes, it will provide a bit of pay to win here and there, but as long as these items are all untradeable and limited per day, it will not be as harsh.

    Lastly, the Munirunerk's Treasure Chest's ... (which you use the keys on) are also very bad and super outdated. Please make up a good set of rewards valueable for 7.0.

    Thank you for reading dear AION Team :) and I hope the players have left their vote!

    Please add suggestions to the topic in case you've something else on your mind.


    I just want to drop some sense into the topic guys.

    Basically Gameforge did ZERO, Nada to our current drops. They had explained before how their "custom" loot table works. It is a script that is automatically added to any Mob in Lakrum that has by default a loot table. If it only drops 1 Grey Trash item, it's considered included in their "custom" loot table. However, if a mob by default doesn't have a loot table coded into them, then the script doesn't overwrite it.

    If you remember correctly, the balaur in the Mines on Elyos and Asmo half of Lakrum had no drops. That's due to the fact that these were meant to be Quest mobs for a Campaign. This was an adjustment to counter the issue with Bots camping Endgame questing content.

    However,... the KR Region since their Free-To-Play.. bots became a much bigger problem. Botting is a 3rd Party Business there and of course NC doesn't want them to profit much.. to actually ZERO. Therefor many loot tables for NPCs in Lakrum were scrapped to counter them. KR doesn't think right away for a publisher and the publisher would have to reach out for adjustment changes. That is why we received a default patch from Korea as the Staff wasn't aware of the impact it has on the community. As we see right now, they clearly heard our feedback and are already discussing and perhaps working on ideas and concepts to solve the issue without breaking it.. and ensure that the change they provide will not break the economy or favor just a certain type of players.

    Gameforge as you know decided to add a loot table for Dumaha as well, with very nice intentions as they swapped 1 drop compared to the Lakrum table and added a chance to drop a Rune Legendary Transformation Contract (10 Types). That's amazing. However, I am sure they also weren't that much aware of how many NPCs in Dumaha are actually not having any loot table. Korea decided to also counter the bots in Dumaha to favor the real players experience. How? Well, you have tons of dailies and also weeklies that reward you with Stellium, be it normal quests or Altar quests. Korea has on each server perhaps over 100 bots (I am not even joking) and that alone can ruin the fun for many players there. Since we don't face that many bots in our servers as they are pretty much countered every day... Gameforge will most likely adjust some of the mobs to have a loot table again. To favor people that really want to work for their gear as currently with our rates and also our active players.. it's nearly impossible as Dumaha has just a handful areas for farming and these are mostly contested.

    From another aspect (just my personal opinion) it is also in Gameforges interest that we progress faster. If I am stuck and not getting any fragments of the fighting spirit for 2 months because each area is contested, Old Malle Stones being too expensive etc. , they will make "bank" much slower with their events and promo events that feature enchantment stones or other items that favor gear progress. Why would I go and invest into enchantment stones when I am stuck on a legendary +15 gear? I rather wait until I get enough mats to convert to ultimate and maybe by that time I'll have farmed stones through the daily PvP instances.

    Anyway, I am sure they will handle this correctly and reasonable as we've seen in Lakrum. It was like one of the best adjustment patches Gameforge has brought and if they can bring this experience back for 7.0, it will be a more "fun" patch for every type of player. (Newbie, Casual, Pro Casual or Hardcore)


    The Fragments of the Fighting Spirit becoming tradeable would be "bad". Somewhere in 7.2 you get new "level up" quests next to the current progress quests. These will pop on each character you level up if I remember correctly. These also reward with Fragments.. over 100 per character.. correct me if I am wrong.

    So if this would become tradeable, people would only spam leveling up characters in a short period of time to get a few hundreds of Fragments on their main.

    Ignore people who say "it's okay the drop" its old ppl who have 50k material craft of the latest version or play full geared and doesn't wnat competition in sieges.

    A new player or players who haven't farmed in the previous versión, they have almost impossible get PvP equipment.

    I must agree with this, especially new comers or rerollers will have a hard time.

    Maybe it would be even better to highlight any Hero/Legendary Boss right away on top of the mob list instead of still scrolling down if the boss name starts with UVWXYZ~

    Egg on face? Nope, busy with girlfriend and then legion activities. Sorry~

    It was my personal opinion, I dont know what gameforge does nor do I control anything.

    hmm interesting my usual places competing with bots have stopped producing since the event, I have killed thousands with no luck.

    We will see what happens in 7.0; GF said that lakrum drops will remain unchanged

    There was never a change done. My girlfriend came to my place. Logged in, 20 minutes later 1 ancient contract, that's 2 weeks ago.

    It was explained in a different post that the loot script works with an average of total global mob kills/loots in the designated map. So if for example an Item is supposed to at LEAST drop 1 time after 1000 mobs, then every 1000th mob it will drop, who ever is killing that 1000th mob will get an item or something like that. Keep in mind that each item has it's own modifier, so you don't wait 1000 mobs to get 1 of the items in the list. each of the item has it's own "counter" I suppose depending on their average rate for XXXX mobs. Therefor it's quite RNG. Which makes the excessive and aimed farming of 5-10k mobs not necessarily profitable as it's meant for RNG luck and not for nolife bots. SO even bots can sometimes be super unlucky, running for 10hours and killing mobs in their own pace and perhaps only drop 2-3 items.

    Anyway, there are no such plans as modifying drop rates in Lakrum, otherwise they would have announced that. However, they did tease that they want to add a loot table for Dumaha, however if we will see that on patch day in 4 days or weeks later is the only question we'd need to get answered. Perhaps on patch day during the maintenance stream on twitch.

    Yesterday I killed 190 mobs and got 1 Daevanion Skill Chest and 1 Rune PvP Enchantment Stone.

    Where? hidden mine and giant golems don't drop them now?

    Where is a total irrelevant question because every single mob that does drop naturally items have the same exact rate. I dropped the Daeva Chest in the middle of the map, around the garrison. The legendary PvP stone around the Garden Entrance (Asmo Side)

    The Hidden and Abandoned Mine Mobs never dropped any items even in 6.2 before the script. Their loot script only works on mobs that naturally drop items. Therefor the Mobs that never dropped anything in 6.x will not drop the desired items you look for. So don't kill any mobs that don't drop anything by nature, that's a waste of time for you.

    I grind and benefit from it. ??????????


    Yet you still not even avarage geared, how so ?(no attack towards you):). Outstanding benefit from it.

    I stopped gearing up since more than 2 months actively due to the fact that I didn't want to put any resources into a character I am quitting when 7.0 comes out. It would hurt me as a casual or pro casual player to put every bit of energy into something I will end up quitting. (I have 230+ Legendary Stones waiting on characters btw)

    Yesterday I killed 190 mobs and got 1 Daevanion Skill Chest and 1 Rune Legendary PvP Enchantment Stone.

    Overall I dropped 3 Ancient Contracts which 2 of them were duplicates thankfully, more than 8 Daevanion Skill Chests, 1 Ult PvP and 1 Ult PvE stones, around 15 Legendary PvP stones and perhaps 5 Legendary PvE stones. Thousands!!!! Of Malle Stones of EACH type and at least 20 Stigma Enchantment Stones. I think for a F2P game that allows you to get items anytime and not ONLY DURING EVENTS this is quiiiiiiite outstanding.

    Don't worry, I didn't take it as an attack because I've stopped gearing up actively ever since I've heard of the Painter class.

    we will get the December Patch

    With additional features of future patches, especially made to make the patch more enjoyable.

    If I ain't wrong... Lercer has confirmed that we're also having ***some*** Jan 30th features as well in my twitch chat during my last official Sneak Peek #2 stream.

    Unfortunately it wasn't me who banned them, it's my mods then. During these streams I have quite a lot mods there that time out or ban. If I don't agree with someone, I will just point out my opinion and if that person then responds but with a rude tone, then I can't guarantee them to remain. But I don't discuss for very long, unless I am almost done with what I was showcasing.

    I never seen someone call a Female a dog, actually never recall anything like that.
    My mods act independently so I can't always track it unless someone reports malicious behavoir.

    So Anyway, I stated some facts, what you want to make out of it, is for you to decide and just believe what the community says as they are always right about every little detail about me or gameforge /sarcasm.

    EDIT: H.ello's YT comments.. I guess I can recall that at least. What's wrong if someone has a super toxic attitude towards to my existence and doesn't like me?
    My streams are sponsored yes, but I will not unban during these events people that hate me. If you decide to hate me, then you're not welcome. I am not a GF employee that is streaming the Content that you guys want to see. I am a mere voltuneer that gets sponsored. Therefor you can't just judge it. I am not gameforge, not a pubic domain. I am a private streamer. :) So if you mess up with me, don't expect an unban during big events. You're not a child anymore to decide wether to say something bad in public or not. You need to know the consequences. :)

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