General Event Discussion

  • Personally, in my opinion all this drama is very exciting! 8o

    A HOT event that catches peoples attention is better than that no news at all..=O

    We are all glued to the forum just waiting for Gameforges solution, hang on to your seats, good luck everyone! ;)

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  • I was solely talking about the ability to buy enchantment stones. I know you can do it with tickets.

    Basically I didn't get a proper answer for that.

    I only see another person with zero knowledge about quality assurance and a sense of economy in games or its health.

  • Why do you need to buy an ench stone?

    Just play the event and you have plenty of it.

    Players will pay big money for PVP ultimates, event only gives PVE stones.

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  • You don't "need" enchantment stones, except just for pvp gear.

    This event should net you over 1,000 ultimate PvE enchantment stones, and over 2,000 legendary PvE enchantment stones.

    Yeah indeed for the hardcore abusers


  • Tbh, i'm free to express my opinions as everyone on this forum.
    And as a last reply to you, why dafuq should i play for the future? i wanna have fun now, not tomorrow ;)
    And as a new player, i should rely on the broker and not on playing the game right ?
    If i were to use the broker prior to this event, my main would have been max pve geared in 1 month, not 7 but I chose to have fun and play the game as i wanted. Everyone is having their fun their own way, if you like spending kinah that you farmed on broker to get ur stuff, i respect your way of playing, but u are not allowed to judge my way ;)
    At the end of this event i will be almost exactly like a player who starts fresh or one that returns and missed it, because i barely farm it yet i have no problems if i can't find anything in the broker, i never relied on it anyway. HF reading every post and comment on them ;) bye

    Obviously you are, but do us the favor and try to act like you thought through what you post.

    The game is floated with leg enchantment stones and manastones, right. No one has any issues to gear up with manastones, every broker got 10 pages of legendary and 5 pages of ultimate ones. Just because "your way" provides enough of them...oh wait...where...where you get those he high....what is he talking about?

    If the game would provide enough, the brokers would have some. We had even manastone issues before the event, so I truly cannot take you anyhow serious.

    For the @rest

    Are you ready to compete and argue with people about ingame prices, which got stuff like that in their inventory?


    what can you prolly buy with these amount of kinah? :D

    There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't.

  • Why do you need to buy an ench stone?

    Just play the event and you have plenty of it.

    We talk in general about the impact of this event. It has a very negative long term impact. I will not tell you what. You should already be aware of it.

    Well no.

    It has a negative short term impact. Long term it will balance out. But that might take 2-4 month.

    The most simple way to get the kinah out of the game would be to increase the % of kinah you loose at the brooker.

    But the problem with this is.. there are hardly any items there anyway.

  • I only see another person with zero knowledge about quality assurance and a sense of economy in games or its health.

    only see an other person with Zero sens of farming want to said .

    You were not here when the eyes was open ... and not here when katalam ground was open .. all what happen now was the same on the past we just back to a old economy systeme whitch have been by the past... wasn't beeing assist by other on many point ... how do you think all arrived in HDV

    And i don"t allow you to insult myself 0 Knowledge ... you just an assist player who don"t start aion when it was a realy great hard game so don't juge me your not god

  • I haven't read all the posts now but I can't understand the discussion.

    As i know the event was reported as a bug and it was confirmed that everything works as it should.

    No matter what GF does now it's wrong and too late

  • It has a very negative long term impact.

    In your opinion, of course its possible if Gameforge don't do the right thing or just try to nerf everything believing that will give them more cash shop sales.

    The problem with that is that it kills the F2P title and there will be only a few left to use the cash shop.

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  • I would say: Let the event run all the way to the end. See what kinda impact it actually does have into the game.

    Harm been already done and if start rolling back, changing kinah into ingots, I would not be happy about that because I already had grinding billions of kinah before this event.

    Just let it flow to the end. This actually can be good for the Aion community overall. More kinah into the economy, which later on will balance out itself. Keep in mind that not everyone are still acquiring billions of kinah. There are a lot of players in this community that are not grinding the chests almost at all.

    I think this is a fun test to see what will happen. It's not exactly that Gameforge would lose sales from this, same amount of goldpacks etc. are still bought from Aionstore and items that are sold, are sold for high prices, in over all it's +/- 0. Infact, I calculated yesterday on Sillus that the new gold pack prices and average amount of 30M boxes grinded per day, the goldpacks currently are even cheaper than earlier ingame.

  • By the logic of all the people defending the situation... Aion becomes a EventToPlay game.

    Alright I will only play Aion during events. Thanks for enlightening me.

    your just a streamer who don"t know past of aion , how by past it will be easy to have unlimited enchant stone and kinah the 6.X just kill 8 years of ppl farming that why ancient player leave massively .

    My first account i remember waiting the mail with the code to access beta serveur .

    You talk aion about a litle periode what is 5.8 - 6.X evolution ?

    Now considére what happen in the past ...

    On 7.5 ppl will have their MM of Kinah and more than 1000 enchant stone to start 7.5 proprely .

    Look more far : on 7.5 situation will be the same as it will be on 5.X and before beaking gear, ppl with MM of kinah and infinity of enchant stone ... with a game who attract ppl , and more interserver interaction.

    Don't juge the situation now but make your brain working to anticipe the future by looking what was the past of aion since Beta