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    Lastly I personally invite Vashiro as a Gameforge partner to stop over hyping game content and features during his collaborations. This is directed at him, but also to all other content creators. This has led to people having unrealistic expectations about certain patches and possibly to a biased initial feedback from players to Gameforge.

    If you lately follow my AION streams you'd know that I am not overhyping anything as of late at all. I wasn't even streaming the 7.2 release. I didn't hype much except for the Katalam return. I even didn't hype 7.5 at all.

    I invite you to get behind your facts before you start stating them. :) Cheers.

    A question for the Gameforge AION Team. You can see this as criticism at the same time and an answer is not required for this one as you'll get the point.


    As a player who's just reached endgame or a player who's been since a long time in end-game. Can you tell me how long it takes to get something you're "planning" on getting?

    Let us say the following:

    A player logs in and says, hey I am aiming to get a couple of daevanion skill chests as I plan to enchant my most relevant skill up to +7 or +8.

    The player goes during this week through all the instances and manages to only get 1 daevanion skill chest. He gets a different skill (not duplicate) because it's too RNG. He also gets one from magical crafting, this time it's a duplicate! His skill is at +3. He's using one random book, it succeeds and then the duplicate and it fails back to 3.

    Now tell me, what is left to do in order to get this skill enchanted to +7 or even near that during this WEEK?

    Wait for a PROMO EVENT for SHOP PROMO UPDATE? If this is the answer, then it's a quite sad one. You also can't tell me that I should join an ongoing instance group and buy the box because you're not even officially supporting that and do not support cases of scamming therefor it's not an orthodox solution to it. You're probably going to tell me to burn my Luna for very small odds to get a shugo to spawn, right?

    In Korea they also do not drop as often as here. However, in their shop and events the Daevanion Skill boxes exist and are quiiiiiiiiite affordable unlike in your model.

    This is just one example. There are many examples that are quite similar to this situation (With getting Ultimate Coupons, Stigma Enchantment Stones etc.). There's simply ZERO or nearly ZERO reliable sources within a week to get important consumables and for example Daevanion Essence is 100% behind paywall which defies any argument of Free To Play.

    The OW Drops can't be a reliable source at all as it's just another RNG element. Don't get me wrong we appreciate that we have the chance to drop important items but it can't be planned to drop them.

    Your restrictive plan for these consumables are simply not working with your current business model. At least not in such a late state of AION. In 6.2 and .5 it was still kind of justifyable and with 7.0 it started to get tedious.. however there are until TODAY people that play since 6.2 or 6.5 to not even have all their daevanion skills unlocked.

    Now you might ask... why are people not streaming actively anymore your game which was a good advertisement tool for you on Youtube and Twitch etc.

    Well tell me, how can you stream the game when you're most likely stuck in progress? Why would a streamer want to stream his frustration? Also a reason why people want to watch streamers is also to watch their journey through progression. Nowadays it takes a LOTTERY win to actually progress further in the game. It is ALL, simply everything hidden behind an RNG wall or a PAY WALL. You can't argue with that. ALL PvP Instances rewards are RNG as the Enchant Bundles are RNG, instance drops are RNG, Stigma Enchantment Stones virtually only exist with luck in OW or you "p2w" or get your weekly luna reward. (I am not mentioning OW boss drops as they are usually only going to 1 Legion unless another Legion gets lucky in spawning a Boss in peace.)

    There's no way of having a healthy progression at all which leads to many people to become frustrated with the ingame situation to already be fully RNG and then on top giving out expensive items in the shop or cheaper with more RNG.

    I am sadly not surprised anymore that nobody wants to stream the game on any platform.. and I am not surprised that even players that spend money quit the game. These players that spend money also want to have a sense of progression within the game. If the game is not making them happy.. then there's no reason for them to spend anything anymore.

    Please stop making HT as a seasonal event. HT was one of the reasons why 5.x didn't fail in EU. Bring HT back and give us at least some static REWARDS within a week. The game is literally with all it's changes, nerfs and weird loot tables in OW (talking about empty quest mobs) literally unbearable. You really have the power to change a few things within the game to make it more bearable again.

    I hope this was some food for thoughts.

    Also I added my discord server to the document because I was banned on the EU Community Discord. They don't like sponsored or supported Gameforge content and started to bully me there^^ so I told em my opinion and got banned after I left.

    That's not actually true. Our bot is promoting Gameforges social media and events everyday. We reached out to GF many times but it's not really up to us who they wanna work with. They don't like when we promote wtfast but there's Gameforge partners promoting other VPNs but for some reason, it's a different case for them. We'd like to do more, but it has become very clear that it's not possible. We just accepted it and moved on. Discord server is still aimed for the community so events and all what is happening around Aion is part of it.

    At least YOU have got that mindset. The permanent "bullying" for being Gameforge partnered by Mods of the Discord. Then the deletion of my links to "sponsored" Streams on FB group (after I had gotten banned for saying my opinion on Discord) which is tied to the EU Community discord which also allows paid P.Server adverstisement on the Group and Discord^^ says it all. It might not be "entirely" true, however I do know what I said and why I said it before I left the Discord and followed by a ban. ^^ Anyway back to topic. I know, you can't account for their "mistakes" but don't give me that please^^.

    I want to remind you that this discussion here serves one purpose. To get suggestions that are realistic for the Gameforge team to eventually implement and adjust. Don't ask for old content or modes or maps or skills and mechanics.

    Please try to think of our current 7.2 and the future of 7.5 and beyond and make suggestions that could increase the quality of life of players that play actively with rewards and so on.

    I've refrained from giving my criticism and opinion here because I didn't want anyone to think that I'm above them. Everyone is free to voice their opinions of course. Some have disrespected the request to keep it objective and not sarcastic, these suggestions I've totally ignored. If you treat it with disrespect you don't have to expect getting respected.

    Anyway, I'll give this topic until Friday to get more suggestions going in. Then I'll pick with the help of a few other veteran players - what's good in this topic to include into the Document as not everything can make it in there. Only reasonable and realistic ones that have been elaborated on.

    If you've suggested something without any explanation and elaboration on why it's good.. then you should do it before friday.

    Of course the topic will remain open and we can keep adding ideas into the document. I just didn't want to edit it every hour with new ideas... rather do it in one go.

    Also I added my discord server to the document because I was banned on the EU Community Discord. They don't like sponsored or supported Gameforge content and started to bully me there^^ so I told em my opinion and got banned after I left.

    Anyway, if you want you can discuss it here. The LIVE DISCUSSION option is there and I had no other choice but to add my own discord instead of the EU Community one.

    Thanks for all the feedback so far! Many interesting ideas in here but please don't derail from the main topic here and that is the westernization of AION 7.2 and 7.5 and not the bringing back of old and good mechanics and content of previous patches.


    The issue with your suggestion about classes and mechanics is.. that it's a core game design. The suggestions that we try to gather here have to do with how we can "westernize" the Korean version to make it more playable as the Korean version focuses more and more on their Cash Shop which is rather affordable in Korea compared to Europe but doesn't seem to please the Koreans as well (The forced Cash Shop Item content).

    I agree that they could utilize their Luna and add something worthwhile there as well.

    That's why this topic exists.. to suggest features that add a bit more goodies and supplies alongside your "progression" to make the game more bearable in 7.5..

    Even if the impact is small, at least it had an impact.

    Dear community,

    As the title of this thread says.. What do you want to see in the future of AION?

    We all know that since the late 7.0 - 7.2 .. AION started to divide it's factions within and is lacking with "good" or "engaging" content or sense of balance between what's dropping, what's free and what's behind a paywall.

    Obviously the main reason for these issues is the way the game was designed in Korea. Gameforge is doing a great job with their adjustments, some things might still be lacking.. but that's why this thread exists.

    [Disclaimer] I've asked Galeas wether I am allowed to post this thread into the forums. The AION team hasn't promised nor instructed me to do anything, however they gave me the permission to create this thread which is made by myself after receiving many complaints and suggestions on my Twitch channel. It's solely made to voice our opinions, give constructive criticism and suggestions.

    If you're a member of a different language community.. you're allowed to translate it and post it into your own forum.

    Please keep the thread civil and avoid giving very short replies. Give us something well thought through. Please avoid having a provocative attitude as well. I hope the Mods will monitor this thread frequently.

    Here's a Google Document that will be updated frequently with well thought through ideas by us the community. This document is made so that the AION Team can look at the suggestions in a cleaner format.…6CSFWuZ8/edit?usp=sharing


    As most of you are aware, AION 7.5 is going to recycle a lot of it's content and bring more "cash shop" items and "RNG" into the game. Those changes were not even welcomed by Korean players... yet they still made it into the final version of 7.5 with some "slight" adjustments. Our current 7.2 version is also lacking in terms of content.

    Currently AION 7.2 and it’s future versions are going into a dark direction for players who care about content, innovation, rewards and replayability possibilities in end-game. What we try to achieve with this list of suggestions is a better quality of life for dedicated players. For both types, the Paying Player and Playing Player are targeted with our ideas while we try to ensure that the monetisation for AION remains in good health as it is the reason why AION is still running under Gameforge after so many ears.

    We’ve all experienced friends of us quitting AION or giving their accounts away permanently in the last few weeks and these also include people who were very dedicated in spending money into AION. We got to admit that Gameforge did their best in trying to please us so far.. however it is not entirely their fault if NCSOFT keeps releasing content that doesn’t fit Gameforge’s approach with P2W and/or their business model in general. Their hands are sometimes tied when it comes to core game changes.. as NCSOFT has the final say over those things.

    With the release of several new mmorpgs in 2019 and more to come in 2020 it will be hard to keep AION interesting and engaging with the coming 7.x patches. That’s why we as a community should take a bit of responsibility and give good criticism to Gameforge and let them know why some of us QUIT.. in order to maybe save a couple more years for AION in Europe.

    You might be saying “Hey, AION does actually quite fine, there’s nothing that AION needs”. That’s also a valid opinion, we’re respecting it as everyone has a different opinion and view over those things. However if you’re someone who’s aware of population numbers and checks these numbers on a frequent basis over or other websites.. You’ll notice that with the release of 7.2 and Red Katalam the player base didn’t increase drastically, after just a couple of days or a week the numbers went back to where they were before 7.2. Obviously the drops issue and kinah nerf was one of the reasons for the decrease. A fair amount of players came back with Gameforge’s 7.2 adjustments to Kinah and the Drops however it still didn’t feel significant. The player base is still not in a state where you’d say that there was HYPED Content released just a month ago.

    That’s why this topic and document exists. We, the players who still care about the longevity of AION in Europe want to voice our concerns.. Especially with 7.5 “around the corner” as the next major version. Many mechanics are being reintroduced that had a bad impact on our community during the 5.x era. To avoid it from happening .. we can at least add some features to our European version instead of waiting for the damage to happen. We don’t ask to change literally everything about 7.5 as we know a lot of things are not in Gameforge’s hands to be decided. However this topic is focusing on the current state of AION.

    Please read the Google Document to know which suggestions have made it into the Document so far. You're allowed to discuss these suggestions as well or give feedback!…F77BWEYkXwk-6CSFWuZ8/edit

    Best regards,

    your loyal community. :slove:

    What about reworking our Overseas Morph Designs to morph instead of the stones.. coupons? :)

    My suggestion is use a certain amount of Stellium and Fragments of the Fighting Spirit OR Genesis Crystals + Morph Crystals to create an Ultimate Coupon?? Give it a weekly limit of 2 or 3 and you're good as hell for the rest of the AION patches until there are new stones to get.

    Galeas Sorry for the shameless tag, but might be a "valueable" suggestion and isn't breaking anything for us nor for the business as you can adjust the cost of the design and limit of it and stones aren't tradeable anyway.

    Leider nicht unbedingt der Fall.. AION Raids sind einfach broken mit der veralteten CryEngine die wir haben.

    Mein CPU ist auf 4.50GHz übertaktet... mit ZOTAC Geforce GTX 1070 Ti AMP 8GB GDDR5 und 16GB RAM... und AION auf ner SSD komme bei Mittel auch nur auf 15-20FPS.^^

    In AION hat man allgemein sehr schlechte FPS egal wie gut dein PC ist. Man muss mit 10-30FPS rechnen^^.... aber dass es bei dir abstürzt ist echt nicht normal.... hm...

    Anyway, let us hope they have a good plan.

    Sorry Vash, it's hard to believe that GF didn't know about the 7.2 nerf which started in 7.0; even lackrum mini bosses drop nothing now.

    More than likely they were hoping to force more players to use the cash shop but they now need to rescue the situation.

    I can't answer for that in particular. ^^ Only the QA team knows what has happened here, but seeing how they want to already move forward is a thing.

    Kinah nerfs and drops are however not core changes to a game. But when it comes to 7.5, many of those bad decisions are sadly CORE GAME DESIGNS and I bet many will carry over to EU. Now it is all up to GF to change some of these things. At least the community is already vocal about it.

    We are paying Gameforge for their services, not NCSoft, so it's GF who has to provide, NC has nothing to do with this. If you go to a restaurant and the food is crap, do you blame the cook or the food provider where the restaurant buys the ingredients?

    Sadly wrong, NCSoft are the devs and core game designs "usually" carry over to all the western versions. Look at transformations. GF is just publishing for NCSoft. So technically the restaurant has to offer NCSoft's products, even if they have their own name/label. Maybe the spice would be differently balanced.

    Anyway, let us hope they have a good plan.

    When we had the patchnotes:

    First Stream on the Test Server:

    Second Stream on the Test Server:

    How long did you play? Did you level up in reputation?

    Just had time to open up the perks given on the test server. I'll play a bit before looking into files to get more details on the Vision Weapon and theses the 2 new PvP gear.

    I kinda doubt you will find any PvP gear. I am highly sure they are patching it on wednesday. There is this tab on their event site of the Atreia Registration/Info where there is a page only available from coming wednesday, perhaps we get more info until then.. :S

    Anyway, I hope we both can maybe do some content tomorrow :)

    For the rest: here is the VOD of todays stream, Kyuubear was also here and we were discovering all these things together and he then went ahead and analyzed it later ofc :D /he's our smarty!

    Made a little update giving a bit more info nor correcting what I knew when I posted the document.

    For people who didn't saw :

    • The current T2 PvP gear will not be obtainable anymore
    • It was not the legendary/ultimate T2 PvP gear that was sold in Lakrum, but the one of the new PvP gear
      • It is not confirmed yet if this set are the end-game one, as no one checked if we can go beyond +15 (i have no info if you wan go beyond +15 on current T2 though).
    • 2 New PvP set have been added in Lakrum & Gelkmaros. They share the same stats.
      • They do not require the upgrade system. You can buy directly Legendary or Ultimate Tier.
      • This set has overall less stats than current T2. I do not have the value of the enchant on it.
    • According to what we saw in the Database, the skills on the Vision Weapon are highly similar to Binding, Silence, and Paralysis Godstone. There is also a 4th possible skill that can give a little buff increasing a stats depending on the weapon (it's accuracy for Painter Rings & crit spell for harp)
      • Theses skills exists under 3 tiers : Ancient, Legendary and Ultimate
      • One your weapon having the Ancient spell is +15, you will be able to promote it with the exact same weapon (+15 not required on the second), in order to have a chance of getting the same weapon +0 but with the legendary version.
      • If it fails, you will keep the weapon with the Ancient skill +15.
      • Same steps for the ultimate version.
      • According to one of the box ID, it looks like it will be available on Dumaha Bosses
      • At the moment, only PvE Weapons have a Vision Skill
      • It is not confirmed yet if these Vision Skill are on the Weapon itself or the appearance.
    • The boss of new instance Altar of Awakening is called 모르타샤 Mortasha(?)

    Thanks for the sum up! Basically it can even fail to upgrade your vision skill.. yikes yikes yikes. That means many duplicates needed. Maybe Dumaha bosses will be dropping a box for the whole faction members that participate (invasion loot style?)

    How long did you play? Did you level up in reputation?

    Going to stream a bit 7.5 today again~

    Streamed yesterday a bit and looked at the new Reputation System that comes to Inggison, Gelkmaros, Silentera, Lakrum, Dumaha and Red Katalam.

    I hope that we have some patches up to June or July.. it would actually be really dope if we can say we're behind KR by 3-4 months right?

    Since the other recent 7.2 patches werent that big and Gameforge is localising only in 3 languages.. it makes it possible to catch really far up and eventually be 2-3 months max behind. :D