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    What I do not understand why delete event boxes? what need is there?

    Maybe you want to keep the box and choose later some boxes Daevanion selection skill chest or any other options, not to be force to something.

    Let's say, you did all your stigmas +9 or +12 or +15 and you don't need anymore stigmas, but you want to keep box and help 1 of your friend or sell it via kinah. Or you want to choose Daevanion selection skill chest (your last skill is +14, who knows) (this is all about it)

    beni normal can be rolled that i did know.

    Ara infernal i heared that they can be rolled once and are then fixed? That sounds like 99% of the times crap bonus stats :D

    All new accesories from instances (including Beninerk Normal Mode - 7.5 patch), you get loot from box/boss and you open them once, you will get 4 max random stats, including:

    Re-identification Random Bonuses (4)

    HP +806 ~ 1344

    MP +549 ~ 916

    Magical Acc +173 ~ 288

    Crit Spell +152 ~ 254

    Magic Attack +126 ~ 210

    Healing Boost +76 ~ 126

    Evasion +213 ~ 356

    Magic Resist +213 ~ 356

    Parry +402 ~ 670

    Block +402 ~ 670

    1 example:

    Ultimate Flaming Altar Magic Necklace

    I've played on EAS server also and server was so smooth, no lag input. I know there wasn't so many player like on live-servers.

    Prolly PC servers config is too rusty to keep 2000 - 3000 players avg. and from here appears the input lag / spikes / freezes.

    wondering if this is a joke, but after waiting 6 days for the odian fragment box from atreia pass, i only got 1 fragment

    the next thing is, why is this game lagging so hard, when opening the map or magical morphing?

    It may be something connected to the heavy connection people are reporting. When im standing in Ingi im getting constantly a short screen freeze every now and then.

    I re-install my whole system for that issue, I even clean my PC inside. :D

    Maybe the map is too small to handle all players.

    We don't get whole 7.5 patch right now, so there is no Makarna gear.

    what do you mean? Makarna HM we will get

    according to EAS server there is no Makarna HM, we will get same 7.5 version as EAS server. so no Makarna HM.

    we don't get the nerf cleric healing weave. (cleric still can spam healing weave with 3sec cd)

    not really remove it, just an combination with full silent black armors (5 pieces + 1 hat) rest those new accesories with no pvp or pve.

    (there is also runes on this accesories/wings/feather/bracelet)

    Last event with running instances and collect fragments was really nice event with 100% rewards.

    This one is also nice, but at least let us finish by doing only f2p, don't force us to buy items from website.

    Imagine you collect all items, opening (as I understand you can finish once or w/e) and gets Etium (item you can get from Ashunatal).

    so lucky guys , wow

    Okay I'd say the event was pretty okay, considering its bugs etc. What I liked the most tho were the quests, which forced groups in the open and boosted the PvP :good:

    what PvP?

    There was only zerg fiesta.

    Get killed on alts trying to do quests, etc.

    If you PvP, bring an event only with PvP, by killing asmo/elyos like old Akaron one.

    just start giving out random apostle contracts in events JUST Apostles, and selectable other legendarys.

    How often did you post this now? Ten times? Twenty times?

    There are random Apostles in the event now and we didn't even see selectable ones in the shop, so the chance is low to get them in events.

    If he ask for selectable contracts it's not like we can get it sooner or later, if you don't like his posts, block him. easy.

    Just give us free loot for everyone. (fix bug or remove limit)

    Give us also 3 bosses in the same time so everyone can be happy.

    More bosses dead -> more loot -> more chance for nice rewards.