[Aion 7.6] Auto hunting

  • Remember those 6.x times with OW drops when bots were running with leg forms and you could only dream about one xD

    Not so long ago they removed OW drops, dumaha/lakrum/red kata became limited, most of the mobs are empty anyway so no bot problem.

    Big victory.

    Next patch everyone gets a ingame bot but the loot is even more nerfed.

    ???? xD

    When I was kid I went to a Circus, clowns were funny there... but Aion now is a diffrent kind of funny when you dont laugh but you just cant decide why are you even playing this dumb game xD

  • For myself speaking it would be nice since i dont have cubes and farming them while im at work would help a bit

    IMO, they will reduce titan coins from mobs - you all know, each next patch (except maybe gear) usually makes basic things harder (for example cubes and minion contracts or enchant stones/kinah farming). I will not suprised if from patch 7.6 we will get only 1 random cube per 100 mobs killed xD

    And dont forget guys! You will be as farm-bot very easy to kill for enemy faction. I bet that within first weeks they will came to enemy map and farm such chars :P When you die, your bot mechanics dont work anymore.

    So much loot and no time to collect it!

    Still im laughing xD

  • reducing titan coins and cubes makes no senese..i want see open world drops back....the game is in the worst state possible....

  • I had the time and I tried it myself @ EAS:

    after 76 Mobs my char is within range of mobs and has not targeted the next one.

    (a few minutes)

    so I tab the next one (three times.... because stopping again:rolleyes:)

    after 99 Mobs this ist what I get....


    The next problem with the Autohunt is that it doesn't get along with Aether's Hold as soon as you put it in the bar of the program and this is automatically executed then it just looks for the next target and you have then drawn two or more targets at the same time.

    And this program stops when your character dies.:thumbdown:

    I've seen a lot of the bots in the past and they're much better programmed.:gamer:

    They could get up and go back to your farm spot to continue grind...:thumbup:

    so we see what kind of "overcrowding of the pockets" we will receive

    on Wednesday the 19.08.2020.....:/

  • You can see where they take their inspiration, mobile games. Lmao.

    Imagine a MMO where the game plays itself for you. Not surprised, mobile gaming killed Korean MMO's because they make so much more profit compared to PC MMO's.

    It's like they're beating a dead horse with these features. If you intentionally think of ideas of how to make a MMO worse, this is one of them.

  • Yea man lets bring more mobile features into a PC GAME

    Im sorry but what is NCsoft sniffing?

    The developers are the ones who should be blamed

    Didnt their mobile game "Legions of War" shutdown?, didnt they realize what [...] they are doing?

    I am actually speechless.

    Worse Company than Blizzard

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  • but don't you guys have phones?

    Player base - we want less RNG and more rewarding gameplay

    Developers - we value your feedback and want to provide you with sense of pride and accomplishment by bringing .... RNG

  • but don't you guys have phones?


    Since 2002 not to play but to make phone calls.

    A mobile phone game cannot replace what was once experienced in Aion.

    this is like comparing candy (aion) to laxatives (cell phone games)<X

    But if the patch is worth as little as it seems, I'll probably only play the housing and the auction house from it...

  • Wow decreasing even the current OW "drop" due to a mediocore bot feature, nice.

    Ncsoft do care about feedbacks a lot now i can tell that.Hope so Gameforge will able to do better decisions with their custom "stuff".

    Cant wait for Aion 8.x brand new beginning on android and apple phone..

  • Dont think his comment was to answer seriously. It refers to Blizzard who at a pc game convention announced a mobile diablo game and was confused about all the negative comments they received.


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  • 1:28 - 2:42 best and funniest part

  • 100 mob for less than 10 titan Coin??? Are you kidding me??? Are we crazy????

    it is no better with the Cubulus...

    I tested it twice ....

    seems like drop is 1 cube / 8-9 mob

    100mob = 12 Cubes drop

    Eddit : "12 Cubes drop"

    and nothig else ....

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  • this i dont understand wasnt TITAN COINS supposed to drop over all ingi map? and cubes just in some area? from what i see and tested myself, in the areas where cubes drop, titan coins dont drop at all. and Vice versa...

  • They will implent it no matter what, this way they don't need to hunt bots anymore, which means less work for Gamemasters and therefore less resources being used.


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  • [...]

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    Player base - we want less RNG and more rewarding gameplay

    Developers - we value your feedback and want to provide you with sense of pride and accomplishment by bringing .... RNG

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  • And how much it takes to kill 100 mobs with this bot? 30min?

    In my case it was another player who was grinding near my area, so the two

    ("bot" of us)

    were able to clear the area of mobs.

    that's why it took so much time...

    waiting for respawn near by my char ....