Looking for NEXUS players

  • Good evening,

    I have not played in a few years. I was wondering to which server all the Nexus players went.

    Best wishes to you all.

  • Nexus was merged into Antriksha (together with Zubaba and Perento).

    Then Antriksha was merged into Sillus (together with Barus and Hellion).

    So theoretically they would be on Sillus server.

    However there was quite few situations when players could transfer their characters to different server and the big load of old players moved to current Storming.

    Also I'd say majority of players just quitted so don't get your hopes too high if you're hoping to see some old faces.

    Kinda off-top

    I just realised we went from 16 servers in 2013 to 8 servers in 2016 to 4 empty-ish servers nowdays, sad

  • Is not sad expected,big PROOF the x-mas that passed more PROMO than actual worth while events.

  • [...]

    Again. "Hello, [...]."

    We're playin atm on Stormwing / Elyos.

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