Fastest way to get tranformation

  • which is the fastest way to get the Ultimate Transformation, i know it is by refine but how to get the the transformations, to refine

  • It will seem like a trivial and obvious answer but there is no quick way to get the Ultimate. You need to have "luck" if so you can call it.

    If you find her, let us know, we've been looking for her for years.

  • From what I have read you can live a healthy life with only 1 kidney because getting ult from is matter of few/several/dozen thousand of euros and some good rng.

  • Not even that much money helps.

    Yesterday Squall opened 850 shugo tokens hoping for a tiamat and he didn't find nothing, many legendary and very few times level 8.

    It's all RNG (that is blow of ass). :cry::cookieshugo:

  • yday was a guy on Stormwing, went on shugobot and try 2 times -> boom easy Tiamat.

    Yeah, can confirm, the wife of my best friend´s cousin has a brother whose dentist knows someoneto whom this also happened..........

    Saw a video today of a guy who used 160 shugo coins, got 6 legendary forms, fused them and got Grendal, gg.......