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    I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm seeing some improvements in the game. Making aside the shitty events we've got in the last months, I'll like to point something. The game is much more new players friendly.

    With the anima NPC and protectorate gear tradable via broker, simplifying the currencies with insignias of experience. With exp boost every once in a while, stigma events monthly and the combat support (a.k.a bot), it's really getting easier for new players and not so new players to reduce the Gap with veterans.

    Of course I would like some stuff being more accesible for free-to-play players like luna, daevanion essence, restoration stone, ultimate enchantment stones, S-minion, ultimate transformation. But still, I like the last changes in the game, that's my humble opinion.

    You all complaining and I don't even know where the NPC that sell those things appear. :saint: It looks that I'm better off not knowing.

    Another tricky event, why am I not surprised? It's either events with full useless RNG and/or useless "first come, first served" mechanics.

    We have that much RNG ingame and even more with 7.7 and what you do, is again destroying our hopes with an event that is pure scam.

    We don´t have to accept it, we don´t have to live with it and we don´t have to support it.

    3 days ago I got so upset about RNG that I decided not to play the game for 2 weeks, to calm down my frustration. It's the second time I leave the game (temporarily) for the same reason. If there is a third time, it will be definitive. A game should be fun to play.

    So, I'll put this here since it's a form of community feedback as well.


    What's the point to have a thread of suggestions-votes on discord if we are not taken into account? It feels that way. That's why I made a resume of the suggestions from last months. Galeas, as a community manager, you should report this.

    Note: Suggestions needed 10 votes or more to be considered "popular".

    Let's start with the most relevant. More experience and reduction in experience extractor was suggested even before the 7.7 update. Now it's even more important to do something about it since insignias of experience are the main currency of the game. NOT ATTENDED

    Legendary, particularly apostles, and ultimate transformations is an old topic. Since months people have been suggesting ways to make them more obtainable and increase rates, particularly now that we have more ultimate transformations. NOT ATTENDED

    Minions (level 4 A-Class and S-Class) is more or less the same. We will have new awakening minion system, so it will adquire more relevance in the future. It's been announced that a minion event is coming in december, although it's not a permanent solution like monthly stigma event for example. PARTIALLY ATTENDED

    At the moment I'm writing this, there was a fame reduction every monday starting at level 3. We haven't experience the first reduction of 7.7, but have in mind that now articles from level 2, 3 and 4 have been move to level 5. Hoping the fame will be reduced starting at level 5 now, otherwise it will be limiting casual players. Particularly in Gelmaros for elyos and Ingisson for asmos are difficult to level up. Also in dumaha. NOT ATTENDED

    People have been asking, if you watch also shop-suggestions in discord, many skins, emotion and motion cards, either obtainable in shop or in game. If this is really a free-to-play game, those should be obtainable in shop and in game. NOT ATTENDED

    Finally, here some other various suggestions that the community liked. NOT ATTENDED

    the price of Combat Experience Extractor this is going to cause major issues and we need them now for everything in game just wtf

    GF you need to get the price lowered this is a joke.

    I have to agree here. I still think that merging other currencies into one, insignias of experience, is a good move. However, not only the prices of experience extractors hurt and need to come down, but also there is a problem with equivalence. Example:

    Just to leave a mark, since I've been commenting about every event: Halloween raids.

    I consider it as a bad event. Here the reasons:

    - In the first weeks of the event, it was colliding with the other halloween event and hero trials. It felt there were too much to do.

    - There was a timing error with asmo side, again, colliding with dumaha sieges.

    - Rewards normal.

    Until there, perhaps not that bad, but then it came the fact that 192 people in the same space. Not only the lag was horrible (even using shift+F12 and F12 alone), but when the lag reached one point I simply got disconnected. Not to mention rolling and win against 191 persons. Then the other thing. While killing Jack Nox in Ingisson 15 minutes with the group working hard and suddenly a random person outside the group did the last hit and the kill was not counted. And to conclude, those monsters position, at the entrance of lower udas temple, just outside ingisson fortress and between altars, making it hard for people that need insignias of experience, titan coins and cubes to bot tranquil, interrupting the growth of a character.

    Hopefully we don't get more events like this one, looking forward to 7.7.

    Nadie ha comentado de lo más básico: Revival stones y 20% hp potions. Hasta ahora solo había visto que las piedras para revivir las conseguías en poca cantidad abriendo muchos gold pack y las pociones solo pagando dinero. Por lo que para mí es lo mejorcito del evento. De no haber sido por el random merciless y no seleccionable para tu personaje, hubiera catalogado el evento como excelente.

    De los 6 cositos que he abierto, lo mejor que recibí fue 100% stigma enchantment stone. Probablemente voy a abrir otros 4 más antes que termine el evento, a ver si tengo mejor suerte.

    El Yortus que tanto se queja de los eventos ahora con ultimate transformation se le ve más tranquilo jeje Además, está el hecho que se complementa muy bien con el halloween hero trials.

    While you comment about the bug (I didn't have a problem with hererim mine by the way, worked normal), I want to praise this hero trials. It's much better than last one. Not only in terms of rewards, but also in terms of flexibility.

    Last time I found it annoying that the HT requested to find monsters in 3 places in specific days, daily, with not so good rewards. A pain in the ass. It was like Gameforge was telling me "do this", "play like this", "do a time consuming thing and do it daily". So, hell no I was not doing that.

    This time is different. The two halloween events are complementary, doing same instances instead of needing to go many places or do various things. Instead of a daily thing, we have a 3-day window to do it, which adapt more to human's lifes. And above that, the rewards are adequate for casual and hardcore players. A good first reward for those who play casual, a second normal reward and a third better reward for those addicts.

    I even like the promo, it has really good rewards. Even tho I'm not doing it, I would certainly feel like my money is very well spent there. That is the way to go: simple and rewarding. When things are being done right, it has to be said and Gameforge is doing it good. Keep up with that approach.

    I have to say that the fact that I got a merciless shield from the merciless weapons box, having a bard, was a big dissapointment.

    I was going to praise the last events and promo for the direction Gameforge was taking in terms of the quality of rewards, but I'm not so sure anymore.


    Bonus: I would love to see an event in which we obtain luna.

    I kind of have the same question (painter here too), was planning to buy the senekta chest on broker. Now, there are 2 stuff I would like to clarify.

    1- The item manual shows "vision weapons" as the best PvE weapons. Are those the same as extreme weapons (those that give omega and ragnarok)? Not sure if I'm talking about the same thing, I'm kinda confused. Isn't fusion with that better?

    2- I've seen that when fusing 2 PvE weapons the add PvE attack and defence values don't add up. So, what about getting a silent black weapons to +15 and fusing with merciless intruders +15. Isn't that better?

    Btw, I didnt do a single HT quest.

    Me neither and it was quite interesting the fact that I got tiamat's apostle 2 weeks ago. I though it was one of those rare transformations.


    Also, to comment about the last actions, the stigma enchantment event and the selectable legendary transformation giveaway, I must say that those were very good. Nothing to complain about. I was not lucky in the enchantments, but others were and I'm glad. And the selectable contracts I'm sure it's going to be very welcome by new players.

    A few days ago I encounter someone from ragna that had 43k hp, that bad was his equipment. He told me he was very frustrated because wherever he went he died, either by monster or oneshoted by players. Mentioned that the game was complex and was not clear about what to do next. He complained about the time needed to gear up and said he wanted to uninstall the game.

    We were on esoterrace and the other player simply laughed and, instead of supporting him, just finished the instance alone. I stayed to try to convince him to give it another try to AION and explained the basics. Took 20 minutes, because he was from France and his English was not so good. This said, this selectable contract is in good direction to help new players. Hopefully there are more actions like this one.

    It's like we shared the same destiny. I got hamerun first, in that stormwing egg event. It was semi selectable, between hamerun, mastarius and kromede. A physical package. Then it came the second one with legendary breath. I was needing a magical one for my bard and got another physical: mastarius. I suggest you buy the free legendary breath on the shop in advance. I had to wait a good month after having the 40 legendary fragments of memory doing weekly lugbug. Now I have fragments for another transformation but no legendary breath.

    Finally weda came from the contract you receive for doing weekly lugbug. It was pure luck. I've opened many of those and the contracts from weekly gold pack and nothing. I believe those 64-type contracts have like 2-4% of giving a legendary.

    As a painter, this is what I have:

    - 26% chance in items

    - 26% experience

    - 24% abyss points

    The 3 are tenacity runes, which are consistent with my mastarius transformation +2. The plan is to up the abyss points rune to +3 and no more. I saw that in a 7.7 update it will be +5 secure for runes/odians, so, I'll wait.

    The reasons to use those:

    - I'm always short on abyss points and can not upgrade the silent black equipment.

    - I have like 15% of cubes, so I have to farm those constantly.

    - I'm always short in insignias of experience.

    The plans to future:

    When I'm finish with cubes and pvp gear, since my plan is to make the painter pvp and the bard pve, I'll pass those runes to the alt. Hopefully that will happen in the 7.7 update and not in 8.0, when people say new gear is comming. Then, the goal would be:

    → +6 slowing penetration

    → +6 inmobilization penetration

    → +6 knock-back penetration

    Even tho people told me so, I still don't believe that the boost: resist whatever penetration are not defensive runes. So, I'll corroborate that, because I would preferably have defensive runes. Ideally:

    → One rune to resist knock-back.

    → One rune to resist silence.

    → One rune tu resist blindness.

    No matter if you see the items or not, you will get the rewards. Character screen is not fixing the items showing up, logging out will.

    Character screen doesn't make the item appear, but it fixes the timer.

    You are right. At the moment I did teleport, not log out, to see if that might help. Then I went to sleep and when I woke up the daevanion book was there. Was weird because I was getting the anniversary coins and genesis crystals exactly on time and only the book failed.

    Thanks to both.

    As a side comment. I'm having big hopes for the stigma enchantment event (being +6 safe). Will get all in and hopefully, after a couple months failling miserably to enchant them, I can finally get the stigmas to +9.

    So, yesterday I reached level 8 glory in ingisson and was happy. From 88% of level 7 to 2% of level 8. Today I see I'm back at 92% of level 7. Is that normal?

    Same with the event. Was online the first 5 hours of the day, even one hour before the reset of the day (as in the picture), and did not get my daevanion book. Basically, I wasted 6 hours of electricy and have to wait another 5 hours for the same book I didn't get.

    Now, about the events. It feels there are too many things to do, too much effort in some and not enough time.

    Hell no, I'm not doing hero trials. The most interesting reward there are the 5 purifiers, for me at least. The 3 insignias of experience is nice as well. But having to look in 3 places to complete the daily quest is just annoying.

    The dreamscape event is decent, even tho the best part was cut off. Have 200 coins in my main, saving for the mount. In my second character I've tried 12 times that machine, results:
    - 25 class A minionite (3)

    - 50 class A minionite (2)

    - Stigma enchantment stone (2)

    - Legendary enchantment stone (2)

    - Consumables bundle (2)

    - Slot stones (1)

    The probability to obtain tiamat contract is probably somewhere around 1 in 30,000.

    This other event Ghory's vaul is decent too, good to get aether jams. 125 coins so far, aiming for the dress. Splitting in 2 the legendary contract and the level 2-4 class A minion, well, I particularly didn't like that move, but is what we got.

    Oh my! I haven't use any of those runes yet, but are you telling me that there are no defensive type runes?

    I want to create a defensive painter and it would be ideal that I could get silenced, blinded and knock backed less. According to this, I can't do that. Particularly gladiators are problematic since that class knock me back a lot and it's not funny to stay like that the whole fight. So, there is a rune to boost gladiator's knock back but not to defend myself against it? Is that so?

    I now use the petrification stigma setup. Perhaps my only chance (more like being forced to) is to boost my knock back, inmobilisation and slowing penetration, that is what the painter uses the most. Or is there another (defensive) option that you can recommend me?

    You get always something, although the rates for good stuff seems to be low. I did 5 tries from that vending machine and got:

    25 class A minionite (2 times)

    50 class A minionite (2 times)

    Experience extractor (1 time)

    Saving for the mount. If I can use that mount forever, then it's worth it.