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  • Hello. can old weapons and armor be added to Aion shop as costumes (hyperion, beritra, Sauro Commander and similar) to the game store? or can an npc or dungeon be created for these costumes? They are the best costumes of the game, and we, as players, have missed these costumes very much. (8.4)

  • Hi, could you approve my post? It's about an item request for the Aion classic shop.

    Shop Request

    Thank you in advance.

  • Impossible de me connecté pourtant j’ai un abonnement sur une box, donc une adresse IP fixe.

    Alors pourquoi je n’arrive pas a jouer ??

    • Hello,

      Il vous faut contacter le support jeu Aion, car ils seront plus à même de vous aider.

      Bonne journée,


  • When will we be allowed to create a character on Atreia ??

    • Hello,

      Please stop spamming your question as it will not solve the issue.

      The CMs will announce when it will be available again.

      Kind regards,


  • Hola, hace poco descargué el juego por gameforce pero al momento de entrar al servidor no me da autorización para entrar y crear personaje, que se podría hacer y solucionar ese problema. Gracias

  • Dude you deleted messages from Aion classic discussion 2 days ago and you haven't sent them to me... I didn't have time to read them. Please send.

  • Please tell me the exact place to find the crafting people in Pandomonium. I have looked all over and there is no place called anything close to an Artisan's anything. I need step by step directions to the crafting people please.

    • Hello,

      Do you mean the NPC to buy supplies ? There are none in Pandemonium. You can find the one to upgrade your essencetapping. (Latatusk) But the hall of artisan doesn't exist anymore on the current version of Aion (7.9.2)

      The only other crafting job available is the Magical Crafting (shift + P) and NPC selling supplies are in Gelk (Magata) and Lakrum (Eredil).

      To find each NPC, you can type "/where npc_name" in your chat then press enter.

    • OMG! Thank you so very much for this information. I got it now. Thank you, thank you.

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  • sorry to have to PM you but why close the topic WE'RE NOT CELEBRATING THE LUCKY DAY! there was vaild points within pages of the post, only last few posts got out of hand why not just del the posts and leave the tread opened ?

    By you closing it it seems there is something in the last posts that are wanted to be hidden.

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  • Bonsoir ,

    J'avais mis un post par rapport a des dégâts hors norme en pvp constaté par plusieurs joueurs et amis .

    je ne savais pas si c’était un bug ou du cheat donc j'avais posté .

    bizarrement celui ci a été supprimé de façon arbitraire .

    pourquoi cet suppression ?

    je pourrai en conclure qui "SI" il a triche réelle et non "bug" , il ne faut pas en parler car cautionné par le staff du jeu.

    en attendant une explication concrète de votre part.

    merci de votre lecture


    • Bonsoir,

      Vous pourrez retrouver votre post ici : AION 7.5 - Discussion/Retours

      Celui-ci a été déplacé car il a été jugé comme étant une discussion autour de la 7.5 et de ses bugs et non un rapport de bug. Aucun post n'a été supprimé.