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    how this even a question tho classic is from 1x to 1.9 after 2.x is new era of aion the game went free to play before it even hit 3.0 thats why they now adding new content after 2.0 patch in KR cuz anything they droped after 2.0 was complete ass and even game as free to play had 10 % of the population it had in 1.5 and 1.7 and 1.9

    at this point im guessing its gona be 2023 Q1 same date ncsoft gona realese throne and Liberty and betwen playng aion classic or brand new mmorpg think most people will pick new mmorpg

    hey tried to look aion steams but seems no one is streaming current retail patch mostly is russians streaming old patches


    Edit Olly : Discussing about private servers.

    Thing is subscription wont stop 10 plus bot accounts becouse game is subscription but its also free to play at same time there is a barrier for new players cuz they have to pay monhly to get drops etc there is no barrier for bots becouse they can create account and play for free 10 free accounts killing mobs only 1 whih subscription looting everything.

    only way to set a barrier for bots would be to have to pay for the base game lets say 20 euros for the base game and then on top of that u can buy battle pass optional inside game that would replace the subscription payment of 15 €

    that way there is a small barrier at entrance of 20 € 1 time payment for base game

    and in game Battle Pass monthly 15€.

    that way if a guy wants to bot with 12 accounts in same alliance he has to dump 240 € just for base game accounts. ands would give gameforge incentive to ban these bots since everytime they create a new account its 20 bucks a pop

    that way we have a game that costs 20 bucks but then its free to play whith optional battle pass plus cash shop whith no candys in it or at least ones that cant be traded or sold

    Whoever says that sub free is a reason why Aion classic would die in EU/NA, dude get a grip of yourself. Most people who would play Aion classic are the people who played it back then and so(aka Nostalgia), meaning they are grown up ass men with money to spend. That you are cheap is your own personal problem, but do not spread that to the wider audience.

    Couldn't agree more. SUB is healty player enviroment (equality). When I try to advocate SUB model my posts gets reported. Funny thing all players here wants "Aion Classic" yet I doubt they even played it :D.

    i played both kr and na i agree whith sub being a good thing but when it comes along whith 30 € battle pass and a pay2win cash shop also free to play mode that allows to trade etc for 1 hour a day then subscription makes zero sence and would stop more players from joining at this point any new mmorpg realese even if its classic version of old one will atract new players becouse mmorpg fans are just dry of options. and subscription wont stop bots whith this model since u can play for free u just wont get any loot or be able to trade etc for more then 1 hour however in korea the way people used bots was.

    12 accounts all on same alliance only 1 has subscription and he is the one looting and all the other 11 accounts in alliance are free accounts just doing dmg and killing mobs while the 1 account whith subscription is looting everything on image bellow is all bots gathering by obelisk all in 12 man alliances killing all elite mobs by bakarma " draupnir cave " entrance we literally had no mobs to kill as soon as a mob spawns 12 bots jump on it.

    So the subscription either pay subscription to get full acess or if u dont pay you cant even log in, ncsoft tryed to milk the game so hard, by tryng to put in

    -Price box-25 € or 50€ for the game whith exclusive iteams at realese

    - Battle pass -30€ a month filled whith crazy pay2win iteams specialy at start

    -subscription 15 € a month

    -cash shop whith unlimmited pay2win

    -also free to play at same time limited to 1 hour then other 23 u can still stay online

    that allowed bots to kill mobs all day in big groups while only 1 account needs to have active sub.

    here in europe either make it free to play whith cash shop and battle pass etc

    or make it subscription whith no sub and no battle pass.

    Either go Free to Play pay2win or Subcription No Pay2win tryng to fuse both models is a mess

    the problem was not 2.0 game died in 1.2 patch even before 1.5 90 % of players left already

    I played on NA version since lunch and also played on korean server then i quit after problems started to pille up on north america

    1st one cash shop and candy´s unlimited amount of money can be used to sell for kinah

    2nd- Pay2win battle pass costs 30 euros even in games like apex legends costs 10 euros .

    3rd-game subscription 15 euros even tho feels like free to play game whith all the p2win plus battle pass.

    So your looking at 15 euros plus 30 total of 45 euros a month not counting what you add in for candy´s at cash shop .

    Server crowded whith bots and cheaters even recorded video of people cheating but to this day they never got banned .

    On korean server was even worst if you subscribe for 3 months you get 3 crowns so people subscribed for years for example if you subscribed for 30 months you get 90 crowns thats 900k abyss points on the first day all you missing is medals .

    You can buy medals from other players by selling candy´s from cash shop.

    So people subscriped for like 300 months had enogh abyss points for entier 50 elite set plus weapon on first day all they missing was the medals.

    my only hope is gameforge even tho alot of people bash it they always found a way to control there pay2win a lil bit more then NA and Korea small example when 4.6 hit ncsoft(na) had eternal Bastion reset scrools for sale on cash shop so did gameforge but gameforge had a 12 hour cool down for the use of reset scrool so u can only run eternal bastion( reward was 45k ap and 4 medals) twice a day on NCsoft side north america it had no cool down u can spam it 10 times a day or more if you wanted to and get geared in no time as long as u can keep buyng reset scrools

    i remember on classic the governor rank meant the guy knew how to pvp and be sneaky ganking people and farming guards in upper abyss forts whith out getting killd.

    Governor rank player after 4.0 meant the guy never pvp´d had no clue how to pvp

    and all he did was run eternal bastion so u had a governor rank player whith like 50 pvp kills in total maxed pvp gear whith zero pvp experience

    PvP gear was a reward for PvP

    since 4.0 PvP gear is a reward for PVE

    Nice your about 3 years late people kept asking for classic getting banned on forums cuz god forbid we get mixed up whith the total 6% server capacity thats still playng retail casino version then since u cant fight the masses u moved the topic to spam

    and your realesing classic right at same time ncsoft realesing throne and liberty just to make sure all the players are not even looking at aion at all classic or non classic .

    No we didn't ban anyone just for talking about Aion classic, we banned them (eventually) if they didn't respect the rules.

    yes and the rule was dont even meantion classic so isent that the same thing? how u can say players didnt get banned for asking about classic but then you say they got banned for asking about classic in same setence?

    Nice your about 3 years late people kept asking for classic getting banned on forums cuz god forbid we get mixed up whith the total 6% server capacity thats still playng retail casino version then since u cant fight the masses u moved the topic to spam

    and your realesing classic right at same time ncsoft realesing throne and liberty just to make sure all the players are not even looking at aion at all classic or non classic .

    that 14% is 9% bots 5 % players afk

    Galeas , we gave you this feedback before but it seems no one paid attention or was interested in it at all. It is not good idea to put quests for bosses which spawn each 6h or once per a few days. Just a friendly reminder we need work. Aion pays your bills but not ours.

    you think they care? aion has lowest population of pretty much any ncsoft game

    well to be honest retail has less then 1k players online so why would they even bother to keep updating the network so they will probably keep milking the few remaining players untill aion shuts down in eu since private servers have more people on them then retail and gameplay experience is way better on private servers then on retail

    It is sad to see such a poor communication toward this License,
    Aion Classic Europe is indeed waited from alot of players.

    There can't be communciation when there is nothing to communicate, if anything happens, there will be as usual.

    there is nothing to cummunicate becouse there are no efforts or plans of even starting to tackle any of the platform issues classic realesed in kr at november 11 2020 we are walking towards 2 years you would think 2 years would be enogh for gameforge to solve a platform issue if they really wanted to becouse as far as licence we know from ncwest that gameforge has it already 2 years almost same time took to develop the game itself but not enogh time to fix a platform issue ok....