Aion Classic 1.x or 2.x ? Vote yourself

  • Are you willing to have Aion Classic Europe released at 1.x or 2.x 162

    1. Aion Classic 1.2~1.9 (122) 75%
    2. Aion Classic 2.0 Directly (40) 25%

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  • The very first point of Aion Classic was to provide the very first experience of Aion,
    its first journey from what they are releasing in KR (3.x).

    The first early farming and discovering zone to be able to stuff yourself in the slow pattern of XP.

    (1.x)Slow evolution => need more gear => need to farm every named/elite that provide gear.

    (2.x)Fast evolution => skip content => rush late game => make 90% of early ressource usless.

    I don't think bringing 2.x to "avoid" 1.x issue is a good excuse,
    Bringing 2.0 directly will creat even more issue such as :

    - Droprate : Stigma
    (Faster XP / Less farm lower zon / less important stigma drop )
    - No Classic Experience
    (Its like a private server offering its 2.x feature directly, no classic mentioned)

    When you release a 2.0 it means you can rush 50 wihin 2 days without discovering anything, its like teleporting to Inggi/Gelk.

    That is mostly in my opinion what will Kill Classic,
    Alot of hardcore PvP players are ready to ZERG/SPAM all players they can,
    once Inggi/Gelk will be populated.

    It would be better if most of these players could experienced Aion,
    before being slaughtered.

  • I personally enjoy the completionism of 1.x, there are a lot of game continuity factors that are very important to address in 1.x that imo is important.

    Farming miragent for title.

    Spy quests

    Elite 50 gear which I still feel is better than the newly added 55 gear


    Extendable weapons and whatnot that are future-proof up to 3.0

    These are not features I want to spend 2.x's play state, catching up on, just because they want to rush out the content earlier.

    The content that they are "rushing" is content that the majority of the players who wish to enjoy the classic "good ol' days", is content they most likely have already experienced. So what does rushing this process even accomplish?

    In the long term, all this does is cut-off the available time, veteran players have to enjoy the vintage quality aspect of 'Classic' Aion.

  • I just can't wrap my head around the "Why?" part.

    Why kill the most important part of classic? Makes no sense unless they were forced into it. I can't imagine Gameforge doing this willingly.

    Surely, they aren't that braindead.

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  • My idea would be to release the game in 1.9 for 3 months or so then release the next highest patch they can get their hands on, be it 2.2, 2.4, 2.5 or 2.7. It would be perfect from what I have experienced on Classic NA to this day.

  • how this even a question tho classic is from 1x to 1.9 after 2.x is new era of aion the game went free to play before it even hit 3.0 thats why they now adding new content after 2.0 patch in KR cuz anything they droped after 2.0 was complete ass and even game as free to play had 10 % of the population it had in 1.5 and 1.7 and 1.9

  • Same here.

    I was so damn excited about the coming of classic, could not wait till it was here.

    My disappointment is on so many levels.

    Not only that we get to wait till 2023 (which is utter odd since we could've played during the holidays at least) , but we also really will not have classic.

    Classic path in korea seems like a very good one, they introduced new stuff compared to the old game, but only after they had people get through what the game really was about....

    Lvl 55 is a whole separate monster and by no means is what the games was all those 12 years ago when we first stepped into the world of Atreia...

    They say we get to experience Eltnen, Morheim ,but for how long? Everyone always wants the best gear possible, so people will just rush to 55 and silentera, stormwing and etc crap, that really is not what classic was about.

    It was about abbyss, sieges, getting to 50, farming theolabs , then getting 1.5/9 and doing DP til you succeed.

  • .

    They say we get to experience Eltnen, Morheim ,but for how long? Everyone always wants the best gear possible, so people will just rush to 55 and silentera, stormwing and etc crap, that really is not what classic was about.

    About 1 or 2 days max, before you outlevel the zones and never visit them again.

  • Well its a shame since i already started like really playing Aion seriously in 2.3/2.5. Wanted to try earlier versions even tho i have an image of it.

    What ppl are saying that 90% 1.x content gets anihilated its NOT true at all. The PvP lvl 50 gear will be relevant, the extensible weapons from 1.x were highly farmed in 2.x, Dark Poeta set is pretty cool even in 2.0. And so and so on...

    Another thing that is NOT true is that the leveling is that fast. 2.0 leveling was better than 1.x but by all means IT WASNT like in 4.0 or 6.0+. You will need 2 weeks of no life and knowing what to do to get to lvl 55 (14 days x 12hours a day = 168 hours of leveling KAPPA, "very fast"). Or +1 month if you do it somehow "casually".

    Anyway we all know whats the future of Classic is gonna be, same as retail Aion slowly.

    They could release 1.5 or something like that but update it really fast to 2.0. Maybe in 3 months or so. (But doing that im pretty sure theres gonna be people that didnt even manage to get to lvl 50 or basically try 1.5 content before 2.0 drops)

    PD: Elthen & Morhein werent the top lvl zones in 1.2, it was Herion & Belusland. So ppl would rush it anyway, and unless they have added rifts every 1-2 hours, the twink pvp exp is gonna be horrible. Having like 2 moments a day to enter LOL.

  • Personally I'm fine with that.

    Big part of old aion for me was that it felt free - you could do whatever you wanted at your own pace, without being forced to unlimited grind to just keep up with content as it is now.

    With 2.0 alot of content become less meaningful as it would be in earlier patches, but unlike what happened past 4.x it's not getting removed so anyone who want will still be able to enjoy it anyway.

    I feel like choosing 2.0 over earlier patch mostly hurts more serious players while making it easier for the more casual audience, so it's good decision

  • Personally I'm fine with that.

    Big part of old aion for me was that it felt free - you could do whatever you wanted at your own pace, without being forced to unlimited grind to just keep up with content as it is now.

    You made a very good point. But that is debatable. It really depends on how long they left 2.x running until the future 3.0 update. In old Aion im pretty sure 2.0 lasted from 2010 to 2012, it was like +2 years. While in Aion from 6.0+ you will be getting a new whole version every year nearly.

    Also another good thing from 1.0/4.0 is that the gear didnt become useless. In fact 1.x has the best extensible weapons for pvp, pve gears were amazing for next big patches. Anyone remembers ppl asking for full Kharun for Hyperion when 4.0? you could have cleared Hyperion 3 years with that set if u wish.

    So if they just leave 2.0 for 1 year till next whole patch.. its gonna feel like ansiety.

    And as a conclusion that is what i like of GW1/GW2. I dont have the rush to be playing like a job or getting everything useless in the blink of an eye. I have horizontal progression, new builds/skills to dominate, masterys for horizontal progression, new content/mechanics/skins/titles/QoL items...

  • Personally I would prefer 2.0 over 1.2 or 1.5 but I think the best compromise would be to have 1.x content for a month or two before going into 2.x. 2.0 comes with bug fixes, quality of life improvements and more content that I think it's a better solution in a long run. However, I think it would be a good compromise to have 1.x content for a short period of time to have a compromise for ppl. I'm guessing going back with an entire older patch is probably too difficult because aion team would have to start from scratch preparing it, so here's my suggestion:

    Restrict content to emulate 1.x classic feeling. I'm not entirely sure what needs to be done here but probably it's a lot easier to adjust 2.0 patch to emulate the classic feeling for 1.x patch.

    You would have to restrict leveling past 50, restrict access to gelk/ingi (just lock entry q and remove npcs maybe?), adjust upper and lower siege timetables so that we have more sieges than 2.0 (2.0 upper sieges are just once a week afaik) and also adjust siege rewards to 1.x. If there's anything else I'm missing, people that played na classic can probably add it to the list. There's maybe some other changes like Zapiel but I'm sure ppl can list them here. Imo it would be a best solution for everyone and everyone could rift and enjoy the old content for a while.

  • I would prefer content from 2.0 being restricted so we can enjoy the 1.x first and progress in a reasonable pace, I personally dont want to be thrown all 55 stuff in the face and having to skip most of good ole 1.x stuff

    Maybe they can come up with some mix or hybrid,we will see :/

  • As a casual who has only ever played 1.x versions and never got past level 30s, I would rather play the game I know, complete with the teased login screen and music, the aesthetic. I have never played 2.x, but from the sounds of it talking to others, it streamlines the 1-30 content that I love, I don't want to skip past anything.

    Also did I mention how good the OG login screen and music is? :P

  • The thing is why would you want to start over 1.9 if your gonna put 2.0 in 2/3 months. I mean like ppl are not gonna be able to enjoy the 1.x content, cos they will need time to level up, do all sort of content.

    The move i belive is that 2.0 is more polished than 1.x, that it will get faster to the version Korea has. And still in 2.0 1.x content is relevant, it will be irrelevant in 3.0 but not in 2.0.