General question about "twinking".

  • Hey guys! Its been a very long time since I didn't play Aion, probably since 4.5 or something like that. I very much miss the old 2.x version and I know at some point we will get Aion Clasic but as for now, is twinking still a thing in the curent version? I would like to give it a try on a max level of 55 if possible. Thank You very much and I wish You all a very happy day!

  • No.

    New characters level extremely fast and there are simply no players that stay at lv 55, cause everything is happening from lv 80 on. And as level 55 you can't even reach Gelkmaros and other zones where everyone is now. Starting area is just a reminescence of past Aion and besides for killing mobs and doing quests for levelling purposes is completely meaningless.

    Staying at lv 55 would practically mean you can only kill mobs in the starting area (the area is split into smaller areas for levels 10-74 i think), maybe here and there you would come across some new evolving player at that level, but it wouldn't be fun same 2 or 3 people over and over in a very limited area.

    Also, gearing system at levels below 75 or 80 doesn't offer the possibility to upgrade your gear in a way to be able to kill higher levelled players with "normal" gear.

    Edit: to get an idea about levelling up in starting area- reporting a single quest gives you usually at least 50% of the level, usually even more, depending on your and quest level difference. By doing luna instance at lower levels you can gain from 5-10 levels easily.

    Maybe check…ery=Aion+8.0+levelling+up

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  • Thank You very much, Elysorrow! This is a very sad news indeed. If I may, can I ask You about the quality of the game at this moment? I can play 4-5 hours per week. Got my old templar level 73 with decent gear at the time I stoped to play. How is the PVP this days? Is it at least half as fun as it was back in the days? How about gear? Can one obtain decent gear in a resonable time with normal effort? Thank You very much!

  • Think of Aion now as a completely new game. It has nothing to do with old Aion and gearing up is almost a second job, 4-5 hours weekly won't bring you anywhere, though it's true now there is an official autobotting feature (in the past that would get you banned).

    You get a free gear at level 80 and there is Kherub tutorial to get free lv 85 gear and other items, but beyond that takes a lot of time doing quests or participating in events and hoping to get lucky. Or you can buy gear from instances if you have a lot of kinah or goldpacks from the past.

    Pvp as in old times is pretty much gone, there are much bigger gear differences that are hard to overcome if you dont gave a group to help you get geared through instances.

    Basically there are three options:

    - you are rich enough to buy good stuff from Aion shop,

    - you have or can generate a lot of kinah and goldpacks to buy ingame gear for kinah or goldpacks,

    - you play like nuts, do events and hope to get lucky.

    At least that's how i see it.

  • Oh, this is sad news! Maybe we need to splash the servers with some holy water to fix this situation. I am sure that the staff is doing its best and I realy hope that the release of Aion Clasic will be as perfect as it can be. It will bringe happiness and joy to everyone! Thank You so much for Your answer and may God bless You!