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    game is dead you run around for hours u find nobody except ocasional bots

    that works like a season you pay for primium pass thats something to add to your monthly subscription and every season they chage rewards you complete various tasks and unlock those rewards you see below those are from the current season they help but its not spammable you have to wait for next season to get more the subscription however was unlimited ncsoft as removed the subscription AP rewards as suveneir to who ever subs for 3 months at the time so basicly people subbed for 3 months 66 times to get 2milion worth of ap in crowns so now everything is good since they removed it but damage as been done since most population here took advantage of it

    chest is around 614k pants 461k gloves boots and paldruns is 307 totals around 2m ap for full set and total is 16 year subscription to get enogh ap for full set

    :!:so been playng on korean classic servers few things id like to let you guys know upfront so maybe gameforge wont do same mistake..

    aion classic in kr is extremely pay2win

    KR aion classic is subscription monthly, so they gave 3 crowns (10k ap each) for everyone who subbed for 3 months. however this has no limit... so you can sub for 16 years and get the full 50 elite set whithin the first 2 weeks all they were missing was medals. so in KR at this moment 80% of population is running around on 50elite+15 sets thanks to ncsoft ´s 3 month subscription ap crown rewards. if anyone played back in 1.5 1.9 days they know 50elite set is very hard to obtain back in 1.5 1.9 only 3 people on my server had 50 elite set whith alot of effort.

    However ncsoft in KR realized the 3 month subscription for crowns was too much and they since removed it but damage has been done everyone got there 50 elite sets already they didnt refund the money and take the crowns back they kept the money from the people that used the 3 month subscription over and over to get unlimited amount of ap crowns.

    so if gameforge going to realese the game in Europe please dont do the same mistake

    yea aion declined after 2.0 and by 2.7 they were forced to go free to play becouse ncwest fkd up by the end of 1.9 and added 80 % pvp defence buff to rifting so it killd all the pvp and everyone left they did it in a attempt to please the crybabys on the forum cryng they were getting ganked in result they added 40 % defence buff they still cryed then 80 % pvp defence buff and everyone left game was still good just that small lil defence buff to rifting that killd the entier pvp scene and killd the game in the na and eu regions KR did not add this 80 % pvp defence buff to rifting sure eu and na did remove this 80 % buff down the line when 2.5 lunched but was way too late people had already moved on to find pvp in other games basicly ncsoft in eu and na killd the game by tring to please the carebears then they just went free to play and gave the game to gameforge to distribute in europe becouse they knew it was doomed lol

    just curious , but all the ppl that said "no" here, are you also active in game ? :) or just use forums ?

    we just use forums waiting for classic aion .

    retail servers are empty last time i played ran around for 3 hours in serch of pvp all i found was bots guess that counts towards active player count lol and only time u see players is during siege and even then is funny 2 see 1 cash mule running over 20 people like he is snowboarding on his creadit card over all free2play people

    activ player base

    1.5 - 1.9 patch active subs NA/EU - Ovar 1 milion payng users whith active sub by april 19 2010

    current 7.7

    Last 30 Days 219.4 -2.7 -1.21% 414


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