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    DPS meter for an S rank/Stormwing Rush ok but for a mere DP A/Adma? and link wep, when the purpose is to get gear/wep and switch that Grogi Gear with a better one. Some of us do not have a credit card or bot army backing us. Btw some people just use it to humiliate others and not to teach them in a polite manner, that is very toxic.

    I got your point but its far less damage than its have profit ) on earth there is nothing what only have one side and its "good" side. everything have both good and bad side. its matter how much they are

    DPS meter is amazing project, its not rejecting players its showing what they actually are behinds the shadow.
    For example : When Im asking I want GG assassin in my group and some one with SR gear app what i have to do? ppl cant realize what party leader wants and just clicking "app" all the time and you coming here and talks about discrimination? do I have some obligation to boost some lower power player?
    everyone made his DPS meter profile state high by its own. so you have to do it to . You have to step by step increase your character power . expect this you coming and want to enter in group where players already walked that way and got them character stronger and you want to cover your silly power to them high power? is it right?

    as I see only lower power players are cry about DPS meter .
    If you wants to get high power player you have to walk some steps DPS meter is like recorder of your steps and when you get high power others will see it.

    I remember in past when there was no database we was asking players to hit 5 minute training dummy and counting dps on it , if player was made minimum dmg of requirement by the group leader he could join the party. New DPS meter databases fixed this stupide situation . Now players even know that they dont have to chill when hitting the boss because everything is counting.

    GG DPS meter project guys you are amazing

    This supposed to be classic. Therefore, we need to enjoy sometimes with classic. If you want contents go play retails. Later dude, bye...

    3 month is not enough to join 1.9? what are you doing in game atm ? what pleasure you getting which is not enough in 3 month and you want to do it +1 month ?

    bro 3 months? Shit, 1 month was unplayable due to ddos attacks. NA we dont get 2.0 until a year later.....this is wayyy to fast with update to be calle classic....

    On NA you didnt start from 1.9 patch. On NA Tahabata was not that easy as it is now. NA was way different even on lvl UP.
    This 1.9 is to easy and 3month is so enough to take a pleasure.

    What kind of feedbacks are you collecting I dont understand . You dont watching your game statistics? PPL are already boring to do DP and shit reshanta air PVP. So many players left from a game and waiting for 2.0 end of this July and now you want we to play more 1 month?

    Why you always killing your servers with all of your actions?

    What content you want us to join? PPL dont do DC anymore PPL dont do ADMA , PPL Rush DP (they no more do full instance run) ppl playing less now , online gets down. You guys dont watching the game, you dont monitoring in game content.
    Magic class dont have Cast speed on hands ppl dont have all stigmas .
    I dont even know what you were monitoring

    Never ever see anything like this in any game, ever .
    People are reporting bots and bots getting more and more :D In past ppl was botting solo bots looks like a player .
    Now? Now ppl botting with party , Using teleports and rest other hack collaboration to maximized them profit and server dont care , 100% dont care . Non on earth can proof me that they care : D
    Soo normal players will start to botting to . Its motivation for any players to start to brake the rules because there is no punishment.
    GF made chaos in AION

    Can some one explain me how the hell ppl fly faster than 16.0? DPS Meter not showing any speed hack but I see when I have distance between player 40meter and they come close to melee range like 5m how the hell? Checking I have 16.0 speed and they must have same speed to . As I know 16.0 is cap of speed for fly? no?

    Fast end this shit fly regions domination god demt. Open Balauria .

    arena tokens were destroyed on release of 2.7 not before. level 55 with higher tokens were introduced with 2.0. the lower arena remained, yet there was no ranking for it. 55 ranking and glory arena were not part of 2.0

    So this arena medals which we have now on 1.9 will get trashed and I couldnt use them for buy 2.0 arena items right? So I go buy wings than? :D

    I want to know if our 2.0 update will be the same as it was in NA?

    #1Will we get Elite Primus Pilus equipment in 2.0 and Brigade Generals in 2.5?
    #2 We will get "Crucible Insignia, Insignia of Solitude, Insignia of Chaos" this ones ? and Apprentice’s Discipline Insignia,Apprentice’s Chaos Insignia,Apprentice’s Crucible Insignia This ones get trashed?
    #3 What new equipment will be added in 2.0 to buy with arena Insignias? Noble tac officer?, Tac officer? Colliseum? Noble Colliseum?

    Please can you answer us with step by step?

    What it means? Its means that incoming Archon brigade general set (which is the stable and good pvp gear ) can be at last minimum a year .

    Not going to comment on your opinion, yet the eternal gear you are talking about was included in the patch 2.5 on Aion Classic NA. While EU has some different roadmap with dungeon releases, it is not certain that the gear you are talking about is already included in 2.0 and that we can enjoy it for minimum a year. The new gear they are talking about might as well just be the arena and abyss fabled 55.

    You mean 55 lvl eternal abyss gear was not in 2.0 update NA?

    I see so many disappointment about current roadmap .
    People think that its to early to update 2.0 .
    Guys who play AION as a PVP game and even PVE game. 2.0 of AION is the best and balanced content ever.
    2.0 is update where most players started play this game, enjoyed and took pleasure of hole AION.
    Profits of 2.0-2.7

    First of all as road map said when they will update 2.0 in two month its still not telling when 2.7 will come. As they said 2.5 is planed end of this year so its means 2.7 is minimum 1 year deal.
    What it means? Its means that incoming Archon brigade general set (which is the stable and good pvp gear ) can be at last minimum a year .
    #1 Archon brigade general set was the first stable PVP gear with current states for existing classes .
    - Sorcerer can use cast speed in hands
    - Cleric will buy Cloth Archon brigade general glove for cast .
    - Chanter will be physical attack class for PVP .
    - ABG accessories gives you spell resist and strike resist
    ABG Set is what all PVP players dream for wait and use it . THE BEST STABLE SET WICH AION OFFERED US AFTER LOWER PATCHES CHAOS .

    #2 New content and instances for farm kinah and dont be scare to buy alliance kisk .
    Udas Temple

    Lower Udas Temple

    Beshmundir Temple

    Taloc’s Hollow

    Upper Abyss instances


    Beshmundir Temple - Is the instance which gives you honorable rewards to finish the instance. You dont get shit gold set which is not up for your class . Also its gives you good gear for extract it and get stones for your enchant .

    PvP instances:

    Chantra Dredgion - Dredgion where you dont have PVP against mobs and enjoy fast runs or PVP battles without waiting to enemy aggr the mobs or fear that your teammate aggr the mob.

    Tiak Research Base (6v6) - Good team pvp base

    Upper Abyss instances


    This hole AP Activities will rase High Rank Players which means you will get more AP on each PVP kill and get your ABG Gear fast .
    1.9 if you dont Trade AP you cant get endgame gear maybe a year or more because lower rank players . because of lower AP earn points AND I dont want to sacrifice my self for AP Set which is not stable when I know that ABG Set is incoming no matter what time . ABG Set is the best and stable set of all time in AION

    Stigmas and Skills
    1.9 Stigmas and skills are ancient world , Not any class can finish final stigma build and be PVE or PVP Skill set .
    2.0 skills and stigmas gives you full feel of your character in pvp and PVE

    No more fly PVP/Siege
    Everyone on this planet earth made conclusion that any kind of pvp in air is not a pleasure and balanced. Even for ranged classes its so trash to do Siege and PVP in air .

    Beauty and stability of one of the best MAP creation in AION.
    Inggison and Gelkmaros also Silentera canyon.

    This 3 map is so amazing . adding new wind streams, mobility , sideways, not many mobs and elite mobs on road. Isnt it amazing? I started to enjoyed aion in Gelkmaros , Inggision and sylentera canyon PVP . It was amazing experience which beluslan and heiron cant ever gives you . (FK reshanta pvp)


    I really dont understand why people dont want 2.0 as fast as possible . If you dont know in 1,9 if you kill tahabata 15 times you can get selected weapon chest and choose your tahabata weapon . its means that around next 2 weeks 70% of server active players will run with end game weapon ( Im sure non will buy Gold medal 50 lvl pvp gear because its sucks ) and if you wish to get 2.0 later what you have to do ? When ppl will not need DC and DP anymore where you gonna do your PVP in beluslan or heiron? where you cant escape in pvp because if you jump somewhere you cant run out from that hole ?

    AION 2.0 is the best what NCsoft did for this game . Give it speed, skills, content , pleasure , Stable this game for each classes and gives amazing PVP and PVE Experience.

    Why you dont turn off the server !?
    #1 - PPL taking longer and longer soul sickness
    #2 - PPL fail in instances
    #2.1 - PPL getting CDs in instance
    #3 - PPL getting dismorality
    #4 - PPL geting angry on you
    #5 - PPL loosing mood for this game on your server.

    #6 - PPL getting mental problems because of you

    When you see you cant handle server without disconnect 1h alive.
    Why you dont turn off server before you fix it?
    Whyy? Just turn of this fking Server before you fix it . Turn it offfffffff

    When I know server is off I dont try to do something and fail !

    Nice ... ppl who works have time to play in weekends and GG nice weekend for play in peace .



    Dont worry guys. They will send you 1 candy 1 reset scroll and they will clean them hands. :) Not fixing the problem just sending items ruining in game economy and they think its all.
    On 50 lvl each time you die you lose 130k kinah. So in this two days if you die 10 times because of server problems you lose around 1.5kk . If you want to get 1.5kk on this server in open word its takes you to farm around 5h :)

    Can't tell if serious or just a troll post...

    - Hilariously broken English CHECK

    - Unfactual reasons (server down almost everyday) CHECK

    - Ridiculously double digit IQ finger pointing (GameForge, the CREATORS of AION) CHECK

    Trust me if you and GF knows spelling English better than me its wont help to fix the problem that (if you play aion and not just entering forum to be toxic) our gameplay suckes almost every day because they dont want to spent money to buy ddos filters . If you dont know what im talking . You can go on youtube and see how ddos works and how you can protect your self from ddos attacks. Its simple and easy. Just its need to spent money on filters.

    Since we have free speech I can tell ppl on forum to do it (if you agee with me )
    I did it. If you want you can do it to


    E mail :

    Title : Aion Classic, Do Something to Gameforge

    Hello ,

    I hope this email will find the right place. 1 month left since AION CLASSIC EU (Gameforge) realised. 1 month we are suffering low quality server and ddos protection problems. Almost every day the Gameforge server goes down . They don't have minimal ddos attack filters and they don't try to fix the problem. We (Players) make a petition to you (game creator) force Gameforge to buy protection filters against ddos attack. I know how ddos work and I know it's just a matter of money. Since it's a pay to play model . We (Players) who pay monthly to play deserve to play in a peace not with fear that any time server can go down and we can stick in instances. .

    Make sanctions to Gameforge to force them to spend money on ddos attack filters.

    Thank you.


    We have right to do it and go ppl and report Gameforge .

    This game is playable . Every time im entering some good instance I have scare that server will down . 1 month left and classic still have doss attack problem. Since we read so many articles that GF have 25 years of MMORPG Experience and its on top I dont know #5 place. Why you dont spent money to buy powerful filters to hold doss attack? For MMO RPG , Doss attack is family member and after a years you guys still dont have enough powerful filters to hold doss?
    Put some item in shop as "donation to server for we buy filters to hold doss " we will buy if its will fix the problem.
    Its not only instance fail . Its about motivation to play [...] in peace. 1 month left and still numbers of down almost every day.
    Do something ! Or say something ! Since we all re pay to play players we want to know when this will over.
    When you will buy powerful filters to hold this demit doss?

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