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    same thing can be said to you i dont know which version of aion you are playing but definately not 7.7

    what kind of sins do you fight against? XDD

    you can brute force enchanting stigmas and even if you are super unlucky you can always buy them from broker. Now you can also get 9 stigma stones from botting.

    You can't buy ultimate transforms from broker or get them by playing alts, or even by paying if you are super unlucky

    you cant brute force something thats rng the +15 stigmas you actually need are very rarely to never in the broker and if they are they are extremely expensive to the extent that its a waste of kinah

    Gestern war der Eintritt in die Instanz mal wieder absolut nicht mögliche, weil sich mehrere Asmo WGs dort getummelt und auf kleine Elyos gewartet haben. Ich habe einige Versuche gemacht in die Instanz zu gelangen, nach 6x sterbi sterbi habe ich Aion beendet.

    Heute morgen bin ich endlich in die Instanz gekommen, vorher natürlich vom dämlichen Asmos Drittprogrammnutzer (bekannte Legion dafür) umgenietet worden.

    Wer auf die dämliche Idee gekommen ist, den Instanzeneingang zu verlegen, sollte mit negativen Karma und diversen körperlichen Unwohlsein bei seinem nächsten WC Besuch rechnen! :whip: *Vodoopuppe auspack* :evil:

    Mit PvP musst du in dem Game rechnen. Das was du da von dir gegeben hast ist genau wie wenn ich in eine Instanz gehe und mich darüber beschwere das ich den Boss nicht schaffe

    es ist kostenlos und es dauert keine 5 minuten einen account zu erstellen und der aion discord gruppe beizutreten

    Its generally better to have more atk than crit in this patch the sweet spot for critstrike is around 6k with buffood and form and the rest atk people have calculated that you profit alot more from more atk than crit and 6k is 34% which is already enough

    Gunner is the most broken class in the game when speaking about PvP and does more dmg than a fullbuffed assasin pve wise gunner is not bad and does good amount of dmg but its a very gear dependent class

    3 months and 7 days have passed since the last stigma event today, is there any information regarding the next event?

    End of this month since events release on wednedays the next one i probably on the 30th

    Drestam today at 19:42 o'clock

    Hello again, just a quick note: Ticket 1111 is just a vanilla item, you can't do anything with it Have a nice evening!

    Sadly they removed this entire part of the current event, what a coincidence, because it gives more sources to transformations.
    Sry but this is a joke birthday. Nothing to celebrate here, besides gambling a 0,01% Tiamat or doing trash Hero Trials, where u dont even have information about whether u get the second needed item part for the locked legendary transformation or not and looking at the max reward, i dont even wanna start.

    Galeas what's your response to this? Events planned 2-3 months ahead. We've been asking for transformations for longer than 2-3 months. This was an opportunity to give us that by SIMPLY COPY PASTING a KR event. You guys didn't even have to improve rewards, nothing, just copy paste like u copy paste all the other trash events. But instead you guys chose to nerf the good part of the event. What is this joke? You keep saying you're listening to our feedback, saying it's being forwarded to the team...but the result we get is the EXACT OPPOSITE.

    This is irrefutable proof that you guys don't plan on giving us anything that we ask for when giving feedback and that our feedback is completly useless.

    They also wont give us a stigma event the last one was in 7.3 we are at 7.6 goddamn and its nowhere to be seen

    Kinda losing my patience..

    You do after just ~2months of waiting? :)))) what about the people waiting for ultimate since 2 years or maybe an increased fusion rate like in KR or NA?

    That miracle has happened before, so i hope it will happen again. The last event was on 3rd of June, today is September the 1st, it has been 3 months since the last event.

    i am realistic about the ultimates/fusion rate stuff... that will never happen. I have played Aion since the beginning and trust me i dont have it either. The moment they make ultimate transform easily obtainable or available in the shops is the moment they are about to close the servers for good. Looking at the server population atm, it may happen soon tho.

    Last stigma event was May 27th not 3rd of June btw

    Where in the name of the five holy shugos is the STIGMA ENCHANTMENT EVENT!!!! It has been 1 full patch since the last one. Haven't they learned anything from NCKorea.. Kinda losing my patience..

    Have to wait longer i guess, they are already running 4 events starting from tomorrow i doubt they will run 5 events at the same time so we have to wait atleast another week or even longer. Some people even said it comes with the end of this year. I still have my stones laying in my inventory because i cant use them since rates without event are beyond utter garbage

    Gohannn Are you giving coaching lessons for pvp ? I would really need for my AT cuz i havn't pvped on these official servers for years (since starting of 6.0). If you would, there will be a lot more quality pvp going on man and ppl would not quit the game. Please coach me and let's save the pvp.

    he can teach you how to 6v1 in katalam

    Your argument is always the same, its about you being Einstein of Aion and killing everyone because you know how to kill people xDD

    I still want to know who he is ingame but he never tells us because everyone would just laugh at him

    odians and runes have more impact than improved stigmas? what did you smoke i would change improved stigmas with cubes and its a good list.