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    und schon wieder: entweder man ist deiner Meinung oder man soll sich hier nicht melden.

    Versteh doch endlich: wenn du zu schlecht bist für das Game, dann musst du was ändern.
    Besser werden oder akzeptieren schlecht zu sein.

    Jetzt meine Frage:Die sind bestimmt nicht zu plussen oder?Heißt wenn ich Glück habe oder der RNG-Gott ist mir gnädig, bekomme ich den Prock und habe dann ein Teil mit +7 und das war es dann?

    Sehe ich das richtig?

    Da ich ja auch hilfsbereit sein möchte:

    unter Profil --> Info findest du die Gegenstands-Anleitung.
    Dort kannst du nach dem Item suchen (Lapis/Zero). Die Sachen kannst du bis +15 verzaubern.

    Verzauberungssteine muss man sich erfarmen und ja es gehört Glück beim Plussen dazu.

    We have to accept that in MMORPGs RNG exists. As sad as it is, we have to live with it.

    Also it is nothing new that in promos you can be lucky with less money or you can use a lot of money and get nothing.

    Galeas with so much RNG in Aion (and you and your team knows that), please forward the feedback about moonbake event:

    With the start of new patch some players come back to Aion.

    What you gave us then is disgusting:

    - first you can use ressources that are not available any more. With a look in Aionpowerbook and the rewards KR had, I conclude it was a 7.2 or 7.5 event there.

    - second you have to use a lot of kinah to get the best bundle. Returning players don't have that much.

    - third RNG in this "event":

    There is RNG to get the first item or nothing.
    Then RNG to get the second item or nothing.

    A third time RNG to get the best bundle or nothing.
    The bundle itself is again: RNG.

    We have that much RNG ingame and even more with 7.7 and what you do, is again destroying our hopes with an event that is pure scam.

    tldr: stop throwing more RNG in the game and go over to progression/goal achieving based events.

    But probably that is your interpretation of: "we will be taking steps to fix the heavy tendency towards RNG" (Andrew in Daeva's Tavern 7)

    Man sieht mal wieder wie viel geballte Ahnungslosigkeit hier herrscht.

    Du machst bei keinem Event mit, aber urteilst darüber.

    Du glaubst die Events sind von GF? Falsch, das ist ein von NCSOFT kreiertes Event.

    Jedem zwingst du deine Meinung auf, aber wenn jemand sagt, das viele kinah ist kein Problem, ist das falsch?

    Kein Wunder, dass das deutsche Forum tot ist, bei solchen Leuten hier.

    Aber noch zum Event: tatsächlich eins zum Überspringen. Viel zu viel RNG, mit zu hohem Einsatz für am Ende viel zu schlechte Belohnungen (wenn überhaupt).

    What makes the community sad is that you get great ideas and feedback from the community and the devs don't care about most of it. There were a few things that changed because of the feedback but they were either not that relevant or too late for the game.

    Bad for GF is that we see from other regions what is possible (NA: CM asked for feedback and within one month they changed most of the things according to the feedback, RU: there are also changes/events that the players really needed, KR: they have great events that never found their way to EU).

    The biggest problem is: GF is a company that wants and needs money. Otherwise we couldn't play like that.

    But ignoring all the feedback and doing nothing against rng (although there were statements like: "we want less rng in the game", in the same breath another rng box in shop) is disgusting.

    You are fixed in long term goals. But goals have to be reachable and "long" should not mean more than 2 years.

    To summarise: you accept approvingly that players are frustrated for months or years.

    No matter what we do, it won't change as long as they can make a lot of money with the rng ulti boxes in the shop.

    We had and gave so many feedback and suggestions to Galeas, but the team isn't changing anything.

    [...] :scensored:

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    maybe zenuri belongs to the group of people that dont want it?and still want the remaining people that dont have it,to still not get them?And keep selling?who knows..just assuming.

    Don't get me wrong, everybody can have it. And yes, people who get it now have the privilege to have it earlier or to sell the loot.

    But if you did this instance and worked hard for beeting it, then you don't want people to get it for killing 32 times the first boss.

    Because of rng I had to wait 46 runs until I got it.

    They better give ways to make the instance easier than selling the best pvp/pve gear for no effort.

    seems the patch notes are out so when is the update does anyone know pls waiting for it to say its tomorrow :(

    on stream they said if nothing goes wrong: this wednesday
    season changes, teaser and patchnotes are also big hints :D

    huh? make buged HT then fixing them is something special

    Dont forget be glad they give A minions in HT after they removed it from world drop

    yeah, you are right, probably they should shut down HT and don't make them again.

    It is so easy to get e.g. the halloween transformation bundle from the rng pumpkin bundle, so no need to give them to us via HT. Especially if you need 4 for collection.

    (attention irony!)

    I believe as long as the bug only occurs on some accounts it is hard to follow up, but I don't know the details behind their systems.

    Galeas thanks for the reaction on HT!

    Die Zahl der benötigten Quests, um die Halloween-Challenges abzuschließen wird reduziert. Die Anzahl der Monster in der Hererim Mine und im Shimiolum-Lager werden erhöht.

    Danke Grimnir,

    Es ist aber trotzdem schade, teils sogar ärgerlich, wenn man nach Informationen fragt hier keinerlei Reaktionen von Seiten Gf Team stattfinden. Auch wenn man keine Antwort hat, hätte man zumindest schreiben können das dieses Problem weitergeleitet wurde.

    Gibt es leider selbst im englischen Forum nur spärlich.

    Vermutlich ist es aber schwierig bei jedem Fehler kurz und sofort zu reagieren (gab es in der Vergangenheit aber auch schon)

    Mit der Serverwartung wissen Sie vermutlich dann sicher, was geändert werden kann.

    Well if you look at the hedline of the quests it says f.e.:

    "0/2 Kill Mobs in Ara EM"

    So you can be sure, that you have to go again inside Ara EM from Saturday to Tuesday.

    That's why everyone safes two entries :)

    How is that not clear in addition to the "0/2" before the title of every quest?
    The headline says what instance you have to run.

    Oh Zenuri, Great Defender of Gameforges Business, nevertheless it could have been communicated more clearly, maybe on discord or facebook or youtube or insert random social media...... ;) Don´t forget that the people are running their instance entrys for pumpkin event too.....

    Because it's my opinion that people should read and think? I am really sorry that this is too hard for guys like you.

    Btw: I am with you, the heremin mine problem is bad and there should be a free entry scroll in the shop tomorrow.


    Because the way HT are shown in game is misleading and it wasn't communicated clearly in game and in advance that players are supposed to keep their cds

    Each week, two different quests become available that each consist of two sub-quests. These can be played at different times:

    Sub-quest 1: active from Wednesday 9 AM to Saturday 11:59 AM.
    Sub-quest 2: active from Saturday 12 PM to Wednesday 8:59 AM.

    How is that not clear in addition to the "0/2" before the title of every quest?
    The headline says what instance you have to run.

    Bei dem Schrott, der hier im deutschen Forum geschrieben wird, wundert mich das gar nicht.

    Würdet ihr eure Energie, die ihr in Beschwerden über späte Ankündigungen oder englische Worte im deutschen Forum steckt, in inhaltlich sinnvolle und spielrelevante Themen stecken, dann würde man auch im deutschen Forum wieder fleißig diskutieren.

    Ist eigentlich auch die Chance ab 12 erhöt oder nur bis 12? Dann kann man ja ansonsten alles über 12 auch auserhalb vom Event auf 15 versuchen oder ist das Falsch?

    Nachdem das letzte mal die Chancen auch über 12 erhöht waren und ich mir nicht erklären kann, warum es sonst bei vielen so gut läuft, denke ich, dass auch diesmal wieder bis ins Unendliche die Chance bei 35% liegt