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    Sprich, wenn mich jemand angreift, dann mache ich den Bot an und kann nicht mehr angegriffen werden. Das ist in einem Game mit PVP suboptimal.

    Events lassen sich spielen, wenn man seinen Bot nicht 24/7 an hat. Aktuell sind es 4 Wochen für alle Quests, das bekommt man sogar komplett ohne Bot hin.

    OW Drop ist "nur" ein nettes Feature nebenbei.

    I wrote in Discord, that it would have been better, to delete the water directely.

    Now we have 4 Sites of water on Odin elyos with ppl who try to scam others.

    And I bet GF wont make anything, sadly this behaviour is tolerated!

    And if you get a new one from the quests? What should happen with them?

    But sure, I highly suggest to ban people for putting items into the broker. Would be a nice feature.

    It's not GFs or NCs job to protect people who don't think before they buy something, isn't it?

    But you could farm megaphones and inform everyone every hour with a message.

    Don´t know if it´s just me or RNG, but I haven´t got a single glowing odian fragment or a single mighty rune fragment with 2 accounts farming parallel and non-stop for the last 8 hours........

    They probably decreased the chances as you now get 10 at once instead of 1.

    But the abuse of getting ported by SM to shugo in Apsharanta to scam wrapping scrolls seems to be ok as support doesn´t even care.....

    What a joke....

    they don't?

    I heard about at least one person who got banned for doing this

    Support will only react if you report the players with video

    At least about porting with SM support seems to do something about, although there are a lot other cheaters, too

    If they ever consider to do it permanent, you can bet the chances will decrease a lot and you won't get that much stuff, without botting 24/7.

    It's a nice feature and they should bring it more often. Like for a weekend or a week and turn it off again (would be also better for our electricity bill).

    TwinkelOffene Welt hört sich für mich so fremd an, aber wenn es bei euch gewöhnlich ist,ist ja auch ok. Trotzdem denke ich, dass man diese einfache Ausdrücke nach paar Jährchen Spielzeit verstehen kann.

    Auch ohne jahrelanges Spielen kann man das. Meine 10 jährige Schwester kann das definitiv.

    Zumal einige der Begriffe sogar eingedeutscht sind.

    Aber nicht jede*r kann weit genug denken, daher lasst uns lieber Mitleid haben .

    Second event in a row to skip. Like hellpath last time: community says it's a nice event keep going.

    GF hears: the event is too good, players like it. We have to make it worse.

    Galeas at least tag it with [Event/Promo] please

    Let's take it easy:

    Take the current rates: 33% chance of success

    So u can say 2 out of 6 tries are successfully.

    Now take a dice with 6 faces. Your goal is to roll a 1 or a 2 (in that case your stigma wents up). If you roll a 3, 4, 5 and 6 it fails.

    If you throw the dice 20 times, you can be lucky and get 20 times a 1 or 2, but you can also fail 20 times. Both is possible.

    If you throw the dice 100 times, it is very unlikely you hit 100% success or fail, but still it is possible. The higher your number of rolls the more you will see the contribution will be like 33% success, 66% fail.

    Honestly, what's the point for creating these poll (and the previous ones). You give dyes and white contracts, who is going to waste his time on this event.

    Well hopefully some are writing that the event is absolutely useless.

    Dye is available through other sources, skin is ok for my sake, contracts useless as they are without new ancient forms and most of the times white ones.

    Call it autumn decoration and not [Event]...

    And you think everybody will read the poll if they missed the login screen message?

    Don't players need to click the button in the poll window to be able to close it?

    If so, then that's way harder to miss than message on the side of the login screen where players don't put their focus on.

    They focus on the reward and the button, not on the text

    Anyway, login screen is the best way imho.

    And you think everybody will read the poll if they missed the login screen message?

    Maybe Gameforge gives you the highest reward out of pity anyways.

    It is not good publicity for them when their own playerbase can't reach the final fraction reward. Fingers crossed.

    What's the sende of a "competition" and levels of rewards if you get them anyway.

    I would punish the ones who didn't participate and hoped for others doing their work.

    Like adding the vision to the 20/24 rewards. But that is wishful thinking :)

    Ich bezweifle noch stark, dass wir die bekommen :D

    There is a boom in people doing dredgions although they are not pretty good nowadays.
    If you want to make dredgion "great again":

    - keep the event npc pls!


    - add the selectable transfo fragments to the normal npc

    - decrease the price of random apostel fragment bundle

    - add stuff like:

    icon_item_enchant_grind_item_01.pngAncient Polishing Stone

    icon_item_enchant_purifier_01.pngAncient Purifier

    icon_item_equip_rune_all_piece_03.pngMajor Rune Fragment

    icon_item_specialbox_jade01.pngBox of Glowing Odian Fragments

    icon_item_scroll_robe01_c.png[Event] Legendary Transformation Contract Fragment

    icon_item_holy_rock03.pngUltimate Fragment of Memory

    icon_item_trans_contract_02.png[Rune] Special Transformation Contract: Little Lamb Hanbok (70 types)

    - or 8.0 consumables (with the next update)

    Maybe it is also possible to bring back the old Ruhnatorium where you have to capture the tower in the middle.

    Es geht nicht darum Ankündigungen besser zu formulieren, sondern es geht dir darum Ankündigungen so zu formulieren, dass sie in deiner kleinen Twinkel Welt für dich in Ordnung sind.

    Niemand sonst stört sich daran und hättest du ernsthaft Interesse daran, teilzunehmen, hättest du mindestens mal auf den Link geklickt, um zu sehen: oha, es funktioniert auch ohne Social Media Profil :mindblow:

    Zumal im dritten Punkt extra noch einmal die "sozialen Medien" erwähnt werden, übrigen wieder in Denglisch:

    Steht im Duden, muss damit eingedeutscht worden sein, oder nicht?

    Until now we always missed some patches.

    They will be included in the next "big" update.

    So if they don't plan a 7.9 part 3 we will get them with 8.0

    But maybe we can get some more information about current topics. The Community Feedback and status of different topics is outdated since four months now....