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  • Hi Livo,

    I've used your DPS meter in the past and reinstalled my PC 2 weeks ago.
    I reinstalled your DPS meter but for some reason it's not working anymore.

    I couldn't complete the installation of Framework because it says I have a newer version of it installed.

    I installed NPCAP and the full package.

    1. I start the dps meter

    2. I start the game with gameforge launcher

    3. I login

    The light doesn't turn green and it sees 2 networkadapters. Both seem not to work.

    I'm using the internet via my mobile (USB-tethering) all them time.

    Everything else works and also the other DPS-meter is working.

    Do you have any idea why it's not working for me?

    • I've got it running now. I deinstalled NPCAP and the DPS meter and reinstalled them once more. The light is green now and calculating damage. :-)

    • Hey. I'm glad to heard that you make it work. I'm just curious, did you install newer version of Npcap? Which one do you have now?

    • I had 0.9996 installed. Then chose to install 0.9995 which is linked on your website.

      After deinstalling npcap and the dps meter completely I installed 0.9995.

      I probably had 0.9996 downloaded for the other dps meter. I like yours more because of the features. Keep up the nice work. :-)