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    Then I assume you're not using your ulti form as you got it by a sheer luck, without having to work hard or p2w for it.

    Unless it's fine that you got it "for nothing" :)

    You understand by that i mean getting it without fusing luck (and farming the leges to do so) or without RNG luck in event whichever it is a reward in. By nothing i literally mean just giving up Ult trasformation contract for absolutely nothing / something like HT and or putting it somewhere like elites (Which they wont lol).

    You can get it by means of Fusing, Aioncoins either straight up (lol the price would be outrageous), RNG event reward.

    Not just outta the shop as freebie or Hero trials / something like elites which aint even a event and not a promo either (as GP supply ingame is practically infinite)

    Stop twiching my words already attempting cheap provokations, youll gain nothing. You arent going to get it without Event / RNG gamble boxes or fusing luck no matter how long you yap about it.

    (Also it was not my First, or even my second or third fuse mind you, before that i had to obviously attend in every single event ever with lege forms / ancients to make more lege forms) so it was not just ''hey i found 2x spare leges and boom got it DONE''

    +7 silent black feather gear at shop:thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown::thumbdown:

    NEW PATCH AND first thing that hits the shop is direct gear to pay,if thats not a good sign about our enviroment i dunno what is.

    Well silent black is old gear now, and they gotta reroll etc... I mean its been there since 7.0? so its 4 patches later in shop..

    still 2nd best?or the best? i mean the fact that your statement showcases you are ok with it ..its these ideas that keep the company to do these changes on shop.THERE WAS A TIME long long long time ago,where one company promised the shop will be about cosmetics only.

    Im ok with it, as most new players very likely wont buy it, and only whales who just started or ''got'' a new account would (They would be geared in no time irregardless cus... well whales?) Might even help someone whos short on time and just missing few piece at most.

    Also there is no reason for me to not be OK with it, the more equal the game would be in terms of Forms, Manastones, Gear, Runes / Odian levels and COLLECTIONS... the better no?

    Well getting this new PVP gear looks like it will be a real grind, is it worth the effort for 5% and no sign of 8.0?

    Really enjoying auto-hunt feature so it might relieve the pain a bit.

    As for making an alt a necessity to store extra collection items is not my idea how Aion should be but the best of luck to those who give it a try. :)

    I don't think you ''store'' the collection items, just burn them for the collection (Not being able to use or do anything with them ever again)

    It is about memories.

    If you don't like it, you don't pay, and you don't play can bring back memories. Exactly the ones we need to revive. Better watch youtube vids of 1.5. It's free.

    I like aion 1.5 better than current aion. For me I love the idea of old pay to play aion and will definitely play it. You can stay in p2w retail aion if u like.

    Its going to be Gameforge version, not S2P, but monetized f2p version ^^

    So funny how some ppl here really think a company like Gameforge will release/host a classic server in Europe and will voluntary dispense on tons of euros by bringing only skins in shop to earn money and not the successfull-over-years p2w stuff they brought last years........

    That's why I said maybe NCsoft will run it for EU as the patch they are thinking of releasing for classic server was before GF took over running EU and NCsoft has the patch for EU. After all why would NCsoft not run it and take all the subs it brings in instead of having to cut subs with GF.

    But then again if GF runs it they will have to make a deal with NCsoft on ways they can get money from it after all they are not going to run it and not make money from it are they?

    NC originally cut aion off in EU because they didnt wanna host EU servers. If classic comes to EU, its UNDER Gameforge, in Gameforge servers as they have the publishing rights and license in Europe. NC will 100% not run jack S*** related to aion in Eu region.

    And yes, ofc it will be more monetized version of the patches (1.2 - 2.7 that is also what EU gets if there is official classic)

    Very likely pay stuff there is AP, AP scrolls, XP scrolls, Manastones, enchantment stones, skins, buff pets that are hard to get or impossible ingame, probably titles, consumaples (greater scrolls etc cus otherwise people need to get crafting going), crafting related stuff & gold packs, possible some sort of vet rewards / elites there too, socketing aids... Etc etc.

    You are implying this would bring players back, or getting players from the **cough** servers into a official classic, while what it actually does it just cut more people from the current official retail servers into server where there is less items to sell for € and will likely quit (most of them) once the nostalgia drive is over.

    Its very likely they wont make profits with idea like this in the long run,

    and even more likely it wont have the effect they hope

    (Aka bring people back in mass and get players from **Cough** servers into their own)

    This is not WoW. Aion has absolutely non-comparable number of player base for this to really be a good idea to make them any ok profits in the long run (And they wont keep something running without income, obviously, its a business after all.. Either it profits or = pointless investment of time, manhours in maintaining it and moderating the community for it, server costs, license costs for NC to publish it and support personel costs)

    Nice assumption, but no, it will be P2W 100%.. Unless they can REALLY monetize it, they would not bother wasting resources on it. People can keep holding on to their baseless hopes, but this game will never not be VERY p2w ever again. If someone is holding on to hope it will lessen they should just stop right here.

    Entire idea is overall bad, not only will it just eat players from current servers, most of those will get bored too and just have rose colored glasses on and nostalgia tripping hard.

    Also it will not lower the number of players in P-servers as they probably hope it would.

    And no matter what patch you choose in the 2.0 - 5.0 spectrum, they all have plenty of bad things in them and always 1-2 classes overpowered versus the rest which would be heavily over represented for sure depending which patch they would open it with :/ But sure, you can always pretend it would be succesful based on the nostalgia driven players trying to get this going.

    You really think they would even consider putting it in elites? When they literally stated that there is no plans of changing how to aquire it.

    What they should do instead is increase the farmable number of legendary transforms per month so people have more chances on fuses, for free. Good for ult in the long or even short term, very good for collections too while still requiring effort on the player part.

    by the way

    @Galeas you say end of Oct there will be a next set of Elite levels, but will there be Ultimate Transformations in these rewards?

    No, and there wont be one in the December one either. That is 100% for sure, and thats how it should be. You either get it by event, or you get it by fusion, not for hand me downs...


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    How does the auto hunting feature negatively affect you? Well, it doesnt.

    Instead of people being afk in town or logged out, they are farming mobs on auto hunting, that's all.

    One could argue that the massive amount of afk people farming the good spot (xp) negatively affects those who wanted to farm them Non-afk :/ Imo, i've always been a strong believer that you should get absolutely nothing without the efford (also that it should be made impossible to buy gear from other peoples runs) also afk events :thumbdown:

    In today's promo : "[Rune] Ultimate Blinding Starlight Ring Selection Box"...

    Say what? Really? I mean, the selectable rng box ultis, I understand, but now, end game gear in shop? Really?

    Mate, to even properly do and get endgame gear you need aionshop to get monster cubelets for the best DPS accessory set... So... they might aswell just sell the gear right from the box, and the other p2w people can choose to get the cube % instead so they can feel they did something hard to get it :/

    You should be adding the possibility to gain monster cubes (platin) for instances such as Prometum Hardmode (prigga especially). 0 events, 0 ingame ways to obtain. Only p2w... Why is a essential item locket behind either paying in shop or waiting for god knows how long for event just for PVE instance? Has it really come to this that ingame instance(s) are locked behind paywall for it to be completed without a full 6x p2w shop group? How can you call it F2P game if content is barely doable without paying beyond goldpack?

    My proposed fix for this is event for a good amount (AS FAST AS POSSIBLE) and changing the Glory NPC which sells random monster cubelets for exp insignias from opposing field to your homefield rewards. As nobody conquers opposing field forts inggi/gelk from the other faction as was supposed to be the MAIN way of leveling that field, getting your glory level on those fields with the terrible quest selection is absolutely offputting to anyone who has any sanity and outright impossible without many many many months.

    I dont see any connection between HT leg contract (half of it at least ;)) and the free bday box we got today. Whats better than 1 leg contract? 2 contracts.

    Btw, I didnt do a single HT quest.

    I did only few, but not for leges or other S***, but just to get some more ascension jams :saint:

    Hero Trials are a very boring and annoying and time restricting type of event... In the future i hope Hero Trials only have WEEKLY's, so you are able to do everything in 1 day, or split on whatever day you want... Rather than the current.