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  • Hmm I wonder if you saw my PM however I made another work.

    But without comment I'm so tired.

    It's either this game dead or my political posts back fire at me now xD

  • Well I've another work if you wanna see pm me back but I won't post public :P

    • Sure, the last one was very good, you should enter it into a GF competition, you should win it :)

    • https://i.imgur.com/0TR0BnR.jpg

      I'm sorry but I'm not playing in EU mainly I hope u like this one I worked very hard ^^

    • Fabulous outfit, you have good design & drawing skills :)

    • Actaully it's a ancient spirit outfit from 3.0 :P it's the best outfit ever and I love it so much :P

    • Don't forget checking my lastest work it's in spam mode ;D