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    Also ich störe mich daran und gestern hat jemand auf dem Gruppensprechen gefragt, warum man sich extra bei Gesichtbuch oder zwitschern anmelden muß, nur damit man an einem Bilderwettbewerb bei Spieleschmiede mitmachen kann, also fällt dein "niemand" schon einmal flach. Schau einmal hier, da steht "So geht´s"

    Hab das mal eben korrigiert, dein Denglisch versteht hier doch niemand!!! Hat mich mindestens 20 Minuten Suchmaschine gekostet diese Anreihung von Buchstaben zu entschlüsseln.

    look what i found on the aion eu discord

    It reflects exactly what I expect of ppl who flame retail here 24/7 to be capable of doing on retail or classic in whatever country or patch.

    Hero Trial & Treasure Chest obviously marked as Event/Promo because you get the boxes for free from the shop and farm the keys ingame. You could buy additional Boxes during the last event, but the price was too high for too random rewards.
    Hero trial probably a big fail cause from the looks they only provide Monster Cubelets. Most likely not even enough to finish a level without the ones from previous Elite Vets.

    Minion Event obviously Shoprelated because people already actively asked if they cant reset the bundle for 4xx coins which had some +5 weap/armor and a S Minion inside.

    noticed something on the page

    enchanted xforms dont display with the correct stats

    maybe can be adjusted in the future :)


    Enjoy the free boost. Not like any of you is actively farming anyway. Even if, with the increased exp I‘m already using an extractor after every 5th mob 😀

    It wont even take a week til the majority will complain even more about extractor prices.

    why do they afk then?

    I stopped playing some months ago, and now returned. i have less gear than most people at this point full kata +10 and dumah accs, only 1 odian highest rune is +1 and i mostly only do pvp in this game...but i still hear the same ppl saying they dont pvp cause they are not full etc

    u know, some ppl like to afk, others like to dodge runats and call themself pvp player 8)

    no matter what ure saying here, ppl only see u as mascot of that other at you play with :)

    new ui size of selecting class, allies and target is a bit too small for my taste (and eyes) :x

    rest is nice, as always, i like it.

    Anyway, i couldn´t care less - the only problem for me for soloing stella em are the mechanics which aren´t working for me like for others, that´s all.


    We're talking about running away from the boss after the pull, in which world is that considered as actual mechanic which cant be working same for everyone?

    Vampirina has the same speed as Mastarius btw.

    Trying to help here: Use Dauntless Spirit or Leibo Protection before or Grendal Minion skill after the pull, if you cannot run away from the boss with the slow on you. Make sure you are already a few meters from the boss right before the pull on the shielding methods.

    Gehe auf Nummer sicher und farm genug Kinah und hole Dir die Teile dann nach und nach aus dem AH.

    Oder spar Kinah, warte bis 7.7 und kauf dir das Zeug mit Exp Abzeichen :)

    Flügel kosten 6 Abzeichen, Feder und Armband je 5, Halskette 4, Ohrringe 3, Ringe + Gürtel je 2.

    Du bist solange ohne das Zeug ausgekommen, die 1-4 Wochen werdens nicht ausmachen.

    In 7.7 stehn die Npcs jederzeit verfügbar in der Base. Du kann die Items dann auch uneingeschränkt oft kaufen, jedoch statt für die Rot Katalam Marken, nun mit Exp-Abzeichen. Ist aber alles relativ günstig.

    Wait a bit longer until the 2nd or 3rd 7.7 patch for overseas, they added ancient form available only via rng box in their shop which gives... 10k hp via collections :)

    Its actually 6,6k hp :)

    + 152 m/pdef in combination with other xforms.

    huh? make buged HT then fixing them is something special

    Dont forget be glad they give A minions in HT after they removed it from world drop

    U mean HT which are only a thing in eu? And world drops which were only a thing in eu? Be glad we have/had them maybe?

    If your "S rank minion event" is just putting minions on open world drop with a ridiculously low rate and disable auto hunting for the duration, then you can keep your event for yourself.

    No one enjoys mindlessly farming mobs for hours for a really low chance to get something. Events are supposed to be fun, not transform aion into your second job.

    If you wanna make something fun you could for exemple make a "treasure hunt" event where chests spawns in inggison and gelkmaros, but only elyos can open gelkmaros chests and only asmos can open inggison chests, put decent rewards inside the chests and add event lugbug quests that provide extra rewards for a certain amount of chests opened.

    what about the new player who cant quest in their own map when its full of enemy faction player? :>

    You want an event only for selected people? Thats the way to go.

    if u really had proper attempts, you would qq about cleaning water and not polishing stones.

    During the 3 weeks of ranger instance you could have farmed 2 Stones per char per week easily. 72 stones for free is nothing to complain about.

    Not all people use 10 characters in this game or 10 accounts. Do not come with these nonsense reply .

    since this is the "quick question -> short answer" thread, I'll try to keep my answer short.

    Since the very first introduction of Shugo Tombs and Fire Temple like events its more benefitcial to use multiple characters or even accounts especially during event phases. If you didn't realize that in the last 8 years since this is ongoing, I can understand your frustration.

    Take advantage of that knowledge to try to get hands on items which are more likely to be obtained from the cash shop or are harder to get by regular ingame means than from the events. Cashing or playing alts, it's simple.

    fix the garbage rates for enchanting odians, cant be real that i fail from +1 to +2 everytime, how many times should i try? 10? 100?

    if u really had proper attempts, you would qq about cleaning water and not polishing stones.

    During the 3 weeks of ranger instance you could have farmed 2 Stones per char per week easily. 72 stones for free is nothing to complain about.

    Wenn du die vollständige Ankündigung gelesen hast, weißt du ja dass die Mobs in Inggison und Gelkmaros spawnen.

    putting lot of work into this event getting mastarius as my first transformation ... [...] for not making it selectable.

    Edit by Isobel : Language.

    alot of work aka moving ur char from a to b to afk for 15 mins or the daily 7 min event instance?

    - What do you favor in the runes ? Rune's skill or first the transfo of the rune ?

    - Which rune are you seeking ?

    - Which runes do you use and in which circumstances ?

    On my AT I use Increase Attack + Crit Strike and Additonal Damage. Don't see a reason to use the Area Effect one because to many AOES to make use of it. Additionally I use Increase Recovery on secondary PVP gear for when I'm focused since it does not only increase the own heals (+pot heals) but also the heals you recieve.

    On any other DPS class I would use Additonal Damage, Area Effect and Crit or Attack. Most likely Attack because the value in manastones is higher compared to Crit.

    I am sceptical about any kind of Enhancement Runes + the Crit Reduction Rune since the Enhancement Runes are only useful if you face an enemy with an actual resist to any kind of state you are countering with your Rune and the Crit Reduction Rune sounds better than it actually is. 5% reduction on a 50k hit is 2500 dmg, you still recieve 47.500 dmg. 5% reduction on a 5k hit is only 250 dmg. The increase on each level is +4 so at +5 you would have 70 (7%) reduction. Debatable if it's not useful when u're in a grp pvp situation where you get focused so much that you hardly can use any skills or you got other supporting Transformation Collection effects which push your reduction higher.

    XP Rune for botting is nice to have as well, if you can afford all the Combat Extractors anyway :D