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    Breaking news : aion is already dead.

    6.0 killed it, 7.0 put it in a coffin and 8.0 sealed and buried it.

    Aion was still ok even until 5.8 (it had a lot of problems, elemental forms were annoying af, unlimited enchantments were retarded, but it was still enjoyable).

    What exactly did you enjoy about 5.0?
    All I remember is breakable gear,the legendary Luna -Nerf, activating as many elite rewards as possible on as many accounts as possible, extremely frustrating raids and price manipulations on broker during events.
    I am serious. I only remember the end of 5.8 as kinda nice due to the tia eye event.

    What I liked about 5.x was the number of pvp instances, all the arenas + AoG + dred + runat.

    The meta was not so imbalanced like in many previous patches (im not saying it was balanced, im saying it was among the less imbalanced, atleast for 1v1 (6v6 meta was kinda cancer ngl)), and the combat overall felt good.

    The endless custom you could get with creation points. No one had the exact same spread of points as the others, I liked having to think about what skill to improve and to which level according to your playstyle or what you were doing.

    Now what I didnt like : Long ass levelling, Elemental forms (both 66 and 75) being annoying and way too OP, Lack of points of interest in nosra/esterra which brought all the owpvp in front of the guards of the main town since no one had anything to do outside of the town (mainly due to gameforge's stupid custom that made it possible to apply to every instance from town), lack of cap for enchanting (even a +25 cap (+7/8 for accs) wouldve been fine, but atleast a limit so that extreme whales can't go to unreasonable levels), 10% godstones, lack of availability outside of the shop for the top manastones (+10/11/12), the OP'ness of A rank minions, and having to farm the best pvp gear in that stupid tower instance.

    Yes, that's a lot of negatives, but it still beats 6.0 and beyond where I can't find a single positive point.

    Aion was still ok even until 5.8 (it had a lot of problems, elemental forms were annoying af, unlimited enchantments were retarded, but it was still enjoyable).

    But aion died with 6.0, where they effectively removed all the depth of the gameplay to replace it with a brainless skillspam on max atk/cast/run speed.

    1.x was a lot of fun, people saying 1.x 2.x had no content are people who spend their lives running instances.

    Owpvp is the best content, always renew itself because no 2 fights are similar, and was rewarding back then because AP had value.

    Maybe stop doing greykill or attacking ppl at 5% hp and you will get more than 35ap per kill?

    Guards are so not worth to farm because it's way too risky to waste your cooldowns on mobs when you're high rank and way too slow to grind AP this way when you're low rank.

    I could make 30k ap in 2h or so of pvp, glhf making 30k ap by farming guards.

    Silver and gold medals have always been tradeable which is a good thing because it doesn't force you to do siege if you don't like it. And it still rewards you with something that can make you some money if you do it but don't need medals anymore.

    PVE high rankers appeared with 2.x and esoterrace, in 1.x that was not possible as instances gave way too few relics for that, people wanted to lose their rank asap because it meant being able to buy their gear and not be 1st focus anymore.

    And no you don't need to farm pve gear before doing pvp.

    As soon as you get speed boots, you can already take a rift and start racking up AP. That's how I did my gear back then and I was geared much faster and much better than your so called pve heroes farming guards all day. Those ppl were even side dishes for when rifts weren't spawned.

    Ofc you can farm a good pve gear and start with that. But what's the point? Just go with what you have, chances are your opponents will be just like you. And if they have much better gear and you die, then so what, you're probably low ranked anyway. The 30e pvp set was designed to be a starter gear, you don't need to rank up at all to get it super fast and it's better than any pve set for pvp.

    I'm not saying this is the player's fault, the current patch is beyond garbage, i'm talking about classic.

    As for progression, 1.x offered little to no progression on your pvp gear through pve, the pvp gear progression was done almost exclusively through pvp since the amount of relics you got from an instance was really not worth your time unless you were very high ranked. You needed pve for a 2h weapon, and for manastones/ench stones, that's about it.

    Not too much rng on progression, aside from manastones exploding all the slots already socketed when it fails, the rest is pretty straightforward with not much chance for downgrade.

    No minion, no stigma/daevanion enchanting, no infinite enchantment, no absurdly overpriced rare composites manastones, you get the AP, get the medals, and you have your gear.

    Classic is not really aimed to be a fast food mmo where you just "casually log in for 30mn per day after work to do one instance and log out". This is not the target audience of "real" MMORPG's, never has been and imo it's the reason why the MMO genre is dying, they try to cater to the wrong audience, an audience that no matter what you do will not invest much time in an MMO. You can play the game this way if you want, but then you gotta accept that sometimes you won't be able to do your instance and will have to pvp instead.

    That's what makes Classic better. You run to your instance... your risk getting ganked by the enemy

    Oh no, low iq zergers won't be able to stop pve players from doing content they enjoy if they won't have to run across the map to enter an instance, yikes.

    PvE only players are an aberration that shouldn't even exist. Aion is (was? Atleast) a pvpve game, you need both, pve serves pvp (by helping you gear up, and filling the broker with resources) just like pvp serves pve (by taking open world bosses from the opposite faction, and giving you access to remotely located dungeons), that's the true spirit of aion. They both act like the carrot and the stick, sometimes pvp is the carrot and sometimes it's the stick, same for the pve, it all depends of your current objectives.

    It's fine if you want to be a pve only player, but don't complain when you get killed. This is a pvpve game, not FFXIV

    Besides, zerging on this patch is not worth at all, you won't gain anything and can even lose a whole lot of AP if you are star officer or higher.

    7.x is the worst version and worst state aion has ever been in.

    The pvp meta is absolute garbage, the matchups are insanely imbalanced and the skill required to play any class is so low you can't really punish mistakes from a bad player to take advantage in a fight because every class has almost 0 cd, so what if you waste your cooldowns like a monkey.

    RNG is more and more present in each mini patch they add, making everything unrewarding and even when you get something super rare you don't even feel good about it because you didn't do anything special to deserve it. You just rolled the dice and got the correct number.

    This is true even down to the fights, since we still have Godstone like effects in the form of minions, to which you add the randomness of katalam passives.

    The content is non-existent. Long gone are the days where we had chaos arenas, glory arenas, arena of gold and such. In a way it's good because the meta is in such a poor state that it wouldn't even be fun to do in the current patch, but at the same time it just shows how dry of content the current game is.

    Even the few pvp instances left are completely unrewarding so the few ppl still playing don't even bother participating. Seriously 180k ap? Majority of people don't need AP anymore and are sitting on hundreds of millions of ap with nothing to spend it on. Those who still need will find 180k ap way too low to mean anything. I mean just do 10 kills at siege and you get more than that already.

    And on top of everything. You have greedforge, adding their own layer of rng on top of the casino like game aion already turned into. Not that it matters much anymore.

    I used to be a hardcore player, tryharding every patch and optimizing my character to the max i could, now I'm barely logging and when I do I'm afk most of the time. That's how boring this game became.

    I could still tryhard, but i don't get any joy from it anymore because my progression isn't tied to my efforts but to whether the stars are aligned today or no. And even then, what to do with my OP char? There is no pvp.

    Not everyone has under 100 ping like you. Most people have 120/140 and it's a big difference.

    Even 90 can be a big problem if you play a fast class like assassin.

    Most of the people who plays from EU there are people who simply don't care too much about pvp.

    Aion has never been popular in NA, it was dead years before EU, and they never really had many pr*vate servers due to the low interest there.

    Classic in EU or RU would be way more popular, you just need to see how many of those servers are around and how populated they are.

    From all of my friends who are interested in playing classic, only one went to try it on NA due to the ping, so yeah, i'm pretty sure EU classic would be way more popular than NA.

    and if you think we will get a shop with only skins and nothing else you're beyond delusional.

    Imo reset scrolls are ok, xp/ap scrolls are ok, pots/scrolls are ok as long as they are expensive enough to not lower alchemy crafters value, wings with stats and title in battle pass or VR like system is ok, for the rest I kinda agree. I've never been a fan of candies and seeing everyone looking like some oversized cartoon animal just doesn't feel like classic.

    As for mounts, they shouldn't even be in the classic client since they were introduced with 3.0 so unless I missed something we shouldn't see them.

    Imagine cashing 300+ euros for sh*tty collections when the game is already dead and there is no pvp whatsoever, then complaining that they are time limited when it's even written on the collection itself in-game. "QQ I won't keep my unfair advantage that I bought thanks to my Uber wallet to slaughter poor people since they cannot get the collection by playing and show them how big is my e-penwallet"

    Don't worry, by September there will be even less people to pvp against, you won't miss those collections at all 🤣

    I advise you to stop spending your money on aion. Aion 7.9 is dead, 8.x will be even worse.

    Cashing on the current patch is supporting the shady business practices that these companies do that consist of milking their playerbase then not reinvesting any of that money into improving the game aside from the bare minimum to just keep milking the leftovers that are trapped in the sunk cost fallacy loop. Your money doesn't help to keep the game alive, at all, quit that thought. The game is on life support, barely cost them any money since they don't really have employees hired specifically for the game, they all work on several "life support state" games at the same time. Half of your money goes into the next lambo of the CEO and investors, the rest into allowing them to purchase another game license that they will also destroy by milking it dry and repeat the cycle.

    Still waiting for classic in EU as I refuse to play assassin with 100+ms

    But, from what I saw people are making mountains out of a molehill. These candies sold at the npc are gonna give you an advantage till what? Level 25? Then after that people can get way more money than that by simply playing.

    And even then, what are you even gonna buy at broker before lvl 25 that you can't get yourself in a few mins?

    The most sensitive point imo is the AP. They should never sell unlimited amount of AP. Some crowns through battle pass is fine as we had VR giving crowns back then, but direct purchase of unlimited AP would kill the classic experience.

    Dude you started with 4.5 and GP ranking or what there is no way [...] to the point of suggesting to reset the AP of players. ?(

    And i'm playing since EU beta, thanks for your concern.

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    That's all I can think of for now, I haven't played this game since 4.* keep in mind (played it briefly when there transformations were a thing)

    Also one big fundamental change that I want to see, maybe not everyone will agree, but a complete reset of rankings needs to be done every 3-5 months. Someone hoarding #1 Governor spot while new players will never be able to catch up makes no sense, it keeps the game dried up and old. Resetting rankings will make it fresh and incentivize people to play more.

    That's all for now, feel free to add ideas.

    You never played back in the days i guess.

    No one want to be governor, because you lose so much AP everytime you get killed, and the ranking is AP based. + Everyone will see you as a giant AP cow and General quest cow for their gold GS and you will get dived into towns and guards by ppl with 4k dp on xD

    People became governor to buy their elite 50 ap weapon then insta drop to soldier rank 9 the moment they can make the purchase.

    Don't bother, the good rewards are as always closer to 0.01% drop rate than even 0.1%.

    And even if you are the lucky one who gets the "special reward" with really low %, so what? the game is dead and there is nothing to do with that special reward you just got.

    People left the game because they're tired of all the RNG involved at every single step. There is so much RNG that you don't even feel any accomplishment from being geared, just lucky (or filthy rich to try nonstop until you get everything you want)

    Selling scrolls and candies is fine i guess, as long as it's expensive enough to not ruin alchemists business, direct kinah is not. It creates unnecessary inflation and makes everything impossible to afford for those who chose not to spend more money.

    The server is not the problem it's the client that is clunky since they keep piling up layers of sh*t on top of each other without ever fixing anything.

    Siege was never that laggy in 4.x and previous patches, even tho maps were the same.