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    Well this wouldn't be a problem, if you had the alternative of getting those same items through playing the game. I wouldn't care in that case if rich and lazy people buy them. Unfortunately it's not the case.

    Anyone expecting European classic in 2021 is very delusional tbh

    Not expecting classic in 2021 is delusional,7.8 will be released very soon, 7.9 in a few months, after that we will have caught up with korea, and there is still no sign of 8.0 whatsoever, so they will have to release classic if they wanna make money.

    Hello dear gameforge stuff!

    You see, I was wondering! Since you've been in touch with ncsoft KR lately, regarding the whole classic situation, I was thinking if you could maybe discuss all these lovely dances we were never allowed to have in EU, being added in classic? Lmao! Just a random thought! Those emotes are simply too good!

    They would need to pay the license since they are copyrighted music and the contract only holds with korea.

    Insufficient download speed creates high ping, not low fps. (I know what i'm talking about, since i was playing aion with a very limited internet back in 2009, I didn't have worse fps than the others, my game was just 10s+ in the past since it was trying to catch up and download every player information)

    Low fps is due to extremely poor client optimization with a lot of memory leaks and an old game engine that doesn't support multithreading.

    Nothing that you can do to make it much better, as other people suggested already, having the best single core perf is better for aion, but it doesn't mean your game will be smooth during siege, especially in prades which is by far the worst one.

    Technique its because of these ideologies that we are in the *** right now.

    so it would be better if we have not that kind of shop, so that ppl who don´t have that much time, have to stay behind ppl with much time?

    Yes, would make sense. So the community would be a lot smaller.

    As long as the people who cash can just "keep up" with those who tryhard i'm fine with it.

    It starts being a problem from the moment the shop gives you things you cannot get in a reasonable amount of time and cashers gets so far ahead that people that are willing to farm everything cannot even hope to keep up anymore (kinda like the current patch).

    No one is interested in another rng+wallet size comparison like the current patch is.

    Anyway if we compare the classic and the live server i think the p2w of classic are far from reaching the p2w to the live server. (it's my personal opinion)

    It's comparing P2W to more P2W. It's both terrible.

    It will change the game from day 1.

    If you believe they will release it with only subscription and nothing else you're delusional. We're talking about a company that only does freemium games.

    But if it stays at that level atleast you can easily manage to compete at the top even without spending (outside of your own subscription).

    People always crying with "the game is dead omg ;(" while still playing it 12h per day, and then, when someone asks if it's interesting to come on the game, their anwser is no.

    Don't know what is the most illogical and funny between gameforge's acts or players like that

    You can play a game but still not recommend it. I don't see how that is illogical.

    If you can be objective and put yourself in the shoes of the guy asking, knowing what you know, would you start playing again from 0 with no form no cubes no S-minions no improved stigmas and daevanions, no VR... I wouldn't.

    And these past few months, gameforge didn't really make anything to listen to the playerbase and make the game less random (even the opposite), so I don't see why we should help promote their game by lying to the people who might be interested in it.

    @Galeas why don't GF just put everything on shop ultimate transforms best ultimate pvp weapons, best ultimate pve weapons, best everything etc etc etc.

    As to me this is all GF is thinking about they are not thinking about the player base at all its money money money and more money.

    be done with it just put it all on the shop as this game is done and I think most players would agree, and it is only GF that's made it that way.

    It's all on the shop, except its behind layers upon layers of rng, which makes it even worse because f2p players feels wronged, and the unlucky cashers as well. Atleast if it had a price tag we could consider it and chose whether or not we want to pay a definite amount to play in the best conditions.

    But no, just gamble your money instead :)

    2019 GF: "We try to decrease rng"

    2020 GF: -increase rng every week

    I mean, if they do get it, it shouldnt take 6 months for a release, just throw in the translation thats already there, add/remove a few lines and pop it online. Its quite possible ncsoft gave the go-ahead already and theyre making the patched english version already. In which case we can expect it in a month or two

    We're talking about gameforge, they need months to discuss whether or not they wanna remove the downgrade from transformations fusion.

    Thinking we'll get classic in a month or two is delusional.

    Maybe in 3months they will tell us whether or not we will have classic server (then a few months again till we have it), and that's very generous estimate considering gameforge is always extremely slow to react.

    We have dpsmeters.

    Who will decide if the guy use cheat or not? As GF claim those programmes are not accurate and not a proof. Are you going to make any committee and vote from 1 to 10? [...]

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    DPsmeter will show if someone use noani or not, you don't need to vote for it or rely on a subjective opinion.

    Those programs are accurate they have been tested a lot, and false positives are extremely rare and easy to spot because they usually concern one specific skill.

    As for language servers, they need to see how many German/french players really want one. Unless the demand for classic is really really big among those communities, having one fr and one ger server is a bad idea.

    Even if a lot of German and French want a classic version, it would be better to have only international servers.

    Better have only international servers than empty servers with the language you speak.

    That's the point, if the demand is big enough to fill a server to the brim, why not, otherwise better keep only international servers

    Completely agree with that. And the best argument in favor of classic is the fact that the game will evolve through patches from 1.2 to 2.7 (and maybe more if the playerbase is still there when they reach 2.7), so more content unlike some 4.6 server forever stuck in time on a single patch.

    As for language servers, they need to see how many German/french players really want one. Unless the demand for classic is really really big among those communities, having one fr and one ger server is a bad idea.

    Alright, if simplifying the classes to be able to be played by 2 year old kids is what made the game more enjoyable for you, have it your way.

    When the few arguments are gone, only the flames are left, sad......

    Wdym gone? its just plain simple truth, the 6.0 as a whole (not only class skills) is a simplification as an attempt to seduce a younger audience as an opposite to the veterans who appreciate the complexities of the game.

    The classes have never even been nearly as braindead as they are since 6.0, and obviously, when you can't make a huge difference with skill, then only the difference with p2w/rng/class matchup is left.

    Again, the majority of the players who would play on classic are not people who play on the current live version. Some do (like me), but it's a minority.

    Alright, if simplifying the classes to be able to be played by 2 year old kids is what made the game more enjoyable for you, have it your way. The majority of pvp players disagree with that tho.

    Not sure people understand this but, many many players haven't played Aion for years.

    Those people want to play Ain Classic.

    No. People who haven´t played AION for years are done with AION at all, classic server or not. They already play other games the last years or they have quitted playing computer games at all. There will sure be some people who have quitted AION for years and come back to classic server, but they wll be te minority......

    The popularity of p------ servers says the opposite tho

    There is a real demand for a classic aion.

    Don't expect anything from 8.0, it's just gonna be the same old recycled content with added casino mechanics, nothing less, nothing more.

    KR 7.x servers have 5k players at peak hour all servers combined, they won't invest money into developping new content, they will just milk whoever is still playing and willing to keep spending and move on. Classic is the last hope to have some fun for a few years before it dies.