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    please GF do something or people will leave the game... it's not about DDoS ....problem is that we all don't have 24/7h just to play the game some people take vacations and free days just to play.... .we all love classic but there was once Infinite Aion 12 years ago and the same thing happened and we all lost everything

    Galeas pls respond

    why noone saying a thing about huge nerf in open world drop rates????? 3weeks ago in 2k mobs I got 5 minion cointracts and a lot other items ....but now nothing drops I got only 1 daevanion skill in 10k mobs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!tnx GF but I will not spend money to buy ench stones or minions.....

    Greetings to all elys .... I have already 4 apostle and 6 legendary transformations more ........ thanks to event and full pve set in 5 days ..... I just feel sad for people wich spend thousands of euro in game for nothing ^^^^: D: DI hope those noobies wich p2w cry a lot now ..... and maybe learn their lesson that this is not stable game to spend soo much irl money ..... 3 months ago mounts was 7mil and now they are 2.5bil on broker ....

    well wishes is one reality is other :D

    lol I see you put a lot of effort in this I just stating facts if game is not this much p2w a lot of ppl will not quit I dont care what comes in 7.5.....Im just sad that they recycle content and other downside is that they make this cross srv on few maps why they even do all this merges.....btw why will I block enyone I block ppl only if they spam and are annoying

    After seeing the unlimited enchanting is back again as well as the breakable gear, I realised...there's no way in hell I could ever be competitive in the game without p2w. I am not spending my whole life for this game or pay thousands of euros just to play competitively.

    On top of that, 7.2 made it harder for everyone to progress. Less Kinah, less drop means you need to spend even more time just to reach weekly kinah cap by doing HT/PW/Makarna on 12 chars in order to make progress.

    After all these years, finally it's time for me to quit.

    mate what to say :( game is dead I remember when we played together back on Nexus in Fatebound.....since then game is slowly dying ....if they dont give us new +15 legendary set 90% of ppl gonna quit I was talking with my legion mates today they all cant belive that GF will scrap current equipment AGAIN!!

    bro I started playing aion 10 days ago [...] I'm not good geared I only have like 10 legendary parts only weapons on +15 other parts ancient

    in 10 days that's actually a very good progression imo. It took me 16 days to get from ancient to ultimate weapon only, everything else was on ancient state.

    I'm lucky I back in right time this event is very good if not better then 1st shugo tomb event xD but really in 3 weeks everyone will have full legendary set + ulti weap + legendary transformation, people who skip this event should stop playing aion, in my opinion, they will be in even greater delay

    yea thats sad truth I guess but dont pop our bubble :(

    I agree with AionIsLife everyone should be able to buy things from special npc not just 1-2 legions that's unfair

    That actually works both ways. I think we all saw what happened to PvE Pandora when you could get rewards without putting in any effort at all and also got the joy of afk Dredgions. There has to be a better solution than just free stuff for everyone.

    I didn't mean free there should be some contribution points required to get items, why just not put the higher price (more stellium) for ulti/legendary stones so people will need to go on if not all most of altars....

    everyone from same faction should be able to buy things from the special npc, weekly quest should stay accessible to the legion owning the altar.

    realistically speaking, the npc would be useless for non-geared people without the weeklies:P it's kind of a paradox, can't get geared w/o enchantment stones, can't get enchantment stones w/o gear.

    Why would it be useless you ask? cos from my personal experience, lowly geared you don't get enough stellium just from sieges to buy the coupons.

    bro I started playing aion 10 days ago I farm 120++ stellium each day and I play solo, when you in ally you get far less stellium ........and I'm not good geared I only have like 10 legendary parts only weapons on +15 other parts ancient I agree with AionIsLife everyone should be able to buy things from special npc not just 1-2 legions that's unfair personally I don't care for 1-2 ulti stones you can farm 2 ulti stones each day if you know what you do


    1st even if they do it 90% of forum whales/nolifers/nerds will vote against it because then they wont be able to instant kill evryone and express frustation from irl in game........
    second there wont be eny reason to spend money in game........ you will be able to enjoy in game with low tier people around you without spending money.