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  • As, I said you need get exp, not just hit, so MyAion Session is useless

  • And I will say: I got experience from every single rabbit that was killed. We wait for everyone to be nearby the rabbit when they are killed.

    Or are you saying being next to rabbit within 5 meters does not give you experience in a instance?



    - Zapiel

  • It actually starts also to piss me of when people have issues have to waste 40 Luna to get few bunnies that for some reason does not wanna count, even when everyone are nearby, everyone does wait for them to get bunnies because the runs are done amongst friends.

    Then we got few people here who always blame on the players, because they dont have this problem. Nothing pisses off more than hearing from someone "that you are doing everything wrong", even when you clearly kill every single bunnies together almost standing ontop of the stupid bunny.

    Everyone gets experience and nobody is away.

    Yet people get the situations bunnies not counting. Do you really think we wanna pay 40 luna to get 2 bunnies? Do you really think that you are the only one that knows about "game mechanics".

    It pisses me off to waste 40 luna for a Stella Easy instance, when I could be using it on something better on a endgeared character.

  • Samething was with the ordeal gear disappearing bug and getting one shot killed by bosses.

    If I recall even same people were "You dont know game mechanics","There is no bug like that" and whoppe fibbledooo, there was a bug like that. That was even mentioned in the frigging patch notes.

    But "I never had deaths like that". .. "I never seen that happen" people were already attacking players who brought it up. Support made automatic response to it. Luckily Ncsoft had found it out so it got fixed.

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  • Also use the head abit, I show MyAion to show that we killed 15 bunnies during that run, with a theory that relogging can cause not getting bunnies also. But of course you will go instantly for the player instead of the mechanics. The player is doing wrong. It's always the player, never the game mechanics. Gameforge never made bugs.

    Are you the one that developed Hero Trials or are you the guy who tested it? With few other guys here in thread that are in denial sameway.

  • Its sad that some ppl had to pay with luna for something that other would get for free.Just so they can get that wanted 40/60. Im really afraid of what next week will bring.. Im out of reset scrolls ,money and luna..This quests turned into 2nd job ,not something that you can enjoy. Really hope they will do something about it with last part of it...

    On side note , the plants event only puts more fuel into the fire :p
    People are nervous and aggressive xD

  • 1st Prome difficult run: 6 people group. Everyone get 15/30 bunnies.

    2nd Prome difficult run: 6 people group. Only 1 get 30/30 bunnies. The others, me included, got 29/30. And we were all together all the time.

  • Imo not sayin "I don't have problems with HT" is just trolling. Same goes for recording your own gameplay just for sake what something may happend, that is not intended to happen. Do you record every single second of you entire time on computer just for sake windows not working well etc? Thats not a valid point. Also just a recording won't show if something is out of ordinary in a logfile, it just tells the date and servertime so its easier to dug on by support.

    I actually last week had a fun bug: if low lv char and higher lv char enter in nightmare and the lowlv does his nromal quests and u do rabbits no rabbit is ever gonna be counted on higher level char. How ya wiseasses in forum prove this to be my fault, if the low lv char can just inflict 1 dmg or not even that? Or do u think that i weren't in instance all along? Should i have recorded that, if i tought it worked well? Also taken SS's?

    Btw being returnee seems to suck in this patch. :( Got also griefed in 2 instances, sooo should i buy luna for 50e? Formed a group in stella EM, and 3 out of 6 ppl left after killing the bunnys before 1st boss, guess they had resets, guess who don't. And joined in Beni EM, people with gear rushed to end and left lesser people dying in the way. Also died in one stella HM b4 last rabbit, coz bos aggroed me from behind a painter, soo thats a thing.

    I enforce good rewards, non afk events, fun encounters, hard instances and memories above all. U can say "I didn't have problems, but perhaps there is some. Please proof em." But saying, "I didn't have problems, and nobody else has em too until they proof that they have!" Is just utterly wrong.

  • @Valeriq I did 40/60 with 0 luna man its not that hard it takes you 1 afternoon to finish it

    yes, if you're lucky and bunnies don't bug for you

    exactly , who said its hard , i have all instances done , my problem is having to reset cd cuz damn bunnies not counting even if you are really standing on top of its damn ears like @FinnishGuy said . Cheers :)

  • People wanted proof of bunnies not working.

    Still not bunnies updated, seems only 1 person out of 5 ppl got 30/30, rest got 20/30. Please make up a silly theory for this happening:

    PS: This is sent to support too.

    PPS: Watch it with 2x speed so you dont get bored.

  • Yesterday, it took 5h30 to validate some quests (disappearance of the quest) and receive rewards for those particular quests, whereas I received 40/60 rewards 1hr later after doing them.

    And yesterday a lot of people were doing their quests, the script took a lot of time to validate everything.

  • You checked 1 minute after killing mobs... just saying

    He stopped the recording and started recording again sometime in the future, you can see top left. Don't know how long after though. Unless i'm blind and missed something.

    EDIT: He actually waited 30min i believe, you can see last chat log at 20:18h and when he started recording again it was 19:48h when he hovers over the time at 2:22 in the video(meaning 20:48, server time and your time makes it wonky like this in some cases).

  • You can see the time super clean on the chat ^^

    Yes, but it's also scrolled up, meaning that's probably not the actual time that he's at when he starts recording again. Anyways i edited my last post to explain how you can see that he waited 30mins.

  • Yes, but it's also scrolled up, meaning that's probably not the actual time that he's at when he starts recording again. Anyways i edited my last post to explain how you can see that he waited 30mins.

    Right, my bad, kinda assumed it's 1m since he wrote on chat that some ppl got it "instantly" and that was the only time stamp i could see first time i checked