[EAS] First adjustements

  • The following will be added tomorrow 23.04


    Based on your feedback, we agree that it might be a bit too hard in the beginning to get to the new content quickly. While this is of course expected - this is a new server after all and will also stay as a permanent server from now on - we still agree that a push at the beginning, to get to the new content easier is needed, and so we designed a gear pack for you that should help with that. You can receive it once per account in form of a survey that is available now on EAS.


    The same goes for the current settings. These are, as we have of course already made clear in the past, the original settings from KR. This is intended, but after reviewing your feedback and also playing more on the server ourselves, we think especially the specific measures we are taking on our side regarding the gain of Kinah for the live servers is dearly missing on EAS right now. For that reason, we decided to provide an additional survey that will give you 1.5 million Kinah and can be received daily, once per account. This is planned to be active until we can apply our own settings on the EAS.

  • Hello everyone!

    We've run into trouble when setting up the surveys, but don't worry you will still get your freebies!

    Starting right now, you will find packages in the EAS Shop that you can claim for free to get your Starter Gear and some Kinahs.

    Have fun on the EAS!

    Your AION team