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    you have "adapted" the monsters to heiron but you have drastically reduced them .. if until last week it took 2 / 3h to make them now you need at least 5 / 6h ...
    But are you doing it seriously?


    The number is the same as before, just the location changed. There are several locations.

    • We have adjusted the HT mob spawns in Beluslan and Heiron so that they should no longer spawn near guards. You should Look to the west.
    • We have adjusted Lakrum and Dumaha so that mobs no longer spawn stuck.

    Faction rewards progress:

    Note: the progress is cross server for each faction and the data is from yesterday morning 08.09 before maintenance (it should be higher now).

    Elyos: 65000 Ancient medals

    Asmos: 58000 Ancient medals

    Celebrate the 12th Anniversary of Your Favourite Game with Us


    AION’s 12th anniversary is just around the corner, and we have a bunch of exciting new events lined up for you – enjoy weeks full of action and amazing loot! It starts today with The Ancient Prophets event – followed by three more fantastic events which all take place between 15/9 and 29/9:

    • The Battlefield Festival
    • The Dreamscape Event
    • The Anniversary Hero Trials

    The Ancient Prophets

    Running: 8th September to 29th September

    Experience a worthwhile quest series where you can collect 5 exclusive costume items which, when combined, give you the 12th Good Tidings Costume Set in celebration of the 12-year anniversary of AION! The variety of content in these quests will have you talking to NPCs, hunting, gathering and duelling in PvP combat.


    The Quests of the Prophets

    You can find the Ancient Prophets, Pernos and Munin, in the fortresses in Inggison or Gelkmaros. If you accept their quest, you’ll begin your search for the 5 costume items – each quest offers you 1 costume item as a reward:

    Quest 1: [Event] Pernos’ First Gift or [Event] Munin’s First Gift
    Meet some NPCs and talk to them about the recent news in Atreia.

    Quest 2: [Event] Pernos’ Second Gift or [Event] Munin’s Second Gift
    Find the different flower merchants who each sell one of the event flowers. Each merchant is waiting at one of their 4 random locations in Atreia. The merchants change locations every 6 hours. After you’ve collected all event flowers and combined them to a bouquet, you’ll receive the [Event] 12th Anniversary Bouquet.

    Quest 3: [Event] Pernos’ Third Gift or [Event] Munin’s Third Gift
    Go on a hunt for certain monsters in the region. The prophet will name your target.

    Quest 4: [Event] Pernos’ Fourth Gift or [Event] Munin’s Fourth Gift
    Collect 10x [Event] Aion’s Blessing in the region. You can get them from Magic Crystals or Titania in Inggison or Gelkmaros.

    Quest 5: [Event] Pernos’ Fifth Gift or [Event] Munin’s Fifth Gift
    Assert yourself in the Battlefield Instances to collect 20x Battlefield Coins.

    Please note: The items [Event] Aion’s Blessing, [Event] 12th Anniversary Bouquet, [Event] Cacklerose, [Event] Perpetuity Poppy, [Event] Forever Thyme, [Event] Forsake-Me-Not and [Event] Lily of Amity will be removed from the game after the event is over.

    Help the Moon Rabbit Search for His Wishing Coins and Earn Rewards


    The Moon Rabbit made a wrong turn at Anturoon and is now lost in Atreia. Until just recently, he spent every minute of his day fervently praying for his wishes while minting Wishing Coins. He was so anxious about it that he accidentally dropped his bag of Moonluck.

    He’s now trying to find his lost wishes in Atreia, but it’s turning out to be extremely difficult. So he has turned to the Daeva for help and promises to give them the rest of his possessions in return.

    Helpful Daevas can look forward to rewards like the Starlight Hanbok, the [12th Anniversary] Ultimate Transformation Chance (21 types), the [Rune] Selection Box of DP Daevanion Skills and much more!


    Running: 8th September to 29th September

    Get the Moonluck

    The Moonluck item contains the [Event] Moon Rabbit Wish plus a variety of various random items. It can be purchased in the AION Shop either individually or as a bundle of 11. You can also get 1 free Moonluck per week and account!

    As a thank you for returning his coins, you can take the coins to the Moon Rabbit and exchange them for precious items.


    You can find an overview of all possible rewards in our list of rewards.

    Note: the items [Event] Moon Rabbit Wish and Moonluck will be removed from the game after the event is over.


    This Wednesday, September 8th, we will perform our weekly maintenance.

    Web services and servers will be offline starting from 8:00 am CEST.


    • [Event] Robe of the Prophet - more information tomorrow. End: 29.09.2021.
      • item and NPC deletion: 29.09
    • [Promo] Moon Rabbit lucky bag - more information tomorrow. End: 29.09.2021.
      • item and NPC deletion: 29.09


    Complete the Hero Trials and bag additional rewards for your faction


    Anubis, who hides in the depths of Aphsaranta, has found a way to create a space-time rift. This will allow him to send his troops to every region in the world unhindered. The Daevas must battle Anubis and his undead henchmen to rescue the inhabitants of Atreia from the dark forces.

    Hunt down the monsters in these Hero Trials and be rewarded. Secure additional items for your faction in the process by gathering medals. You can enjoy prizes like the [Rune] Jorgoth’s Half-Weapons Chest, Sillentium Bundle, Pharaoh’s Robe and lots more!

    Running: 1st September to 29th September

    The Hero Trials

    Battle Anubis and his troops alone or side by side with your friends. Complete the 6 weekly Hero Trials and pocket the rewards:

    • Defeat Anubis’ soldiers in certain PvE instances.
    • Defeat Anubis’ soldiers, who have invaded the Ashunatal Dredgion.
    • Stop Anubis and his soldiers in the various regions of Atreia.

    You receive additional rewards when you complete 20 of the 24 total weekly Hero Trials.

    Rewards for your faction

    Complete the Hero Trials and you’ll be rewarded with Ancient Medals. Collect as many of these as you can to unlock extra rewards for your faction.

    Please note that players follow the same faction objectives on all servers and the rewards for this are only available for players from level 80 or higher. All rewards can be picked up from 1st to 15th October.

    • 100,000 Ancient Medals: Players from your faction receive 1 Transformation Contract: Black Mane per account via a questionnaire in the game. This is only possible once per server.
    • 150,000 Ancient Medals: Players from your faction receive bonuses for XP, AP and loot over the weekends in October.
    • 200,000 Ancient Medals: Players from your faction receive 10x Box of Glowing Odian Fragments, 10x Major Rune Fragment and 1x Ancient Transformation Breath in the AION Shop.
    • 300,000 Ancient Medals: Players from your faction receive 15x Box of Glowing Odian Fragments, 15x Major Rune Fragment and 20x Legendary Fragment of Memory in the AION Shop.
    • 400,000 Ancient Medals: Players from your faction receive 25x Box of Glowing Odian Fragments, 25x Major Rune Fragment, 20x Legendary Fragment of Memory and 2x Legendary Transformation Breath and 1x Box: Tame Lion in the AION Shop.
    • 600,000 Ancient Medals: Players from your faction receive 1x [Event] Vision Weapons Selection Box per account via a questionnaire in the game. This is only possible once per server.

    Notes on the Hero Trials

    The Hero Trials marked ‘[Account]’ can only be completed once per account.

    You can collect your rewards from the mailbox in the shop. You can assign them to a character from there (Manage bonuses → Allocatable rewards).

    Defeated monsters count towards the quest if you have gained XP by killing them. If you die, you don’t get any XP, and the monsters you killed don’t count towards the quest.

    The Ancient Medal item will be removed from the game at the end of the event.

    Rub the Magic Lamp to Unlock Precious Rewards


    Running: 1/9 to 22/9

    Archaeologists excavated deep beneath the ruins in the deserts of Dumaha and recovered several Mysterious Magic Lamps.

    These lamps are imbued with a marvellous energy that bestows power, riches, and precious items on whoever owns them – including the +5 Extreme Weapon Selection Box, [Rune] Transformation Contract: Marchutan, Summer Pearl of Eternity (90 days), and much more!

    2020-16-06_AI_Mysterious_Magic_Lamp__Screenshot_105x65_01.jpg 2020-16-06_AI_Mysterious_Magic_Lamp__Screenshot_105x65_02.jpg2020-16-06_AI_Mysterious_Magic_Lamp__Screenshot_105x65_03.jpg

    Collect Mysterious Magic Lamps

    Here are the ways you can get the lamps:

    • Each week collect 3 lamps per account for free from the AION Shop.
    • You can buy single lamps, or buy them in packs of 15 or 30 in the AION Shop.

    Rub the Lamp

    If you rub a Mysterious Magic Lamp, it will rank up! Ranking up the lamps will make it give you better items. The lamps can have levels 1 to 8. But don’t rub too hard, or your precious lamp might break!

    Lamp Fragments

    If you break your lamp while upgrading it, you’ll receive a Lamp Fragment. You might also get fragments as a by-product while upgrading your lamp.

    Lamp Fragments can be exchanged for the following fabulous items from Ararunerk:

    • [Rune] Enchanting Arabian Headdress
    • [Rune] Enchanting Arabian Robe
    • Magic Carpet – Premium Restoration (90 days)
    • Astral Knight Leather Doublet
    • Astral Knight Leather Legwear
    • Astral Knight Leather Spaulders
    • Astral Knight Vambraces
    • Astral Knight Leather Shoes
    • Astral Knight Leather Hat

    You can also collect fragments and use 5 of them to craft a level 1 Mysterious Magic Lamp.


    Here is a list of rewards.

    Please note: The event items [Rune] Mysterious Magic Lamp (levels 1 to 8) and [Rune] Lamp Fragment will be removed from the game after the event is over.

    Enjoy the event series!

    The AION Team


    This Wednesday, September 1st, we will perform our weekly maintenance.

    Web services and servers will be offline starting from 8:00 am CEST.


    • [Promo] Mysterious Magic Lamp - more information tomorrow. End: 22.09.2021
    • [Event]Anubis' Hero Trials - more information tomorrow. End: 29.09.2021



    • [Promo] Shugo Game
    • [Promo] Jorunerk's Enchantment

      • NPC and item deletion: 08.09.2021
    • [Event] Rift of Oblivion
      • NPC and item deletion: 01.09.2021
    • [Promo/Event] The Summer Boost

    One would expect that after Innova's statement on platform issues for their region,


    Why are you guys so silent and so reluctant to share any kind of information with your community..

    That is on the way.

    Faites le plein d'avantages avec la fusion des contrats et l'enchantement d'objets


    Renforcez vos héros et profitez de plus de chances d'enchantement pour Pierres de Stigma et compétences de Daevanion au cours de cet évènement. De plus, votre contrat de retombe pas à un niveau inférieur en cas de fusion de 2 contrats de transformation légendaires ou ancestraux ou plus !

    Évènement : du 25/08 au 01/09

    Pierres de Stigma

    Les chances d'enchantement de Pierres de Stigma augmentent légèrement pendant l'évènement : au niveau 9, les chances passent de 30 % à 33 %. Des niveaux 10 à 12, les chances passent de 20 % à 33 %.

    Compétences de Daevanion

    Vos chances d'enchantement pour les compétences de Daevanion augmentent légèrement si vous utilisez différents livres de compétence pour l'enchantement de compétences.


    Pendant l'évènement, si vous combinez 2 contrats de transformation légendaires, ancestraux ou plus, la fusion ne peut pas échouer. Le contrat de transformation ne retombe pas à un niveau inférieur, mais vous récupérez au moins un contrat de niveau légendaire ou ancestral.

    Receive Benefits When Fusing Contracts and Enchanting Items


    Strengthen your hero and benefit from increased enchantment chances for Stigmas and Daevanion skills in this event Plus, fusing 2 or more Legendary or Ancient Transformation Contracts won’t result in your contract receiving a lower level!

    Running: 25th August to 1st September


    The enchantment chances for Stigmas are slightly increased during the event. At level 9 the chance increases from 30% to 33%. At levels 10 to 12 the chance increases from 20% to 33%.

    Daevanion Skills

    The enchantment chances for Daevanion skills are slightly increased when you use different Skill Books to enchant the skills.


    If you combine 2 or more Legendary or Ancient Transformation Contracts during the event, the fusion can’t fail. So the transformation can’t revert to a lower level, and you’re guaranteed at least a contract of the level Legendary or Ancient.


    This Wednesday, August 25th, we will perform our weekly maintenance.

    Web services and servers will be offline starting from 8:00 am CEST.


    • [Promo/Event] The Summer Boost - more information tomorrow. End: 01.09.2021.


    • Epic loot - More information. Active until further notice and adjusted for 7.5
    • [Promo] Shugo Game -  more information. End: 01.09.2021
      • Shugo token sale until 25.08.2021
    • [Promo] Jorunerk's Enchantment - More information. End: 01.09.2021
      • NPC and item deletion: 08.09.2021
    • [Event] Rift of Oblivion -  More information. End: 01.09.2021
      • NPC and item deletion: 01.09.2021


    • [Event] Atreia Fire Brigade.


    La maintenance hebdomadaire aura lieu ce Mercredi 25 Août 2021 à partir de 8h00 (Heure de Paris).

    Les serveurs et le site internet ne seront pas accessibles le temps de la maintenance.


    • [Promo/Event] Boost de l'été - plus d'informations demain. Fin: 01.09.2021

    [En cours]

    • Nouveaux drops dans les donjons - plus d'informations - restent actifs jusqu'à nouvel ordre
    • [Promo] L'enchantement de Maître Jorunerk - plus d'informations - Fin : 01.09.2021
      • Suppression des objets et du PNJ : 08.09.2021
    • [Event] La Faille de l'Oubli - plus d'informations - Fin : 01.09.2021
      • Suppression des objets et du PNJ : 01.09.2021
    • [Promo] Jeu des Shugos - plus d'informations - Fin : 01.09.2021
      • Vente des Jetons Shugos jusqu'au 25.08.2021


    • [Event] Les Pompiers d'Atreia.