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    Salut Daeva,

    Les files d'attente sur le serveur Atreia s'allongent de jour en jour et affectent même les activités inter serveur. Par conséquent, nous devons prendre des mesures avant le week-end et avons décidé de bloquer la création de personnages pour l'instant sur ce serveur. Vous pouvez toujours créer des personnages sur Tahabata.

    • Vous pouvez toujours créer un nouveau personnage si vous avez déjà des personnages créés sur Atreia.
    • Si vous supprimez tous vos personnages sur Atreia. Vous ne pourrez pas en créer un nouveau sur Atreia.

    Nous vous remercions de votre compréhension.

    Hey Daeva,

    The queues on the server Atreia are getting longer every day and even affecting PvP Instance server. Therefore, we must act before the weekend and decided to block the character creation for now on that server. You can still create characters on Tahabata.

    • You can still create a new character if you already have characters created on Atreia.
    • If you delete all your characters on Atreia. You won't be able to create a new one there

    Thank you for your understanding.


    Listen up, valiant Daeva! Those who have been so tirelessly fighting in Atreia’s service since the launch of AION Classic – that’s you! – are now invited on server Tahabata exclusively to participate in a special extended survey event until 10th May:

    Get a present via survey in game once you’ve reached level 10, 20, 25, 30, 35, 39, 42, 45 and 50 (only once per account).

    Amongst others, look forward to the [Event] Speedy Polar Bear Transformation Candy Box, the [Event] Tombstone of Revival and the [Event] [Title Card] Yustiel’s Enlightenment (15 days)!

    Running: 28th April (9 AM) to 10th May (9 AM)

    May we meet again in Atreia!

    The AION Classic Team

    Due to your incredible enthusiasm for playing AION Classic, Atreia server is now full and therefore, the queue time in the evening can take up to several hours. Sadly, this will take even longer over the weekend. While our server has the capacities for a high number of users, we want to ensure that all players have a better experience, especially during siege time. We would also like to avoid blocking completely the character creation on this server for now.

    Thus, we strongly recommend you play on Tahabata which already has plenty of Daevas waiting for you and still some space to welcome new characters. Also please keep in mind that instances are cross-server between Atreia and Tahabata.

    If you take such a wise decision and join Tahabata, you will get rewarded via survey in-game once per account: •

    • 20x [Event] Greater Sprinting Scroll
    • 1x [Event] Entry Scroll for Haramel
    • 1x [Event] Entry Scroll for the Nochsana Training Camp
    • 1x [Event] Entry Scroll for the Fire Temple See you in game! Your AION team.


    This Friday 28.04, we will perform a maintenance on AION Classic servers. Maintenance will start at 8AM CEST and servers and webservices will be off during the maintenance.

    Wish you all the best and who knows, you will probably see me in-game (if you can find me :P)

    I somehow doubt that, there are better games than Aion and its a job for you - supporting games. Honestly I don't think you care to play and grind in your free time... Guess final phase starts for Aion EU with this too.


    It doesn't really matter if you believe me or not. I'm lvl 17 on classic right now. try and find me.

    There is currently a queue to join the Atreia server and it is getting longer and longer. If you want to take full advantage of the release of AION Classic, we strongly recommend you to play on the Tahabata server!

    Meet you there!

    Dear Classic Daevas,

    Due to the very high number of players right now, we decided to open a second server. The new server Tahabata is already available. We recommend picking this one if you are joining now.

    Your AION Classic Team

    This is so bull****t . Starting server 10min early and also a lot of entering game problem. WTF . Even private servers dont have such problems.
    Galeas Why you guys switched server 10minute early

    Actually most games do it to try to avoid a bottleneck effect or soften it. It's not a race. 10 minutes don't change anything but can improve things sometimes ;)

    We are working on the login issues right now to try and fix it as soon as possible.