Please !!!! Turn off the Server !

  • Why you dont turn off the server !?
    #1 - PPL taking longer and longer soul sickness
    #2 - PPL fail in instances
    #2.1 - PPL getting CDs in instance
    #3 - PPL getting dismorality
    #4 - PPL geting angry on you
    #5 - PPL loosing mood for this game on your server.

    #6 - PPL getting mental problems because of you

    When you see you cant handle server without disconnect 1h alive.
    Why you dont turn off server before you fix it?
    Whyy? Just turn of this fking Server before you fix it . Turn it offfffffff

    When I know server is off I dont try to do something and fail !

    Playing this shit Since 2010, As always and forever !!
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