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    I dont play sin but about teleports - totally agree. It never worked lke that back in time. Now I get teleported back even on simple jumping from upstairs to the ground in arena. It happens like 5-10 times every day.

    Last event with tigers dropping magic resist manastones was very helpful. Might we see it more on static basis with some nerfs? Let's say, 20-30% chance from each tiger. Market's prices for magic resist +12 and +14 manastones is still high and only single week of event didnt change situation about it. Yes, I know they are untradeable, but means that players still need a buy lots of it, so price doesnt drop.

    You are absolutely wrong, yes, but not for the reasons you're imagining.

    You simply lack reading comprehension. If you can't even properly read and make garbage arguments instead, I will argue on the same level accordingly.


    link any agrument in this phrase "stopped reading, post discarded"

    Are the points I am trying to prove with us in the room right now? Are they talking to you in this very moment?

    Because in the real world, I never made a point, so I'm really not sure whether you're confusing me with someone else or if you're making things up.

    you wanted to say something about MR stones and me being wrong about them being rare, but suddenly your mouth got full of something, and then you are trying to be funny, using some ordinary references like "are they in the room with us?". Best way to be washed indeed. If you have nothing to say about MR stones and argue with proofs, may you better keep quiet?

    The dude just wants to rant here about SMs, nothing to be taken serious in this topic.

    If the dude was smart (and this is a big IF), he would realize that SMs are in this game from begin and discussing about deleting them:

    is absolutely stupid and senseless and leads nowhere........ ;)

    Funny how you cant argue when you just said lets do it.
    Funny how you defend GF and NCSoft. Especially total ignorance all rest questions I wrote above about MMR system and new arenas.

    Sure we can argue about it. SMs are cancer in your personal view, nothing more. My main is ranger, I have no problem with SMs in my personal view templars are more cancer than SMs, so why not delete templars instead?

    If you were the pvp-skilled player that you think you are, you knwe how to counter SMs....

    Alright. So, sms are the only class who can do 100% kill vs any class cause of insta fear. Sms have mass cc with 1 min cd and ~8 sec duration when you can hit enemies - nobody has so important skill for grp pvp. The only class who dispels your important skills which might have 3-5-10 mins cd (like iron skin, imagine to dispel it by 1 instant skill). Ignite aether chain does remove 4 or your buffs + doing high instant dmg + landing 2 dots for easy lock - very cancerous skill with so many effects just in 1 skill. Also the only class that has bind+silence. Ranger indeed counters sms, but its not flawless 0:5 for sm - he still can do some kills even vs counter classes like ranger/cler which is impossible in situation when templar fights skilled sm or cler, for example. And y, we consider that templars dont have MR sets for now cause its very expensive stones and its only 3rd set perfectly after main atk/crit and acc sets. Yes, i still can win some sms, but i dont onsider them as skilled. So, if i was good, how do i counter sms if you have no stubborn stance, 10 mins wings, 10 mins iron skin cd and only 1 pot with 30s delay that you wanna use to dispe -aspd debuff, bind, root, slow? Its pretty easy to keep distance vs templar and you cannot break barrier in this update with just 2 range skills like in 5.*.

    Again if we talk about rangers vs templars, you might be indeed bad in this - i got 7:2 vs 2 strong rangers. Without stubborn you are just perma in arcane slow, under immobilization, trapped or slept. Thats example how to have easy gameplay vs templar as ranger (but admitting carry by blind gs partly)


    Templar wants more MR stones, an extendable lvl 55 weapon and SMs removed........ have we come to post our personal sensitivities now? K, I am next, I want pizza, world peace and Austria for world soccer champion. Whos next?

    so, you see what you wanna see:
    MR stones are INDEED the most rare and needed by clers and chanters more, then by templars. Why you thought only about templars, ha?
    Sms are the most cancer class which can ba said by the most pvp-oriented and skilled players. Do you wanna argue about it?
    Extend - yes, its templar's and glads favor indeed. What exactly wrong i said about it? That other classes legitly have 55 weaps and melees need to use only 70% of their power cause the most dont play with 10-30 ms. Whats about playing full power?

    Why are pve dirty rat strats still allowing you to win tiark and dred?

    Why is there no MMR system like in any modern game (lost ark, for example)?

    Why dont we have inner-race dreds/tiaks?

    Why is there no Arena glory legend title?

    Why is there no new arena maps?

    Why is there no coop arena 3v3 and gold arena 1v1?

    Why are MR stones so rare? The same about low-lvl stigmas which cost 30-40kk (Sage widsom)

    Why are SMs - the most imbalanced class - still in game and not nerfed? I d prefer more to have bards or gunners than this

    Why dont melee have decent extend weaps for 55 lvl? Why should they run with 50 lvl weap fighting mages, leather and chains with 55 weaps?

    Why is zerging encouraged in the game? Why to dont give favor to 1v1? Dont tell me cler cant do 1v1.

    if there was any respect from GF, we could see more available pvp content, more rewarding pve content, balanced item drops (almost no MR stones in game dropping, almost no important low-lvl stigma drops), dred/tiark vs the same race, changed instances without restrictions towards some class (for KKM and ESO you need dd-classes, not tanks) and just some events that require activity, not just some low-lvl farm in verteron/altgard or add. balic items, but real ones with pvp.

    You dont need to increase drop chance, but ppl also dont wanna play more if they arent rewarded. It could be quest with one armor piece reward for every 20 runs (player's choice) and weap for 50 runs, for example. But GameForge wont do anything. Thats why I dont understand ppl like Leulana who intercedes for them. Nothing for players, just direct blind following Korean NCSoft without considering real situation.

    Mag resist still more problem indeed. Right now its imbalance between plates and mages. In future updates it was partly fixes with implementation of Magic supression, better cloth pvp sets for Magic resist socketing (55 cloth arena with pvp def or 70 world drop cloth with pvp def in 5.*), and better stigmas (mag sup stigma for glads, stubborn spirit stance that gives MR+root resist - for temps). Now even Mag resist stones are incredible expensive and almost not available for plates who need atk/crit set and acc set at first.

    also nothing to do in game for pvp player: always zerging or 6v1. Cant even do fort daily quest for hours.
    Would like to have coop arena, gold arena, more glory arenas. May x2 tiak runs as we had with runatorium.
    Maybe also daily pvp-quests like we had in 5.* with decent (actually just better than normal ones) rewards.
    Instances arent rewarding at all. BT HM drops 1 ET part for WHOLE GROUP with 50% chance for whole run. When you will do 50 runs and with each new run you get nothing - any desire melts. Friends become less active. LBT - nobody does it due to difficulty (thanks that its all about premades, lfg cant do it) and little difference to even TAC weapon. UT/LUT - never seen any ET acces drop, so I gave up doing it. Also instances like KKM and ESO are made for dps classes, where templars like me arent welcome. This all makes me play less.

    It has been happening for 10+ years. Premade groups - means you are wasting time on searching strong ppl, gearing up yourself, organize leading etc. And as result in 90% of runs (I am almost sure friends and falimiar ppl can confirm) you get randoms. I lost the point of playing everyday with this situation since I like 6v6 the most. Nothing was done for years. And it is really doesnt seem difficult to make matchmaking system since ALL modern games have it.
    p.s. I know GameForge isnt developer, but it only shows once more how desperate I am of this.

    So glad to do the most difficult instance in game (BT HM) and see only 1 (ONE) weapon for 25+ runs, and even not from last boss, but Flarestorm. Not talking that I do BT HM almost all runs as only plate and got only 2 plate parts for all runs, but both of them from last 4 runs. Previous ~20 nothing. Imagine doing instance 3 weeks non-stop and not get rewarded.
    In general it's 0 ET items for one run with about 50% chance from my experience.

    I have been trying to solve problem for almost 1 week, but I get no solution.

    Support says contradict things. Main reason is that my IP is changing, thats why i get blocked temporarily.

    They claim it is caused by proxy/VPN. Yes, it had a place in this case. Then, when I stopped using it, i tried to play for 30 mins, then logged out. When I logged in again later (like 1h later), I got this error once again. I didnt use any proxy/VPN, still got error. Why does it still happen - I dont get answer in support.

    Also I dont get an answer on 2nd question: why did I play normally with VPN for 2 months without any block, but now it happens everyday. What did change?
    Support also claims my IP isnt blocked. Advised to use to fraudcheck my ip, but its clear.

    Admin of VPN (which I used before) supposes there is trouble with gameforge algorhytms and advised to buy static IP, but still no guarantee it helps.

    How to solve this issue?

    If its harder to farm kinah, then prices should be lower? Your argument is irrelevant cuz of it. But to improve reward for instances could be good cause right now it feels unrewarding indeed.
    GM's actions could be good, but looks like GF doesnt care at all, otherwise it happened many days ago.