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    When it come to Aion realistically Ncsoft havnt done any majore improvement since ages.

    Creating content that benefit Pay to Win and Gameforge as any company would of take advantage of it.

    Now when it come to Classic Aion I am hoping they wont take that pattern egain.

    Remember Aion EU release under gameforge ?

    No P2w content because the game was still SuB in KR/NA,

    then it slowly and deeply oriented into P2W event perma P2W.

    Just hoping Classic wont be P2W because there is so many MMO around and to come soon that no one will have mercy but leave and let the whale alone on Classic. i

    Les bonbons à 0 kinah*

    La difficulté de CAP le lvl à 50 dans un patch 2.0.

    Tout le contenue est nerf en early et si je me rappelle les NPC des abysse sup sont 55.

    Donc y a moyens que ça ne se fasse pas ou alors Ncsoft est de bonne humeurs et va faire un taff monstre pour adapter la 2.0 a un cap 50 early.

    Mais j'en doute même si cette idée me plais.

    Like it or not, Gameforge have seen the NcWest NA Classic management and every consequences that happenned after every change/nerf.

    They have no excuse if they ever do any mistake that was done on NA.

    For me the problem comes also from the players, but also the game itself.

    If the majority of players wern't greedy we would never seen Candy at release.

    I have already played an MMO under Gameforge were they added so"me utility in cash shop and community didnt fall for it.

    But the game was disigned to avoid cash and farm instead.

    Aion isnt disigned to make players farm 10h/day on open worlds.

    At least the majority wont.

    When classic na released I remember farming 10h/day at some area and making alot of kinah selling rare stigma/important stigma.

    Even if it was worth it, it wasnt a pleasure to farm, because the game isnt disigned that way.

    It ask alot of ressource, to farm without pausing, plus we are in PVp zone.

    That why bot are so popular,

    and the way Aion is disigned I don't see how they could make farm worth and kill bots at the same times,

    Bot even do dungeon/Dredgion to gather loot:ressources.

    They created a game with issue,

    Bot were generated, they kill drops egainst bot, and the sell items on cash shop to resolve things.

    Aion Classic Europe will not avoid any of those issue.

    At least you will be able to enjoy the hype release, the early farm, the early market (even if candy sale will polute early pricing).

    If the community stick together Aion Classic EU can be a success.

    IF Gameforge doesnt greed with cash shop profit also.

    Siel aura + Daeva Pass + Cosmetics content cash shop + Candy.

    is already over the limits for most players, so I assume as soon as they add enchante/manastone/stigma players wont force themself into arguing with gameforge they will leave.

    Its not hard to see it,

    if they give free 1 week premium watchout the population a week after release, and then 1 month after their 1st siel aura purchase.

    Aion Classic Europe, for some players is the last version of Aion that they will give it a try before deleting this game out of their mind, so I hope Gameforge realize that they need to make a good experience out of it for players.

    This seems a small minority to you ?

    Aion was mainly not designed for casual players until it hit Free To Play market and fufill their cash shop out of utility content.

    You totaly missed the whole point,

    this whole debate is about experiencing the Classic Aion Ncsoft devlopped at the very beginning.

    When you created your character and going trought the experience process,

    on finding some elite/named that where giving you gear so you could keep your exp pattern in a more comfortable way, in reverse those named/elite/boss was focused by your faction and the opposite faction.

    Creating a whole PvPvE patterns, since the EXP was slow and in consequence these Drop was even more important to get in your way.

    By directly releasing 2.0 that is what Gameforge missing the whole point.

    Direct and easy access to 55 trought questing and probably with Daeva pass lv 50/55 started pack/gear.

    Will completely wipe the Classic experience and we will feel more as a private server than Most private server itself.



    People don't understand why I am trying so hard,

    its not my concern only, if it was only about me I would of ignore that matter and eat that 2.0 nerfed patch,

    until Gameforge somehow being money matter into Classic cash shop content.

    Those who managed to experienced both 1.x Classic release in Asia/Na and now are still playing 2.4 Na for exmple known what is happening.

    They were fully active when it was 1.x and the experience trought leveling with a team was unique.

    Until it get into 2.4 where they just afk all days now until Daily medals (it take what less than 20 mins to do both), and then dredgions.

    Do you really think players will all day long run into other faction inggi/gelk ?

    They don't have interest on doing that alot of players now avoid PvP in inggi Gelk.

    If you were playing enought of official server you would know its TRANSFORMERS battle all day long in inggi/gelk.

    It either poluted by zerg for quest or Xform to fast daily pvp.

    The problem is Gameforge decided to go directly on 2.0 to avoid 1.x issue and will face even more problematic matter.

    - Where is the gear if players have extra fast exp to 55.

    - Where is the stigma.

    - Will they disable Xform in inggi/gelk during fort offtime?

    - All nerfed elite into normal mobs will they still drop ?

    - Does balic mats will be farmable if yes how ? if people have easy exp to 55 how the server is supposed to gather balics mats ?

    - What about medals ?

    Will they revampe the medals system after the nerf, will people get defense medals since it was removed ?

    To allow players to get their 30e/40e early game.

    - Will they fixe all Glitch related to 2.0? Are they even aware of.

    - Are they gonna sell Candy straight away in a 2.0 patch giving more unbalance from none pay to win players to p2w players in early release?

    (Because yes, skills are not free they cost money, how you supposed to get all ur skills if u don't have money and end up lv 51+ by questing in few days.)

    - Will they fight AP trader because lv55 is a whole new lvl of AP trade.

    - Will they fight Bot because botting in 2.0 patch regroups bot into inggi/gelk.

    - Will they fight crucible arena double account PL players for free win ?.

    - How they gonna handle the 2.0 release droptable for the early/mid lvl ?.


    Starting from 1.x patch is a known pattern and give time to resolve futur patch issue.

    Releasing 2.x is a whole new problematic issue generators.

    Forget about personal bullshit,

    its because there is people like us, that gameforge might rethink about released episode.

    And if after all Gameforge still don't change their minde because they had the time until release to change to whatever épisode community would like.

    Then atleast it shows that even if the majority screaming for Gameforge to revampe their choice and they don't, then :

    It give a clear idea of how they gonna manage Classic in the futur concerning players matter.


    Edit by Rafael : Keep on the subject.

    I don't mind getting trolled by the same people all the times,

    at the end of the day I know you are wrong that all it mind me.

    Majority of voters want 1.x on this forum and on the discord.

    What kill me the most is that you guys have no argument on why we should start at 1.x since it will end up having 2.x also on its pattern of update.

    1.x is a failure no content :

    in all the regions of Asia they keept all their server full from 1.2 to 1.9.

    1.x have its most active players until 1.9.

    1.x world boss meta keep openworld PvPvE Active.

    Morheim WorldBoss Boss / Named

    Eltnen Openworld Boss/ Named

    Belu Openworld Boss / Named

    Heiron Openworld Boss / Named

    Reshenta Open World Boss / All named spreaded everywhere. lv 35 to 50.

    Adma / Theo Lab

    Steel Rake,

    PvP zone : Azo fort,

    Fire Temple. Both skillsbook dungeons,Draupnir Cave.

    All the listed things I mentioned creat an interactive PvP constant lifestyle.

    What do we have rushing 55 on 2.0 patch ?

    Udas duo/trio skipping full party,

    Draupnir Cave will be left over Glad will have to tryhard motivate their mate to do it.

    Same for Adma/Theo labs.

    Besh rush, occasionaly pvp at entrance if groupe have the same timing no one will camp silentera for PvP.

    The worst will be when we will get 2.4.

    You do your weekly Besh + Udas then you can afk for Dredgion after daily.

    No more interactive PvPvE as it was in 1.x.


    Mostly people will rush their CD early week and afk the rest or afk early week and do all their CD at once.

    The majority is asking to have 1.x experience before ending up on those nerf patch pleasing you or not.

    It is what it is, you cannot deny the majority votes because your ego tells you you are "right".

    Everyone tought we were starting from 1.x you shouldnt even debate with your 2.0 envy now.

    Because if you really wanted 2.0 you would of make a post way before asking for 2.0 right away when Gameforge stated they had still yet a launcher issue when NA was on 2.4.

    But none of you did.

    It is simple to say "I played 1.x retails the game died there"

    We talking about 1.x Classic that has a majore succes with an ongrowing population yet until 1.9 not decreasing in Asia.

    Do you hear that ? The population is increasing until 1.9 in Asia.

    It only started to decrease drastically in 2.0.

    Even few streamer stoped to stream at 2.0 on Asia.

    No one is saying we don't want 2.0 at all.

    But Majority is screaming to have 1.x slow Classic experience.

    Even if it does not please the 20% 2.0 😂

    Do you understand ?

    You can be sarcastic to dodge fact,

    cover your ego trying to ridiculize people.

    At the end of the day Gameforge is a publisher looking after profit and its customers reacted to their 2.0 annoncement with polls/ argue on discord making them notice majority of active futur players asking for 1.x start.

    The very same people who now all of a suddent try hard to make it look 2.0 start is the way wont even stay 5 month of EU Classic.

    They just looking after Early PvP troll and will leave when it will come to longterm comittement for geared themself.


    Half if not most of you listed are Buy to Play / DLC,
    And correct me if I am wrong those who are F2P now started as Buy To Play ?

    I remember somewhere else Gameforge stating that Sword of Legend Online will not be pay to win,before the release.

    Is it possible a CM state the same thing for Classic Aion ?

    It crack me up some players saying 1.x was a failure.

    6.x patch to 8.x patch is a total failure that why Classic is working well.

    1.x remastered Classic patch is when Aion Classic had the most players.

    2.x rremastered Classic patch is when Population is decreasing in Asia.

    Wake up with your [...] guys, you gonna regret it anyway.

    2.0 to 2.9 is not viable patch there is nothing to do exept daily.

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    If they could they would just start Aion "Classic" with P2W Patch 3.X.

    Sorry but could you explain me what's p2w in reworked aion 3.0? Failed to find any info about that

    All previous zone are drop nerfed,

    Only Gelk/inggi drop with edited droprate (to prevent bot droping rare loot).

    They increased dungeon drop wich are limited per day/week.

    This make potential lootbox for enchanting stone/manastone a high ticket profuct that they could


    They could they sell plenty of those as limited offer during a limited periods of time "often" or transforme event.

    Who really know our only exmeple is Aion Retail, it started as Free to Play non Pay to win, into a fully cash shop based game.

    They are already failing, before even starting.

    They failed to understand what players want.

    Bringing this direct 2.0 release on the table is showing that Gameforge cannot understand players mindset when it come to Classic.

    But they can correct this mistake, we will see on the stream what are they gonna do,
    we waiting for final answer about episode if players gonna hold on it or just don't bother anymore and leave to the next MMO

    More than I wanted real Aion classic before, I now want a confirmation that 1.x is not being considered at all and "classic" will launch as 2.0 so me and my friends can forget Aion and move on with our plans. Please.

    Not reconsidering to start on previous (before 2.0)patch no matter what Galeas personal opinion on that matter is, from Gameforge side would be a big mistake.

    Because its definitly players that will take real life time to spend on the game,
    and real earned money to spend on that license,
    is the majority hardly asking as it was in most players mind,
    to start at 1.x.

    Gameforge as a publisher best interest is to have the best profitable license,
    as long as possible.

    I think Classic EU release at 1.x with the majority of players being happy on it,
    (the other 20% will accept as it was intended in the first case of all mindset)

    is the most profitable license of Aion Classic EU.

    Where 2.0 without even being released bring up huge drama and dissapointement.

    Players are expressing their tought,

    The exact episode that players are asking from 1.2 to 1.9 isnt the main topic,
    the main topic is players not willing to have release at 2.0 but previous patch.

    We can argue with the fact that "those vote could be representative or not",
    it mostly show a majority of active user on social media (discord/forum/twitter),
    that are expressing their will on that matter.

    As 2.0 annoncement was dropped like a bomb that what we could mostly do,
    making poll.

    Don't take player anger toward this decision personal,
    but doing such decision make alot of concern when it come to the futur of Aion Classic, as most Gameforge staff opinion / Aion Gameforge global team decision showed the majority of players that your mindset does not match the majority of Futur Aion EU Classic population.

    We all make mistake, its all right, best thing is to avoid them as much as possible when you still can avoid them.

    Best regards for Galeas and all other staff member,
    that are issuing alot of backslash or quote on every words they say and sometimes if not most of the time words can be distorted in any ways.

    If we can take a good thing about it is that at least players are concerned and this license will not be ignored.

    The amont of nonsens I read is amazing.

    How come 1.2 Classic release was a major succes and bringed Aion to the top MMO played in KR for a year.

    And when they release 2.0 all of a suddent population decreased ?
    And don't say its bot issue, bot are even more populated in inggi/gelk now in KR.

    That is sad, but that what most players were expecting,
    to have that Classic experience and not a shortcut Patch,

    Aion Classic 1.x or 2.x ? Vote yourself

    Made a Poll to make a vote,
    If Gameforge does not revampe their choice,
    it is clear that players will have no interest on them,
    Releasing 2.0 nerf of every lvl 1-50 content is a clear message of what they don't understand in CORE Aion mindset.


    This is their mindset,
    they think we wanna rush patch and rush that new crap class.

    They took 2 years to release Classic but players have to pay consequences.

    They are killing Classic Aion before it even released.

    And all those tryharder 2.0 patch wannabe,
    are only those players who want to rush lvl 55 content and are not focused on the game itself but just looking for 2/3 month max of pvp before leaving.

    Mostly private server players, or players who are traumatized of the EXP pattern of 1.x, that does not understand how classic were supposed to be.

    2.0 Classic is a nerfed patch that was only here to help new players to fast-rush to lvl 55 to keep in track with players that played 1/2years+ in 1.x.

    Therefore there is 0 logics in releasing 2.0 directly,
    since Gameforge will have to hardcore-customize the game in order to give to all the players what is missing in 2.0,
    thing players were supposed to get from 1.x release before getting 2.0 patch.

    Premium(20€) + daeva Pass[?] + Cash shop content[?].

    I dont care additional options added to game, Kotoro. If someone wants it, ok no worry, no offence. My side is, that I can play without it easily, but play without Siel Aura is impossible.

    No its all good,
    what I meant to say was,

    If they set their price so high it will decrease the population,

    The Siel aura at 15€ / The daeva pass at 15€,
    for exemple its already 30€ a month.

    Gameforge is only a publisher of the license, they don't own the game.

    It mean players will potentialy pay 30€ over a game that they wont be able to have impact on the futur of the game (such as PATCH, update, class balance, dungeon balance, new feature).

    And as I said, there is plenty of MMO in Europe that are directly released by the company that devlopped it, meaning that when you cash shop/buy premium.
    Everytime they will do any kind of mistake and players will complain they will most likely have to act directly depending on their EU customers.

    In order to be competitive Gameforge will have to set an attractive price for their Premium + Daeva Pass.

    If they just put the Highest price, they will just lose players trough time.

    I hope that 1 Month of Aura costs about 20€.

    We´re all working ppl right now, so we can afford much more then to the real classic time. Hobbies should be worth sth. And the price will lower the chance that ppl will be toxic, cause getting banned but paid 20€ a month can hurt ;)

    What drugs have you smoked my dude,
    Premium(20€) + daeva Pass[?] + Cash shop content[?].

    if premium cost more than 9.99€ that's a big nono.

    Aion Classic isnt worth more than that in players mindset nowdays.

    There is plenty of other MMO that are directly released in EU from devloppers,
    wich listen and apply feedbacks, and communicate and update their game weekly that cost less than 20€ a month.

    Who are we in competition with ?
    What is the logics behind the fact we absolutely need to rush patch on order to,
    have the same patch as KR ?

    This is not a retails game we talking about,
    its about Classic experience.

    Gameforge tend to know what players want but they are totaly wrong.

    Players don't want to rush patch,

    they wanna enjoy them.

    Players don't want to play Executioner,

    maybe 1 out or 100 aion core player would main it.

    If Gameforge think players wanna skip patch to have 3.0 faster,

    and absolutely play Executioner by skipping all previous patch,

    Gameforge is doomed then and

    Totaly don't understand Playerbase.

    Pretty sure you didnt followed KR population.

    During 1.x from 1.2 to 1.7-1.9 they kept openning new server.

    In fact 1.x was very popular and the game was alive on every map, you had pvp everywhere low lvl to high lvl.

    In fact 2.0 is where their population decrease slowly.

    When China got Classic released it had a huge success also.

    No one will do the mistake to cute episode if not Gameforge.

    It clearly show that either way Gameforge don't even understand their customer hype/interest.

    And they follow Ncsoft advice that clearly will require less work to give 2.0 directly (no 1.5/1.7/1.9to2.0 patch),

    and will dodge the early ap trade issue with bot/glitch and co.

    even if you want 2.0 personaly,

    you cannot be blind enought to not notice the majority is asking for 1.x start release.

    And if Gameforge keep the 2.0 egainst the majority will, it scream what people been saying for so muche time.

    That Gameforge does not listen their customer interest.

    What will happen, after releasing a casual patch 2.0 and adding P2W content slowly ?

    You guess it people will not bother anymore and will leave, there is plenty of P server starting at 2.0 not pay to win manager better than that.

    If not other upcoming MMO.

    even for yourself, people that was hyper over Classic followed Kr streamer for years, tested NA classic.

    They only dreamed of a fresh start from the beginning in EU.

    Having a 1.x pattern to KR actual patch.

    To get annoced a 2.0 cut off.

    Please respect your customers.

    I don't understand how they took the decision who in GF staff experienced Classic Aion 1.x to 2.4 enought to take suche decision.

    Majority of players asking 1.x release actually played it Classic version.

    Even some of them played it in KR from the very start.

    There is absoluetly 0 fact or argument any 2.0 wanter can bring to the table.

    The game offer less content and less opportunity than the entier 1.x patch.

    2.0 resume into :

    Udas/Besh/Dregion afk.

    Check NA situation, most players are afk if not using xForm to pvp Gelk/Inggi, stay logged 5 mins and check ur logs.

    Everyone has a favorite patch of this game and each of those comes with benefits and disadvantages. However, I want to point out that patches only go in an upward direction. If classic gets released at 1.x it is going to proceed to 2.x eventually. Yet the reverse is not possible. It feels weird to wait a decade for classic just to rush and skip content.

    Imagine openning 2.0 EU Classic,
    then having to add stigma and other maths from 1.x ressource because its near impossible to drop in 2.x
    Then restricting players to be able to rush end game content.

    "Come and feel the Classic Aion Europe experience,
    Early PvP is nerfed,
    Elite mobs are now normal and got their drop nerfed,
    you have a giant map but no need to explore, yellow quest give you 50 easly,

    You don't need to bother farming DP/DC/AetherLab/Alqui/TheoLab/Adma/Azo Fort/,
    just rush 50 by doing the minimum (maybe 1 dungs each regardless of your drop),


    LvL 40 having Yellow quest 41 that almost give you 1 lvl.


    Check how dungeon timer are nerfed into a daily/weekly,
    you wont be able to farm them in order to drop what you need.

    Would be cool to have an official statement regarding,
    the patch 2.0.

    After having a drama about players will to get into 1.x first rather than a Nerfed 2.0 content patch.

    even if its to early already I know,
    Might Gameforge stats about it officialy (rather than having answer dissapearing in forum topic / discord normal chat).

    Gameforge possible statement to make thing clear :

    We are taking in consideration on players will to start at 1.x,
    we might take action regarding it.


    No you will never have 1.x classic, we stick to 2.0, deal with it.

    My dude the topic is about 1.x or 2.x,
    the gear thing is an another topic.

    OFC you can throw away your AP for 30e/40e and have early advantage,
    but those will wait for the 50/55 will beat you later on and for a long period of time until you catch up.

    Full 30e is 1 part Torso 50e,
    in 1.x its resonable not in 2.x but we can debate for years.

    If it start 1.2 then go full 30e/40e,

    if 2.x you are doomed,
    how you are supposed to fill all 6 slot of lvl 40 manastone in your 30e,
    if no one is droping 40lv manastone since this patch allow you to quest yellow hyper fast lvl 50 to Inggison.