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    The mouse real position is nowhere near the cursor making entering my pin the first daily challenge i have to complete.. Losing game time that i paid for. How is this taking so long to resolve? Is it even being worked on? Just make the client boot in FULL SCREEN instead of it auto resetting to windowed full screen... How hard can this be??

    Try close Aion and go to your Aion folder and delete system.cfg, after that set Screen Mode to "Window Full Screen". Should hopefully solve this issue.

    Bots and AP trading top rank players on the other hand lol.. definitely out of control.

    That is how blacklisting random IP ranges work, some get affected, others do not.

    You can believe whatever you want of course but the fact is that alot of people can log in and alot of people cannot. The 3rd message there confirms IP bans on "cannot connect to authorization server" which is the issue people who cannot get in is having.

    So it is confirmed by a GF mod on discord:

    GF is actively playing around with blacklisting random IP masks which results in ALOT of players are now banned from connecting to the authorization server and cannot play anymore.

    It seems like they are happy as long as some people can log in = less complaints, while others are shafted and ditched. The mod also mentioned that if you are one of those people you have to contact support (which = 2-3 days on waiting for a reply).

    The handling of this couldn't be more disgusting and disrespectful towards actual paying customers.

    Not, still cant connect. Dont understood, haw other can play, but same time other cant connect .

    Easy, GF blocked a lot of IP range in the hope that the situation will improve. That's the reason someone why can log in, another one not. GF in this way try to resolve the problem, but failed after failed. Sinking boat.

    If this is actually the case this is just disgusting and a pure discriminatory gamble towards actual players/customers. I seriously hope they didn't do anything close to this.


    Siel’s Energy (3 days)

    This is clearly not sufficient as we are now on Day 7 of these issues.

    GF should freeze everyones remaining Siels energy time until this is solved, as well as issue 4 days more Siel's Energy.

    Entry scrolls + Time activation stones

    Fair enough for those days, obviously with this still ongoing prepare for another round.

    What is lacking though is AP compensation, and no a PVP AP event which was planned anyways is NOT a compensation.

    These attacks have been constantly targeted every single day during dredgion times and countless runs have been lost due to this.

    GF should:

    1. Request a change to get 3x dredgions daily like it was in the original game, one might have a slight chance to complete at least one.

    2. Compensate for the lost AP, say 50/50 win/loss dredges for 7 days, 2-3 major ancient crowns.

    PS: Fun fact: When the game was run by NCSoft players were given a major ancient crown every single wednesday as compensation for maintenance, imagine that.

    why so quick on patches? let us enjoy the old patches cmon now, such stupid decisions.


    GF could you at least consider making a poll for this?

    Many people would like to enjoy the current patch (WITH stable servers) for a while and not rush into new patches like NA did (and died).

    The original Aion had a year between these big patches, rushing into 2.0 after only a few months and then even another update a few months later might not be a popular choice.

    The only fix for this is if GF implements some serious DDOS protection + hires some competent -available- staff, don't get your hopes up. Its the 7th day in a row now and counting.

    You know that public holidays = more people play MMOs right?

    This has always been an issue with GF for 10 years+ now - NOT having suitable staff available at peak times / weekends / holidays. If you want to be taken seriously as a publisher and retain your returning playerbase you need to rectify this or people will starting leaving, again. Running an MMO isn't a 9-5 job, it requires 24/7 attention and your customers are paying subs for this.

    I know you are just a mod so this is not directed at you personally but GF needs to seriously step up in order to keep this game alive.


    Server down during the evening for 2 hours during dredge, then up for a few hours and just after midnight down again. Then for the coming 4 hours totally unplayable, lags, constant disconnects which never were fixed.

    More than 6 hours of being basically unplayable at peak time.


    Server down during siege, up again shortly after and ever since then constant DC's still ongoing.

    Classic has faced these same issues every single weekend since launch.

    Back when GF took over Aion from NCSoft is was the same (often censored) discussions/complaints about the lack of staff & proper DDOS protection, its just really sad to return to the game and see nothing has changed at all.

    No other MMO faces this amount of downtime at peak hours and its not even a major title.

    The reactions in LFG and Discord speak for themselves, the way this game is being run is plain and simply sad & disgusting with seemingly zero care for whether the game survives or not - which it wont if it goes on like this.

    PLEASE finally after all these years start investing in some serious protection if you wish for this game to survive like many of us do, there is only so much people will take before starting to leave.

    Hehe no worries!

    That's the thing, I did complete that quest after support reset the Lavrintos campaign and got the Essencetapping Expert Mask but am still Journeyman 399.

    And the Essencetapping Master wont do any further upgrade so makes me wonder if maybe 399 is max currently :/