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    This is actually the funniest thing.

    Aion Classic 1.x from 2020 in KR != Aion vanilla 1.x from 2009

    I wouldn't be surprised that most of the people voting for 2.0 release actually have no clue about what's in classic 1.x, like this guy.

    They vote for 2.0 in hope of having QoL improvements etc that they think only 2.0 has, whereas if they dug the subject they'd reconsider their opinion and vote for 1.x.

    If it starts with 2.0 update, I wouldn't even touch it with a stick.

    +9 rune in +2 runeslot gives +17 aka 900stun penetration

    With green odians +7 I'm at 1845 stun penetration as Assassin

    With a +10 rune you even get +150 on top of that and +2 slot for green odians brings you at 2065 stun penetration

    So you can just stunlock someone for the duration of your green odian buff ?

    The problem is ultimate forms are given randomly.

    I know a friend that came back at D day in 7.2.

    D+2 he got Kaisinel with the tower defense instance (Meteorite event), then stopped one week after.


    I'm actually very anxious about the future of this game, I mean how could it even have a future ?

    The game is as hated as it was in 5.x times, maybe even more.

    And since they already used the "we messed up, now we will develop a new patch that gets rid of the things you didn't like" secret card, what can they do now ... besides closing the game ?

    Is there any solution to the Ingisson freezes? :l

    It's nearly impossible to be in Ingi city for me, as the screen freezes for 2secs every 10secs...

    I know I'm not the only one with this issue but I have no clue whats causing it. Any help would be appreciated.

    Some people say it's caused by some Merciless gear parts. But it freezes for some people, and not for other people afaik. Maybe people having a particular GPU brand (even CPU ?) are facing those freezes and not the others ?

    Gameforge didn't give any info regarding this and they seem to have fixed the huge siege packets flood some weeks ago, but then nothing.

    Funny how you always put uncertainty in your answers.

    I'm sorry but your message is not reassuring me at all, and I don't think I'm alone.

    They most probably seen what the event is supposed to give at some levels (legendary contracts) in other regions, and they were like "Wait a minute, let's find a way to remove these gucci legendary contracts and put some [Rune] Box of kinah giving 1.5M kinah instead".

    Tinfoil had off.

    La 4.6, la meilleur version, même les GS étaient encore supportable.

    Perso je reste nostalgique des versions plus anciennes comme la 1.5/1.9, les rift c'était vraiment top pour PvP, le fait de s'infiltrer sur les terres de la faction adverse et de savoir que t'étais tout seul, avec que des ennemis sur la Map c'était vraiment les meilleurs moments que j'ai passé sur ce jeu.

    Me faire chasser sur la Map par tous les elyos qui veulent me tuer et peter mon kisk pour me renvoyer a l'obélisque c'était vraiment fun.

    Maintenant tout le monde fuit des qu'ils ont un point rouge sur leur boussole, c'est vraiment triste ce qu'est devenu aion.

    On passe de :

    Je joue glad, je rentre dans le tas en mettant toutes mes aoe, et c'est uniquement en voyant les cadavres que tu vois quelles classes/joueurs tu as tué,

    à :

    Je target la cible, ok il joue telle classe, ok c'est tel joueur je sais qu'il a des stigmas+15/daevanion+15, il a une kaisinel, le buff solaris, l'ascention jam pvp, merde. Ben demi tour droite.