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    Its seems most people agree with the roadmap dont understand, most people dont want to stay 1.9 forever they just wanted to enjoy 1.9 more time before 2.0 get release, its litteraly cost nothing to let people play few months longer to this patch if its what a majority of players wanted... And for people who say the actual content wich still be farm in 2.0 specially for extend for gladiatior, its actually a nightmare to go in DC has gladiator, imagine how it will be in 2.0 when ONLY gladiator will need to go there...

    Personally i and Const party dont know what to do in this patch. literally nothing. DP S rank we tired of it. Sell runs we already tired of it. we want land pvp to have fun ,2.0 will bring it to us. and i think many other players want it too.we came here for having fun in 2.0+ patch.1.9 patch is PvE grind patch only.we are waiting for 2.0+

    And this is real deal about 2.0+. i agree with him 100%

    not bad not bad. but this is some other aion,but i would like to have it :D

    I would say switching to 2.x could wait 1 extra month compared to current release schedule, but people who are saying 2.x will ruin the game or abyss pvp etc, in my opinion you are wrong especially if we consider this current nerfed custom patch we have compared to true Aion.
    Classic 2.x patch would balance lot of things and would make the game less grindy regarding AP and Kinah etc, just to mention one thing, krotan miren kysis instances.
    Im only talking about 2.0 patch with the rest i would hope they will wait a year or more or not even patch at all especially 2.5 and what follows it.
    I bet you if we would have a separate poll about if players want 2.5 "yes" or "no" , no would have min 80% if not more of the votes.

    there is a route to catch up with KR. and how many posts who disagree will write it wont change the route.
    and lvl 55 cap is a good thing. new skills.slots for stigma.

    Seriously I'm gonna stop playing if the 2.X stuff releases so soon. I was thinking that that they might release at the start of autumn and I still believed it would be too f*ing early. I wanted to play classic to feel the way I felt when first played the game 10ish years ago. I didn't remember getting anxious to the next patch release and the fact im not going to enjoy current patch. So if this release happens so soon , it is not classic anymore to me. I was going to buy 90 days of siels energy. But now I wont do so unless gf pushes the release towards at least october. 3 months is not enough to enjoy classic.

    and again if you think that this is CLASSIC 1.9 you are wrong you have rebalanced few classes atm cap 50 can be reached in 2 days you have full steel beard set. and like KR said it is different Aion with different progression without bards and gunners with new class executor with rebalanced classes at all , adjusted difficulty of dungeon, solo dungeons remake. So why you still nostalgie about 1.9 you already playing other game.
    I really dont understand this IF they RELEASE PATCH I WILL LEAVE.ok leave,but take in mind that you havent played old Aion you played new Aion with many changes. and GF said that wanted to start 2.5 straight but instead of it gave you changed 1.9. So goin in next patch to catch up KR is good desicion.

    well, they should have just announced it as aion relaunch or aion reboot instead of aion classic. or i guess it is my fault for not knowing the plan of it.

    Soar into the heavens, Exciting aerial combat, fighting for your faction in the skies above Atreia, Look forward to PvE content and rediscover maps and instances such as Dark Poeta and the Baranath Dredgion. for me that was obviously 1.x. ah well, was a good run while it lasted.

    i really dont know but since kr out there was a straight plan and it was said that they want to make aion in different direction etc. new classes new areas rebalance and other stuff. it was already known since then that it wont be just a classic version. And when GF announced it the patch should be 2.5 from the start, so and this was said.but they gave you 3 month to nostalgia the game now its time to move on. so even now you are playing rebalanced classes. next patch there will be a huge buff on supp chanters and templars healers sorcs. So its not classic that you've played decade ago.

    So its fine when you calling yourself MAJORITY? and if you will read first page i gave my constructive opinion about it mr MAJORITY

    As for me im fine with this patches i dont see reason to sit 2 years on this content with boring instance and flying map if at least we had 3 dreds then fine ppl who leave will leave like they did in past so who cares

    nobody said 2 years, no need to be hyperbolic.

    Up to Gameforge to analyze it, in the end its all about profit. Average casual wont be playing if they push new content at this pace.

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    funny fact you are playing hardcore oldfashined game and you want to play it casualy :D i dont care if you want to stop the patch,and i know you wont stop the progress :D and im fine with can write thousands of posts but result will be the same in end of july you will get 55 patch and im so excited :D

    When it gets useless and worthless in July.

    Asking question: Whats the point of working hard and farming this gear???

    It's not worthless, once in 2.0 the only thing better than DP is gonna be Besh Temple, and having decent gear for that will help a lot. We are on 2.7 in NA and I still use a Taha orb+triro merge as may main pve sorc weapon, and the Taha tome is still the best for a MA set.

    Yeah having "decent gear" not best endgame gear, so thanks to admit farming endgame dungeon like DP S rank is useless and a waste of money and time because even if you get the actual best weap/armor you will need to change it soon for the new one

    i really tired of saying that weapons are not a big deal if you will check the stats.

    you are playing not classic bro you are playing a new version of aion. that has a insane amount changes and evolution progress.there are no bards gunners , there is new executor class.class balance changed.locations will change.dungeons dif level raised

    so dont call it Aion classic 1.9

    First of all i want to say that the first version that GF wanted to start was 2.4 and that was said i dont know why people started to cry about fast patching.
    Second one bro you are so undedicated person about weapons that i loughed soooo loud even my dog started to bark. esp of bakarma , staff, and cler gear.
    Why people who ended all content should wait slowpokes that dont want to play like 2-3 hours a day? you forgot what is MMO? how much you invest time such an income you will have.. thats the golden rule of MMOs.
    personally i dont want to sit on place and enter for sell runs in game i want more content i know many other people that waits 2.0-2.5.and jesus christ go on myaion look how many times DP S was killed check how many clerics made it then amount of clerics cleared it on S X on 5 and + the amount of clerics you had. and you will be surprised. After that ask yourself are you a slowpoke or problem in people who clearing S rank and having 0 other content because PvP on this patch is a mess and disaster.

    i totally agree to level cap 55. since most of classes are not full powered without 55 stigmas ,skills and other stuff. air pvp in reshanta is garbage for melee classes. so pushing to lands is the greatest move.
    But i disagree to do it so fast ,not because the patch is cool ,because of lags and non-stable server. if you will push patch with this state where is server now thaaaat will be a disaster for you and players.By the way you already lost 10-20% players base. and if you wont work harded on resolving this problem as fast as possible you will loose another 10-20%.

    What makes Aion 'unique' is aerial combat and the whole concept of Abyss. The switch to ground pvp and making Abyss obsolete is what killed the game (and more ofc). It made it no different to other mmos, that do it better.

    Ok, the lvl 55 balaurea patch is not THAT BAD but still it should be delayed. This roadmap will kill the classic servers so fast.

    again disagree.not ground pvp killed the game. OP classes killed the game and PvP gear for PvE killed game. you are so wrong in your mindset

    i totally agree to level cap 55. since most of classes are not full powered without 55 stigmas ,skills and other stuff. air pvp in reshanta is garbage for melee classes. so pushing to lands is the greatest move.
    But i disagree to do it so fast ,not because the patch is cool ,because of lags and non-stable server. if you will push patch with this state where is server now thaaaat will be a disaster for you and players.By the way you already lost 10-20% players base. and if you wont work harded on resolving this problem as fast as possible you will loose another 10-20%.

    like come onnnnnnnn. Why you giving compensation now when you are not sure that servers are stable.ive just lost another entry to DP. not even started it in that lil house when timer starts.

    whole party Dced.we lost entry. So again why you giving it if you are not 100% sure that server is stable? Come on guys its really 5 days of inappropriate stuff ....

    for what you getting your salary? for doing nothing. like IT squad of GF or CM of GF. i havent seen more undedicated people in any game.

    i understand not having answer for 1 day or 2 days max 3 days but this must be over. i have a problem with Discord. When first ddos attack started i sent like 2 emojies with frog PEPE you know that cute little green frog right? next day i cant see AION official discord. after that i wrote Celes about that 0 reaction ,then i wrote to Drestam same 0 reaction. then i wrote in few days again and asked the same to Drestam again 0 reaction in more few days again to Drestam and guess what ? you are right 0 reaction.screenshot will be attached too so you will have understanding on that. after few more days i wrote again and same 0 reaction.then i wrote on a forum in his DM and same 0 reaction. So how it became that job of Community Managers is just ignoring anything? i though Community in start of his 2 word definition of job says about communication. i really miss Gal he was the definition of Community Manager in this publishers company.

    i think its an inappropriate behavior of community managment

    WIll it be over this lags ? Seriously 4th day cant play normally. ping jumps all the time,character just porting back for 3-4m every 2sec. cant do dungeons couse of this. cant farm my daily limits of kinah, cant pvp and earn AP that is much important for me,easier to say CANT do anything in the game that i paid for. i really dont need your compensation with useless 1-2 day of siel that worth nothing in this game. or dungeon reset scrolls that are useless too, i dont need quna im not using thousand skins or buying a BP that is obviously worser then last one, i want stable server to play and have fun on it , i want kinah to upgrade my ench on and buy manastones, but im not crying give me kinah,i can farm it by myself,i dont need useless 15% lucky amulet its useless since drop rates are 0.000001 for any item in game and and what is 15% from 0.000001 you know the answer. Give me stabilty and fun that i paid for.

    I Really tired of this,and i think good part of players are too.

    If you will think a little bit you will understand the situation.
    DDoS was before closing registration on Atreia and then it started after the registration open
    So i think the problem is in login server. we dont know how many accounts was created how many bots are tryin to enter same time so when thousand bots trying to enter same time and sending the pockets to server it becomes overdrived way overdrived.
    Solution: close reg again. delete accounts that was created yesterday before yesterday.
    And everything will be the same like it was when server was closed.
    If you remember guys when server was closed we hadnt got any issues with server no lags nothing.

    Well maybe tell your faction not to be so greedy with blue scales price? you guys are farming far more of them than elyos. No matter what time of the day or night you go, it's always swarming with asmos.

    You really dont get what im saying and why im saying it ? Elyos has advantage in farm insane advantage.but you are saying that our faction are greedy. im taking ASMO lands that havent got NON-elite spot for balaur farm that needed for DP and craft mats,and ELYOS land that have a insanely big CAVE with non-elite balas that makes your life much easier.if your faction cant pvp for that cave its a problem only in your faction not in literally have a insane good spot for that but you guys dont want to fight for it.And trophies that are get while you are pvping ofc will be higher in cost for faction that havent got same spot.And all what i see in this post are mostly lazy people that dont want to stay on spot for few hours. Im not lazy, i want profit.and most profit is blue balas and blood stain of balas,but i havent got spot to farm it.second thing is easily farming 2kk limit in 2hr but i want more.but i cant have it because of stupid limits.

    How does it cost 200K for elyos? 300K from scales + 180K from rift = almost 500k. Also asmos farm way more scales than elyos by perma raiding the indratu caves.

    we have 105k each balaur skin +180k so its 525+180k= 705k so you think its fair enough? asmos farm in your cave only when we have rift. and you can enter this cave anytime always and they are not elite meanwhile we havent got any source to get normal farm for this skins and again you think its fair?
    And yes your skins cost 45-50k each its 225-250k+180k=405-430k