Work of Community managers.

  • i understand not having answer for 1 day or 2 days max 3 days but this must be over. i have a problem with Discord. When first ddos attack started i sent like 2 emojies with frog PEPE you know that cute little green frog right? next day i cant see AION official discord. after that i wrote Celes about that 0 reaction ,then i wrote to Drestam same 0 reaction. then i wrote in few days again and asked the same to Drestam again 0 reaction in more few days again to Drestam and guess what ? you are right 0 reaction.screenshot will be attached too so you will have understanding on that. after few more days i wrote again and same 0 reaction.then i wrote on a forum in his DM and same 0 reaction. So how it became that job of Community Managers is just ignoring anything? i though Community in start of his 2 word definition of job says about communication. i really miss Gal he was the definition of Community Manager in this publishers company.

    i think its an inappropriate behavior of community managment