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    Welche Neulinge oder Wiedereinsteiger? Wer jetzt noch Retail spielt muss doch einfach nur noch *zensiert* sein, Patch-Inhalt seit 2 Jahren derselbe, neue Seasons rein P2W-Pushend das wars.

    Veteran-Rewards entfernt. Keine realistische chance mehr sein gear ohne zu cashen max zu rollen.
    Raids: Festungen bleiben rot. Peak Playercount vllt 80 leute auf allen servern.

    Lasst Retail sterben lasst die reinen Wallet-Warrior sich gegenseitig auf nem leeren server die *zensiert* kraulen und gut. xD

    Gibt es eine plausible Erklärung,warum der daevapass jetzt um eine Woche verkürzt wurde?

    spielt keine große rolle weshalb. dafür geben die quests deutlich mehr punkte. gleicht sich also easy aus.

    funny that i only read sins complaining about it that do that highly regarded mboost setup which by default has nothing to do with skill givin this regarded scaling x) 10-12k dmg out of nowhere within 1-2s is bs.

    Touch some grass if hitting ap gain block so often :3

    magic boost has the same scaling for every class.

    1500-1900 ish mboost and that seal dmg is between 5 and 7k dmg is just bullshit thats all :D

    The abuse of Xform Timers via logout is out of hand.
    It is heavily abused to an extend that the Xform that only should last 10 minutes is used for 30 minutes +. There was a reason this got fixed in later Aion versions. Especially when they use 2nd account on the opposite faction that logs in once the character saving xform time logs out to scout for worthy targets.
    On top of that you can also use high CD skills (One-shot Skill Governor, Stun AOE from top 3 Ranks etc) way more often than intended

    That this also gets abused for Raids that u can use the Xform twice back to back which can lead to an unfair advantage as well.

    Not to mention camping and griefing entrance to Beshmundir temple.

    My Suggestion to this is to put a rule in place that disallows this behaviour from Publisher side.

    What are your thoughts on this ? If you disagree tell me why?

    I am all for a ban. Knowingly or not googling this 2 sec gives u an easy explanation why the name is an issue.

    I personally would even go a step further. Make the people pay for the Namechange. Would eventually fix all this "edgy" and very very troublesome nicknames and makes them less of an issue.

    funny enough dunno the prices on ely side. but on asmo side this is cheaper lol

    Asmoside ~750 kinah a shard

    The Stigma Shard System sucks.
    Why do we have to pay millions of Kinah worth of Shards just to play the Class how we want to play it ?

    Either massively increase the droprate of Shards or remove it entirely. Its bullshit that some classes never need to change their stigmas. But Classes like Cleric, Spiritmaster or Sorcerer have to pay a fortune just to play the Character how the want and how its situational viable.

    My suggestion make it like Retail pay a small Kinah fee and be done with it. You shouldn't need to think about if you can switch your skillset now or you rather not because its too expensive to change back a few hours later.

    Those who vote for "No" Tell me why ?

    ich kann euch nur ans herz legen wenn ihr mehr infos wollt. nutzt doch einfach mal das discord :

    Da gibts zwar nicht viel mehr infos als hier im forum aber ab und zu mal wird mitgeteilt was stand der dinge ist oder obs was neues gibt.

    Ich für meinen Teil guck nur alle 2-3 tage mal ins forum.

    Galeas one question in advance. Should the Bot Spam from Kinah Sellers get out of hand. can we use the chat filter function of the aion client with adding a pak file to the client enabling it to auto block certain messages without putting people on the already very limited block list ? :) the pak contains a filterline file that looks like thiseg

    Obviously you can't do that, that's modyfing game files.
    You can ask Galeas to forward it to gameforge for them to analyze if it's worth to have and if so they can request that from NCSoft

    well its maybe modification but it doesn't hurt anyone. has no negative impact. and it pushes QoL by a lot.

    this way galeas at least is aware this is a thing. (after all this waiting time im not sure if we pushed him in this direction already lol ) maybe they work something out after release given how simple this is.