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    A reminder to Galeas , Gameforge & co.

    Hype dies.

    Yes, Classic was a huge success in Korea, it's amazing. Western players are excited, ready to play.

    But do keep in mind that hype dies, if this takes over half a year to a year to get, most people will have forgotten and would move on. Take a look at Lost Ark, people barely even remember this game, the community hubs are dead (with last posts being months ago).

    This will no doubt happens as well if we don't get Classic in time. Good luck, no pressure.


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    well it seems even the Korean players want the old Aion back lets hope the numbers stay.

    Who wouldn't ? Any MMO player would at least enjoy that version of Aion, free of the microtransaction plague, free of p2w.

    That is a pure MMO, where your effort matters.

    Unless they somehow derp it up and add things to cash shop that they shouldn't.

    anyone know how many are playing classic yet what's the numbers like on the servers

    When Vashiro was in queue to log in, there were 5500 people in front of him in the queue. Not sure if that was just on the one server or both.


    Sleepyhead Since it's gonna "progress" in patches, there's gonna be content for a while, till they hit their mark. Maybe then they can decide if they want 3.0 or not.

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    Good. Some things should be more available. I would disagree with scrolls in cash shop (if you get more than the initial ones) but everything else is okay.

    Not much you can p2w in this version anyway, besides if they have straight up gear in cash shop or enchanting stones/manastones/relics/medals etc.

    The whole p2w started with 3.* when plumes were introduced.

    For moment they discuss with ncsoft but they said at least 6month on the discord official

    Ive waited 6 years. I can wait a little longer.

    Spatalos gang, we gonna take over again. I hope they make a server called Spatalos.

    Also talking about this is pointless since we have zero confirmation from Gameforge. I think they're probably using morse code to communicate with Korea.

    Or perhaps they sent a pigeon with a letter, so it takes a long time to receive an answer to a simple question, since it has to travel all the way to Korea, who knows, the North Koreans might shoot it down while it passes to the South, then they have to start from 0. Ya know, the usual, it's been like this since ages :)

    We have seen how Ncsoft tried to balance classes, tell a time when all classes successfully got balanced for a full era.

    Have you played other MMO's? lol. Aion was very balanced by comparison. At least when I played during 2-4* era.

    As far as getting bored? This isn't the "Classic" that we once played, which maybe I'd see how that can get boring, as it was very harsh, grindy and buggy.

    This is a remake, so it's gonna be a much better version of 1.2 from all POV's.

    O yea I totally forgot Gameforge translates in both German and French... yikes, imagine doing this in 2020. How about learn English?

    What a waste of money, time and resources.

    That's very rare to happen. And you still don't know if he had a 10% p2w godstone or not.

    Anyway, reading Livo 's notes, I think it looks good. Wonder if we'll get a similar system. Definitely do not want a goldpack system.

    This is pretty much a "remake" of Aion, so you get to play old Aion but made better. Something that Classic WoW needed so badly but the purists decided it was a bad idea.

    In the video they have mentioned class balance - some changes in skills to fix weakest classes. So it won't be 1 to 1 same thing we have played already.

    It makes me wonder if we can count on more minor tweaks. Galeas, I know it's still not certain if we will get that classic server in our region, but if it will be the case, will you be able to forward our feedback to NCsoft? I'm thinking that it would be good idea to disable godstones completely. Most of players would probably agree with me that's the thing we don't miss at all :)

    I enjoyed godstones and the rng element of it, call me weird. Especially playing a Chanter where you had no such skills like blind/paralize/silence.

    Having a godstone put you more on equal footing with a class that had those skills. I don't think this is even a major issue, surely there's bigger problems.

    Like... will we really get it? Nobody knows yet. Gameforge is "in talks" that means nothing.

    1.x are good starting patches, and by far among the less bugged ones. But I really think that they should keep going until 3.9 or 4.5, the end of 2.x wasn't so good, it all comes down to what KR players want in the end

    It's better than nothing. But again, 6 months? That's a long long time.

    As far as what Galeas said, can you give us some examples of advertisement that Gameforge has done in the past? I've never seen it. The only time I see things about Aion is from players - words of mouth, random posts about how they miss old Aion and that's about it.

    And don't tell me it's when you paid Vashiro to promote the game and then he quit for another MMO while dissing Aion, cause that ain't it.


    Aion peak was in 3.*/4.*, in 2.7 before it became f2p the game was dying at a very high pace, while 2.7 was actually pretty fun in my opinion, it wasn't as good as 3.* or 4.*.

    But 1.2???????? That version had so many bugs and silence locks ugh, unless all that gets fixed... yeah, we're gonna have issues. [...] Even 2.7 isn't that popular.

    So how can you say that those versions were popular? They weren't.

    While it can be fun... it won't be nearly as successful because of 1.2. My idea was make it 2.* and then progress it up to 4.* in like 2 years and stop there. But ey, nothing we can do.

    But the fact that we have to wait 6 months is hilarious lmao.

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    Maybe open it again because the basic of the idea from NC/GF now has changed?:huh:

    Just wait 2 days till official announce.

    So far, none explains how classic server will benefit NCSoft.

    How does Classic WoW benefit Blizzard?

    If they have just gold pack, and that's 10$, there's already maybe like 5k people playing on "other servers" that might potentially come to an official classic server (if done well, have to emphasize this).

    Let's say 3k come just from those (+ other sources, advertising, emailing, old players who quit) so let's say 5k for the sake of a round number.

    That's 5000*10 = 50k a month. Now add in skins from cash shop and maybe exp amulets and yeah, you end up with a decent number.

    For something that's so easy to make. It's not like a Classic server is hard to create, it's very easy. I'd say, it's worth it.

    bla bla clueless

    You do realize people said exactly the same thing about WoW, on official forums?

    Lmao. It will 100% be more successful than retail is now, and they can hold on to that by running patches up to 4.* so that's at least 2-3 years of keeping players occupied.

    Wake up, realize that retail Aion will not change in any positive direction. A Classic server would attract 100x more ppl than a new Aion patch.

    Also I think maybe Gameforge learned their lesson with p2w, if they try that on Classic then forget about it lol, might as well never open one in the first place. It will flop.

    As far as people commented here "prepare for p2w".

    If there's gonna be p2w, people will simply not play. At most, there should be a gold-pack system, nothing else.

    If there's gonna be mega p2w there's no point in playing, might as well play retail then. It defeats the purpose of a classic server.

    Ah, gf's (kinda-ish) announcement about classic server makes more sense now.

    Less new content, more recycled old stuff and preying on nostalgia.


    Nostalgia is all Aion players have.

    The retail game cannot be saved, unless they remove like 50% of the systems they have now and piss off the whales who spent hundreds/thousands.

    The classic servers should have happened years ago.

    About @DragonhellPR 's comment. Events were purposefully changed by Gameforge many years ago. In the past, events benefitted the people who were grinding the hardest, the people putting in most effort, having the most alts. I don't know how it is today, but before I quit I remember the events that were coming were cash shop based, basically limiting you in cash shop per account and encouraging cash shop use.

    I remember events that once had quests per character also were changed to be done just once. Also this "afk events" are done just to increase population even if it's a fake number, Gameforge loves that. Afk events were very rare in the past.

    As far as a fair cash shop? That can only happen in a Classic server. It's too late for that in retail Aion. The purpose of this game is to make money, think of it as a cow, they have to milk it for every drop of milk. Although they are in a bad position where they have increased their milking a lot (by introducing so many small microtransaction elements&systems) but they haven't made the game better. The new content is just re-used old areas, there's very little new and cool ideas.

    That's a bad spot to be in, very few games can pull this off where they can be shameless with their cash shop, and usually those games put out a lot of content.

    Again, I can't blame Gameforge 100%, this is NCsoft's issue as well. Like Neverfelt said, they are in talks? Oh okay cool, so for every decision we have to wait months. Nothing changed.

    NCsoft holds a lot of blame. I don't wanna name the game I am playing now, it's not a MMO, but if there's a bug or something the community dislikes, it literally gets fixed the next week/day depending on the severity.

    Oh well, I'll check again in a few weeks, doubt anything will change, but imagine how insane would be to have a Classic server by Christmas eh Galeas ? A properly advertise one.

    There are 3000 people on just two of those "Classic servers" you mentioned at this hour 12:28 PM GMT +0 (basically, not prime time at all). Granted, they aren't classic servers per say. You can toy with the idea of what classic is, you could start at 2.* and make it progressive and stop at 4.*, which I think is the best idea.

    There are 1500 people online on Aion EU Official servers, same time (given the cap is 5500 still).

    So Gzus, you couldn't be more wrong. Wasted resources? Aion is only alive in nostalgia my friend. That's why I don't blame Gameforge for everything, the direction NCsoft went with Aion is terrible.

    They'd lose more players on official ones? Hah, good. Let it die. As if that didn't happen already.

    Due note that the servers I checked, are just 2. There's probably much more out there.

    So Galeas do take this in consideration, since you said that you do take feedback.