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    after leveling in NA with the loot nerf... it was kinda okay. Only thing to really annoy me is that you don't have any manastones.. like at all. Nothing. Till lvl 40 I dropped not even 10 manastones, all of which came from dungeons.

    Why even have manastone slots in gear anymore if you don't drop them anymore..

    You want to completely nerf the open world.. so it's only for quests and pvp... fine. THen at least buff the loot in dungeons.. and not nerf it as well.

    Part of the fun in a MMO is grinding for currency, items, wealth and power. If a MMO does not have these it will just be a bad MMO. If you are grinding mobs for 4 hours and have nothing to show for, that is a failed MMO.

    the game gona die very fast whith 2x realese everything its easy leveling its easy questing is easy makes rewards u get feel empty in classic thrill of getting blue wep upgrade or kromede was amazing in 2x nothing matters except lvl 55 90 % of content is useless pve gives pvp rewards no need to pvp no need to run around maps rifting just stay in gelk and inggison zergin back and foward only 1x content will be s rank dark poeta that being done at lvl 55 is not even a challange anymore i dont know why they tryng to push gameforge to realese 2x both in kr and NA playerbase is 80 % lower after 2x in both classic clients zones also on retail back in 2009 1.5 to 1.9 had most amount of players after 2x everyone left game went free to play by 2.7 cuz not enogh subs and somehow people are under impression that 2.7 was peak of aion if only u saw 37 packed servers during 1.9 compared to like 8 eu server u would think otherwise

    Perhaps that's why they chose the patch, did you think about that? Because it would be a smooth transition to 3.0, which is probably what they want.

    I agree it's not Classic, but is there really nothing to do in 2.* "Classic"? I mean, I haven't played Classic on NA, but I remember 55 PVP sets were very hard to get.

    Regardless, it will be a fleeting moment, even if we get 1.*. You will enjoy it for 2 months before a new patch comes. It's not like you can choose to remain on a 1.* server like you can in WoW.

    Unfortunately I don't think Gameforge can balance these things, it's up to Korea, and they won't.

    I do agree Aion needs a drop rate buff, but only if they ban all bots. I think Aion was made with bots in mind with the drop rate it had in these old patches.

    All I remember is that one Elyos Sorc who would use DP on me and 1-shot me whenver I was farming guards in lower abyss, that's the true classic experience, Sorcs nuking you for 8k+

    Taking forever to level, forever to gear.

    That's why I think they should just skip 1.* maybe, because if they're not presenting an option where the 1.* game mode is permanent (as in, ppl can choose to stay on that patch), there is no point to it.

    There is no point playing 1.* and wasting 2 months just for 2.* to come and having your efforts be invalidated, when you could have done the same in 2.* but 10x faster.

    I'll be honest if you played Aion after 5.* you really don't have a say, maybe if you played on "other" servers.

    By 5.* + Aion was already dead.

    It peaked and ended with 4.* for most of the people.

    As for the payment model, it hardly matters, Aion is a very niche game like I said. As long as they listen to the community it will have some player base.

    Aion started with good numbers because it was a launch, hype and a new game, but 1.* was problematic, very slow paced, buggy and a lot quit because of various reasons (slow updates was one).

    I remember before Gameforge took over, in 2.5 patch, on Spatalos server you could do a faction player search and you had less than the maximum number that was allowed, so like 85 ppl online. (forgot what was the max)

    The game was dying, very fast.

    Being f2p revived it. I remember in 4.* there were 4000+ ppl online at one point.

    So maybe miabuelasabiaq has a point.

    To succeed and carry over the ppl playing on "other" servers the game has to be free.

    Good points, honestly I never liked flight PvP.

    It would be good to experience 1.* for a bit given that there is no Arena gear so your effort still translates well in the next patch.

    But then again you gotta think, does one really wanna spend 2 months like that guy earlier mentioned to lvl to 50, just to have 2.0 after 3 months and have your efforts = 0?

    Might as well start with 2.0 then.

    So far seems to me the 2.0 seems a bit more of a logical choice.

    Most people will probably not even level to 50 in those 6 months, I'd say the majority will not even get to experience a full set of gear.

    It is and it isn't, depends. If you're asking private srv kids who play this game 24/7 then yes, 6 months is too long.

    So, they added enchant stones in cash shop in "classic" Aion in Korea?

    Haha, that's truly bringing classic Aion back, cause 3.0 was the start of Aion becoming very p2w. What can I say, thanks NcSoft for delivering such an amazing, historical accurate reference for a Classic Aion server.

    Man, I swear these companies never learn huh, they just want that quick cash. But then again, p2w in Korea is natural, maybe they have a different mentality. The salary-man comes home from work, has 2 hours to play Aion, in those 2 hours what can he do, he can't even farm 1 stone. Just swipe your credit-card and voila, now he can enchant his weapon and feel strong and relevant.


    As for Gameforge's Classic, the more I think about it, the worse the idea of 2.0 classic server becomes. That's not classic in the first place, classic is lvl 50 cap not 55.

    Rushing content for the sake of a new class that nobody cares about or what?

    I think they should have Classic 1.*, real Classic, for at least 6 months before they go with 2.0 and even then, they should allow ppl to remain on version 1.* and just migrate the characters who want 2.0.

    But then again this isn't Blizzard.

    The reason why it might "die" has nothing to do with the game being 1.* or 2.* or 3.* or 4.* or a new version that NCSOFT is making.

    It has to do with Gameforge and their reputation, sorry I have to bring it up, in case you all forgot about the past and history.

    They have a chance to redeem themselves... sure, but will it happen? Who knows.

    No matter what happens, Aion will be a very niche game and to be fair if they do it right, they might be able to maintain a decent population for quite a long time.

    If Siel Aura doesnt work like a Gold Pack, that you can trade it via Broker for other people to buy montly. It wont matter at all what they do, cos the servers will be dead in 1month.

    Yes, whales just can't wait for that to be the case so they can buy 50 siel aura's and sell em on broker and then buy gear.

    You're very smart, srvs dead in 1 month btw.

    If you don't have money to pay 15$ a month for a game you play and put hundreds/thousands of hours into then please uninstall and play Fortnite or something.


    I guess it's too hard to ask like WoW does it?

    As in, if you are playing 1.* version (let's say we get that) and 2.* comes up next, you decide if you want to migrate or keep playing on 1.*.

    That would solve all the issues that players have.

    But I guess it's not possible.

    I agree, we could have a 2.* with some restricted features at start so that we ease into things. Otherwise, we might have a long time between "updates" and people will get bored.

    Personally I would be happy even if they started with 3.*, it's not really Classic that I miss, I miss Aion from pre 5.0 era (excluding 5.0) WITHOUT THE P2W, a version in a parallel universe where they learned from their mistakes.

    Will we get that? Who knows.

    Honestly, I don't even care if the game is big or not, I'd be ok even with 2000 ppl playing, since this time I aim to have fun, not to be some try hard no lifer that somehow thinks because they put 10x more hours into the game they're better than you.

    Ironic, since I was that kid years ago. Now I value my time differently.

    Listen folks, Aion Classic does not exist, you will never be able to recapture the same feeling you had when you played Aion for the first time, even if we got the earlier version. People now know everything, there is nothing to discover, nothing new.

    You were a different person, you were younger, life was easier and more simple.

    At best we can imitate that, which is what this Classic is.

    In fact, I'd say the decision to modify Classic is better than keeping it pure as it was, even WoW went through this, people wanted Classic as it was but when it came as it was people wanted changes.

    2.0 is a decent patch to start in my opinion.

    That's just one example, honestly most events they had were p2w.

    Events were more fair back in the day, and some were exploitable with hard work/no life, as in, having alts and doing the event over and over.

    However, recently (well, probably a few years ago), events became way stricter, more so single character orientated, event items were in cash shop, not in game, events were tied to cash shop more so, on purpose, so that you cannot exploit it via alts.

    Anyone remembers the fire temple events that were exploitable and crazy rewarding? F2p "hardcore" players made billions during those events, they were the only time free players could catch up to whales. Well Gameforge ended those events a loooong time ago. To be honest, I wouldn't even call it exploitable, since to exploit those events you needed alts, aka time invested playing the game.

    But yeah, I doubt Classic will be like old Aion, well, I know it won't. Nostalgia is a hell of a drug though.

    Doesn't have to be EU based, big NA streamers have lots of european viewers. They could even make a deal with NCwest to share cost of funding someone like asmongold.

    I don't think Gameforge can afford to have Asmongold, and Asmongold is very opinionated. Aion is a game where it takes a while to get hooked and you have to reach end game to really "play" the game. Everything before that point, most current MMO streamers would not have time to do (the leveling experience).

    I don't think investing in streamers is really a good idea to be honest. A better investment would be Youtubers (videos). And ads, I guess.

    But the best publicity advertisement they can have for this game is to have it launched with no p2w, microtransaction unfair system, that would spread by word of mouth.

    That issue can be easily solved if they actually monitor Elyos/Asmo populations and lock character creation when one goes too further.

    If both sides are populated, there won't be that issue because it will be an issue on both sides, there will be groups that target ppl who rift and vice-versa.


    As for how to make the game better, yeah you can do all that no p2w bla bla, but even selling an exclusive skin in cash shop, that is sellable in game, is a huge advantage. Someone can buy those, sell it for kinah, use kinah to buy enchanting stones.

    As I said, you can't really stop these type of advantage, at best you can try to keep it to a minimum.

    Can't really blame Gameforge if there's candy, it is probably an NCSOFT decision. Also the game cannot be pure, people who expect it to be the perfect MMO are delusional. Aion was never perfect, in fact it was the opposite lol. There was always a way to exploit and there always will be, even if they make it perfect, you can still RM... well, you fill the rest. Not saying it shouldn't be, but it never was.

    Honestly I have no idea what they can do to make Classic successful, at some point I did, many years ago.

    But the issue is that, Aion was always and will always be a small MMO, so the community is everything and is a driving force for the game, but Gameforge pushed away most of its community many years ago with bad cash shop practices (amongst other reasons).

    How many of those people could they bring back, 5%?

    Back in the day this game used to be crazy influenced by communities, now... well.

    All good things come to an end. Most people who played Aion back then are in their 30's now.

    I don't know how to feel about this. If I were to sum it up, I'd say; too little too late, but maybe. It's been so many years since I requested a Classic server, so much that it was a different forum. Life changed, things changed.

    I think the task of handling such a server is above Gameforge capabilities. If they want to pull this off they need some kind of advertising as well. Not just that, they will need active GM's, active people, active systems that are against AP traders, cheats etc.

    They could pull it off, you never know. I do think there is enough interest to populate at least 3 servers of nostalgic players who long for the old glory days.

    Best of luck to Gameforge if they take this project on, I might try it casually if it comes before Diablo 4.

    There is potential in a Classic server, seeing all the streams of Aion. There is a huge black market for specific versions of the game.

    Now, will Gameforge be able to capitalize on this? Highly unlikely, it's not their game. If Korea wants X, they get X.

    All people really want is a fair version of their favorite game, as close to how it used to be in 1.*/2.*, without p2w, without battle pass that favor p2w (i think BP is ok if done well, as in, you play for what you get not pay).

    I personally think that is insane and it should be a modified BUT STILL fair version of how Aion used to be (as in, a better version, kinda like what Korea is doing - the p2w).

    It is late though, I remember I was talking about Classic server years before WoW even had a Classic game, on the old forum. Too much talk, ppl are tired, that's why nobody really posts anymore.