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    People can just create multiple accounts and vote as they wish on this forum, doesnt matter to them if its against forum rules or not.
    If we count that useless poll as data then this > Data < should matter too lol.

    Only people that wanted this patch to stay longer is the ones that dont know anything about 2.0 or why would it be better.
    Most important is if people would have known how different will be this mental custom patch compared to original AIon 1.x, im sure most people would have voted for 2.0 to be first version in EU.

    They want to counter bots so much now we have an event that helps them level up even faster , while we see 0 efficient solutions countering bots.
    I slowly start to believe to ppl that say ncsoft does the botting unofficialy in KR for extra profits lol , and using it as an excuse for making the game more grindy and force ppl towards shop too.

    it was reachable during 1.x because of krotan/kysis/miren was daily instances and AP was easier to farm from those

    New cash cow arrived and retail left behind to dust. I bet the old veteran system with rewards wont be back ever it was sort of the last hit retail needed and made most people move to classic.
    Times like this i think of some of the people that spent 10s of thousands of Euro on retail, but i guess they dont mind that anyway.

    He (Desperation) is right though. For many 50s its just: login, do DP, Dred, Arena, Asteria/Roah and logout. I did around 50-60 DP (35S runs) runs on my Chanter and its not fun anymore because its really unrewarding when it comes to weapons. I only saw 4 Tahabata Weapons. Most people craft them anyway.

    Desperation ... Maybe you should create a second character, get some variation into your gameplay or just wait for 2.0. This patch has not that much content. 2.0 will be way better.

    I already play way less since last post here.
    I log to try searching healer for roah/asteria duo (before i did it everyday, now i spend 1h+ and dont find yet). Also cant find TL sell 3-men run - everybody need dps class for this. NCsoft made the game where you actually dont need templar anywhere.
    So, I do just 1-2 arenas and dred. May some scale farm cause bored to wait for healer for roah. Stopped doing rest.

    So true, its kinda silly how easy is the game and people barely need templar anywhere. Ok templar can still make nice dps and an exp templar still better than an average player with dps class especially for PvP but many people ignoring that fact.
    Maybe 2.0 will be better since we get some boost etc

    The way some of you are talking shows that you guys dont know much about the game and why this current patch bad even for casuals compared to 2.0.
    If we would have the original 1.x i would aggree with you guys, but we have a custom patch that is nerfed and much more grindy compared to original 1.x without KKM ap instances etc, while classic 2.0 would make progress easier for casuals too regarding AP gear.
    Arguments like you have a family and cant "nolife" like others blabla kinda silly too, i barely played the game and im with full dp set since weeks and have some ap gear too.
    If you are talking about being behind with AP gear, well it wont change its a KR game and this custom patch even more grindy than the original so favors "nolifers" not casuals.
    So thats when 2.0 comes up again, it would help casual people to gear faster, yes "nolifers" would gain ap at faster rate too but if that bothers you this game is not for you.

    Lol why the F would i provide info about how they do it? Half the server who cares about that knows who were the players that did that. I have nothing to prove to you n offense but your opinion matters the same to me like mine to you, as it seems 0.

    P.s Get a life

    Using common sense not working with some people , dont even try.
    Not even talking about gameforge's way of punishing ap traders with just few days of bans after AP trading hundreds of thousands of AP, instead of removing their AP and abyss gear like Ncsoft did.
    All we got sofar is empty promises.

    It seems some players love to suffer in this nerfed version of Aion.
    It is lot more grindy compared to 2009 but some delusional (in my opinion) people would still prefer this than 2.0.
    Not like i have high hopes for classic 2.0 to be any closer to old 2.0 but cant be worse than this abomination.

    Like what holds back these people from keep repeating the same thing and farm who knows how many ap a week or more before they get the same meaningless punishment if they get caught again?
    They should have their AP gear removed and/or even AP and if possible make them have a negative AP instead of these worthless few day of bans that is nothing compared to how much AP some of them are making.

    I wanted to experience the real 1.0 classic Aion where you struggle for months with leveling and green/blue armor... Such a shame that we get the easy version.

    Such a shame that the version we got have nothing to do with true Aion from 2009 since its an abomination of a custom patch with nerfed content , farming and so on.
    Not because its "easier" on the contrary it is more grindier.
    Cant wait for 2.0, wont be like true 2.0 but at least it will fix some of the mental changes we have currently.

    Either way, I do not trust Gameforge to listen to player feedback enough to change their plans anyway.

    To be fair they did change their plans regarding Classic once already, by giving us this Frankenpatch.

    However, I do not trust Gameforge to learn from their mistakes.

    I bet if most people would have known how different will be this abomination they call classic 1.x compared to 2009 Aion, people would have voted to get 2.x right from start.

    Current patch is even more grindier ,with mental changes and already has "some" p2w and so on compared to true Aion 1.x.

    Haha lol, that voting doesnt matter at all. If we would have ingame survey with similar % that would matter. Not that useless voting when barely any player using forum compared to the playerbase we have.
    Some people can just create multiple accounts and vote as they wish.

    If they will make their decisions according to that poll then congrats to them, but i dont think they will.

    At least 95% of the playerbase defending postpone 2.x using the argument it will kill aerial pvp don't even pvp lmao. Aerial pvp is the worst horse poopoo ever and if you think it is good, you must be using something really strong or you're just delusional.

    2.x is where the real content and Aion is, if 1.x was good NA wouldn't die so fast because they took too long to launch 2.x lol.

    Overall we have more people that want 2.0 to arrive just like it was shown on the roadmap than people that are against it, its just most of them dont care to talk about it on the forum etc.
    Especially since this custom classic is really bad compared to how the game was in 2009 and classic 2.0 solve many of the annoying issues it has currently.
    So i hope gameforge wont listen to the loud minority and postpone 2.0 because of that.