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  • uh but im not the only 1 with this problem, hmmm seems need to send a ticket?

    • If I have to go through support to be able to play as a perfectly legit player on a regular home DSL line, I will just pass. If they think this is the way to go, I am out.

  • Hi there. just wanted to ask if you fixed your issue with login?

    • This cannot be fixed by yourself, the launcher will block your machine for a certain time and when that time expires you can login again. Contacting support is pointless because you either get a nonsense reply like I did, or if you are lucky you just get told that the launcher does this and to wait until it lets you in again.

      If you have a second PC, you can play on that as your account itself is not blocked.

      Edit: It seems you are writing about a different "issue" than what my post was about. My post was about the launcher blocking you for too many login attempts, not about blocking you because of being in a "wrong" country.