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    why does everything has to do with insane long term goals? what was the point of putting new craftable gear in to the game, when it takes months if not years to farm 192x Source of Guarding ? either make it 100% drop or if it drops like 3-5 of them

    Ah, it's what the Koreans do, even though we now have easy newb exp, they made sure we have to grind our rolocks off to get the new 7.7 items.

    Next patch maybe collect oranges and bananas. ^^

    Before you think it's all NCSoft, GF also made sure in 7.0+ that drops were nerfed and that epic loot is not enough to encourage cash shop usage.

    Aion EU F2P has become a P2W grind, hope you enjoy.

    Any new feature needs to pass the fun test, Koreans have no idea what western players like and probably don't care.

    Aion never used to be like this, GF should bring back their EU support features a.s.a.p.

    7.7 reminds me of a scrap dealer collecting stuff, recycling old and hoping with RNG to make something better!

    If they had not taken Aion in the wrong direction, there would be no need for a classic.

    Well getting this new PVP gear looks like it will be a real grind, is it worth the effort for 5% and no sign of 8.0?

    Really enjoying auto-hunt feature so it might relieve the pain a bit.

    As for making an alt a necessity to store extra collection items is not my idea how Aion should be but the best of luck to those who give it a try. :)

    I don't think so. They just don't know what to invent anymore to complexify the game, imo.

    Wrong! In 7.7 NCSoft devs invented the worst massively complex Aion item collection feature with 465 items!!! and even a Lumiel's transformation machine for obsolete items.

    They have finally lost the plot completely, do they call that fun?

    What I want to know is why the devs and GF went way off track in all the 7.... patches? They even left new players with no way to obtain things.

    What's going on, is it somethings to do with Aion2 or mobile compatibility?

    Galeas or any other mod whats gonna happen with titancoins etc...from our inventory? they gonna get converted into insignias of exp? or they dissapear? we need consume them?

    OMG only a couple of months away and get all the insignias of exp we can for rewards and now another change!!??

    Players don't want their daily routines interrupted with lots of patch/reward changes or grind/loot U-turns unless they are very simple to obtain without using valuable inventory space.

    NCSoft /GF need to stick to one road map so that everyone knows what they should be doing, If NCSoft/GF keep making changes at the current rate it will have a bad effect on playing populations, if not already.

    btw. Feeling lost..anyone know what are players having to collect now?

    Whatever happened to simple drops?

    which one ? there is only about 0.001% what can be described as a "drop" ...:rolleyes:

    "Add items to your collection to earn rewards. There are three classes in the item collection: Normal, Large and Valuable. You get bigger rewards, the more collections you amass in each class."

    And then ? Does the item not disappear from the inventory?=O
    Why should you do that if you don't have it in your inventory

    two or even three times?:/

    Gameforge are talking about more collections or whatever, they might be surprised at how many are now in-game!

    Trade in x=amount for a reward.

    Did anyone list them all?

    Inventories or warehouses are already full, not really space for auto-loot.

    These are real practical game issues imo.

    NCSoft or NCWest won't release on Gameforge's EU area.

    GF will release a Classic because they don't want players making accounts elsewhere having any negative impact on current server populations which will happen. There will be some German/Franco translations for 1.5 unless they launch with 2.7+

    Now that Korea will be launching a Classic on 11/11 it is too big an event to ignore . The pressure to launch in English, German and/or French will be immense.

    I agree something has to be done, dungeons are a good start, but i think they should up the rate a little on world drops as right now drop rate is so low its a joke.


    They totally messed up 7.0 updates with nerfing and adding more and more things that need heavy grind to collect. (very confusing to new players)

    7.7 preview :

    Item Collection

    "Add items to your collection to earn rewards. There are three classes in the item collection: Normal, Large and Valuable. You get bigger rewards, the more collections you amass in each class."

    Whatever happened to simple drops?

    And still the monetization model was good running for Gameforge and customers buyed the p2w-rng-boxes like crazy

    A few whales maybe which are exactly who GF are targeting, not the playing majority.

    We are talking about a Classic server with less RNG/P2W that existed when GF first launched and populations were much higher. They were also very careful to maintain F2P by not having cash shop items that couldn't be attained in game.

    If everyone just used a gold pack each month would provide revenue similar to a subscription model, with less greed G/F might make the games in-game goals more achievable and less RNG cash shop items that fail after purchase, thus providing an altogether better platform & experience for cash shop users and EU Aion players a like..

    Quite honestly, this is all speculation but if GF do launch a Classic server don't be surprised if it does have different business model at least for the first year or so.

    Still waiting on a LOGICAL argument why Gameforge should dispense on a good running monetization model.......

    Quite simply your so called good running monetization model turned the game into a P2W casino.

    The last chance any players had for achieving their goals was Epic Loot that turned out to be an epic joke...

    Give me a single LOGICAL reason why Gameforge should monetize a classic server in any other way like they successfully did last 8 years...…

    That's a question of personal opinion, some would argue that was the start of the downfall, in any event as others have mentioned NCSoft will have a say and influence depending on how much they want to do for international markets and their individual business models.

    Before anyone gets too excited the NCSoft announcement is for a Korean Classic 1.5 server to be released in korea on 11/11 with a pay monthly subscription which includes an hour a day free or 24 hours in the first week.

    So far there is not a word about an official English Classic version from GF or NCWest so until that happens it is pure speculation if it will happen and when. If it happens at all it probably won't be until next year.

    By the way some of us were playing Aion before GF got their EU licience and our accounts were transferred to them but I don't know what version that was at the time?

    If NCSoft know a Classic server is what is needed, GF need to put into more effort for a well translated English version as there will be some changed for sure.

    The current live client is hardly understandable so much more effort to correct it must be done in EAS before general release.

    If GF are not able to improve the English Client then NCSoft should find a UK publisher to show the EU how it's done.

    Great video Esset but the bit i'm looking for is not in English and even some NPC in game are now speaking French.

    Is my client corrupted, how can I fix it to English?

    Yes an Aion classic server is looking likely because it is a no-brainers option to make money, even if it's just selling golds packs GF will for sure find other ways to monetize it.

    I am assuming Classic server players will need to start from scratch with a new character so they won't close the current servers unless they transfer existing characters in some form to play it to keep the big paid players happy.

    Of course the current servers could loose populations to a Classic so it will be interesting how GF handle it; there must be a huge amount of work going on behind the scenes to prepare for it.

    After you have Identified the Odian Socketing, the Acc-part says what Odian is available for it. So you don´t have to try different Odians, simply read what the Acc-part says.

    Acc-part? I tried looking but it only said after I got an odian socketed, I will look again thanks :)

    You can reroll the Odian slot by using a Restoration Stone, which are rarely given out in events. If you ran out of these or don't want to waste them on a non-endgame accessory, your only other option to get a fitting Odian slot is to get a new piece of equipment.

    Gameforge please add a supply source.

    I got a red odian from the a/h but my ring wouldn't accept it so I brought a blue one and that was the same. Finally a green one worked and the other two worked on different pieces.

    Is there any way to know what colour my socket needs before trying to fit them?

    hmm it's all a bit over-complicated but such is life. :)